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290 Proposed Update UAX #29, Unicode Text Segmentation Closing Date: 2015.04.27
Status: Closed
Originator: UTC
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Resolution: The UAX will be updated with final content and published as part of Unicode 8.0.

Description of Issue:

This Unicode Standard Annex will be updated for Unicode 8.0. The proposed update is now available for general public review and comment. Draft updated 2015-04-15.

In this revision, the exception list for SpacingMark is updated by removing a set of New Tai Lue characters and adding two Ahom characters.

The removal of the New Tai Lue characters from the exception list reflects their change in General_Category. This change is part of the encoding model change for New Tai Lue in Unicode 8.0, described in PRI #281. The exception list for SpacingMark excludes specific characters from being assigned the Grapheme_Cluster_Break property value SpacingMark by default. The affected characters no longer have the property Grapheme_Cluster_Break = SpacingMark by derivation and thus do not need to be explicitly excluded anymore.

The proposed addition of two Ahom vowel signs to the exception list is based on extrapolating the exclusion list to the repertoire additions for Unicode 8.0. Careful review is advised to confirm the validity of the proposed additions to the list.

Tables have been redesigned in some cases, and are using new table styles. The word break and sentence break rule lists now use macro definitions, so that the rules themselves are more compact and legible.

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