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UTC Document Register for 1995

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A few documents have been password protected at the request of their originators, and are limited to UTC member-only access. To find a particular revision of a document that has multiple revisions posted in the document register, use Find by Number.

Doc № Subject Source Date L2 Doc №
UTC/1995-001 Unicode Technical Committee Meeting #64, Agenda Joan Aliprand [1995.03.09]  
UTC/1995-002 .. 003 not assigned      
UTC/1995-004 Korean Hangul Johab Extensions Glenn Adams [1995.03.01]  
UTC/1995-005 Version Number for Standard      
UTC/1995-006 Conformance Clause: Encoding Forms Glenn Adams [1995.03.01]  
UTC/1995-007 Conformance Clause: Character Semantics      
UTC/1995-008 Zero Width Joiner and Devanagari Half Consonant Forms Glenn Adams [1995.03.01]  
UTC/1995-009 Vietnamese Tone Marks      
UTC/1995-010 Width Properties      
UTC/1995-011 BIDI Reordering Examples      
UTC/1995-012 BIDI and Vertical Text Glenn Adams [1995.03.01]  
UTC/1995-013 Proposal for Ethiopian Encoding in Unicode/10646 Joe Becker [1995.02.26]  
UTC/1995-014 Encoding the Vietnamese currency symbol in the BMP   [1995.03.06]  
UTC/1995-015 Extremal Proposal w.r.t. Encoding Forms & Conformance (& 1.1 vs. 2.0) Joe Becker [1995.03.08]  
UTC/1995-016 Draft Tibetan charts and names list   [1995.03.09]  
UTC/1995-017 .. 019 not assigned      
UTC/1995-020 Unicode Technical Committee Meeting #65, Agenda Joan Aliprand [1995.06.02]  
UTC/1995-021A Unicode Technical Committee Meeting #64, Minutes Joan Aliprand, Steve Greenfield    
UTC/1995-021B Closed Caucus Minutes, UTC #64 Joan Aliprand    
UTC/1995-022 Notes On Changes To Tibetan Script Encoding Peter Lofting [1995.05.22]  
UTC/1995-023 Explaination [sic] on Mr. Lofting's Comments on Lhasa Tibetan proposal   [1995.06.01]  
UTC/1995-024 Tibetan (U+xx00 - U+xxFF) Peter Lofting [1995.05.31]  
UTC/1995-024A Questions on Lhasa Tibetan Encoding Peter Lofting [1995.05.31]  
UTC/1995-024B Updated Tibetan Code Chart (U+xx00 - U+xxFF) Peter Lofting [1995.05.31]  
UTC/1995-025 Comments on Tibetan Proposal Lloyd Anderson    
UTC/1995-025A Comments on Tibetan Proposal: "Peter Lofting was very kind and... Lloyd Anderson [1995.06.01]  
UTC/1995-025B Comments on Tibetan Proposal: "The following paper will be distributed... Lloyd Anderson [1995.06.01]  
UTC/1995-026 Toward consensus on Tibetan encoding Michael Everson [1995.05.30]  
UTC/1995-027 Proposal for encoding the Cherokee script Michael Everson [1995.03.14]  
UTC/1995-028 Names and ordering of the Fu├żark (Runic) characters: comment on N1210 Michael Everson [1995.05.20] X3L2/95-117
UTC/1995-029 Tibetan Character Set for Information Interchange (code chart) Michael Everson    
UTC/1995-030 Tibetan sort order proposal Lloyd Anderson    
UTC/1995-031 Tibetan smoothly extended from native to Sanskritic usage Lloyd Anderson    
UTC/1995-032 Recommendation to add four character to aid in the plain-text encoding of mathematics Murray Sargent [1995.06.01]  
UTC/1995-033 .. 052 not assigned      
UTC/1995-053 Preliminary Agenda, Unicode Technical Committee & X3L2 Joint Meeting, UTC Meeting #67, X3L2 Meeting #166, Friday, Dec. 8 (All Day) Joan Aliprand, Edwin Hart [1995.10.31], [1995.11.02] X3L2/95-081R
UTC/1995-054 Unicode Technical Committee Meeting #66, Draft Minutes      
UTC/1995-055a Conclusive Proposal for Encoding of Ethiopic Syllabary Joe Becker [1995.12.07] X3L2/95-134
UTC/1995-055b Ethiopic Glyphs Variants Daniel Yacob [1995.10.06]  
UTC/1995-056 Recommendation to encode a WCH_EMBEDDING character Murray Sargent [1995.12.06]  
UTC/1995-057 not assigned      
UTC/1995-058 Highlights from the WG2 meetings in Tokyo (Nov 6-10, 1995) Asmus Freytag [1995.12.03]  
UTC/1995-059 Recommendation to add a mathematical operator class Murray Sargent [1995.12.08]