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UTC Document Register for 2000

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A few documents have been password protected at the request of their originators, and are limited to UTC member-only access. To find a particular revision of a document that has multiple revisions posted in the document register, use Find by Number.

The UTC decided in February 2000 that this UTC-specific document registry would be discontinued. Thereafter, new UTC-specific documents were added to the L2 joint register, with "UTC" in the project field. For reference, there is also an archival copy of the older format of the UTC Document Register 1999 - 2000 available.

Doc № Subject Source Date L2 Doc №
UTC/2000-001 Draft UTR #19: UTF-32 Mark Davis 1999-11-16  
UTC/2000-002 Proposed Draft UTR #20: The Use of Unicode in Markup Languages Martin Duerst, Mark Davis, Hideki Hiura, Asmus Freytag 1999-09-28  
UTC/2000-003 Draft UTR #22: Character Mapping Tables Mark Davis 1999-11-23  
UTC/2000-004 Proposal for UTC: Control codes Mark Davis, Ken Whistler 2000-01-12  
Mark Davis 2000-01-13  
UTC/2000-006 Proposal to restrict the range of code positions to the values up to U-0010FFFF Mark Davis 2000-01-13  
UTC/2000-007 Clarification of "cased" in UTR #21 Mark Davis 2000-01-11  
UTC/2000-008 European Fallback Rules CEN TC304 N932 1999-12-15  
UTC/2000-009 Proposal for a signature byte sequence for SCSU - updated post UTC 81 Markus Scherer 2000-01-28 L2/00-058
UTC/2000-010 Re: [Ii18nux:308] Re: JTC1 conversion tables Martin Duerst 2000-01-27 L2/00-059
UTC/2000-011 Where is my character (draft) Mark Davis 2000-01-31 L2/00-038
UTC/2000-012 UTR #11: East Asian Width [Draft for UTC review of restated definitions] Asmus Freytag 2000-01-29 L2/00-039
UTC/2000-013 Property changes for Unicode character database Ken Whistler 2000-01-31 L2/00-040
UTC/2000-014 Unicode Submission Form Mark Davis 2000-02-01 L2/00-041
UTC/2000-015 Necessary changes for ISO/IEC 10646 regarding the PUA Ken Whistler 2000-01-14 L2/00-042