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257 Proposed Update UTR #36, Unicode Security Considerations 2013.10.28
Status: Closed
Originator: UTC
Informal Discussion: Unicode Mail List (Join)
Formal Feedback: Contact Form
Resolution: The UTR will be finalized and published.

Description of Issue:

UTR #36 is being updated in conjunction with the update of UTS #39 for Unicode 6.3. There are some minor textual clarifications and other fixes. As part of this public review, the UTC is soliciting information about links to relevant articles and blog posts which have a bearing on Unicode-related security issues.

For a more complete description, see: http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr36/tr36-12.html#Modifications.

For information about how to discuss this issue and how to supply formal feedback, please see the feedback and discussion instructions. The accumulated feedback received so far on this issue is shown below, or you can look at a full page view.


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