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The Unicode Consortium

Intellectual Property Rights Policy

Submission of documents, bug reports, patches, or providing information or suggestions to the Unicode Consortium constitutes an agreement that the submitter has the right to submit the material involved and grants the Unicode Consortium certain rights to use that material. Those rights include the unlimited free, irrevocable, worldwide and perpetual right, for any purpose, to use, reproduce, modify, disclose, distribute, and make derivative works of any code, information, ideas, concepts, or know-how that has been provided.

The Unicode Consortium reserves the right to decline to accept or to remove from the its document registers, any document that is found to contain

  • content that is inappropriate or out of scope
  • embedded fonts with licenses that do not permit such redistribution
  • statements implying that the production of the document involved infringement of intellectual property rights

The Unicode Consortium is not responsible for verification of the licensing status of embedded fonts in documents submitted for its document registers, nor for verification of whether other intellectual property rights have been violated during the production of such documents. The submitter should take care that intellectual property rights are fully respected in the production of any document submitted to the Consortium.