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Unicode Technical Note #8

Toward a Model for Language Identification
An Analysis of ISO 639

Version 1
Authors Peter Constable
Date November 21, 2002
This Version http://www.unicode.org/notes/tn8/tn8-1.html
Previous Version none
Latest Version http://www.unicode.org/notes/tn8


Presented here are two reports by Peter Constable presented at International Unicode Conferences in 2002. The first paper is Toward a Model for Language Identification and the second is An Analysis of ISO 639. These papers represent the state of ongoing work as of their publication dates, and may not reflect later developments.


This document is a Unicode Technical Note. It is supplied purely for informational purposes and publication does not imply any endorsement by the Unicode Consortium. For general information on Unicode Technical Notes, see http://www.unicode.org/notes.


The body of this note is contained in two files "Toward a Model for Language Identification" and "An Analysis of ISO 639".