RE: The Hebrew Extended (Proposed) Block

From: Robert Wheelock <>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2016 19:55:23 -0400

Hello again, y’all!

¡BAD NEWS! (CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT): The Unicode Consortium has assigned
OTHER characters into the U+00860-U+008FF areas in the BMP of
Unicode—Malayalam extended additional characters for Garshuni, and more
additional Arabic characters.

We’ll need to find a DIFFERENT subblock to plant down our Hebrew extended
characters... either somewhere ELSE within the BMP, *or* somewhere within
either SMP areas 1 or 2.
It’ll be the same arrangement originally planned for the U+00860 area—but
relocated and expanded upon!

·Additional characters for correct typesetting of Hebrew
·Hebrew Palestinian vowel and pronunciation points
·The small superscript signs *śin* and *shin* for the letter *shin*
·Hebrew Palestinian cantillation
·Hebrew Babylonian vowel and pronunciation points
·Hebrew Babylonian cantillation
·Hebrew Samaritan vowel and pronunciation points
·Additional Hebrew characters for other Jewish languages
A new TXT listing of this subblock (with the new CORRECT location) will be
forthcoming. STAY TUNED!
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