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This page provides background information about emoji, including Media Articles and the Keynote from the 38th Internationalization & Unicode Conference. For more information, see Unicode Emoji and the main press page.

Media Articles

There’s been considerable media attention to emoji in 2014. For example, there were some 6,000 articles on the emoji appearing in Unicode 7.0, according to Google News. Here are some examples of news about emoji:

Date Source Title
2015-01-29 CNNMoney Taco Bell: Emoji unfairly biased towards hamburger and pizza lovers
2015-01-28 Daily Mail (MailOnline) Are these the first EMOTICONS? Typographical faces in an 1881 magazine reveal joy, indifference and astonishment
2015-01-28 New York Times At Silk Road Trial, Lawyers Fight to Include Evidence They Call Vital: Emoji
2015-01-26 Business Insider An Artist Created These Stunningly Accurate Celebrity Portraits Using Nothing But Emojis
2015-01-26 The Guardian The rise of the emoji for brand marketing: Take an emoji crash course and discover how you can successfully incorporate them into brand messaging
2015-01-21 Tech Cocktail The State of the Union Written in Emoji
2015-01-11 Popsugar 19 Emoji You Wish Existed
2015-01-08 Daily Mail (MailOnline) Guy Pearce versus Emoji: Watch acclaimed Hollywood actor recreate popular emoticons with hilarious results
2015-01-05 Los Angeles Times Taco Bell really, really wants a taco emoji
2015-01-01 NPR Heart Emoji Got Much Attention In 2014: The Global Language Monitor's Top Word of 2014 is not a word, it's an emoji of a heart.
2014-12-30 The Atlantic Literally,' Emojis, and Other Trends That Aren't Destroying English: Steven Pinker on Grammar Feuds and the Oxford Comma
2014-12-30 The Telegraph How 2014 became the year of the emoji (tiny aubergine anyone?)
2014-12-30 Yahoo! Finance (Entrepreneur) For the First Time, an Emoji Has Been Named the Most Popular Word of the Year
2014-12-29 Marketwatch The ultimate guide to market emojis: When markets are moving, who has time for words?
2014-12-29 Mirror Online Emoji take over the world as <3 is named international word of the year
2014-12-18 ClickZ Marketing With Emojis: Brands are beginning to embrace the visual power of marketing with emojis.
2014-12-16 The Daily Dot Emoji science with Jessica Williams of 'The Daily Show'
2014-12-14 Salon “Saturday Night Live” brilliantly lampoons lack of diversity in tech
2014-12-13 Mashable Bill Nye explains evolution using emoji
2014-12-13 whatculture 20 Awesome New Emojis Coming To Smartphones In 2015: How on Earth will we use them?
2014-12-13 Wired What Makes Texts Feel Like Real Communication? The Smiling Poo Emoji
2014-12-12 Dallas Morning News More than 17,000 people signed an online petition to get a taco emoji in 2015
2014-12-10 Black Enterprise Apple and Google Introducing Ethnic Emojis: A new set of guidelines from Google and Apple could lead to more diverse faces
2014-12-01 Fast Company How Emoji Is Changing Text As We Know It: Emoji are so popular that the gatekeepers of computer text have had to evolve their thinking to keep up.
2014-11-29 VentureBeat Visual listening is the next big thing in social. Here’s why.
2014-11-27 The Guardian The problem with emojis
2014-11-24 Cosmopolitan Where Do Your Favorite Emoji Come From?
2014-11-23 unwire.hk Unicode 機構選出 37 個候選 Emoji 明年中用得到
2014-11-21 Ballantines Ballantine's Whisky Emoji - Submission Film
2014-11-20 Dazed & Confused Unicode Consortium announces 37 potential new emojis
2014-11-20 SugarScape FINALLY: a list of 37 new emojis have been revealed —THERE'S A UNICORN
2014-11-19 DroidApp.nl 37 nieuwe emoticons die we in 2015 kunnen verwachten
2014-11-19 FastFoodWatch Do We Need A Taco Emoji? Taco Bell Thinks So
2014-11-18 Buzzfeed There Are 37 New Emojis Being Considered And One Is A Taco: Other highlights include “face with rolling eyes” and a crab
2014-11-18 Details Don't Freak Out, but We Might Get a Taco Emoji in 2015: This is going to make planning dinner with your roommate so much easier
2014-11-18 Die Welt Emoji – Die Entwicklung des Emotionen-Alphabets
2014-11-18 El Mundo ¿Cómo llegamos a responder a una pregunta con una flamenca? La historia del emoticono
2014-11-18 Fast Company Behold: The Taco Emoji — Also up for induction into Unicode 8.0: A hot dog, a burrito, and a poppin' bottle.
2014-11-18 Fast Company The Oral History Of The Poop Emoji (Or, How Google Brought Poop To America)
2014-11-18 Huffington Post Why We Never Got Those 250 New Emoji We Were Promised
2014-11-18 iDigitalTimes New Emojis For Next Year May Include Taco, Hotdog, Burrito And More
2014-11-18 Mashable The 37 new emoji candidates that we could see next year (including tacos)
2014-11-18 The Atlantic And Lo, a Taco Emoji Appeared Among Them
2014-11-16 New York Magazine Smile, You’re Speaking EMOJI: The rapid evolution of a wordless tongue
2014-11-10 Bustle Racially Diverse Emojis May Finally Be Here, and It's About Time [Thumbs Up Emoji]
2014-11-10 Storify Unicode Consortium To Introduce Racially Diverse Emoji
2014-11-07 BBC Newsbeat Emoji news: Work out the stories from the pictures
2014-11-07 GadgetGestures Emojis are Becoming More Human With Enhanced Skin-Tone Options
2014-11-06 Dolly Racially diverse emojis are on their way
2014-11-06 Politiken Mobiler får multi-etniske smileyer efter protester
2014-11-05 Android Authority Google & Apple want to add racial diversity to emoji characters
2014-11-05 blackpressUSA Emojis May Expand Skin Color Options
2014-11-05 Bloomberg Businessweek Non-White Emoji Are Finally Coming
2014-11-05 CTV News Get ready for ethnically diverse emoji characters
2014-11-05 Deutsche Welle Will emojis finally look like the people who send them?
2014-11-05 Marketplace Everything you've ever wanted to know about emoji
2014-11-05 Newsday Consortium proposes adding diversity to emoji icons
2014-11-04 ABC News Why Emoji Icons May Soon Look More Like You
2014-11-04 Buzzfeed Black Emojis Might Finally Be On The Way
2014-11-04 Los Angeles Times Emoji could be getting some racial diversity
2014-11-04 Mashable Emoji finally get some racial diversity
2014-11-04 Mic The Biggest Problem With Emojis May Soon Be Solved
2014-11-04 New York Magazine Rejoice! Emoji Realizes Nonwhite People Exist
2014-11-04 Opus Magazine Emoji finally get some racial diversity
2014-11-04 Streetwise Media Racial Diversity Is Coming to Emojis
2014-11-04 Tech News Today Emoji are getting authentic skin color!
2014-11-04 The Verge Apple and Google engineers are trying to make emoji more diverse
2014-10-27 VentureBeat Microsoft’s Bing beats Google to emoji search
2014-10-21 Business Insider Scientists Describe Their Work In Emoji And The Results Are Hilarious
2014-10-17 Business Insider The Entire US Economy Depicted In Emoji
2014-10-10 Hubspot Emojis for Dummies: The Essential Translation Guide
2014-09-11 Gizmodo My Day on the Emoji-Only Social Network, Translated (I Think)
2014-09-08 Spiegel Emoji-Siegeszug: Die Weltsprache unserer Zeit
2014-09-04 Huffington Post You Can Now Use Emojis To Search On Yelp, And It’s Not As Pointless As It Sounds
2014-09-03 Mashable Why It's So Hard to Design New Emoji
2014-08-29 The Atlantic My Week on the All-Emoji Diet
2014-08-27 PCWorld The future of emoticons will embrace everyone
2014-08-25 USA Today Emoji: Passing fad or new universal language?
2014-08-20 The New Inquiry The Conservatism of Emoji
2014-07-25 New York Times The Emoji Have Won the Battle of Words
2014-07-17 Aspire Are Emoji Ruining (or Improving) Digital Communication?
2014-07-17 Time Here Are Rules of Using Emoji You Didn't Know You Were Following
2014-07-15 Dissolve Footage Emoji Among Us: The Documentary
2014-07-01 Mashable 14 People Really Mad There's No Canadian Flag Emoji
2014-06-30 Fast Company Where Do Emoji Come From?
2014-06-30 NPR Why 140 Characters, When One Will Do? Tracing The Emoji Evolution
2014-06-27 Huffington Post How Emoji Get Lost In Translation
2014-06-27 New Republic A Peek Inside the Non-Profit Consortium That Makes Emoji Possible
2014-06-25 The Atlantic Emoji Are Designed to Be More Permanent Than Countries
2014-06-25 The Wall Street Journal There’s No Hot Dog Emoji, but New Characters Do Include a Hot Pepper
2014-06-19 Mashable Who Controls Emoji Anyway?
2014-06-18 Vogue The 9 Emoji You Didn’t Know You Needed
2014-06-17 CBC News 250 new emojis include middle finger, Vulcan salute, no racial diversity
2014-06-17 CommitStrip Unicode 7 et ses nouveaux emoji
2014-06-17 Technology Tell The 15 best emojis in Unicode 7.0
2014-06-17 The Inquirer Unicode gives Emoji the one finger salute
2014-06-17 Vox Where Emoji come from
2014-06-16 Yahoo More Than 250 New Emoji, Including a Middle Finger, Are Coming Soon
2014-04-30 TUAW You may be accidentally sending friends a hairy heart emoji
2014-04-24 CNET Japan 携帯各社、キャリアメールとSMSの絵文字数を共通化--5月から698文字に
2014-04-08 Marketplace You can now search Yelp for emojis
2014-04-02 The Verge Emoji invades Twitter on the web
2014-04-02 Wired Game of Thrones Fans, Here’s Your Season Three Recap – In Emoji
2014-04-01 Huffington Post Google Chrome Prank Translates Every Single Word Into Emoji
2014-03-31 The Colbert Report Emoji Ethnicity
2014-03-26 ABC News Why Hot Dog and Taco Emojis Probably Aren’t In Your Future
2014-03-25 The Wall Street Journal Emoji Origins
2014-03-25 The Wall Street Journal Hot-Dog Fan Campaigns for New Emoji
2013-12-31 Know Your Meme Emoticons
2013-03-04 The Verge How emoji conquered the world
2012-01-25 Typographica Typeface Review: Apple Color Emoji

People have also written online tools for seeing usage of emoji, such as Emoji Tracker and animations such as emoji.zone. It’s also become popular to “translate” lyrics or sayings into the closest emoji, such as:


Also see emoji on Youtube.


The keynote at the 38th Internationalization & Unicode Conference was about emoji, and may be of some interest. The videos of the keynote were created live using Hangouts On Air, and split into 3 pieces for uploading. (These were not professionally produced, and thus still have some verbal missteps.) The slides for the keynote are also accessible—use the gear icon to get the speaker notes.

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