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X3L2 Document Register for 1993

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A few documents have been password protected at the request of their originators, and are limited to UTC member-only access. To find a particular revision of a document that has multiple revisions posted in the document register, use Find by Number.

Doc № Subject Source Date Project
X3L2/SD-3 Archival copy of original SD-3 1993 document register (DOC) John Jenkins 2/4/1994 admin
X3L2/93-001 ISO 10646 speaker needed for NASA Conference in September Katie Bajis 12/23/1992 ADMIN
X3L2/93-002 Announcement of X3 Subgroup Officers Training - Feb. 24, 1993 in San Diego, CA Jennifer Touchet 12/9/1992 ADMIN
X3L2/93-003 X3 Announces the Organizational Meeting of a New Advisory Committee, X3 Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) Dan Arnold 12/2/1992 ADMIN
X3L2/93-004 X3 Announces the Organizational Meeting of a New Advisory Committee, X3 Operational Management Committee (OMC) Kate McMillan 12/3/1992 ADMIN
X3L2/93-005 Letter to Converse, Summary X3L2 probs pt.2 Lloyd Anderson 1/5/1993 ADMIN 396-D
X3L2/93-006 Processing of Character Codes and Glyph Identifiers X3V1 12/11/1992 Liaison 396-D
X3L2/93-007 Results of X3L2 Letter Ballot X3L2/92-191 Jenkins 1/18/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-008 Procedure for adding characters to ISO 10646 V.S. Umamaheswaran 1/14/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-009 Joint Meeting of X3L2 and X3V1 Hart 1/14/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-010 Response to Anderson's Formal Complaint (X3L2/92-097) Jean-Paul Emard 1/15/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-011 Future Code Allocations in Unicode and the Base Multilingual Plane of ISO10646: An analysis of needs and available space Rick McGowan, UTC 10/6/1992 396-D
X3L2/93-012 Proposed revision to the unification rules John Jenkins, UTC 9/12/1992 396-D
X3L2/93-013 A preliminary examination of a possible composition mechanism for CJK characters John Jenkins, UTC 10/8/1992 396-D
X3L2/93-014 Explanatory notes for the Unified Ideographic CJK Characters Repertoire and Ordering V.1.0 CJK-JRG 11/29/1991 396-D
X3L2/93-015 Draft Character-glyph Model      
X3L2/93-016 Proposal for Extended UCS-2 Joe Becker 1/21/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-016.1 Draft proposal for Extended UCS-2 (perhaps aka UCS-2++) Joe Becker    
X3L2/93-017 Concerning Future Allocations Rick McGowan, Joe Becker 4/11/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-017.1 ISOMasterPlanJDB.txt Joe Becker    
X3L2/93-018 Chairmans response to James Converse, X3L2 problems Edwin Hart 2/9/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-019 Unicode Technical Report #1: Draft Proposals UTC 12/31/1992 396-D
X3L2/93-020 Unicode Technical Report #2: Preliminary Draft Proposals UTC 12/31/1992 396-D
X3L2/93-021 Unicode Technical Report #3: Exploratory Proposals UTC 12/31/1992 396-D
X3L2/93-022 ISO 6936: 1988: Information processing - Conversion between the two coded character sets of ISO 646 and ISO 6937-2 and the CCITT international telegraph alphabet No. 2 (ITA 2) ISO 2/24/1993 ISO 6936
X3L2/93-023 Ballot: Confirmation of ISO 6936:1988 Arnold Winkler 3/8/1993 ISO 6936
X3L2/93-024 ISO 8859-3:1988: Information processing - 8-bit single-byte coded graphic character sets Part 3: Latin alphabet No. 3 ISO 2/24/1993 ISO 8859-3
X3L2/93-025 Ballot: Confirmation of ISO 8859-3:1988 Arnold Winkler 3/8/1993 ISO 8859-3
X3L2/93-026 ISO 8859-4:1988: Information processing - 8-bit single-byte coded graphic character sets Part 4: Latin alphabet No. 4 ISO 2/24/1993 ISO 8859-4
X3L2/93-027 Ballot: Confirmation of ISO 8859-4:1988 Arnold Winkler 3/8/1993 ISO 8859-4
X3L2/93-028 ISO 8859-5:1988: Information processing - 8-bit single-byte coded graphic character sets Part 5: Latin/Cyrillic alphabet ISO 2/24/1993 ISO 8859-5
X3L2/93-029 Ballot: Confirmation of ISO 8859-5:1988 Arnold Winkler 3/8/1993 ISO 8859-5
X3L2/93-030 ISO 8859-8:1988: Information processing - 8-bit single-byte coded graphic character sets Part 8: Latin/Hebrew alphabet ISO 2/24/1993 ISO 8859-8
X3L2/93-031 Ballot: Confirmation of ISO 8859-8:1988 Arnold Winkler 3/8/1993 ISO 8859-8
X3L2/93-032 ISO 9282-1:1988: Information processing - Coded representation of pictures - Part 1: Encoding principles for picture presentation in a 7-bit or 8-bit environment ISO 2/24/1993 ISO 9282-1
X3L2/93-033 Ballot: Confirmation of ISO 9282-1:1988 Arnold Winkler 3/8/1993 ISO 9282-1
X3L2/93-034 Summary of Voting: X3L2 Document Distribution by X3 Secretariat John Jenkins 3/5/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-035 First Call for Nominations - 1993 X3 Awards Program Jean-Paul Emard, X3 Secretariat 2/4/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-036 ISO 2033:1983: Information processing - Coding of machine readable characters (MICR and OCR) ISO   ISO 2033
X3L2/93-037 Ballot: Confirmation of ISO 2033:1983 Arnold Winkler 3/10/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-038 Encoding the World's Characters: Characteristics of the Universal Coded Character Set, ISO/IEC 10646-1 Edwin Hart 3/1/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-039 Disposition of Comments on DIS ISO/IEC 6429 Wilhelm Bohn 9/15/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-040 Liaison Statement from SC2 to JTC1/SC21/WG8/RPC SC2 Secretariat Feb-93 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-041 Technical Corrigendum to ISO/IEC 4873:1991 SC2 Secretariat Feb-93 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-042 Subsets of control functions of ISO/IEC 6429:1992 for use by printing devices SC2 Secretariat Feb-93 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-043 Possible amendment of ISO/IEC 10538 SC2 Secretariat Feb-93 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-044 Venue SC2/WG3 meeting on 26th May 1993 in Athens SC2 Secretariat Feb-93 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-045 Greece's feedback on DIS 10646-1.2 Evangelos Melagrakis, Greece 5/28/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-046 Thailand's comments on DIS 10646-1.2 Hugh Thaweesak Koanantakool, Thailand 6/12/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-047 Tunisia's comments on DIS 10646-1.2 Ali Ben Gaid, Tunisia 6/9/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-048 A Simple Method to Reverse the UK Negative Vote on DIS 10646-1.2, and also Satisfy Some Other National Body Comments Bruce Paterson, UK 6/19/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-049 Instructions from SC2 Secretariat (AFNOR) to WG2 regarding DIS 10646-1.2 J.M. Borde, SC2 Secretariat 6/24/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-050 Additional National Body Feedback on DIS 10646-1.2 Mik Ksar 6/25/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-051 On disposition of comments Masami Hasegawa 6/26/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-052 Additional Unified Ideographic CJK Characters (HCS-B) China 6/29/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-053 A minor change with one Kanji glyph in Unified CJK Ideographs Zhang Zhoucai, CJK-JRG 6/27/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-054 CJK Ideographic Radicals China 6/26/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-055 A proposal for adding characters China 6/5/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-056 Modified Tibetan Code Table China 6/29/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-057 Letter from Information Processing Association of Turkey Turkey 12/4/1990 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-058 Comments of Republic of Korea on ISO/DIS 10646-1.2(1992) Korea 6/28/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-059 Comment on Netherlands Proposed Cyrillic Deletions Joe Becker 6/24/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-060 Sources of "CJK Auxiliary" Characters (Hex Codes 3000 - 33FF) Joe Becker, Lee Collins 6/24/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-061 Comment on Yugoslav Proposed Cyrillic Additions Joe Becker 6/24/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-062 Recommendation of work for short IDs to SC22 Bo Jensen 2/5/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-063 Proposal for disposition of German comments regarding Indo-European Characters in DIS 1.2 Ken Whistler 6/27/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-064 Proposal for disposition of U.K. comments regarding the ISCII LINK character in DIS 1.2 Ken Whistler 6/27/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-065 Proposal of disposition of U.K. Comments regarding Tibetan characters in DIS 1.2 Ken Whistler 6/27/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-066 Proposal for disposition of Chinese Comments on Mongolian characters in DIS 1.2 Ken Whistler 6/27/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-067 Comments on Tibetan Characters in 10646, exploring two ways of accomodating the Tibetan coding problem. Lloyd Anderson 6/26/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-068 Additional information to the Danish comments Denmark 6/29/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-069 Proposal for disposition of Belgian comment 1 to DIS 1.2 Mark Davis 6/27/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-070 Proposal for disposition of Korean Comments to DIS 1.2 Mark Davis 6/27/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-071 AFII information requirements for printing IS 10646 Edwin Smura, AFII 6/25/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-072 "ATM.3" and "Compaction Peter Fenwick Jan-92 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-073 Correction to Arabic Names in DIS 10646-1.2 Alaa Ghoneim 6/30/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-074 Proposal for disposition of comments on Greek characters in DIS 1.2 Mark Davis 6/27/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-075 Tibetan script in 10646 Lloyd Anderson 6/30/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-076 Subsetting lists Lloyd Anderson 7/1/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-077 Additional explanations to Japanese national feedback plus missing page 8 Japan 7/1/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-078 Modified Korean Position Korea 7/2/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-079 Compromized [sic] Proposal to add missing Pinyin Letters and virtical Punctuations [sic] China 7/1/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-080 Completing the PinYin character set (and a brief note on vertical punctuation) Lloyd Anderson 7/2/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-081 Addenda on the Tibetan compromise paper WG2 N845 Lloyd Anderson 7/2/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-082 2nd Proposal for disposition of Korean Comments to DIS 1.2 Mark Davis 7/2/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-083 Zero Width Joiners and Zero-Width Ligature Requesters Alaa Ghoneim, Lloyd Anderson   SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-083.1 Zero Width Joiners and Zero-Width Ligature Requesters Alaa Ghoneim, Lloyd Anderson 7/3/1993 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-084 Revisions to Subsetting lists Lloyd Anderson 7/2/1993 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-085 Bullet 4 of German comments J. Friemelt 7/2/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-086 Draft disposition of Tunisian comments Alaa Ghoneim 7/2/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-087 Further corrections of Arabic names as per Egyptian and Tunisian comments Alaa Ghoneim 7/2/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-088 Tibetan compromise with modifications from Peter Lofting, LaserQuill, U.K. Lloyd Anderson 7/3/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-089 3nd [sic] Proposal for accomodation of Greek Comments to DIS 1.2 Mark Davis, Evangelos Melagrakis 7/2/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-090 Details of Korean Jamo Combining Rules Joe Becker 7/2/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-091 China's Position On Hangul in UCS China 7/2/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-092 Accomodation of National Comments for Greek characters Evangelos Melagrakis 7/2/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-093 Double Diacritics - TC 46 Liaison Proposed disposition Mark Davis 7/3/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-094 Modification of Korean Position (2) Korea 7/3/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-095 Further corrections of Arabic names as per Egyptian and Tunisian comments Alaa Ghoneim 7/2/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-096 (Withdrawn)     SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-097 Expansion on Egyptian comment I-2 Alaa Ghoneim 7/3/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-098 Revisions to Korean Mark Davis, Korea 7/3/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-099 Proposal for resolution of Belgian comment 1 and Danish comment 4 to DIS 1.2 Mark Davis 7/3/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-100 Implementation Levels Bruce Paterson, Isai Scheinberg 7/3/1992 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-101 Unconfirmed Minutes - WG2 Ballot Resolution Meeting 22 - Seoul, Korea Mike Ksar, Bruce Paterson 1/12/1993 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-102 Venue and call for WG2 meeting # 23 in Athens, Greece Mike Ksar 1/12/1993 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-103 Registrations Dated 21st January 1993 ECMA 2/4/1993 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-104 X3L2 Meeting Announcement Edwin Hart 3/18/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-105 Request to make Unicode, Inc. a Class C Liaison Edwin Hart, US 3/18/1993 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-106 Report on the ballot resolution of ISO/IEC DIS 8859-10.2 by SC2/WG3 Jan van den Beld   SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-107 Final text of ISO/IEC 8859-10 SC2 Secretariat   SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-108 Final text of ISO/IEC 6429 SC2 Secretariat   SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-109 Letter from Secretary SC2 Secretariat   SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-110 Participation Tables SC2 Secretariat   SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-111 Complete Work at 1993-01-11 SC2 Secretariat   SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-112 Venue and 1st draft agenda for the 4th Plenary Meeting of JTC 1/SC2 to be held in Athens, Greece, 27th - 28th May 1993 SC2 Secretariat   SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-113 Ad Hoc Meeting on Character Sets K. Hopper, New Zealand   SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-114 CEN TC304 liaison report to JTC1/SC2 Sten Lindberg, CEN/TC304   SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-115 Call for Volunteers - X3L2, Codes and Character Sets Vice Chairman X3L2 Daniel Arnold 3/22/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-116 X3 announces the approval of a new project for C language internationalization addendum Monica Vago 3/19/1993 Liaison
X3L2/93-117 United States Contribution on Accelerating the Processing of Standards US 3/2/1992 ADMIN
X3L2/93-118 Recommendations on Coordination of Internationalization Activities Chairman, SC22 3/9/1992 Liaison
X3L2/93-119 Management Report of JTC 1/Subcommittee 2 to the 1993 JTC 1 Plenary Meeting in Berlin Chairman, SC2   SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-120 Results of X3L2 Letter Ballot to Confirm ISO 6936:1988 Arnold Winkler 4/12/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-121 Results of X3L2 Letter Ballot to Confirm ISO 8859-3:1988 Arnold Winkler 4/12/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-122 Results of X3L2 Letter Ballot to Confirm ISO 8859-4:1988 Arnold Winkler 4/12/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-123 Results of X3L2 Letter Ballot to Confirm ISO 8859-5:1988 Arnold Winkler 4/12/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-124 Results of X3L2 Letter Ballot to Confirm ISO 8859-8:1988 Arnold Winkler 4/12/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-125 Results of X3L2 Letter Ballot to Confirm ISO 9282-1:1988 Arnold Winkler 4/12/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-126 Results of X3L2 Letter Ballot to Confirm ISO 2033:1983 Arnold Winkler 4/12/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-127 United States Status Report: October, 1991 to April, 1993 Edwin Hart, US 4/26/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-128 X3L2 Character/Glyph Model Glenn Adams, Rick McGowan, Mark Davis, Edwin Hart 5/9/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-129 Draft Minutes, X3L2 meeting 159, Cupertino, CA, 18-22 January 1992 John Jenkins 5/10/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-130 Draft Agenda for X3L2 Meeting 160 (Rochester, NY on 14-17 June, 1993) Edwin Hart 5/7/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-131 Proposed Enhancement to ISO 2022 to Support Extended Unix Code (EUC) Encodings V.S. Umamaheswaran 4/16/1993 105-M
X3L2/93-132 Guidelines for Sub-repertoires of ISO 10646 Bruce Paterson, Hugh McGregor Ross 3/18/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-133 List of ISO/IEC 10646 Issues (Revised 25 May, 1993) Edwin Hart 5/25/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-134 Take Long-Term View for the 10646 Architecture Edwin Hart 5/21/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-135 Liaison Request from Unicode, Inc. Mark Davis 5/25/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-136 File System Safe UCS Transformation Format (FSS-UTF) X/Open 1993 396-D
X3L2/93-137 SC2/WG2 Resolutions of Meeting 23 in Athens, Greece, 24-25 May 1993 Mike Ksar, Edwin Hart 5/25/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-138 Resolutions of 4th JTC1/SC2 Plenary Meeting held in Athens on May 27-28, 1993 SC2 5/28/1993 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-139 Disposition of comments report on DIS 10646-1.2 Masami Hasegawa 4/8/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-140 Intelligent/Coded Font Model Glenn Adams, Peter Edberg 6/10/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-141 Request for normalization of ISO 10646 level 3 Alain LaBonté, Takayuki Sato 5/19/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-142 Recommendations of the meeting of the SC22 Ad Hoc group on Character Sets held in Copenhagen Denmark, 1993-04-21/23 SC22 Secretariat May-93 396-D
X3L2/93-142.1 Convenor's Report of the Ad Hoc Group on Character sets, held in Copenhagen Denmark, 1993-04-16/19 [sic] Leroy Dickey, SC22 Secretariat    
X3L2/93-143 Liaison on Character, Graphic Symbol, and Glyph Terminlogy SC18/WG8 5/7/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-144 Draft Minutes of SC2/SC18/SC22 Ad Hoc Meeting on Character Handling, Hellerup, Denmark, 1993-04-21--23 V.S. Umamaheswaran    
X3L2/93-145 Comments on ISO/IEC DIS 8211 Glenn Adams    
X3L2/93-145R Comments on ISO/IEC DIS 8211 Glenn Adams, US    
X3L2/93-146 Annex H, DIS 8211      
X3L2/93-147 ISO 2022 Revision [Standard ECMA-35] ECMA   105-M
X3L2/93-148 Resolutions of the seventh meeting of SC 2/WG 3, Athens, 1993-05-26   5/26/1993 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-149 Liaison Report from ISO TC 46/SC 4/WG 1 Karen Smith-Yoshimura    
X3L2/93-150 Response: Liaison letter from X3T2 on encoding C1 control codes in 10646 Mark Hamilton   396-D
X3L2/93-151 ISO/IEC 10646-1 Encoding of the C1 Set of Control Characters Edwin Hart 7/9/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-152 Encoding restriction in 10646 Adams   396-D
X3L2/93-153 CEN/TC 304 Programme of Work CEN/TC304    
X3L2/93-154 ISO/PDTR-11585 Rev. 1, Operational Model for Document Description and Processing Languages   3/26/1992  
X3L2/93-155 Responses to Comments on Operational Model ISO/IEC PDTR 11585      
X3L2/93-156 Intelligent Fonts Steve Strasen 6/9/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-157 SC18 Character and Glyph Model Al Griffee 4/20/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-158 Recommendations of Joint X3L2/X3V1 Meeting on the Character/Glyph Model Glenn Adams 6/16/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-159 Outline of a Preliminary Draft of Character/Glyph Model Glenn Adams 6/16/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-160 Second Call for Volunteers - X3L2, Codes and Character Sets Vice Chairman X3L2 Daniel Arnold 6/23/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-161 Draft Agenda and Meeting Arrangements for X3L2 Meeting 161 (Dallas, Texas from 22-25 September 1993) Edwin Hart 7/12/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-162 Participation of X3L2 Members at X3L2 Meetings Edwin Hart 7/12/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-163 Unconfirmed Minutes, WG2 Meeting #23 (24-25 May 1993) in Athens, Greece Mike Ksar, Edwin Hart 6/7/1993 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-164 Venue and call for WG2 meeting #24 in Washington D.C., USA, 1 - 5 November 1993 Mike Ksar 7/8/1993 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-165 Call for SC 2/WG 2/IRG Meeting #1 in Fukuoka, Japan, 4 - 6 October 1993 Mike Ksar 7/23/1993 SC2 TAG
X3L2/93-166 Character/Glyph Model and Recommendations Edwin Smura 6/11/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-167 Ballot: Adoption of X3L2 Procedures John Jenkins 8/2/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-168 Draft Minutes, X3L2 meeting 160, Rochester, NY, 14-17 June 1993 M.D. Nixon   ADMIN
X3L2/93-169 Summary of Voting: Adoption of X3L2 Procedures John Jenkins 9/13/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-170 Draft Contributions to Character/Glyph Model Glenn Adams 9/20/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-171 Positions for delegation to WG2/IRG meeting #1 (Fukuoka, Japan, 4-6 October 1993) John Jenkins 9/22/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-172 Draft cover letter on character/glyph model Edwin Hart 9/14/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-172.1 Draft cover letter on character/glyph model Edwin Hart    
X3L2/93-173 Character-Glyph Operational Model John Jenkins 9/23/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-174 Proposal for UCS-2E (Modified Proposal for Extended UCS-2) Joe Becker, Mark Davis 9/21/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-175 Character/glyph model   9/23/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-176 Comments on UCS-Extended Proposal and on U.S. Positions on 10646 Lloyd Anderson 9/23/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-177 U.S. Positions for November 1993 Meeting of SC2/WG2 Edwin Hart 9/20/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-178 Request to register ISCII with ECMA James Agenbroad 8/28/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-179 US requirements for next version of ISO/IEC 10646 US 9/24/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-180 Defect report on ISO/IEC 10646-1:1993 for representing the C1 control characters US 9/24/1993 396-D
X3L2/93-181R Annual Report for Technical Committee X3L2, Covering the Period from November 1992 to October 1993 Edwin Hart 10/19/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-182 not assigned      
X3L2/93-183 Request to drop projects 216-L, 257-L, 349-D, 388-D Edwin Hart Oct-93 ADMIN
X3L2/93-184 Corrections to the Minutes from Meeting 159 Edwin Hart 9/30/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-185 Draft Minutes, X3L2 meeting #161, Dallas, Texas, September 22-24, 1993 Peter Edberg 11/24/1993 ADMIN
X3L2/93-186 Request to register ISCII with ECMA James Agenbroad, Mohan Tambe   396-D
X3L2/93-187 ISO/IEC DIS 2022 [ECMA-35] Barbara Bennett 11/2/1993 105-M
X3L2/93-188 Ballot: ISO/IEC DIS 2022: Character Code Structure and Extension Techniques Arnold Winkler 11/17/1993 105-M
X3L2/93-189 Request for Arabic Characters for the Holy Koraan Mohamed Saba    
X3L2/93-190 Draft Agenda for X3L2 Meeting 162 in Salt Lake City Edwin Hart 1/7/1994 ADMIN
X3L2/93-191 Invitation to attend Unicode Technical Committee meeting in Cupertino, 2-3 December 1993 Mark Davis    
X3L2/93-192 ISO 10535: Control functions for text communication