UTC Meeting 152
Redmond, WA July 31-August 4, 2017
Hosted by Microsoft
Meeting Logistical Information
Last updated: August 4, 2017

UTC Plenary Meeting:
    Monday, July 31          10:30 am to 5:30 pm
    Tuesday, August 1         9:30 am to 5:30 pm
    Wednesday, August 2    9:30 am to 5:00 pm
    Thursday, August 3        9:30 am to 5:30 pm
    Friday, August 4            9:30 am to 2:00 pm

L2 Plenary Meeting:
    Friday, August 4           2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Call-in and Online Meeting Information:
   USA toll free: +1 866 500 6738
   Passcode: 741167    

Scheduled activities:

Agenda Item
Day and Time (PDT)
Call-in Information
C.2.2 Mongolian Anderson, et al Monday, 11:30 am see above
E.1 Emoji topics Davis, Edberg, et al Monday, 2:00 pm see above
E.1 Emoji topics Davis, Edberg, et al Tuesday, 2:00 pm see above
D.4 Lao characters for Pali Rajan Wednesday, 9:30 am see above
B.12.2 Arabic mark ordering Pournader, Evans, et al Wednesday, 11:30 am see above
E.1 Emoji topics Davis, Edberg, et al Wednesday, 2:00 pm see above
B.1.3 SC2/WG2 Ballots Anderson, et al Thursday, 9:30 am see above
B.17.1 IDN Report Freytag Thursday, 11:45 am see above
B.16.2 Best Practices for Using U+FFFD Scherer Thursday, 2 pm see above

Ad  Hoc Meetings:

Ad Hoc Subject Person Day and Time (PST) Location Call-in Information
B.11.1 PRI 352 feedback Anderson, et al Tuesday, 12:00 to 1:00 pm    
E.1 Emoji Davis, Edberg, et al Tuesday, 12:00 to 1:00 pm    
C.2.2 Mongolian Whistler, et al Wednesday, 12:30 to 1:30 pm    
D. Indic scripts Anderson, Lata, et al Thursday, 12:30 to 1:30 pm    
C.2.2 Mongolian Whistler, et al Friday, 12:30 to 1:30 pm    

Other meetings:

Meeting Person Day and Time (PST) Location Call-in Information
CLDR Ad Hoc on keyboard standardization LDML change spec draft   Monday, 6:00 to 7:00 pm    
CLDR regular meeting

Wednesday, 8:00 to 9:30 am
888-426-6840, passcode 645-417-42#
CLDR Ad Hoc on Emoji keywords & short names (Thursday 8:30-9:30am)   Thursday, 8:30 to 9:30 am    
CLDR Ad Hoc on Dev SWE model (Thursday 12:30-1:30)   Thursday, 12:30 to 1:30 pm    

A. Administrative Topics
A.1 UTC membership roll call
  A.1.1 Call for proxies
  A.1.2 Roll call

A.2 Declaration of meeting open

A.3 Registration of new documents

A.4 Approval of meeting agenda [L2/17-221]
  Latest version of this document

A.5 Minutes and action items
  A.5.1 Approval of minutes
    A.5.1.1Approve UTC Meeting 151 [L2/17-103]
  A.5.2  Action Items
    A.5.2.1 Review of open action items [L2/SD2]
    A.5.2.2 Recently closed action items [L2/17-223]

  Minutes posted at http://www.unicode.org/unicode/consortium/utc-minutes.html

A.6 Calendar review
  UTC 153 October 23-27, 2017, host Apple, Annual Full Members Mtg
  UTC 154 January 22-25, 2018, host Google
  UTC 155 April 30-May 4, 2018, host Adobe
  UTC 156 July 23-27, 2018, host Microsoft
  UTC 157 September 17-21, 2018, host TBD
  UTC 158 January 14-18, 2019, host VMware                    

  Calendar posted at http://www.unicode.org/unicode/timesens/calendar.html

A.7 Letter ballot review

A.8 Schedule ad hoc meetings

A.9 Membership update

B. Liaison Reports and Technical Topics

B.1  JTC1/SC2/WG2
  B.1.1 Meeting reports
    B.1.1.1 Convenor's report
    B.1.1.2 Liaison reports
      B. Unicode liaison report to SC2

      B. Unicode liaison report from SC2       
Script Encoding Initiative Liaison report (to WG2) [Anderson]
    B.1.1.3 IR's meeting report [Anderson]
    B.1.1.4 Consent docket
  B.1.2 SC2/WG2 minutes, recommendations, resolutions, report
    B.1.2.1 Minutes [SC/WG2]
    B.1.2.2 Reports
  B.1.3 Amendments/Ballots
    B.1.3.1 5th Edition
      B. Additional repertoire for ISO/IEC 10646:2017 (5th ed.) Amendment 2.0 [WG2/Suignard, L2/17-189]
      B. Additional repertoire for ISO/IEC 10646:2017 (5th ed.) Amendment 1.3 [WG2/Suignard, L2/17-190]
      B.1.3.2 Review ballot comments [Anderson,  L2/17-291, L2/17-292]
  B.1.4 Ad Hoc reports
  B.1.5 Review pipeline characters to ensure all new characters are in ballot comments or a separate document [Whistler]
  B.1.6 Review of document requesting new additions [Anderson, L2/17-293]

B.2 SC2/SC22/SC34/SC35/SC36/TC37/SC29/TC12
  B.2.1 Liaison reports
    B.2.1.1 Unicode Consortium Liaison Report to TC 37/SC 2 [Constable]  
    B.2.1.2 Unicode Consortium Liaison Report to JTC1/SC 2
      B. Unicode Consortium Comments on SC2 N4418 and N4415 [Constable]   
    B.2.1.3 Liaison report from OWG Sort Editor [Whistler]    
  B.2.2 JTC/SC documents
    B.2.2.1 SC2
      B. 10646
      B. 14651
    B.2.2.2 SC35
      B. WG5
    B.2.2.3 TC37/SC2
      B. Liaison report [Constable]
      B. Ballot results for TC37/SC2 New Work Item Proposal: Identification and description of language varieties [TC37/SC2, L2/16-242]
    B.2.2.4 JTC1

  B.3.1 Liaison report  [Lunde, L2/17-196]
  B.3.2 US/Unicode activity report for IRG #48 [Lunde, L2/17-175]
  B.3.3 IRG Meeting #48 recommendations and Action Items  [Lunde, L2/17-227]

  B.4.1 New & Updated Unihan Database Properties for China, Japan & Korea [Lunde, L2/17-173]
  B.4.2 Proposal to add 78 ideographs to UAX #45 [Fan, L2/17-204]
  B.4.3 Preliminary IRG Working Set 2017 Submission [Lunde, L2/17-286]

  B.5.1 Liaison report [Suignard]

  B.6.1 Liaison report

B.7 UC Berkeley Department of Linguistics - Script Encoding Initiative
  B.7.1 Liaison report [Anderson, L2/17-254]

  B.8.1 Liaison report [Umaoke, Scherer]

B.9 Unicode Locales Project (CLDR)
  B.9.1 Liaison report [Davis, Edberg]
  B.9.2 Unicode release schedules
B.10 Unicode Localization Interoperability (ULI)
  B.10.1 Liaison report [Loomis]

B.11 Public Review Issues
  B.11.1 Issue 352: Feedback on draft additional repertoire for ISO/IEC 10646:2017 (5th ed.) Amendment 1.3
   B.11.1.1 Feedback
     B. General feedback [L2/17-224
     B. Letter from T.K. Ramahandrandu [Gov't Tamil Nadu, L2/17-290
   B.11.1.2 Document for review
   B.11.2  Issue 353: Feedback on draft additional repertoire for ISO/IEC 10646:2017 (5th ed.) Amendment 2
     B.11.2.1 Feedback
      B. General feedback [L2/17-224
    B.11.2.2 Document for review
  B.11.3 Other feedback
    B.11.3.1 Feedback     
      B. General feedback [L2/17-224]
    B.11.3.2 Other documents

B.12 Unicode Technical Reports, Standards, and Standard Annexes
  B.12.1 UTS #46, Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing
     B.12.1.1 Proposed IdnaTest.txt revisions for v11.0 [Davis, Schrer, L2/17-176]
  B.12.2 Arabic mark ordering algorithm
    B.12.2.1.Proposed Draft: Unicode Technical Report UNICODE ARABIC MARK ORDERING ALGORITHM  [Pournader, et al, L2/17-253]
  B.12.3 Working Draft UAX#29, Unicode Text Segmentation [Davis, L2/17-258]  
  B.12.4 Working Draft UTS#51, Unicode Emoj [Davis, Edberg, L2/17-256]

B.13 Editorial Committee/Unicode Standard
  B.13.1 Errata
  B.13.2 Editorial Committee report [Whistler]
  B.13.3 Unicode 10
  B.13.4 Unicode 11
B.14 Properties
  B.14.1  New categories for Indic characters [Pandey, L2/17-148]     
  B.14.2 Feedback on New Indic category for 0BFA Tamil Number Sign [Sharma, L2/17-178]
  B.14.3 Indic characters without syllabic category assignments [Pandey, L2/17-121]
  B.14.4 Reconsidering ScriptExtensions added for supporting Tamil fractions [Sharma, L2/17-158]  
  B.14.5 Indic positional category of Javanese Cakra [Pournader, L2/17-163]
  B.14.6 Define and Stabilize Value Format of Unicode Version [Esfahbod,  L2/17-234]
  B.14.7 Recommendations to UTC #152 , July 31-August 4 2017 on Text segmentation in Indian languages [Lata,  L2/17-200]
  B.14.8 Proposed property changes for U+111C9 SHARADA SANDHI MARK [Whistler, Iancu,  L2/17-247]
  B.14.9 Indic positional category for Grantha nukta [Whistler] 

B.15 Ad hoc reports
  B.15.1 Emoji
  B.15.2 Mongolian
  B.15.3 Review of PRI 352 and 353 feedback [Anderson, L2/17-288]

B.16 Architectural Issues
   B.16.1 Unicode Continuity Characters: Character Plane Sets and Traversal Characters [Wiebe, L2/17-225]
   B.16.2 Request to Retract Consensus 151-C19 and Action Item 151-A134 (see L2/17-168) [Sivonen, L2/17-197]
   B.16.3 Variation selector definitions [Whistler]

B.17 Other
  B.17.1 Recent developments in IDNs [Freytag, L2/17-289]

C. Scripts
C.1 WG2-related
  C.1.1 Review of script documents requested by WG2
C.2 Review of UTC script proposals
  C.2.1 Script Ad Hoc recommendations [Anderson, et al, [L2/17-255]
  C.2.2 Script Ad Hoc report and recommendations on Mongolian [Whistler, et al, L2/17-243]
C.3 Proposal to encode the Wancho script [SEI/Everson,  L2/17-067R]
C.4 On the exchange of clock face information in plain text and implications for encoding [Silva, L2/17-179]
C.5 Mongolian
  C.5.1 Proposal to encode one Sibe letter and one Mongolian format control, and add ten variants to three Mongolian letters. [Ma, et al, L2/17-063]
  C.5.2 Proposal to change glyphs of Mongolian letter Manchu Ka [Ma, et al, L2/17-064]
  C.5.3 Proposal to correct the descriptions of Mongolian letter Manchu Ka and Manchu vowel harmony [Ma, et al, L2/17-065]
  C.5.4 Glyph corrections for 11 Ali Gali final forms [Wang, et al, L2/17-115]
  C.5.5 Comments on L2/17-036 (Mongolian suffix connector) [Hai, L2/17-052]
    C.5.5.1 Comments on L2/17-036 (Mongolian suffix connector)  by Liang Hai [Eck, L2/17-123]
  C.5.6 Modify Standardizedvariants.txt file In the Mongolian/Todo Block U+1800 – U+185C PHASE II [Dorji, et al, L2/17-128]
  C.5.7 Mongolian model [Hai]

  C.5.8 Draft of Mongolian Shaping Rules [Zhuang, et al, L2/17-251]
C.6 Cumulative chart of the Loma script [SEI/Everson, L2/17-233]
C.7 Arabic
  C.7.1 Proposal to Encode Arabic Hamza Above Isolated Form [Esfabod, L2/17-149]
  C.7.2 Proposal to Encode Additional Wasla Characters for the Holy Quran [Lazrek, L2/17-252]

  C.7.3 Proposal to encode some Hamza Quranic marks [Begmatov, L2/17-215]
C.9  Proposal to add standardized variation sequences [Lunde, L2/17-056]

C.13 Ottomon Siyaq

  C.13.1 Proposal to Encode Ottoman Siyaq Numbers  [Pandey, L2/15-072R2]
  C.13.2 Ottoman Siyaq L2/15-072 [Silva, L2/17-092]
C.14 Towards an encoding of the Jurchen script and implications for Khitan Small Script [West, Everson, et al, L2/17-107]
C.15 Proposal to create a new block for missing Block Element characters [Silva, L2/17-194]
C.16 Sutton SignWriting

  C.16.1 Design Options for Sutton SignWriting with examples and fonts [Slevenski, L2/17-282]
  C.16.2 Design Options for Sutton SignWriting Auxiliary [Slevenski, L2/17-220]
C.17 Proposal to add LATIN LETTER THORN WITH DIAGONAL STROKE [West, Everson, L2/17-236]
C.18 Proposal to add LATIN LETTER ANGLICANA W to the UCS [Everson, L2/17-238]

C.19 Towards the ordering of the Shuishu script  [Everson, L2/17-239]
C.20 Follow-up to L2/17-125 “Preliminary Proposal for Encoding New Hangul” [S. and S. Oh, L2/17-241]
  C.20.1 Comments on L2/17-241 [Chung, L2/17-248]

C.21 Shuowen Seal Encoding Design Issues [Cook, L2/17-250]

C.22 Proposal to encode Proto-Cuneiform [SEI, Everson, Hawkins, L2/17-157]
C.23 Proposal to encode the Khwarezmian script in Unicode [Pandey, L2/17-054R]
C.24 A method for encoding Egyptian quadrats in Unicode [Glass, et al, L2/17-112R]

D. South Asian

D.1 Review of Indic-related UTC documents
  D.1.1 Review of Indic-related documents and recommendations to the UTC [Anderson, et al, L2/17-153]
D.2 Request for editorial updates to Indic scripts [Srinidhi, Sridatta, L2/17-098]
D.3 Preliminary proposal to encode the Pungchen script [Pandey, L2/17-181]
D.4 Proposal to Encode Lao Characters for Pali [Rajan, L2/17-106R]
D.5 Proposal to encode JIHVAMULIYA and UPADHMANIYA for Soyombo [Pandey, L2/17-235]
D.6 Vedic
  D.6.1 Proposal to encode the NEWA LETTER VEDIC ANUSVARA [Srinidhi, Sridatta, L2/17-093]
  D.6.2 Request to change the glyphs of Vedic signs Jihvamuliya and Upadhmaniya [Srinidhi, Sridatta, L2/17-095]
D.7 Comments on encoding the Tigalari script [Srinidhi, Sridatta, L2/17-182]
D.8 Preliminary proposal to encode the Brusha script in Unicode [Pandey, L2/17-183]
D.9 Introducing the Amaragannada scripts [Srinidhi, Sridatta, L2/17-186]
D.10 Proposal to encode the Elymaean script in Unicode [Pandey, L2/17-226]
D.11 Malayalam
  D.11.1 On the Origin of Malayalam Candrakkala [Srinidhi, Sridatta, L2/17-207]
  D.11.2 Feedback on  L2/17-207 on Malayalam Chandrakala [Sharma, L2/17-23
D.12 Takri
  D.12.1 Proposal to encode the TAKRI LETTER SSA [Srinidhi, Sridatta, L2/17-209]

  D.12.2 Feedback on L2/17-209 on Takri SSA [Sharma, L2/17-231]
  D.12.3 Proposal to encode 116B8 TAKRI LETTER ARCHAIC KHA [Sharma, L2/17-279]

D.13 Proposal to encode the TELUGU SIGN SIDDHAM [Srinidhi, Sridatta, L2/17-218]
D.14 Proposal to encode the DOGRA VOWEL SIGN VOCALIC RR [Srinidhi, Sridatta, L2/17-20
D.15 Prishthamatra
  D.15.1 Proposal to encode the Prishthamatra for Nandinagari
[Srinidhi, Sridatta, L2/17-213]
  D.15.2 Proposal to encode the Prishthamatra for Sharada [Srinidhi, Sridatta, L2/17-214]

E. Symbols

E.1 Emoji
  E.1.1 Emoji Subcommittee report Q3 2017 [ESC/Edberg]
  E.1.2 Emoji character proposals
    E.1.2.0 Recommendations from ESC for UTC [ESC, L2/17-284]
      E. Recommendations from ESC for UTC, part 2 [ESC, L2/17-287]
    E.1.2.1 BRICK Emoji Submission [O'Shea, L2/17-172]
    E.1.2.2 Proposal for “SOFTBALL” Emoji [Hernandez, L2/17-184]
    E.1.2.3 Proposal to add MAGNET Character [Kimura-Thollander, L2/17-185]
    E.1.2.4 Emoji Submission: JIGSAW PUZZLE PIECE [Spix, L2/17-198]
    E.1.2.5 TOOLBOX - Emoji Proposal [Baker, L2/17-202]
    E.1.2.6 Mango
       E. MANGO emoji proposal [Schwartz, L2/17-203]
       E. Proposal for new MANGO emoji [Huang, L2/17-211]
    E.1.2.7 Emoji submission: LUGGAGE [Spix, L2/17-205]
    E.1.2.8 Proposal to add Emoji: RECEIPT [O’Neill, Sharma, L2/17-208]
      E. Some comments on L2/17-208] Proposal to add Emoji: Receipt [Overington, L2/17-210]
    E.1.2.9 Proposal for LOTION emoji [Burke, Byrnes, L2/17-212]
    E.1.2.10 PERIOD emoji submission [Mason, L2/17-216]
    E.1.2.11 LOBSTER emoji submission [Lassen, Kammeyer-Andersen, L2/17-217]
    E.1.2.12 Proposal for new valid emoji sequence [Jovic,  L2/17-228]
    E.1.2.13 Proposal for COIN emoji  [McLaughlin, L2/17-229]
    E.1.2.14 Emoji faces for Unicode V11.0
      E. Emoji  faces  proposal  for  Unicode  v11 [Karadeniz,  L2/17-244]
      E. Emoji  faces  proposal  for  Unicode  v11 [Karadeniz,  L2/17-245]
    E.1.2.15 Proposal for the BONE emoji [Solomon, Baker, L2/17-246]
    E.1.2.16 CRAFT emoji proposal [Hickman, et al, L2/17-249]
    E.1.2.17 FLYING DISC emoji proposal [Bayer, L2/17-257]
    E.1.2.18 BODY PARTS emoji proposal [ESC/Lee, et al, L2/17-259]
    E.1.2.19 HOUSEHOLD CHORE emoji proposal [Marx, Lee, et al, L2/17-260]
    E.1.2.20 BAGEL emoji proposal [Broder, Barkey, et al, L2/17-261]
    E.1.2.21 Proposal for CUPCAKE emoji [Wade, Emojination, L2/17-262]
    E.1.2.22 HIPPO emoji submission [Wong, Lee, L2/17-263]
    E.1.2.23 KANAGAROO emoji proposal [Marx, Lee, L2/17-264]
    E.1.2.24 LEAFY GREEN emoji submission [Wong, Lee, L2/17-265]
    E.1.2.25 Proposal for LLAMA emoji [Li, Lee, L2/17-266]
    E.1.2.26 Proposal for LOBSTER emoji [Sherry, L2/17-267]
    E.1.2.27 Proposal for MOSQUITO emoji [Shaivitz, Chertack, L2/17-268]
    E.1.2.28 OYSTER WITH PEARL submission [Benenson, Emojination, L2/17-269]
    E.1.2.29 PEACOCK emoji submission [Kamkoff, et al, L2/17-270]
    E.1.2.30 HIKING/RUGGGED BOOT emoji submission [Kamkoff, Lee, L2/17-271]
    E.1.2.31 SALT SHAKER emoji submission [Wong, Lee, L2/17-272]
    E.1.2.32 Proposal for TEDDY BEAR emoji [Jacobs, L2/17-273]
    E.1.2.33 Proposal for WOMAN'S FLAT SHOE emoji [Hutchinson, L2/17-274]
    E.1.2.34 Emoji proposal for CLASPING HANDS [Mendelson, Emojination, L2/17-275]
    E.1.2.35 Consolidation of animal emoji proposals for Unicode v11 [ESC/Cummings, L2/17-276]
    E.1.2.36 Emoji  Sports  Proposal  for  Unicode  v11 [ESC/Karadeniz, L2/17-277]
    E.1.2.37 Proposal for new emoji: RACCOON FACE [Guo, L2/17-278]
    E.1.2.38 Proposal for TROPICAL BIRD emoji [McLaughlin, L2/17-280]
     E.1.2.39 Addendum of Selection Factors for Parrot Animal Emoji Proposal [Cummings, L2/17-281]
  E.1.3 Emoji process
     E.1.3.1 Comments in response to L2-17/147  [ESC/Edberg, Davis, L2/17-192]
  E.1.4 Alternative encoding model for emoji hair variations [Buff, L2/17-193]
    E.1.4.1 Response to L2/17-193 [ESC/Edberg, Davis, L2/17-283]
  E.1.5 Gender
     E.1.5.1 Add emoji gender properties  [ESC/Davis, L2/17-195]
     E.1.5.2 Proposal for fully gender-inclusive emoji [Buff,  L2/17-232]
     E.1.5.3 Gender-neutral human-form emoji [ESC/Davis, L2/17-071]
  E.1.6 Emoji and vendors: for consideration by the UTC [Davis,  L2/17-206]
  E.1.7 Proposal for changing characters to Emoji U+1F56D RINGING BELL  [Kleff,  L2/17-240]
  E.1.8 Tags for horizontal flipping
E.2 Proposal to add southern Song forms of counting rods as separate characters [Silva, L2/17-187R]
E.3 Proposal to change the name of the accepted tally marks and add named character sequences for them  [Silva, L2/17-188]
E.4 Proposal to encode NEPTUNE FORM TWO [Silva, L2/17-191]
E.5 Proposal to encode Ancient Chinese Mathematical Symbols  [Jiang, L2/17-219]
E.6 Proposal to add CC license symbols to UCS [Creative Commons, Park, L2/17-242]
E.7 Hell pause character [Spix, L2/17-151]
E.8 Baha’i 9-Pointed Star Emoji Proposal Submission [Behjat, Behjat, L2/17-237]

F. Miscellaneous


G. Close of Meeting

G.1 Thank our hosts