Various signs

0A81 ◌ઁ Gujarati Sign Candrabindu
0A82 ◌ં Gujarati Sign Anusvara
0A83 ઃ Gujarati Sign Visarga

Independent vowels

0A85 અ Gujarati Letter A
0A86 આ Gujarati Letter Aa
0A87 ઇ Gujarati Letter I
0A88 ઈ Gujarati Letter Ii
0A89 ઉ Gujarati Letter U
0A8A ઊ Gujarati Letter Uu
0A8B ઋ Gujarati Letter Vocalic R
0A8C ઌ Gujarati Letter Vocalic L
  used with Sanskrit text
0A8D ઍ Gujarati Vowel Candra E
0A8F એ Gujarati Letter E
0A90 ઐ Gujarati Letter Ai
0A91 ઑ Gujarati Vowel Candra O
0A93 ઓ Gujarati Letter O
0A94 ઔ Gujarati Letter Au


0A95 ક Gujarati Letter Ka
0A96 ખ Gujarati Letter Kha
0A97 ગ Gujarati Letter Ga
0A98 ઘ Gujarati Letter Gha
0A99 ઙ Gujarati Letter Nga
0A9A ચ Gujarati Letter Ca
0A9B છ Gujarati Letter Cha
0A9C જ Gujarati Letter Ja
0A9D ઝ Gujarati Letter Jha
0A9E ઞ Gujarati Letter Nya
0A9F ટ Gujarati Letter Tta
0AA0 ઠ Gujarati Letter Ttha
0AA1 ડ Gujarati Letter Dda
0AA2 ઢ Gujarati Letter Ddha
0AA3 ણ Gujarati Letter Nna
0AA4 ત Gujarati Letter Ta
0AA5 થ Gujarati Letter Tha
0AA6 દ Gujarati Letter Da
0AA7 ધ Gujarati Letter Dha
0AA8 ન Gujarati Letter Na
0AAA પ Gujarati Letter Pa
0AAB ફ Gujarati Letter Pha
0AAC બ Gujarati Letter Ba
0AAD ભ Gujarati Letter Bha
0AAE મ Gujarati Letter Ma
0AAF ય Gujarati Letter Ya
0AB0 ર Gujarati Letter Ra
0AB2 લ Gujarati Letter La
0AB3 ળ Gujarati Letter Lla
0AB5 વ Gujarati Letter Va
0AB6 શ Gujarati Letter Sha
0AB7 ષ Gujarati Letter Ssa
0AB8 સ Gujarati Letter Sa
0AB9 હ Gujarati Letter Ha

Various signs

0ABC ◌઼ Gujarati Sign Nukta
  for extending the alphabet to new letters
0ABD ઽ Gujarati Sign Avagraha

Dependent vowel signs

0ABE ા Gujarati Vowel Sign Aa
0ABF િ Gujarati Vowel Sign I
  stands to the left of the consonant
0AC0 ી Gujarati Vowel Sign Ii
0AC1 ◌ુ Gujarati Vowel Sign U
0AC2 ◌ૂ Gujarati Vowel Sign Uu
0AC3 ◌ૃ Gujarati Vowel Sign Vocalic R
0AC4 ◌ૄ Gujarati Vowel Sign Vocalic Rr
0AC5 ◌ૅ Gujarati Vowel Sign Candra E
0AC7 ◌ે Gujarati Vowel Sign E
0AC8 ◌ૈ Gujarati Vowel Sign Ai
0AC9 ૉ Gujarati Vowel Sign Candra O
0ACB ો Gujarati Vowel Sign O
0ACC ૌ Gujarati Vowel Sign Au


0ACD ◌્ Gujarati Sign Virama

Various signs

0AD0 ૐ Gujarati Om

Additional vowels for Sanskrit

0AE0 ૠ Gujarati Letter Vocalic Rr
0AE1 ૡ Gujarati Letter Vocalic Ll
0AE2 ◌ૢ Gujarati Vowel Sign Vocalic L
0AE3 ◌ૣ Gujarati Vowel Sign Vocalic Ll


For viram punctuation, use the generic Indic 0964 and 0965.
0AE4 █ <Reserved>
  0964 । devanagari danda
0AE5 █ <Reserved>
  0965 ॥ devanagari double danda


0AE6 ૦ Gujarati Digit Zero
0AE7 ૧ Gujarati Digit One
0AE8 ૨ Gujarati Digit Two
0AE9 ૩ Gujarati Digit Three
0AEA ૪ Gujarati Digit Four
0AEB ૫ Gujarati Digit Five
0AEC ૬ Gujarati Digit Six
0AED ૭ Gujarati Digit Seven
0AEE ૮ Gujarati Digit Eight
0AEF ૯ Gujarati Digit Nine

Abbreviation sign

0AF0 ૰ Gujarati Abbreviation Sign

Currency symbol

0AF1 ૱ Gujarati Rupee Sign
  preferred spelling is 0AB0 ર 0AC2 ◌ૂ 0AF0 ૰

Additional consonant

0AF9 ૹ Gujarati Letter Zha
  used in transliteration of Avestan
  0979 ॹ devanagari letter zha

Transliteration signs

Used for the transliteration of the Arabic script into Gujarati by Ismaili Khoja communities.
0AFA ◌ૺ Gujarati Sign Sukun
0AFB ◌ૻ Gujarati Sign Shadda
0AFC ◌ૼ Gujarati Sign Maddah
0AFD ◌૽ Gujarati Sign Three-Dot Nukta Above
0AFE ◌૾ Gujarati Sign Circle Nukta Above
0AFF ◌૿ Gujarati Sign Two-Circle Nukta Above