UnicodeĀ® Legal & Governance Policies

This page documents official policies maintained by the Unicode Consortium. The Consortium may add further policies as appropriate in the future. The Technical Committees also have established Procedures that govern the workings of those committees. See also Technical Stability Policies.

Resolutions of the Technical Committees on external issues of particular public importance to the computing industry are documented on Unicode Consortium Public Positions.


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Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights Policy

The Consortium has a policy regarding intellectual property rights governing submission of documents or materials.

Confidential Data

The Consortium has a policy regarding handling company confidential and private data submitted via e-mail or into technical committee document registers.

Terms of Use

The use of this site is subject to the Terms of Use & Unicode Copyright.

Font Submissions

Fonts submitted to the Consortium as part of standardization related work are subject to the Font Submission Policy.


Translations of certain web pages are allowed by the Consortium, subject to the conditions set forth on the Translation Policies page.

Corporate Governance

Code of Conduct

Policies governing the ethics and legal requirements for directors, officers, and employees of the Consortium are explained in the Unicode Consortium Code of Conduct document.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Policies governing conflicts of interest for directors and officers of the Consortium are explained in the Unicode Conflict of Interest Policy document.

Mail List

The use of e-mail lists maintained by the Unicode Consortium is subject to the Mail List Policy as well as the General Privacy Policy.

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