Spacing Modifier Letters

Latin superscript modifier letters

See also superscript Latin letters in the Phonetic Extensions block starting at 1D00.
  2071 ⁱ superscript latin small letter i
  207F ⁿ superscript latin small letter n
02B0 ʰ Modifier Letter Small H
  <super> 0068 h
02B1 ʱ Modifier Letter Small H With Hook
  breathy voiced, murmured
  0266 ɦ latin small letter h with hook
  0324 ◌̤ combining diaeresis below
  <super> 0266 ɦ
02B2 ʲ Modifier Letter Small J
  0321 ◌̡ combining palatalized hook below
  <super> 006A j
02B3 ʳ Modifier Letter Small R
  <super> 0072 r
02B4 ʴ Modifier Letter Small Turned R
  0279 ɹ latin small letter turned r
  <super> 0279 ɹ
02B5 ʵ Modifier Letter Small Turned R With Hook
  027B ɻ latin small letter turned r with hook
  <super> 027B ɻ
02B6 ʶ Modifier Letter Small Capital Inverted R
  preceding four used for r-coloring or r-offglides
  0281 ʁ latin letter small capital inverted r
  <super> 0281 ʁ
02B7 ʷ Modifier Letter Small W
  032B ◌̫ combining inverted double arch below
  <super> 0077 w
02B8 ʸ Modifier Letter Small Y
  common Americanist usage for 02B2 ʲ
  <super> 0079 y

Miscellaneous phonetic modifiers

02B9 ʹ Modifier Letter Prime
  stress, emphasis
  transliteration of mjagkij znak (Cyrillic soft sign: palatalization)
  transliteration of Hebrew geresh
  0027 ' apostrophe
  00B4 ´ acute accent
  02CA ˊ modifier letter acute accent
  0301 ◌́ combining acute accent
  0374 ʹ greek numeral sign
  05F3 ‎׳‎ hebrew punctuation geresh
  2032 ′ prime
02BA ʺ Modifier Letter Double Prime
  exaggerated stress, contrastive stress
  transliteration of tverdyj znak (Cyrillic hard sign: no palatalization)
  0022 " quotation mark
  030B ◌̋ combining double acute accent
  2033 ″ double prime
02BB ʻ Modifier Letter Turned Comma
  typographical alternate for 02BD ʽ or 02BF ʿ
  used in some Polynesian orthographies for glottal stop
  Hawaiʻian: ʻokina
  Tongan: fakauʻa
  0312 ◌̒ combining turned comma above
  07F5 ‎ߵ‎ nko low tone apostrophe
  2018 ‘ left single quotation mark
02BC ʼ Modifier Letter Apostrophe
  glottal stop, glottalization, ejective
  many languages use this as a letter of their alphabets
  used as a tone marker in Bodo, Dogri, and Maithili
  2019 ’ is the preferred character for a punctuation apostrophe
  0027 ' apostrophe
  0313 ◌̓ combining comma above
  0315 ◌̕ combining comma above right
  055A ՚ armenian apostrophe
  07F4 ‎ߴ‎ nko high tone apostrophe
  1FBF ᾿ greek psili
  2019 ’ right single quotation mark
02BD ʽ Modifier Letter Reversed Comma
  weak aspiration
  0314 ◌̔ combining reversed comma above
  0559 ՙ armenian modifier letter left half ring
  1FFE ῾ greek dasia
  201B ‛ single high-reversed-9 quotation mark
02BE ʾ Modifier Letter Right Half Ring
  transliteration of Arabic hamza (glottal stop)
  transliteration of Hebrew alef
  055A ՚ armenian apostrophe
  05D0 ‎א‎ hebrew letter alef
  0621 ‎ء‎ arabic letter hamza
02BF ʿ Modifier Letter Left Half Ring
  transliteration of Arabic ain (voiced pharyngeal fricative)
  transliteration of Hebrew ayin
  0559 ՙ armenian modifier letter left half ring
  05E2 ‎ע‎ hebrew letter ayin
  0639 ‎ع‎ arabic letter ain
02C0 ˀ Modifier Letter Glottal Stop
  ejective or glottalized
  typographical alternate for 02BC ʼ or 02BE ʾ
  0294 ʔ latin letter glottal stop
  0309 ◌̉ combining hook above
02C1 ˁ Modifier Letter Reversed Glottal Stop
  typographical alternate for 02BF ʿ
  0295 ʕ latin letter pharyngeal voiced fricative
02C2 ˂ Modifier Letter Left Arrowhead
  fronted articulation
02C3 ˃ Modifier Letter Right Arrowhead
  backed articulation
02C4 ˄ Modifier Letter Up Arrowhead
  raised articulation
  005E ^ circumflex accent
  2303 ⌃ up arrowhead
02C5 ˅ Modifier Letter Down Arrowhead
  lowered articulation
02C6 ˆ Modifier Letter Circumflex Accent
  rising-falling tone, falling tone, secondary stress, etc.
  005E ^ circumflex accent
  0302 ◌̂ combining circumflex accent
  A788 ꞈ modifier letter low circumflex accent
02C7 ˇ Caron
  falling-rising tone
  Mandarin Chinese third tone
  030C ◌̌ combining caron
02C8 ˈ Modifier Letter Vertical Line
  primary stress, downstep
  precedes letter or syllable modified
  0027 ' apostrophe
  030D ◌̍ combining vertical line above
02C9 ˉ Modifier Letter Macron
  high level tone
  precedes or follows letter or syllable modified
  Mandarin Chinese first tone
  00AF ¯ macron
  0304 ◌̄ combining macron
02CA ˊ Modifier Letter Acute Accent
  high-rising tone (IPA), high tone, primary stress
  Mandarin Chinese second tone
  00B4 ´ acute accent
  02B9 ʹ modifier letter prime
  0301 ◌́ combining acute accent
  0374 ʹ greek numeral sign
  055B ՛ armenian emphasis mark
02CB ˋ Modifier Letter Grave Accent
  high-falling tone (IPA), low tone, secondary or tertiary stress
  Mandarin Chinese fourth tone
  0060 ` grave accent
  0300 ◌̀ combining grave accent
  055D ՝ armenian comma
02CC ˌ Modifier Letter Low Vertical Line
  secondary stress
  precedes letter or syllable modified
  0329 ◌̩ combining vertical line below
02CD ˍ Modifier Letter Low Macron
  low level tone
  005F _ low line
  0331 ◌̱ combining macron below
02CE ˎ Modifier Letter Low Grave Accent
  low-falling tone
02CF ˏ Modifier Letter Low Acute Accent
  low-rising tone
  0375 ͵ greek lower numeral sign
02D0 ː Modifier Letter Triangular Colon
  length mark
  003A : colon
02D1 ˑ Modifier Letter Half Triangular Colon
  half-length mark
  00B7 · middle dot
02D2 ˒ Modifier Letter Centred Right Half Ring
  more rounded articulation
02D3 ˓ Modifier Letter Centred Left Half Ring
  less rounded articulation
02D4 ˔ Modifier Letter Up Tack
  vowel raising or closing
  031D ◌̝ combining up tack below
  0323 ◌̣ combining dot below
02D5 ˕ Modifier Letter Down Tack
  vowel lowering or opening
  031C ◌̜ combining left half ring below
  031E ◌̞ combining down tack below
02D6 ˖ Modifier Letter Plus Sign
  advanced or fronted articulation
  031F ◌̟ combining plus sign below
02D7 ˗ Modifier Letter Minus Sign
  retracted or backed articulation
  glyph may have small end-serifs
  0320 ◌̠ combining minus sign below
  2212 − minus sign

Spacing clones of diacritics

02D8 ˘ Breve
  0306 ◌̆ combining breve
  0020  0306 ◌̆
02D9 ˙ Dot Above
  Mandarin Chinese fifth tone (light or neutral)
  0307 ◌̇ combining dot above
  0020  0307 ◌̇
02DA ˚ Ring Above
  00B0 ° degree sign
  030A ◌̊ combining ring above
  0020  030A ◌̊
02DB ˛ Ogonek
  0328 ◌̨ combining ogonek
  0020  0328 ◌̨
02DC ˜ Small Tilde
  007E ~ tilde
  0303 ◌̃ combining tilde
  223C ∼ tilde operator
  0020  0303 ◌̃
02DD ˝ Double Acute Accent
  030B ◌̋ combining double acute accent
  0020  030B ◌̋

Additions based on 1989 IPA

02DE ˞ Modifier Letter Rhotic Hook
  rhotacization in vowel
  often ligated: 025A ɚ = 0259 ə + 02DE ˞; 025D ɝ = 025C ɜ + 02DE ˞
02DF ˟ Modifier Letter Cross Accent
  Swedish grave accent
02E0 ˠ Modifier Letter Small Gamma
  these modifier letters are occasionally used in transcription of affricates
  <super> 0263 ɣ
02E1 ˡ Modifier Letter Small L
  <super> 006C l
02E2 ˢ Modifier Letter Small S
  <super> 0073 s
02E3 ˣ Modifier Letter Small X
  <super> 0078 x
02E4 ˤ Modifier Letter Small Reversed Glottal Stop
  <super> 0295 ʕ

Tone letters

02E5 ˥ Modifier Letter Extra-High Tone Bar
02E6 ˦ Modifier Letter High Tone Bar
02E7 ˧ Modifier Letter Mid Tone Bar
02E8 ˨ Modifier Letter Low Tone Bar
02E9 ˩ Modifier Letter Extra-Low Tone Bar

Extended Bopomofo tone marks

02EA ˪ Modifier Letter Yin Departing Tone Mark
02EB ˫ Modifier Letter Yang Departing Tone Mark

IPA modifiers

02EC ˬ Modifier Letter Voicing
02ED ˭ Modifier Letter Unaspirated

Other modifier letter

02EE ˮ Modifier Letter Double Apostrophe

UPA modifiers

02EF ˯ Modifier Letter Low Down Arrowhead
02F0 ˰ Modifier Letter Low Up Arrowhead
02F1 ˱ Modifier Letter Low Left Arrowhead
02F2 ˲ Modifier Letter Low Right Arrowhead
02F3 ˳ Modifier Letter Low Ring
  0325 ◌̥ combining ring below
02F4 ˴ Modifier Letter Middle Grave Accent
02F5 ˵ Modifier Letter Middle Double Grave Accent
02F6 ˶ Modifier Letter Middle Double Acute Accent
02F7 ˷ Modifier Letter Low Tilde
02F8 ˸ Modifier Letter Raised Colon
02F9 ˹ Modifier Letter Begin High Tone
02FA ˺ Modifier Letter End High Tone
02FB ˻ Modifier Letter Begin Low Tone
02FC ˼ Modifier Letter End Low Tone
02FD ˽ Modifier Letter Shelf
02FE ˾ Modifier Letter Open Shelf
02FF ˿ Modifier Letter Low Left Arrow