Re: NamesList.txt as data source

From: Andrew West <>
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2016 09:40:07 +0100

On 29 March 2016 at 06:15, Asmus Freytag (c) <> wrote:
> What is the copyright status of the
> document?
> The terms of use (ostensibly for the entire site) are defined here:

That refers to the Unicode Standard and data files and other pages
produced and published by the Unicode Consortium. It does not and
cannot refer to documents submitted to the Unicode Consortium by
external entities or individuals.

> The document archive has not been designated with anything more restrictive, more specific or even explicit, but the documents themselves do not carry copyrights. As far as the Consortium is concerned, it requires the submitters to follow this policy

All documents submitted to WG2 and to L2 by individuals are copyright
of the author(s) of the document. Documents do not need to carry a
copyright notice to have copyright, and submitting the documents to
Unicode Consortium and/or ISO does not affect the copyright status of

> which gives the Consortium the rights to distribute submissions for any purpose.

A non-exclusive right.

> Can it be redistributed and replicated on other sites?

Ask the individual authors of the particular documents you want to redistribute.

> Can it be quoted literally in a Wikipedia entry?

Within the normal Wikipedia rules for quoting copyrighted material.

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