The UnicodeĀ® Consortium General Privacy Policy

We make no effort to identify individual visitors to our website and we do not use "cookies" for ordinary viewing of pages. Data that we collect about accesses to our website is used only for server administration and enhancements to the site's content and organization.

Information sent to us by e-mail, through the CLDR bug tracking system, or by other means, may be retained and used in the development of the standard or other documents and as appropriate for the nature of the transaction.

Font submissions are subject to the Font Submission Policy.

Minutes of the Unicode Technical Committee may contain data identifying participants.

Archives of public mailing lists may be available for public viewing, and such archives may, as a part of normal list activity, contain identifying information such as e-mail addresses and personal names. E-mail addresses of participants in our e-mail lists may be disclosed to other list participants as part of normal list activity. For further information on public mail lists, please see the Unicode E-Mail Distribution Lists page.

Identifying data on member company representatives is made accessible to member organizations. However, use of such data for marketing purposes by members is a violation of Unicode policies.

Users of the Unicode CLDR vetting process are required to set up accounts with us and may be asked to supply personal information, such as name and location, that we may keep on file solely for use in administration of the Unicode CLDR project. The vetting process may also require the use of browser cookies.

The International Unicode Conferences prior to 2022 were independent of the Unicode Consortium and not covered by this privacy policy. For more about future conferences, see the Unicode Conference page.

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