Re: Bidi: inserting Japanese paragraphs in Arabic/Farsi document

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2016 23:34:07 +0100

Initially my thread was really about Japanese in Arabic documents (or
Arabic paragraph), where Asian quotation marks were swapped (but not
mirrored), and where other Arabic contents had their own quotation marks
misplaced. The result was unreadable, including pairs of Arabic quotes with
empty content. The Japanese citation was broken, as well as the overall
Arabic one containing it.

And once again you're testing it in Firefox (which apparently uses its own
higher protocol): I said the problem occured in Chrome (which apparently
still does not use the updated Bidi algorithm).

This also brings a question about Asian quotes, that are not mirrorable but
still swapped by Bidi ! If they are not mirrorable, they should have a
strong LTR direction (like other kana or kanji characters).

2016-11-25 6:49 GMT+01:00 Richard Wordingham <>:

> On Tue, 22 Nov 2016 02:47:10 +0100
> Philippe Verdy <> wrote:
> > Look at where the Asian quotes are partially "moved" by the ASCII
> > quotes in Chrome.
> I presume this is referring to the attached file
> 00000007.fhmbobjniphfamjk.png. There are two problems with using this
> example.
> (1) The closing curved quote U+201D appears to have gone missing.
> (2) The paragraph is a LTR paragraph.
> Remember that the overall directionality of a paragraph can be determined
> by a "higher level protocol" rather than the content. In the text shown in
> the attachment, a higher level protocol is specifying LTR - the leftmost
> text is 'ARABIC-ONE'.
> Richard.
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