The Unicode® Consortium Name and Trademark Usage Policy

The Unicode Consortium is the exclusive owner of the Unicode trademarks, service marks, trade names, and logos around the world. The Consortium encourages appropriate “fair use” of the Unicode marks and names but will not tolerate potentially confusing or misleading uses of its marks, names, and logos.

Accordingly, please follow these Guidelines in making any use of The Unicode Consortium’s marks, names, and logos. These Guidelines apply to Consortium employees and members, as well as to any third-party making reference to Unicode Consortium marks and logos.

Reference to the Unicode Company Name

The Unicode Consortium is incorporated under the name “Unicode, Inc.” but is more widely known as “The Unicode Consortium”. You may use either name to refer to the Consortium, but the generally preferred name is “The Unicode Consortium.” However, in legal notices and trademark legends, “Unicode, Inc.” should generally be used. No trademark symbol should be used with either company name.

Reference to the Unicode® Word Mark

You may use the Unicode Word Mark to refer to the Unicode® Standard, to other Unicode® specifications, tools and code, and to Unicode® seminars, tutorials, meetings, and events, so long as any such references (a) are truthful, fair, and not misleading, and (b) follow these Guidelines.

  1. Always use “Unicode” as an adjective followed by an appropriate noun. Do not use “Unicode” alone as a noun. Do not pluralize it or make it possessive, and do not alter its spelling.
  2. Use the ® symbol to indicate that the Unicode Mark is a registered trademark. The symbol should be used in all prominent references to the Unicode Mark, such as headlines, chapter titles, packaging, advertising, etc. The symbol should also be used in the first reference to the Unicode Mark in body copy, but may thereafter be omitted in body copy.
  3. Use the appropriate Trademark Legend (see below) in the footnotes or footers of any material making reference to the Unicode Mark or Logo.


Correct Incorrect
Membership in the Unicode Consortium Membership in Unicode
Unicode Consortium member Unicode member
The Unicode® Standard Unicode
Compliant with the Unicode® Standard Unicode-compliant
Implements the Unicode® Standard Unicode-based applications
Uses the Unicode® Character Database Conforms to Unicode
Incorporates Unicode® characters Supports Unicode
Complies with Unicode® specifications Uses Unicode
Uses Unicode® fonts Uses Unicode fonts
Complies with the Unicode® Bidirectional Algorithm Supports Unicode bi-di
Supports the Unicode® Collation Algorithm Uses Unicode collation
Unicode® Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR)
Complies with Unicode® Technical Standard #10 Uses Unicode collation
Attend the Internationalization and Unicode® Conference Attend the Unicode conference

Use of the Appropriate Trademark Legend

Please use the following trademark legend to acknowledge and give notice of Unicode, Inc.’s trademark rights:

“Unicode and the Unicode Logo are registered trademarks of Unicode, Inc. in the United States and other countries.”

Misuse of the Unicode Marks

Indicating Compliance with Unicode Specifications

You may indicate compliance with the Unicode Standard and other Unicode specifications, tools and code, by stating that your products “use,” “implement,” “support,” or “are compliant with” the Unicode® Standard (or other Unicode specifications, tools or code), so long as (a) such statements are truthful, fair, and not misleading, and (b) you follow these Guidelines in referencing the Unicode Word Mark.

You may not use the Unicode Logo to indicate compliance with the Unicode Standard or other Unicode specifications, tools or code. And, you may not incorporate the Unicode Word Mark or Logo into your own marks, names, or logos, even if the products in question are compliant with the Unicode® Standard or other Unicode specifications. This may lead users to believe that the products (or services) in question are provided, certified, endorsed, or sponsored by The Unicode Consortium when they are not.

Special Situations

Use of Unicode in App Names

Due to the space and formatting constraints in most online app stores, The Unicode Consortium will be a more lenient than would otherwise be the case, and will not object to use of the Unicode Word Mark in app names if the app name and the content of the app comply with all of the following conditions:

Use of Unicode in Domain Names

Unicode, Inc. will not object to use of UNICODE in second level domain names if the domain name and the content of the site at the address complies with all of the following conditions:

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