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UTC # 75 -- Preliminary Agenda

NOTE: Some additonal hyperlinks have been added, otherwise it matches the e-mailed agenda.

February 20, 1998

Preliminary Agenda - UTC #75 & NCITS Subgroup L2 # 172 joint meeting
Cupertino, CA - February 25-27, 1998
Hosted by Microsoft Corporation at 10000 Torre Avenue, Cupertino, CA

I. Administrative Issues

A. UTC membership roll call 1. Call for proxies 2. Roll call

B. Declaration of joint meeting

C. Approval of joint meeting agenda

D. Minutes and action items

1. Approval of minutes of Joint Meeting UTC #74 & L2 #717 [L2/98-___]
2. Approval of revised minutes of discussion on international string ordering [L2/97-282R]
3. Review of action items [L2/SD2]

E. Registration of new documents

F. Review of meeting calendar  (

1. Survey proposed attendance at April meeting re quorum.

G. UTC administrative procedures

1. Requirements for a complete proposal (Aliprand)
2. The concept of a preliminary proposal (Freytag)
3. Use of the WG2 proposal form (Ksar & Freytag) 

A joint form is proposed. A preliminary draft based on the discussion at the last UTC can be found at http://www,

II. Technical Issues

A. Errata to Unicode 2.0 (Standing Item)

B. Revised Proposals

1. UTR #8: Version 2.1 (Moore)
2. UTR #9: BIDI reference algorithm (Bishop, Davis, Freytag) (ftp access is passworded)

3. Transcoding hint characters (Edberg)

C. New Proposals

1. UTR #10: Unicode Collation Algorithm (Whistler & Davis), or (ftp access is passworded)

D. Formal Criteria for Disunification (Freytag) contains the draft criteria(ftp access is passworded)

III. Specific scripts

A. Whole Scripts

1. Revised Proposals

a) Western Music (McGowan)

2. New Proposals

a) Syriac script (Kiraz, Hasso & Nelson) This proposal will be discussed on Friday morning.

b) Historic scripts (proposed for Plane 1) (Everson)

(1) Egyptian hieroglyphs [L2/97-266, 267],

(2) Meroitic [L2/97-268]

(3) Old Persian Cuneiform [L2/97-269]

(4) Ugaritic Cuneiform [L2/97-270]

c) Fictional scripts (proposed for Plane 1) (Everson)

(1) Tengwar [L2/97-271]

(2) Cirth [L2/97-272]

(3) Klingon [L2/97- 273]

3. Coming Proposals, FYI

a) Burmese (Collins)

b) Additional proposals (Everson)

(1) SC2/WG2 N1689: Proposal to encode South Arabian in Plane 1 of ISO/IEC 10646

(2) SC2/WG2 N1688: Proposal to encode Sinaitic in Plane 1 of ISO/IEC 10646

(3) SC2/WG2 N1687: Proposal to encode Old Permic in Plane 1 of ISO/IEC 10646

(4) SC2/WG2 N1686: Proposal to encode Old Hungarian in Plane 1 of ISO/IEC 10646 (There seems to be a problem with the Latin 2 encoding of this document but we are working on it.)

(3) SC2/WG2 N1685: Proposal to encode Brahmi in Plane 1 of ISO/IEC 10646

(6) SC2/WG2 N1684: Proposal to encode Avestan in the BMP of ISO/IEC 10646

These additional proposals are referenced here for convenience, they have not been placed on the agenda by the chair.

(7) SC2/WG2 N1657: Proposal to encode Buginese in BMP of ISO/IEC 10646

(8) SC2/WG2 N1658: Proposal to encode Coptic in BMP of ISO/IEC 10646

(9) SC2/WG2 N1659: Proposal to encode Glagolitic in BMP of ISO/IEC 10646

(10) SC2/WG2 N1660: Proposal to encode Tibetan Extensions (CN/GB/IE proposal)

(11) SC2/WG2 N1661: Proposal to encode two ecological symbols in BMP of ISO/IEC 10646

B. Ideographic additions

C. Additional non-ideographic characters

1. Enclosing triangle (McGowan)

2. LATIN CAPITAL and SMALL LETTER H WITH CARON for Romani language of Finland [WG2 N1619] (Winkler)

3. Proposal to encode four characters for common annotations.

In response to action item 73-22 (Freytag)

D. Other script issues

1. Lao character sets (EBCDIC and ASCII) (Umamaheswaran) [L2/97- 262]

2. Javanese (McGowan)

3. Bangla (Aliprand)

Request to incorporate Bangla (Bangladesh coded character set) in 10646 [L2/97-287] & draft response: "unicore" e-mail from Michael Everson dated Fri, 30 Jan 1998, Subject: WG2 N1634 (Bengali)

IV. Current ballots

A. PDAM registration and FPDAM ballot for ISO 10646 - AMD 18 (symbols and others). [98-002, 98-004]

1. PDAM registration

2. FPDAM ballot

B. PDAM registration and PDAM ballot for ISO 10646 - AMD 22 (keyboard symbols). [98-003, 98-005]

1. PDAM registration

2. PDAM ballot

C. Reconfirmation ballot for ANSI/ISO 4873 - 8-bit codes, structure and rules for implementation [98-013, 98-014]

V. W3C issues

A. New RFCs (Winkler)

1. RFC 2277: IETF Policy on Character Sets and Languages (Best Current Practice. Author: H. Alvestrand)

2. RFC 2278: IANA Charset Registration Procedures (Best Current Practice. Authors: N. Freed & J. Postel)

3. RFC 2279: UTF-8, a transformation format od ISO 10646. (Proposed Standard. Author: F. Yergeau)

VI. International Unicode Conferences (Standing Item)

VII. Interaction with SC2

A. WG2, WG3 and SC2 Plenary meetings in Seattle, WA

1. Review of submissions to WG2

2. Review of submissions to SC2

B. UTC positions on other topics for next WG2 meeting

VIII. Other business

A. Cultural Adaptability Workshop (Winkler)

B. Internationalization in SQL Standard (Roberts)

Internationalization change proposal X3H2-98-021R1 (Author: Jim Melton)

IX. Review of motions to L2, and action items

X. Closing of joint meeting



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