Re: Possible to add new precomposed characters for local language in Togo?

From: Martin J. Dürst <>
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2016 17:23:58 +0900

Hello Marcel,

On 2016/11/12 07:35, Marcel Schneider wrote:

> For lack of anything better, and faced with Microsoftʼs one weekʼs silence, I
> now suggest to make a wider use of the Vietnamese text representation scheme
> that Microsoft implemented for Vietnamese, that is documented in TUS [1], and
> that might be of wider interest for all tone mark using languages, including
> but not limited to Ga and other languages of Togo and other countries of Africa,
> and Lithuanian:
> — Vowels with diacritics that are not tone marks, e. g. 6 out of the 12 Vietnamese
> vowels as shown in Figure 7-3. of TUS 9.0 [2] are represented in NFC and entered
> either with live keys or with a dead key - live key combination;

> [1] The Unicode Standard 9.0, ch. 7 Europe-I, §7.1 Latin, sh. Vietnamese:
> [2]

I'm sorry, but I didn't get the fragment identifiers (#G19663, #G17544)
to work. Can you tell me which pages/paragraphs you refer to here?

Thanks and regards, Martin.
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