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285 Proposed Update UTS #10, Unicode Collation Algorithm Closing Date: 2015.04.27
Status: Closed
Originator: UTC
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Resolution: The draft will be updated with feedback and published together with Unicode 8.0.

Description of Issue:

This Unicode Technical Standard will be updated for Unicode 8.0. The proposed update is now available for general public review and comment. Draft updated 2015-04-08.

Contractions for Cyrillic accented letters have been removed from the DUCET, except for Й and й (U+0419 & U+0439 Cyrillic letter short i) and their decomposition mappings. This should improve performance of Cyrillic string comparisons and simplify tailorings. These changes for Cyrillic may indirectly impact the derivation of the European Ordering Rules, which are based on a subset of the ISO/IEC 14651 CTT table, which in turn is synchronized with the DUCET.

The draft DUCET table currently available for review simply implements the removal of the Cyrillic contractions. It does not yet cover the prospective Unicode 8.0 repertoire additions. It will be further updated in the late October timeframe with new repertoire for Unicode 8.0 when the new repertoire has been determined. An announcement will be made when the table extension is available, and the closing date of this public review issue will also be extended, as appropriate.

How to Provide Feedback: For information about how to discuss this Public Review Issue and how to supply formal feedback, please see the feedback and discussion instructions. The accumulated feedback received so far on this issue is shown below, or you can look at a full page view. Feedback is reviewed by the relevant committee according to their meeting schedule.


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