Re: CSUR and UCSUR glyphs

From: Rebecca Bettencourt via Unicode <>
Date: Tue, 9 May 2017 09:24:27 -0700

In addition to the sites linked to by the CSUR and UCSUR pages, there are
the PDFs linked to by the UCSUR page, and the Constructium and Fairfax
<> fonts.
There is also a font called Nishiki-teki
<> that includes a
lot of CSUR and UCSUR scripts, and a version of GNU Unifont
<> that does as well. Beyond that, I know
as much as you do.

-- Rebecca Bettencourt

On Tue, May 9, 2017 at 7:09 AM, Michael Bear via Unicode <> wrote:

> I need some help with the glyphs from the CSUR
> <> and UCSUR
> <>.
> Some of the glyphs were no problem, such as the Tengwar and Cirth ones,
> because their pages *actually show the glyphs on their pages*.
> Others do not, which poses a bit of a problem. Some of them have links to
> other sites that are intended to show the glyphs, but most of those links
> are outdated and lead to 404s. I could just pull up an archived version
> with the Wayback machine (, and for some of them, this
> works, but most of them don’t have any saved versions.
> I could just do a Google search to find out what the characters look like,
> but many of the scripts are too obscure to get anything reliable out of
> that Google search. I’m making a font with everything in the UCSUR, and
> this is a major obstacle I must overcome. So do you guys know where I could
> get glyph shapes for most of these scripts?
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