Combining Diacritical Marks

Ordinary diacritics

0300 ◌̀ Combining Grave Accent
  =Greek varia
  Pinyin: marks Mandarin Chinese fourth tone
  0060 ` grave accent
  02CB ˋ modifier letter grave accent
0301 ◌́ Combining Acute Accent
  =stress mark
  =Greek oxia, tonos
  Pinyin: marks Mandarin Chinese second tone
  0027 ' apostrophe
  00B4 ´ acute accent
  02B9 ʹ modifier letter prime
  02CA ˊ modifier letter acute accent
  0384 ΄ greek tonos
0302 ◌̂ Combining Circumflex Accent
  005E ^ circumflex accent
  02C6 ˆ modifier letter circumflex accent
0303 ◌̃ Combining Tilde
  IPA: nasalization
  Vietnamese tone mark
  007E ~ tilde
  02DC ˜ small tilde
0304 ◌̄ Combining Macron
  Pinyin: marks Mandarin Chinese first tone
  distinguish from the following
  00AF ¯ macron
  02C9 ˉ modifier letter macron
0305 ◌̅ Combining Overline
  =overscore, vinculum
  connects on left and right
  00AF ¯ macron
0306 ◌̆ Combining Breve
  =Greek vrachy
  02D8 ˘ breve
  A67C ◌꙼ combining cyrillic kavyka
0307 ◌̇ Combining Dot Above
  =derivative (Newtonian notation)
  IPA (withdrawn in 1976): palatalization
  02D9 ˙ dot above
0308 ◌̈ Combining Diaeresis
  =double dot above, umlaut
  =Greek dialytika
  =double derivative
  00A8 ¨ diaeresis
0309 ◌̉ Combining Hook Above
  kerns left or right of circumflex over vowels
  Vietnamese tone mark
  02C0 ˀ modifier letter glottal stop
030A ◌̊ Combining Ring Above
  00B0 ° degree sign
  02DA ˚ ring above
030B ◌̋ Combining Double Acute Accent
  Hungarian, Chuvash
  0022 " quotation mark
  02BA ʺ modifier letter double prime
  02DD ˝ double acute accent
030C ◌̌ Combining Caron
  =hacek, V above
  Pinyin: marks Mandarin Chinese third tone
  02C7 ˇ caron
030D ◌̍ Combining Vertical Line Above
  this is not the Greek tonos
  02C8 ˈ modifier letter vertical line
030E ◌̎ Combining Double Vertical Line Above
  0022 " quotation mark
030F ◌̏ Combining Double Grave Accent
  Serbian and Croatian phonetics
0310 ◌̐ Combining Candrabindu
  0901 ◌ँ devanagari sign candrabindu
0311 ◌̑ Combining Inverted Breve
  0484 ◌҄ combining cyrillic palatalization
  0487 ◌҇ combining cyrillic pokrytie
0312 ◌̒ Combining Turned Comma Above
  =cedilla above
  Latvian (but not used in decomposition)
  02BB ʻ modifier letter turned comma
0313 ◌̓ Combining Comma Above
  =Greek psili, smooth breathing mark
  Americanist: ejective or glottalization
  02BC ʼ modifier letter apostrophe
  0486 ◌҆ combining cyrillic psili pneumata
  055A ՚ armenian apostrophe
0314 ◌̔ Combining Reversed Comma Above
  =Greek dasia, rough breathing mark
  02BD ʽ modifier letter reversed comma
  0485 ◌҅ combining cyrillic dasia pneumata
  0559 ՙ armenian modifier letter left half ring
0315 ◌̕ Combining Comma Above Right
  02BC ʼ modifier letter apostrophe
0316 ◌̖ Combining Grave Accent Below
0317 ◌̗ Combining Acute Accent Below
0318 ◌̘ Combining Left Tack Below
  AB6A ꭪ modifier letter left tack
0319 ◌̙ Combining Right Tack Below
  AB6B ꭫ modifier letter right tack
031A ◌̚ Combining Left Angle Above
  IPA: unreleased stop
031B ◌̛ Combining Horn
031C ◌̜ Combining Left Half Ring Below
  IPA: open variety of vowel
  02D5 ˕ modifier letter down tack
031D ◌̝ Combining Up Tack Below
  IPA: vowel raising or closing
  02D4 ˔ modifier letter up tack
031E ◌̞ Combining Down Tack Below
  IPA: vowel lowering or opening
  02D5 ˕ modifier letter down tack
031F ◌̟ Combining Plus Sign Below
  IPA: advanced or fronted articulation
  02D6 ˖ modifier letter plus sign
  1AC8 ◌᫈ combining plus sign above
0320 ◌̠ Combining Minus Sign Below
  IPA: retracted or backed articulation
  glyph may have small end-serifs
  02D7 ˗ modifier letter minus sign
0321 ◌̡ Combining Palatalized Hook Below
  IPA: palatalization
  02B2 ʲ modifier letter small j
0322 ◌̢ Combining Retroflex Hook Below
  IPA: retroflexion
0323 ◌̣ Combining Dot Below
  IPA: closer variety of vowel
  Americanist and Indo-Europeanist: retraction or retroflexion
  Semiticist: velarization or pharyngealization
  Vietnamese tone mark
  02D4 ˔ modifier letter up tack
0324 ◌̤ Combining Diaeresis Below
  IPA: breathy-voice or murmur
  02B1 ʱ modifier letter small h with hook
0325 ◌̥ Combining Ring Below
  IPA: voiceless
  vocalic (in Latin transliteration of Indic sonorants)
  02F3 ˳ modifier letter low ring
0326 ◌̦ Combining Comma Below
  Romanian, Latvian, Livonian
0327 ◌̧ Combining Cedilla
  French, Turkish, Azerbaijani
  00B8 ¸ cedilla
0328 ◌̨ Combining Ogonek
  =nasal hook
  Americanist: nasalization
  Polish, Lithuanian
  02DB ˛ ogonek
  1AB7 ◌᪷ combining open mark below
0329 ◌̩ Combining Vertical Line Below
  IPA: syllabic
  German dialectology
  may attach or not; shape may vary by local preferences
  02CC ˌ modifier letter low vertical line
032A ◌̪ Combining Bridge Below
  IPA: dental
032B ◌̫ Combining Inverted Double Arch Below
  IPA: labialization
  02B7 ʷ modifier letter small w
  1AC7 ◌᫇ combining inverted double arch above
032C ◌̬ Combining Caron Below
  IPA: voiced
032D ◌̭ Combining Circumflex Accent Below
  Americanist: fronted articulation
032E ◌̮ Combining Breve Below
  Hittite transcription
032F ◌̯ Combining Inverted Breve Below
  Americanist: fronted articulation (variant of 032D ◌̭)
  Indo-Europeanist: semivowel
0330 ◌̰ Combining Tilde Below
  IPA: creaky voice
0331 ◌̱ Combining Macron Below
  005F _ low line
  02CD ˍ modifier letter low macron
0332 ◌̲ Combining Low Line
  =underline, underscore
  connects on left and right
  005F _ low line
0333 ◌̳ Combining Double Low Line
  =double underline, double underscore
  connects on left and right
  0347 ◌͇ combining equals sign below
  2017 ‗ double low line

Overstruck diacritics

0334 ◌̴ Combining Tilde Overlay
  IPA: velarization or pharyngealization
0335 ◌̵ Combining Short Stroke Overlay
0336 ◌̶ Combining Long Stroke Overlay
  connects on left and right
0337 ◌̷ Combining Short Solidus Overlay
  =short slash overlay
0338 ◌̸ Combining Long Solidus Overlay
  =long slash overlay

Miscellaneous additions

0339 ◌̹ Combining Right Half Ring Below
033A ◌̺ Combining Inverted Bridge Below
  IPA: apical
  1DF9 ◌᷹ combining wide inverted bridge below
033B ◌̻ Combining Square Below
  IPA: laminal
  preferred glyph shape is a horizontal rectangle for IPA usage
033C ◌̼ Combining Seagull Below
  IPA: linguolabial
033D ◌̽ Combining X Above
033E ◌̾ Combining Vertical Tilde
  used for Cyrillic yerik, indicates an omitted jer
  this is not a palatalization mark
  0484 ◌҄ combining cyrillic palatalization
  2E2F ⸯ vertical tilde
  A67D ◌꙽ combining cyrillic payerok
033F ◌̿ Combining Double Overline
  connects on left and right

Vietnamese tone marks

Vietnamese-specific accent placement should be handled instead by specialized rendering of 0300 and 0301. Use of 0340 and 0341 is discouraged.
0340 ◌̀ Combining Grave Tone Mark
  0300 ◌̀ combining grave accent
0341 ◌́ Combining Acute Tone Mark
  0301 ◌́ combining acute accent

Additions for Greek

0342 ◌͂ Combining Greek Perispomeni
  Greek-specific form of circumflex for rising-falling accent
  alternative glyph is similar to an inverted breve
  0303 ◌̃ combining tilde
  0311 ◌̑ combining inverted breve
0343 ◌̓ Combining Greek Koronis
  0313 ◌̓ combining comma above
0344 ◌̈́ Combining Greek Dialytika Tonos
  use of this character is discouraged
  0308 ◌̈ 0301 ◌́
0345 ◌ͅ Combining Greek Ypogegrammeni
  =greek non-spacing iota below (1.0)
  =iota subscript
  note special casing issues
  037A ͺ greek ypogegrammeni
  0399 Ι greek capital letter iota
  0399 Ι greek capital letter iota
  03B9 ι greek small letter iota

Additions for IPA

0346 ◌͆ Combining Bridge Above
  IPA: dentolabial
  20E9 ◌⃩ combining wide bridge above
0347 ◌͇ Combining Equals Sign Below
  IPA: alveolar
0348 ◌͈ Combining Double Vertical Line Below
  IPA: strong articulation
0349 ◌͉ Combining Left Angle Below
  IPA: weak articulation
034A ◌͊ Combining Not Tilde Above
  IPA: denasal

IPA diacritics for disordered speech

034B ◌͋ Combining Homothetic Above
  IPA: nasal escape
034C ◌͌ Combining Almost Equal To Above
  IPA: velopharyngeal friction
034D ◌͍ Combining Left Right Arrow Below
  IPA: labial spreading
034E ◌͎ Combining Upwards Arrow Below
  IPA: whistled articulation

Grapheme joiner

034F  Combining Grapheme Joiner
  commonly abbreviated as CGJ
  has no visible glyph
  the name of this character is misleading; it does not actually join graphemes

Additions for the Uralic Phonetic Alphabet

0350 ◌͐ Combining Right Arrowhead Above
0351 ◌͑ Combining Left Half Ring Above
0352 ◌͒ Combining Fermata
0353 ◌͓ Combining X Below
0354 ◌͔ Combining Left Arrowhead Below
0355 ◌͕ Combining Right Arrowhead Below
0356 ◌͖ Combining Right Arrowhead And Up Arrowhead Below
0357 ◌͗ Combining Right Half Ring Above

Miscellaneous additions

0358 ◌͘ Combining Dot Above Right
  Latin transliterations of the Southern Min dialects of Chinese
  1DF8 ◌᷸ combining dot above left
0359 ◌͙ Combining Asterisk Below
  204E ⁎ low asterisk
035A ◌͚ Combining Double Ring Below
  Kharoshthi transliteration
035B ◌͛ Combining Zigzag Above
  Latin abbreviation, Lithuanian phonetics and medievalist transcriptions

Double diacritics

035C ◌͜ Combining Double Breve Below
  =ligature tie below, papyrological hyphen
  a common glyph alternate connects the horizontal midpoints of the characters
  035D ◌͝ combining double breve
  0361 ◌͡ combining double inverted breve
  FE27 ◌︧ combining ligature left half below
035D ◌͝ Combining Double Breve
035E ◌͞ Combining Double Macron
035F ◌͟ Combining Double Macron Below
0360 ◌͠ Combining Double Tilde
  FE22 ◌︢ combining double tilde left half
0361 ◌͡ Combining Double Inverted Breve
  =ligature tie
  FE20 ◌︠ combining ligature left half
0362 ◌͢ Combining Double Rightwards Arrow Below
  IPA: sliding articulation

Medieval superscript letter diacritics

These are letter diacritics written directly above other letters. They appear primarily in medieval Germanic manuscripts, but saw some usage as late as the 19th century in some languages.
0363 ◌ͣ Combining Latin Small Letter A
0364 ◌ͤ Combining Latin Small Letter E
0365 ◌ͥ Combining Latin Small Letter I
0366 ◌ͦ Combining Latin Small Letter O
0367 ◌ͧ Combining Latin Small Letter U
0368 ◌ͨ Combining Latin Small Letter C
0369 ◌ͩ Combining Latin Small Letter D
036A ◌ͪ Combining Latin Small Letter H
036B ◌ͫ Combining Latin Small Letter M
036C ◌ͬ Combining Latin Small Letter R
036D ◌ͭ Combining Latin Small Letter T
036E ◌ͮ Combining Latin Small Letter V
036F ◌ͯ Combining Latin Small Letter X