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321 Proposed Draft UTS #52, Unicode Emoji Mechanisms Closing Date: 2016.05.02
Status: Closed
Originator: UTC
Informal Discussion: Unicode Mail List (Join)
Formal Feedback: Contact Form
Resolution: Work on UTS 52 will be suspended for now in favor of an alternative (ZWJ) approach, focusing on female emoji, that allows for shorter development time and better fallback behavior on older systems.

Description of Issue:

This proposed draft Unicode Technical Standard provides a new way of representing customizations of Unicode emoji characters. The first specified customizations provide for flags for subdivisions of countries (such as Scotland or California), gender variants (such as female runners or males raising a hand), hair color variants (a red-haired dancer), and directional variants (pointing a hand or bicyclist to the right).

Feedback is being solicited on a number of topics. See the text of the proposed draft UTS for details.

The associated emoji data files were updated on 2016-03-23.

How to Provide Feedback: For information about how to discuss this Public Review Issue and how to supply formal feedback, please see the feedback and discussion instructions. The accumulated feedback received so far on this issue is shown below, or you can look at a full page view. Feedback is reviewed by the relevant committee according to their meeting schedule.


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