Egyptian Hieroglyphs

The characters in this block are taken primarily from Alan Gardiner's works on Middle Egyptian.

A. Man and his occupations

13000 𓀀 Egyptian Hieroglyph A001
13001 𓀁 Egyptian Hieroglyph A002
13002 𓀂 Egyptian Hieroglyph A003
13003 𓀃 Egyptian Hieroglyph A004
13004 𓀄 Egyptian Hieroglyph A005
13005 𓀅 Egyptian Hieroglyph A005A
13006 𓀆 Egyptian Hieroglyph A006
13007 𓀇 Egyptian Hieroglyph A006A
13008 𓀈 Egyptian Hieroglyph A006B
13009 𓀉 Egyptian Hieroglyph A007
1300A 𓀊 Egyptian Hieroglyph A008
1300B 𓀋 Egyptian Hieroglyph A009
1300C 𓀌 Egyptian Hieroglyph A010
1300D 𓀍 Egyptian Hieroglyph A011
1300E 𓀎 Egyptian Hieroglyph A012
1300F 𓀏 Egyptian Hieroglyph A013
13010 𓀐 Egyptian Hieroglyph A014
13011 𓀑 Egyptian Hieroglyph A014A
13012 𓀒 Egyptian Hieroglyph A015
13013 𓀓 Egyptian Hieroglyph A016
13014 𓀔 Egyptian Hieroglyph A017
13015 𓀕 Egyptian Hieroglyph A017A
13016 𓀖 Egyptian Hieroglyph A018
13017 𓀗 Egyptian Hieroglyph A019
13018 𓀘 Egyptian Hieroglyph A020
13019 𓀙 Egyptian Hieroglyph A021
1301A 𓀚 Egyptian Hieroglyph A022
1301B 𓀛 Egyptian Hieroglyph A023
1301C 𓀜 Egyptian Hieroglyph A024
1301D 𓀝 Egyptian Hieroglyph A025
1301E 𓀞 Egyptian Hieroglyph A026
1301F 𓀟 Egyptian Hieroglyph A027
13020 𓀠 Egyptian Hieroglyph A028
13021 𓀡 Egyptian Hieroglyph A029
13022 𓀢 Egyptian Hieroglyph A030
13023 𓀣 Egyptian Hieroglyph A031
13024 𓀤 Egyptian Hieroglyph A032
13025 𓀥 Egyptian Hieroglyph A032A
13026 𓀦 Egyptian Hieroglyph A033
13027 𓀧 Egyptian Hieroglyph A034
13028 𓀨 Egyptian Hieroglyph A035
13029 𓀩 Egyptian Hieroglyph A036
1302A 𓀪 Egyptian Hieroglyph A037
1302B 𓀫 Egyptian Hieroglyph A038
1302C 𓀬 Egyptian Hieroglyph A039
1302D 𓀭 Egyptian Hieroglyph A040
1302E 𓀮 Egyptian Hieroglyph A040A
1302F 𓀯 Egyptian Hieroglyph A041
13030 𓀰 Egyptian Hieroglyph A042
13031 𓀱 Egyptian Hieroglyph A042A
13032 𓀲 Egyptian Hieroglyph A043
13033 𓀳 Egyptian Hieroglyph A043A
13034 𓀴 Egyptian Hieroglyph A044
13035 𓀵 Egyptian Hieroglyph A045
13036 𓀶 Egyptian Hieroglyph A045A
13037 𓀷 Egyptian Hieroglyph A046
13038 𓀸 Egyptian Hieroglyph A047
13039 𓀹 Egyptian Hieroglyph A048
1303A 𓀺 Egyptian Hieroglyph A049
1303B 𓀻 Egyptian Hieroglyph A050
1303C 𓀼 Egyptian Hieroglyph A051
1303D 𓀽 Egyptian Hieroglyph A052
1303E 𓀾 Egyptian Hieroglyph A053
1303F 𓀿 Egyptian Hieroglyph A054
13040 𓁀 Egyptian Hieroglyph A055
13041 𓁁 Egyptian Hieroglyph A056
13042 𓁂 Egyptian Hieroglyph A057
13043 𓁃 Egyptian Hieroglyph A058
13044 𓁄 Egyptian Hieroglyph A059
13045 𓁅 Egyptian Hieroglyph A060
13046 𓁆 Egyptian Hieroglyph A061
13047 𓁇 Egyptian Hieroglyph A062
13048 𓁈 Egyptian Hieroglyph A063
13049 𓁉 Egyptian Hieroglyph A064
1304A 𓁊 Egyptian Hieroglyph A065
1304B 𓁋 Egyptian Hieroglyph A066
1304C 𓁌 Egyptian Hieroglyph A067
1304D 𓁍 Egyptian Hieroglyph A068
1304E 𓁎 Egyptian Hieroglyph A069
1304F 𓁏 Egyptian Hieroglyph A070

B. Woman and her occupations

13050 𓁐 Egyptian Hieroglyph B001
13051 𓁑 Egyptian Hieroglyph B002
13052 𓁒 Egyptian Hieroglyph B003
13053 𓁓 Egyptian Hieroglyph B004
13054 𓁔 Egyptian Hieroglyph B005
13055 𓁕 Egyptian Hieroglyph B005A
13056 𓁖 Egyptian Hieroglyph B006
13057 𓁗 Egyptian Hieroglyph B007
13058 𓁘 Egyptian Hieroglyph B008
13059 𓁙 Egyptian Hieroglyph B009

C. Anthropomorphic deities

1305A 𓁚 Egyptian Hieroglyph C001
1305B 𓁛 Egyptian Hieroglyph C002
1305C 𓁜 Egyptian Hieroglyph C002A
1305D 𓁝 Egyptian Hieroglyph C002B
  mirrored version of 1305C 𓁜
1305E 𓁞 Egyptian Hieroglyph C002C
  mirrored version of 1305B 𓁛
1305F 𓁟 Egyptian Hieroglyph C003
13060 𓁠 Egyptian Hieroglyph C004
13061 𓁡 Egyptian Hieroglyph C005
13062 𓁢 Egyptian Hieroglyph C006
13063 𓁣 Egyptian Hieroglyph C007
13064 𓁤 Egyptian Hieroglyph C008
13065 𓁥 Egyptian Hieroglyph C009
13066 𓁦 Egyptian Hieroglyph C010
13067 𓁧 Egyptian Hieroglyph C010A
13068 𓁨 Egyptian Hieroglyph C011
13069 𓁩 Egyptian Hieroglyph C012
1306A 𓁪 Egyptian Hieroglyph C013
  mirrored version of 13069 𓁩
1306B 𓁫 Egyptian Hieroglyph C014
1306C 𓁬 Egyptian Hieroglyph C015
  mirrored version of 1306B 𓁫
1306D 𓁭 Egyptian Hieroglyph C016
1306E 𓁮 Egyptian Hieroglyph C017
1306F 𓁯 Egyptian Hieroglyph C018
13070 𓁰 Egyptian Hieroglyph C019
13071 𓁱 Egyptian Hieroglyph C020
13072 𓁲 Egyptian Hieroglyph C021
13073 𓁳 Egyptian Hieroglyph C022
13074 𓁴 Egyptian Hieroglyph C023
13075 𓁵 Egyptian Hieroglyph C024

D. Parts of the human body

13076 𓁶 Egyptian Hieroglyph D001
13077 𓁷 Egyptian Hieroglyph D002
13078 𓁸 Egyptian Hieroglyph D003
13079 𓁹 Egyptian Hieroglyph D004
1307A 𓁺 Egyptian Hieroglyph D005
1307B 𓁻 Egyptian Hieroglyph D006
1307C 𓁼 Egyptian Hieroglyph D007
1307D 𓁽 Egyptian Hieroglyph D008
1307E 𓁾 Egyptian Hieroglyph D008A
1307F 𓁿 Egyptian Hieroglyph D009
13080 𓂀 Egyptian Hieroglyph D010
13081 𓂁 Egyptian Hieroglyph D011
13082 𓂂 Egyptian Hieroglyph D012
  pupil of the eye
  not to be confused with 131F3 𓇳 or 133F8 𓏸
13083 𓂃 Egyptian Hieroglyph D013
13084 𓂄 Egyptian Hieroglyph D014
13085 𓂅 Egyptian Hieroglyph D015
13086 𓂆 Egyptian Hieroglyph D016
13087 𓂇 Egyptian Hieroglyph D017
13088 𓂈 Egyptian Hieroglyph D018
13089 𓂉 Egyptian Hieroglyph D019
1308A 𓂊 Egyptian Hieroglyph D020
1308B 𓂋 Egyptian Hieroglyph D021
  not to be confused with 133AB 𓎫
  transliterated as r
1308C 𓂌 Egyptian Hieroglyph D022
1308D 𓂍 Egyptian Hieroglyph D023
1308E 𓂎 Egyptian Hieroglyph D024
1308F 𓂏 Egyptian Hieroglyph D025
13090 𓂐 Egyptian Hieroglyph D026
13091 𓂑 Egyptian Hieroglyph D027
13092 𓂒 Egyptian Hieroglyph D027A
13093 𓂓 Egyptian Hieroglyph D028
13094 𓂔 Egyptian Hieroglyph D029
13095 𓂕 Egyptian Hieroglyph D030
13096 𓂖 Egyptian Hieroglyph D031
13097 𓂗 Egyptian Hieroglyph D031A
13098 𓂘 Egyptian Hieroglyph D032
13099 𓂙 Egyptian Hieroglyph D033
1309A 𓂚 Egyptian Hieroglyph D034
1309B 𓂛 Egyptian Hieroglyph D034A
1309C 𓂜 Egyptian Hieroglyph D035
1309D 𓂝 Egyptian Hieroglyph D036
  transliterated as A725 ꜥ
  05E2 ‎ע‎ hebrew letter ayin
  0639 ‎ع‎ arabic letter ain
1309E 𓂞 Egyptian Hieroglyph D037
1309F 𓂟 Egyptian Hieroglyph D038
130A0 𓂠 Egyptian Hieroglyph D039
130A1 𓂡 Egyptian Hieroglyph D040
130A2 𓂢 Egyptian Hieroglyph D041
130A3 𓂣 Egyptian Hieroglyph D042
130A4 𓂤 Egyptian Hieroglyph D043
130A5 𓂥 Egyptian Hieroglyph D044
130A6 𓂦 Egyptian Hieroglyph D045
130A7 𓂧 Egyptian Hieroglyph D046
  transliterated as d
130A8 𓂨 Egyptian Hieroglyph D046A
130A9 𓂩 Egyptian Hieroglyph D047
130AA 𓂪 Egyptian Hieroglyph D048
130AB 𓂫 Egyptian Hieroglyph D048A
130AC 𓂬 Egyptian Hieroglyph D049
130AD 𓂭 Egyptian Hieroglyph D050
  classifier 'accurate, finger'
  not to be confused with 130B7 𓂷
130AE 𓂮 Egyptian Hieroglyph D050A
130AF 𓂯 Egyptian Hieroglyph D050B
130B0 𓂰 Egyptian Hieroglyph D050C
130B1 𓂱 Egyptian Hieroglyph D050D
130B2 𓂲 Egyptian Hieroglyph D050E
130B3 𓂳 Egyptian Hieroglyph D050F
130B4 𓂴 Egyptian Hieroglyph D050G
130B5 𓂵 Egyptian Hieroglyph D050H
130B6 𓂶 Egyptian Hieroglyph D050I
130B7 𓂷 Egyptian Hieroglyph D051
  classifier 'measure, nail, scratching, taking'
  not to be confused with 130AD 𓂭
130B8 𓂸 Egyptian Hieroglyph D052
130B9 𓂹 Egyptian Hieroglyph D052A
130BA 𓂺 Egyptian Hieroglyph D053
130BB 𓂻 Egyptian Hieroglyph D054
  (forward) motion
130BC 𓂼 Egyptian Hieroglyph D054A
130BD 𓂽 Egyptian Hieroglyph D055
  backward motion
130BE 𓂾 Egyptian Hieroglyph D056
130BF 𓂿 Egyptian Hieroglyph D057
130C0 𓃀 Egyptian Hieroglyph D058
  transliterated as b
130C1 𓃁 Egyptian Hieroglyph D059
130C2 𓃂 Egyptian Hieroglyph D060
130C3 𓃃 Egyptian Hieroglyph D061
130C4 𓃄 Egyptian Hieroglyph D062
130C5 𓃅 Egyptian Hieroglyph D063
130C6 𓃆 Egyptian Hieroglyph D064
130C7 𓃇 Egyptian Hieroglyph D065
130C8 𓃈 Egyptian Hieroglyph D066
130C9 𓃉 Egyptian Hieroglyph D067
  1 heqat measure
  not to be confused with 13212 𓈒
130CA 𓃊 Egyptian Hieroglyph D067A
  2 heqat measures
130CB 𓃋 Egyptian Hieroglyph D067B
  3 heqat measures
130CC 𓃌 Egyptian Hieroglyph D067C
  4 heqat measures
130CD 𓃍 Egyptian Hieroglyph D067D
  5 heqat measures
130CE 𓃎 Egyptian Hieroglyph D067E
  6 heqat measures
130CF 𓃏 Egyptian Hieroglyph D067F
  7 heqat measures
130D0 𓃐 Egyptian Hieroglyph D067G
  8 heqat measures
130D1 𓃑 Egyptian Hieroglyph D067H
  9 heqat measures

E. Mammals

130D2 𓃒 Egyptian Hieroglyph E001
  bull, classifier 'cattle'
  not to be confused with 130FD 𓃽
130D3 𓃓 Egyptian Hieroglyph E002
  aggressive bull
130D4 𓃔 Egyptian Hieroglyph E003
130D5 𓃕 Egyptian Hieroglyph E004
130D6 𓃖 Egyptian Hieroglyph E005
130D7 𓃗 Egyptian Hieroglyph E006
130D8 𓃘 Egyptian Hieroglyph E007
130D9 𓃙 Egyptian Hieroglyph E008
130DA 𓃚 Egyptian Hieroglyph E008A
130DB 𓃛 Egyptian Hieroglyph E009
130DC 𓃜 Egyptian Hieroglyph E009A
130DD 𓃝 Egyptian Hieroglyph E010
130DE 𓃞 Egyptian Hieroglyph E011
130DF 𓃟 Egyptian Hieroglyph E012
130E0 𓃠 Egyptian Hieroglyph E013
130E1 𓃡 Egyptian Hieroglyph E014
130E2 𓃢 Egyptian Hieroglyph E015
130E3 𓃣 Egyptian Hieroglyph E016
130E4 𓃤 Egyptian Hieroglyph E016A
130E5 𓃥 Egyptian Hieroglyph E017
130E6 𓃦 Egyptian Hieroglyph E017A
130E7 𓃧 Egyptian Hieroglyph E018
130E8 𓃨 Egyptian Hieroglyph E019
130E9 𓃩 Egyptian Hieroglyph E020
130EA 𓃪 Egyptian Hieroglyph E020A
130EB 𓃫 Egyptian Hieroglyph E021
130EC 𓃬 Egyptian Hieroglyph E022
130ED 𓃭 Egyptian Hieroglyph E023
130EE 𓃮 Egyptian Hieroglyph E024
130EF 𓃯 Egyptian Hieroglyph E025
130F0 𓃰 Egyptian Hieroglyph E026
130F1 𓃱 Egyptian Hieroglyph E027
130F2 𓃲 Egyptian Hieroglyph E028
130F3 𓃳 Egyptian Hieroglyph E028A
130F4 𓃴 Egyptian Hieroglyph E029
130F5 𓃵 Egyptian Hieroglyph E030
130F6 𓃶 Egyptian Hieroglyph E031
130F7 𓃷 Egyptian Hieroglyph E032
130F8 𓃸 Egyptian Hieroglyph E033
130F9 𓃹 Egyptian Hieroglyph E034
130FA 𓃺 Egyptian Hieroglyph E034A
  stylistic variant, use of 130F9 𓃹 is preferred
130FB 𓃻 Egyptian Hieroglyph E036
130FC 𓃼 Egyptian Hieroglyph E037
130FD 𓃽 Egyptian Hieroglyph E038
  not to be confused with 130D2 𓃒

F. Parts of mammals

130FE 𓃾 Egyptian Hieroglyph F001
130FF 𓃿 Egyptian Hieroglyph F001A
13100 𓄀 Egyptian Hieroglyph F002
13101 𓄁 Egyptian Hieroglyph F003
13102 𓄂 Egyptian Hieroglyph F004
13103 𓄃 Egyptian Hieroglyph F005
13104 𓄄 Egyptian Hieroglyph F006
13105 𓄅 Egyptian Hieroglyph F007
13106 𓄆 Egyptian Hieroglyph F008
13107 𓄇 Egyptian Hieroglyph F009
13108 𓄈 Egyptian Hieroglyph F010
13109 𓄉 Egyptian Hieroglyph F011
1310A 𓄊 Egyptian Hieroglyph F012
1310B 𓄋 Egyptian Hieroglyph F013
1310C 𓄌 Egyptian Hieroglyph F013A
  stylistic variant, use of 1310B 𓄋 is preferred
1310D 𓄍 Egyptian Hieroglyph F014
1310E 𓄎 Egyptian Hieroglyph F015
1310F 𓄏 Egyptian Hieroglyph F016
13110 𓄐 Egyptian Hieroglyph F017
13111 𓄑 Egyptian Hieroglyph F018
13112 𓄒 Egyptian Hieroglyph F019
13113 𓄓 Egyptian Hieroglyph F020
13114 𓄔 Egyptian Hieroglyph F021
13115 𓄕 Egyptian Hieroglyph F021A
  from hieratic
13116 𓄖 Egyptian Hieroglyph F022
13117 𓄗 Egyptian Hieroglyph F023
13118 𓄘 Egyptian Hieroglyph F024
  mirrored version of 13117 𓄗
13119 𓄙 Egyptian Hieroglyph F025
1311A 𓄚 Egyptian Hieroglyph F026
1311B 𓄛 Egyptian Hieroglyph F027
1311C 𓄜 Egyptian Hieroglyph F028
1311D 𓄝 Egyptian Hieroglyph F029
1311E 𓄞 Egyptian Hieroglyph F030
1311F 𓄟 Egyptian Hieroglyph F031
13120 𓄠 Egyptian Hieroglyph F031A
  cursive variant of 1311F 𓄟
13121 𓄡 Egyptian Hieroglyph F032
  transliterated as 1E96 ẖ
13122 𓄢 Egyptian Hieroglyph F033
13123 𓄣 Egyptian Hieroglyph F034
13124 𓄤 Egyptian Hieroglyph F035
13125 𓄥 Egyptian Hieroglyph F036
13126 𓄦 Egyptian Hieroglyph F037
13127 𓄧 Egyptian Hieroglyph F037A
13128 𓄨 Egyptian Hieroglyph F038
13129 𓄩 Egyptian Hieroglyph F038A
1312A 𓄪 Egyptian Hieroglyph F039
1312B 𓄫 Egyptian Hieroglyph F040
1312C 𓄬 Egyptian Hieroglyph F041
1312D 𓄭 Egyptian Hieroglyph F042
1312E 𓄮 Egyptian Hieroglyph F043
1312F 𓄯 Egyptian Hieroglyph F044
13130 𓄰 Egyptian Hieroglyph F045
13131 𓄱 Egyptian Hieroglyph F045A
13132 𓄲 Egyptian Hieroglyph F046
13133 𓄳 Egyptian Hieroglyph F046A
  rotated version of 13132 𓄲
13134 𓄴 Egyptian Hieroglyph F047
  mirrored version of 13132 𓄲
13135 𓄵 Egyptian Hieroglyph F047A
  mirrored version of 13133 𓄳
13136 𓄶 Egyptian Hieroglyph F048
13137 𓄷 Egyptian Hieroglyph F049
  mirrored version of 13136 𓄶
13138 𓄸 Egyptian Hieroglyph F050
13139 𓄹 Egyptian Hieroglyph F051
1313A 𓄺 Egyptian Hieroglyph F051A
1313B 𓄻 Egyptian Hieroglyph F051B
  variant of 1313A 𓄺
1313C 𓄼 Egyptian Hieroglyph F051C
  rotated version of 13139 𓄹
1313D 𓄽 Egyptian Hieroglyph F052
1313E 𓄾 Egyptian Hieroglyph F053

G. Birds

1313F 𓄿 Egyptian Hieroglyph G001
  Egyptian vulture, Egyptological alef
  not to be confused with 13142 𓅂
  transliterated as A723 ꜣ
  05D0 ‎א‎ hebrew letter alef
  0623 ‎أ‎ arabic letter alef with hamza above
13140 𓅀 Egyptian Hieroglyph G002
13141 𓅁 Egyptian Hieroglyph G003
13142 𓅂 Egyptian Hieroglyph G004
  phonogram 'tw'
  not to be confused with 1313F 𓄿
13143 𓅃 Egyptian Hieroglyph G005
13144 𓅄 Egyptian Hieroglyph G006
13145 𓅅 Egyptian Hieroglyph G006A
13146 𓅆 Egyptian Hieroglyph G007
13147 𓅇 Egyptian Hieroglyph G007A
13148 𓅈 Egyptian Hieroglyph G007B
13149 𓅉 Egyptian Hieroglyph G008
1314A 𓅊 Egyptian Hieroglyph G009
1314B 𓅋 Egyptian Hieroglyph G010
1314C 𓅌 Egyptian Hieroglyph G011
1314D 𓅍 Egyptian Hieroglyph G011A
1314E 𓅎 Egyptian Hieroglyph G012
1314F 𓅏 Egyptian Hieroglyph G013
13150 𓅐 Egyptian Hieroglyph G014
13151 𓅑 Egyptian Hieroglyph G015
13152 𓅒 Egyptian Hieroglyph G016
13153 𓅓 Egyptian Hieroglyph G017
  transliterated as m
13154 𓅔 Egyptian Hieroglyph G018
13155 𓅕 Egyptian Hieroglyph G019
13156 𓅖 Egyptian Hieroglyph G020
13157 𓅗 Egyptian Hieroglyph G020A
13158 𓅘 Egyptian Hieroglyph G021
13159 𓅙 Egyptian Hieroglyph G022
1315A 𓅚 Egyptian Hieroglyph G023
1315B 𓅛 Egyptian Hieroglyph G024
1315C 𓅜 Egyptian Hieroglyph G025
1315D 𓅝 Egyptian Hieroglyph G026
1315E 𓅞 Egyptian Hieroglyph G026A
1315F 𓅟 Egyptian Hieroglyph G027
13160 𓅠 Egyptian Hieroglyph G028
13161 𓅡 Egyptian Hieroglyph G029
13162 𓅢 Egyptian Hieroglyph G030
13163 𓅣 Egyptian Hieroglyph G031
13164 𓅤 Egyptian Hieroglyph G032
13165 𓅥 Egyptian Hieroglyph G033
13166 𓅦 Egyptian Hieroglyph G034
13167 𓅧 Egyptian Hieroglyph G035
13168 𓅨 Egyptian Hieroglyph G036
13169 𓅩 Egyptian Hieroglyph G036A
  stylistic variant, use of 13168 𓅨 is preferred
1316A 𓅪 Egyptian Hieroglyph G037
1316B 𓅫 Egyptian Hieroglyph G037A
  stylistic variant, use of 1316A 𓅪 is preferred
1316C 𓅬 Egyptian Hieroglyph G038
1316D 𓅭 Egyptian Hieroglyph G039
1316E 𓅮 Egyptian Hieroglyph G040
1316F 𓅯 Egyptian Hieroglyph G041
13170 𓅰 Egyptian Hieroglyph G042
13171 𓅱 Egyptian Hieroglyph G043
  transliterated as w
13172 𓅲 Egyptian Hieroglyph G043A
13173 𓅳 Egyptian Hieroglyph G044
13174 𓅴 Egyptian Hieroglyph G045
13175 𓅵 Egyptian Hieroglyph G045A
13176 𓅶 Egyptian Hieroglyph G046
13177 𓅷 Egyptian Hieroglyph G047
13178 𓅸 Egyptian Hieroglyph G048
13179 𓅹 Egyptian Hieroglyph G049
1317A 𓅺 Egyptian Hieroglyph G050
1317B 𓅻 Egyptian Hieroglyph G051
1317C 𓅼 Egyptian Hieroglyph G052
1317D 𓅽 Egyptian Hieroglyph G053
1317E 𓅾 Egyptian Hieroglyph G054

H. Parts of birds

1317F 𓅿 Egyptian Hieroglyph H001
13180 𓆀 Egyptian Hieroglyph H002
13181 𓆁 Egyptian Hieroglyph H003
13182 𓆂 Egyptian Hieroglyph H004
13183 𓆃 Egyptian Hieroglyph H005
13184 𓆄 Egyptian Hieroglyph H006
13185 𓆅 Egyptian Hieroglyph H006A
  from hieratic
13186 𓆆 Egyptian Hieroglyph H007
13187 𓆇 Egyptian Hieroglyph H008

I. Amphibious animals, reptiles, etc.

13188 𓆈 Egyptian Hieroglyph I001
13189 𓆉 Egyptian Hieroglyph I002
1318A 𓆊 Egyptian Hieroglyph I003
1318B 𓆋 Egyptian Hieroglyph I004
1318C 𓆌 Egyptian Hieroglyph I005
1318D 𓆍 Egyptian Hieroglyph I005A
1318E 𓆎 Egyptian Hieroglyph I006
1318F 𓆏 Egyptian Hieroglyph I007
13190 𓆐 Egyptian Hieroglyph I008
13191 𓆑 Egyptian Hieroglyph I009
  transliterated as f
13192 𓆒 Egyptian Hieroglyph I009A
13193 𓆓 Egyptian Hieroglyph I010
  transliterated as 1E0F ḏ
13194 𓆔 Egyptian Hieroglyph I010A
13195 𓆕 Egyptian Hieroglyph I011
13196 𓆖 Egyptian Hieroglyph I011A
13197 𓆗 Egyptian Hieroglyph I012
13198 𓆘 Egyptian Hieroglyph I013
13199 𓆙 Egyptian Hieroglyph I014
1319A 𓆚 Egyptian Hieroglyph I015

K. Fishes and parts of fishes

1319B 𓆛 Egyptian Hieroglyph K001
1319C 𓆜 Egyptian Hieroglyph K002
1319D 𓆝 Egyptian Hieroglyph K003
1319E 𓆞 Egyptian Hieroglyph K004
1319F 𓆟 Egyptian Hieroglyph K005
131A0 𓆠 Egyptian Hieroglyph K006
131A1 𓆡 Egyptian Hieroglyph K007
131A2 𓆢 Egyptian Hieroglyph K008

L. Invertebrata and lesser animals

131A3 𓆣 Egyptian Hieroglyph L001
131A4 𓆤 Egyptian Hieroglyph L002
131A5 𓆥 Egyptian Hieroglyph L002A
131A6 𓆦 Egyptian Hieroglyph L003
131A7 𓆧 Egyptian Hieroglyph L004
131A8 𓆨 Egyptian Hieroglyph L005
131A9 𓆩 Egyptian Hieroglyph L006
131AA 𓆪 Egyptian Hieroglyph L006A
  mirrored version of 131A9 𓆩
131AB 𓆫 Egyptian Hieroglyph L007
131AC 𓆬 Egyptian Hieroglyph L008

M. Trees and plants

131AD 𓆭 Egyptian Hieroglyph M001
131AE 𓆮 Egyptian Hieroglyph M001A
131AF 𓆯 Egyptian Hieroglyph M001B
131B0 𓆰 Egyptian Hieroglyph M002
131B1 𓆱 Egyptian Hieroglyph M003
131B2 𓆲 Egyptian Hieroglyph M003A
131B3 𓆳 Egyptian Hieroglyph M004
131B4 𓆴 Egyptian Hieroglyph M005
131B5 𓆵 Egyptian Hieroglyph M006
131B6 𓆶 Egyptian Hieroglyph M007
131B7 𓆷 Egyptian Hieroglyph M008
131B8 𓆸 Egyptian Hieroglyph M009
131B9 𓆹 Egyptian Hieroglyph M010
131BA 𓆺 Egyptian Hieroglyph M010A
131BB 𓆻 Egyptian Hieroglyph M011
131BC 𓆼 Egyptian Hieroglyph M012
131BD 𓆽 Egyptian Hieroglyph M012A
131BE 𓆾 Egyptian Hieroglyph M012B
131BF 𓆿 Egyptian Hieroglyph M012C
131C0 𓇀 Egyptian Hieroglyph M012D
131C1 𓇁 Egyptian Hieroglyph M012E
131C2 𓇂 Egyptian Hieroglyph M012F
131C3 𓇃 Egyptian Hieroglyph M012G
131C4 𓇄 Egyptian Hieroglyph M012H
131C5 𓇅 Egyptian Hieroglyph M013
131C6 𓇆 Egyptian Hieroglyph M014
131C7 𓇇 Egyptian Hieroglyph M015
131C8 𓇈 Egyptian Hieroglyph M015A
131C9 𓇉 Egyptian Hieroglyph M016
131CA 𓇊 Egyptian Hieroglyph M016A
131CB 𓇋 Egyptian Hieroglyph M017
  egyptological yod
  transliterated as A7BD ꞽ
  05D9 ‎י‎ hebrew letter yod
  064A ‎ي‎ arabic letter yeh
131CC 𓇌 Egyptian Hieroglyph M017A
  phonogram 'y'
  133ED 𓏭 egyptian hieroglyph z004
131CD 𓇍 Egyptian Hieroglyph M018
131CE 𓇎 Egyptian Hieroglyph M019
131CF 𓇏 Egyptian Hieroglyph M020
131D0 𓇐 Egyptian Hieroglyph M021
131D1 𓇑 Egyptian Hieroglyph M022
  classifier 'bud, lotus bud'
131D2 𓇒 Egyptian Hieroglyph M022A
  honogram 'nn'
131D3 𓇓 Egyptian Hieroglyph M023
131D4 𓇔 Egyptian Hieroglyph M024
131D5 𓇕 Egyptian Hieroglyph M024A
131D6 𓇖 Egyptian Hieroglyph M025
131D7 𓇗 Egyptian Hieroglyph M026
131D8 𓇘 Egyptian Hieroglyph M027
131D9 𓇙 Egyptian Hieroglyph M028
131DA 𓇚 Egyptian Hieroglyph M028A
131DB 𓇛 Egyptian Hieroglyph M029
131DC 𓇜 Egyptian Hieroglyph M030
131DD 𓇝 Egyptian Hieroglyph M031
131DE 𓇞 Egyptian Hieroglyph M031A
131DF 𓇟 Egyptian Hieroglyph M032
131E0 𓇠 Egyptian Hieroglyph M033
131E1 𓇡 Egyptian Hieroglyph M033A
  variant of 131E0 𓇠
131E2 𓇢 Egyptian Hieroglyph M033B
  variant of 131E0 𓇠
131E3 𓇣 Egyptian Hieroglyph M034
131E4 𓇤 Egyptian Hieroglyph M035
131E5 𓇥 Egyptian Hieroglyph M036
131E6 𓇦 Egyptian Hieroglyph M037
  older variant of 131E5 𓇥
131E7 𓇧 Egyptian Hieroglyph M038
131E8 𓇨 Egyptian Hieroglyph M039
131E9 𓇩 Egyptian Hieroglyph M040
  phonogram 'js'
  not to be confused with 132A7 𓊧 or 1342A 𓐪
131EA 𓇪 Egyptian Hieroglyph M040A
131EB 𓇫 Egyptian Hieroglyph M041
131EC 𓇬 Egyptian Hieroglyph M042
131ED 𓇭 Egyptian Hieroglyph M043
131EE 𓇮 Egyptian Hieroglyph M044
  not to be confused with 133DA 𓏚

N. Sky, earth, water

131EF 𓇯 Egyptian Hieroglyph N001
131F0 𓇰 Egyptian Hieroglyph N002
131F1 𓇱 Egyptian Hieroglyph N003
  older variant of 131F0 𓇰
131F2 𓇲 Egyptian Hieroglyph N004
131F3 𓇳 Egyptian Hieroglyph N005
  not to be confused with 13082 𓂂 or 133F8 𓏸
131F4 𓇴 Egyptian Hieroglyph N006
131F5 𓇵 Egyptian Hieroglyph N007
131F6 𓇶 Egyptian Hieroglyph N008
131F7 𓇷 Egyptian Hieroglyph N009
  variant of 131F8 𓇸
131F8 𓇸 Egyptian Hieroglyph N010
  variant of 131F7 𓇷
131F9 𓇹 Egyptian Hieroglyph N011
131FA 𓇺 Egyptian Hieroglyph N012
131FB 𓇻 Egyptian Hieroglyph N013
131FC 𓇼 Egyptian Hieroglyph N014
131FD 𓇽 Egyptian Hieroglyph N015
131FE 𓇾 Egyptian Hieroglyph N016
131FF 𓇿 Egyptian Hieroglyph N017
  variant of 131FE 𓇾
13200 𓈀 Egyptian Hieroglyph N018
  not to be confused with 132F0 𓋰, 133D4 𓏔, or 133F3 𓏳
13201 𓈁 Egyptian Hieroglyph N018A
13202 𓈂 Egyptian Hieroglyph N018B
13203 𓈃 Egyptian Hieroglyph N019
  logogram 'akhti'
13204 𓈄 Egyptian Hieroglyph N020
13205 𓈅 Egyptian Hieroglyph N021
13206 𓈆 Egyptian Hieroglyph N022
13207 𓈇 Egyptian Hieroglyph N023
13208 𓈈 Egyptian Hieroglyph N024
13209 𓈉 Egyptian Hieroglyph N025
1320A 𓈊 Egyptian Hieroglyph N025A
  stylistic variant, use of 13209 𓈉 is preferred
1320B 𓈋 Egyptian Hieroglyph N026
1320C 𓈌 Egyptian Hieroglyph N027
1320D 𓈍 Egyptian Hieroglyph N028
1320E 𓈎 Egyptian Hieroglyph N029
  not to be confused with 133D8 𓏘
  transliterated as q or as 1E33 ḳ
  05E7 ‎ק‎ hebrew letter qof
  0642 ‎ق‎ arabic letter qaf
1320F 𓈏 Egyptian Hieroglyph N030
13210 𓈐 Egyptian Hieroglyph N031
13211 𓈑 Egyptian Hieroglyph N032
13212 𓈒 Egyptian Hieroglyph N033
  classifier 'granule, grain'
  not to be confused with 130C9 𓃉
13213 𓈓 Egyptian Hieroglyph N033A
  classifier 'granules, grains'
  not to be confused with 133E7 𓏧
13214 𓈔 Egyptian Hieroglyph N034
13215 𓈕 Egyptian Hieroglyph N034A
  stylistic variant, use of 13214 𓈔 is preferred
13216 𓈖 Egyptian Hieroglyph N035
  transliterated as n
13217 𓈗 Egyptian Hieroglyph N035A
  classifier 'liquid'
13218 𓈘 Egyptian Hieroglyph N036
13219 𓈙 Egyptian Hieroglyph N037
  transliterated as 0161 š
  not to be confused with 1328C 𓊌
1321A 𓈚 Egyptian Hieroglyph N037A
  variant of 13219 𓈙
1321B 𓈛 Egyptian Hieroglyph N038
  variant of 13219 𓈙
1321C 𓈜 Egyptian Hieroglyph N039
  variant of 13219 𓈙
1321D 𓈝 Egyptian Hieroglyph N040
1321E 𓈞 Egyptian Hieroglyph N041
1321F 𓈟 Egyptian Hieroglyph N042
  variant of 1321E 𓈞

NL. Nomes of Lower Egypt

13220 𓈠 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl001
13221 𓈡 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl002
13222 𓈢 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl003
13223 𓈣 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl004
13224 𓈤 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl005
13225 𓈥 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl005A
13226 𓈦 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl006
13227 𓈧 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl007
13228 𓈨 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl008
13229 𓈩 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl009
1322A 𓈪 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl010
1322B 𓈫 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl011
1322C 𓈬 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl012
1322D 𓈭 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl013
1322E 𓈮 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl014
1322F 𓈯 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl015
13230 𓈰 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl016
13231 𓈱 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl017
13232 𓈲 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl017A
13233 𓈳 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl018
13234 𓈴 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl019
13235 𓈵 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nl020

NU. Nomes of Upper Egypt

13236 𓈶 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu001
13237 𓈷 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu002
13238 𓈸 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu003
13239 𓈹 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu004
1323A 𓈺 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu005
1323B 𓈻 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu006
1323C 𓈼 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu007
1323D 𓈽 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu008
1323E 𓈾 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu009
1323F 𓈿 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu010
13240 𓉀 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu010A
13241 𓉁 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu011
13242 𓉂 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu011A
13243 𓉃 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu012
13244 𓉄 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu013
13245 𓉅 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu014
13246 𓉆 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu015
13247 𓉇 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu016
13248 𓉈 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu017
13249 𓉉 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu018
1324A 𓉊 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu018A
1324B 𓉋 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu019
1324C 𓉌 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu020
1324D 𓉍 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu021
1324E 𓉎 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu022
1324F 𓉏 Egyptian Hieroglyph Nu022A

O. Buildings, parts of buildings, etc.

13250 𓉐 Egyptian Hieroglyph O001
13251 𓉑 Egyptian Hieroglyph O001A
13252 𓉒 Egyptian Hieroglyph O002
13253 𓉓 Egyptian Hieroglyph O003
13254 𓉔 Egyptian Hieroglyph O004
  transliterated as h
  05D4 ‎ה‎ hebrew letter he
  0647 ‎ه‎ arabic letter heh
13255 𓉕 Egyptian Hieroglyph O005
13256 𓉖 Egyptian Hieroglyph O005A
  mirrored version of 13255 𓉕
13257 𓉗 Egyptian Hieroglyph O006
13258 𓉘 Egyptian Hieroglyph O006A
  beginning of hwt or serekh enclosure
  13282 𓊂 egyptian hieroglyph o033a
13259 𓉙 Egyptian Hieroglyph O006B
  beginning of low hwt enclosure
1325A 𓉚 Egyptian Hieroglyph O006C
  beginning of high hwt enclosure
1325B 𓉛 Egyptian Hieroglyph O006D
  end of high hwt enclosure
1325C 𓉜 Egyptian Hieroglyph O006E
  end of low hwt enclosure
1325D 𓉝 Egyptian Hieroglyph O006F
  end of hwt enclosure
1325E 𓉞 Egyptian Hieroglyph O007
1325F 𓉟 Egyptian Hieroglyph O008
13260 𓉠 Egyptian Hieroglyph O009
13261 𓉡 Egyptian Hieroglyph O010
13262 𓉢 Egyptian Hieroglyph O010A
13263 𓉣 Egyptian Hieroglyph O010B
13264 𓉤 Egyptian Hieroglyph O010C
13265 𓉥 Egyptian Hieroglyph O011
13266 𓉦 Egyptian Hieroglyph O012
13267 𓉧 Egyptian Hieroglyph O013
13268 𓉨 Egyptian Hieroglyph O014
13269 𓉩 Egyptian Hieroglyph O015
1326A 𓉪 Egyptian Hieroglyph O016
1326B 𓉫 Egyptian Hieroglyph O017
1326C 𓉬 Egyptian Hieroglyph O018
1326D 𓉭 Egyptian Hieroglyph O019
1326E 𓉮 Egyptian Hieroglyph O019A
1326F 𓉯 Egyptian Hieroglyph O020
13270 𓉰 Egyptian Hieroglyph O020A
13271 𓉱 Egyptian Hieroglyph O021
13272 𓉲 Egyptian Hieroglyph O022
13273 𓉳 Egyptian Hieroglyph O023
13274 𓉴 Egyptian Hieroglyph O024
13275 𓉵 Egyptian Hieroglyph O024A
13276 𓉶 Egyptian Hieroglyph O025
13277 𓉷 Egyptian Hieroglyph O025A
13278 𓉸 Egyptian Hieroglyph O026
13279 𓉹 Egyptian Hieroglyph O027
1327A 𓉺 Egyptian Hieroglyph O028
1327B 𓉻 Egyptian Hieroglyph O029
1327C 𓉼 Egyptian Hieroglyph O029A
  rotated variant of 1327B 𓉻
1327D 𓉽 Egyptian Hieroglyph O030
  supporting pole
  not to be confused with 13361 𓍡
1327E 𓉾 Egyptian Hieroglyph O030A
1327F 𓉿 Egyptian Hieroglyph O031
13280 𓊀 Egyptian Hieroglyph O032
13281 𓊁 Egyptian Hieroglyph O033
  classifier 'serekh'
13282 𓊂 Egyptian Hieroglyph O033A
  end of serekh enclosure
  13258 𓉘 egyptian hieroglyph o006a
13283 𓊃 Egyptian Hieroglyph O034
  transliterated as s or as z
  132F4 𓋴 egyptian hieroglyph s029
13284 𓊄 Egyptian Hieroglyph O035
13285 𓊅 Egyptian Hieroglyph O036
13286 𓊆 Egyptian Hieroglyph O036A
  beginning of fortified wall cartouche
13287 𓊇 Egyptian Hieroglyph O036B
  end of fortified wall cartouche
13288 𓊈 Egyptian Hieroglyph O036C
  beginning of fortified wall enclosure
13289 𓊉 Egyptian Hieroglyph O036D
  end of fortified wall enclosure
1328A 𓊊 Egyptian Hieroglyph O037
1328B 𓊋 Egyptian Hieroglyph O038
1328C 𓊌 Egyptian Hieroglyph O039
  stone, brick
  not to be confused with 13219 𓈙
1328D 𓊍 Egyptian Hieroglyph O040
1328E 𓊎 Egyptian Hieroglyph O041
1328F 𓊏 Egyptian Hieroglyph O042
13290 𓊐 Egyptian Hieroglyph O043
  older variant of 1328F 𓊏
13291 𓊑 Egyptian Hieroglyph O044
13292 𓊒 Egyptian Hieroglyph O045
13293 𓊓 Egyptian Hieroglyph O046
13294 𓊔 Egyptian Hieroglyph O047
13295 𓊕 Egyptian Hieroglyph O048
13296 𓊖 Egyptian Hieroglyph O049
13297 𓊗 Egyptian Hieroglyph O050
13298 𓊘 Egyptian Hieroglyph O050A
13299 𓊙 Egyptian Hieroglyph O050B
  mirrored version of 13298 𓊘
1329A 𓊚 Egyptian Hieroglyph O051

P. Ships and parts of ships

1329B 𓊛 Egyptian Hieroglyph P001
  classifier 'ship, travel'
1329C 𓊜 Egyptian Hieroglyph P001A
  classifier 'upset, overturn'
1329D 𓊝 Egyptian Hieroglyph P002
1329E 𓊞 Egyptian Hieroglyph P003
  sacred ship
1329F 𓊟 Egyptian Hieroglyph P003A
  mirrored variant of 1329E 𓊞
132A0 𓊠 Egyptian Hieroglyph P004
132A1 𓊡 Egyptian Hieroglyph P005
132A2 𓊢 Egyptian Hieroglyph P006
132A3 𓊣 Egyptian Hieroglyph P007
132A4 𓊤 Egyptian Hieroglyph P008
132A5 𓊥 Egyptian Hieroglyph P009
132A6 𓊦 Egyptian Hieroglyph P010
132A7 𓊧 Egyptian Hieroglyph P011
  mooring post
  not to be confused with 131E9 𓇩 or 1342A 𓐪

Q. Domestic and funerary furniture

132A8 𓊨 Egyptian Hieroglyph Q001
132A9 𓊩 Egyptian Hieroglyph Q002
132AA 𓊪 Egyptian Hieroglyph Q003
  transliterated as p
132AB 𓊫 Egyptian Hieroglyph Q004
132AC 𓊬 Egyptian Hieroglyph Q005
132AD 𓊭 Egyptian Hieroglyph Q006
132AE 𓊮 Egyptian Hieroglyph Q007

R. Temple furniture and sacred emblems

132AF 𓊯 Egyptian Hieroglyph R001
132B0 𓊰 Egyptian Hieroglyph R002
132B1 𓊱 Egyptian Hieroglyph R002A
132B2 𓊲 Egyptian Hieroglyph R003
132B3 𓊳 Egyptian Hieroglyph R003A
132B4 𓊴 Egyptian Hieroglyph R003B
132B5 𓊵 Egyptian Hieroglyph R004
132B6 𓊶 Egyptian Hieroglyph R005
132B7 𓊷 Egyptian Hieroglyph R006
132B8 𓊸 Egyptian Hieroglyph R007
132B9 𓊹 Egyptian Hieroglyph R008
132BA 𓊺 Egyptian Hieroglyph R009
132BB 𓊻 Egyptian Hieroglyph R010
132BC 𓊼 Egyptian Hieroglyph R010A
132BD 𓊽 Egyptian Hieroglyph R011
132BE 𓊾 Egyptian Hieroglyph R012
132BF 𓊿 Egyptian Hieroglyph R013
132C0 𓋀 Egyptian Hieroglyph R014
132C1 𓋁 Egyptian Hieroglyph R015
132C2 𓋂 Egyptian Hieroglyph R016
132C3 𓋃 Egyptian Hieroglyph R016A
132C4 𓋄 Egyptian Hieroglyph R017
132C5 𓋅 Egyptian Hieroglyph R018
132C6 𓋆 Egyptian Hieroglyph R019
132C7 𓋇 Egyptian Hieroglyph R020
132C8 𓋈 Egyptian Hieroglyph R021
132C9 𓋉 Egyptian Hieroglyph R022
132CA 𓋊 Egyptian Hieroglyph R023
132CB 𓋋 Egyptian Hieroglyph R024
132CC 𓋌 Egyptian Hieroglyph R025
132CD 𓋍 Egyptian Hieroglyph R026
132CE 𓋎 Egyptian Hieroglyph R027
132CF 𓋏 Egyptian Hieroglyph R028
132D0 𓋐 Egyptian Hieroglyph R029

S. Crowns, dress, staves, etc.

132D1 𓋑 Egyptian Hieroglyph S001
132D2 𓋒 Egyptian Hieroglyph S002
132D3 𓋓 Egyptian Hieroglyph S002A
132D4 𓋔 Egyptian Hieroglyph S003
132D5 𓋕 Egyptian Hieroglyph S004
132D6 𓋖 Egyptian Hieroglyph S005
132D7 𓋗 Egyptian Hieroglyph S006
132D8 𓋘 Egyptian Hieroglyph S006A
132D9 𓋙 Egyptian Hieroglyph S007
132DA 𓋚 Egyptian Hieroglyph S008
132DB 𓋛 Egyptian Hieroglyph S009
132DC 𓋜 Egyptian Hieroglyph S010
132DD 𓋝 Egyptian Hieroglyph S011
132DE 𓋞 Egyptian Hieroglyph S012
132DF 𓋟 Egyptian Hieroglyph S013
132E0 𓋠 Egyptian Hieroglyph S014
132E1 𓋡 Egyptian Hieroglyph S014A
132E2 𓋢 Egyptian Hieroglyph S014B
132E3 𓋣 Egyptian Hieroglyph S015
132E4 𓋤 Egyptian Hieroglyph S016
132E5 𓋥 Egyptian Hieroglyph S017
132E6 𓋦 Egyptian Hieroglyph S017A
132E7 𓋧 Egyptian Hieroglyph S018
132E8 𓋨 Egyptian Hieroglyph S019
132E9 𓋩 Egyptian Hieroglyph S020
132EA 𓋪 Egyptian Hieroglyph S021
132EB 𓋫 Egyptian Hieroglyph S022
132EC 𓋬 Egyptian Hieroglyph S023
132ED 𓋭 Egyptian Hieroglyph S024
132EE 𓋮 Egyptian Hieroglyph S025
132EF 𓋯 Egyptian Hieroglyph S026
132F0 𓋰 Egyptian Hieroglyph S026A
  not to be confused with 13200 𓈀, 133D4 𓏔, or 133F3 𓏳
132F1 𓋱 Egyptian Hieroglyph S026B
132F2 𓋲 Egyptian Hieroglyph S027
132F3 𓋳 Egyptian Hieroglyph S028
132F4 𓋴 Egyptian Hieroglyph S029
  transliterated as s or as z
  13283 𓊃 egyptian hieroglyph o034
132F5 𓋵 Egyptian Hieroglyph S030
132F6 𓋶 Egyptian Hieroglyph S031
132F7 𓋷 Egyptian Hieroglyph S032
132F8 𓋸 Egyptian Hieroglyph S033
132F9 𓋹 Egyptian Hieroglyph S034
132FA 𓋺 Egyptian Hieroglyph S035
132FB 𓋻 Egyptian Hieroglyph S035A
  variant of 132FA 𓋺
132FC 𓋼 Egyptian Hieroglyph S036
  older variant of 132FA 𓋺
132FD 𓋽 Egyptian Hieroglyph S037
132FE 𓋾 Egyptian Hieroglyph S038
132FF 𓋿 Egyptian Hieroglyph S039
13300 𓌀 Egyptian Hieroglyph S040
  phonogram 'wꜣs'
13301 𓌁 Egyptian Hieroglyph S041
  phonogram 'ḏꜣm'
13302 𓌂 Egyptian Hieroglyph S042
13303 𓌃 Egyptian Hieroglyph S043
13304 𓌄 Egyptian Hieroglyph S044
13305 𓌅 Egyptian Hieroglyph S045
13306 𓌆 Egyptian Hieroglyph S046

T. Warfare, hunting, butchery

13307 𓌇 Egyptian Hieroglyph T001
13308 𓌈 Egyptian Hieroglyph T002
  classifier 'striking, hitting'
13309 𓌉 Egyptian Hieroglyph T003
  classifier 'mace'
1330A 𓌊 Egyptian Hieroglyph T003A
1330B 𓌋 Egyptian Hieroglyph T004
1330C 𓌌 Egyptian Hieroglyph T005
1330D 𓌍 Egyptian Hieroglyph T006
1330E 𓌎 Egyptian Hieroglyph T007
1330F 𓌏 Egyptian Hieroglyph T007A
13310 𓌐 Egyptian Hieroglyph T008
  older variant of 13311 𓌑
13311 𓌑 Egyptian Hieroglyph T008A
13312 𓌒 Egyptian Hieroglyph T009
13313 𓌓 Egyptian Hieroglyph T009A
  older variant of 13312 𓌒
13314 𓌔 Egyptian Hieroglyph T010
13315 𓌕 Egyptian Hieroglyph T011
13316 𓌖 Egyptian Hieroglyph T011A
13317 𓌗 Egyptian Hieroglyph T012
13318 𓌘 Egyptian Hieroglyph T013
13319 𓌙 Egyptian Hieroglyph T014
1331A 𓌚 Egyptian Hieroglyph T015
  older variant of 13319 𓌙
1331B 𓌛 Egyptian Hieroglyph T016
1331C 𓌜 Egyptian Hieroglyph T016A
1331D 𓌝 Egyptian Hieroglyph T017
1331E 𓌞 Egyptian Hieroglyph T018
1331F 𓌟 Egyptian Hieroglyph T019
13320 𓌠 Egyptian Hieroglyph T020
  older variant of 1331F 𓌟
13321 𓌡 Egyptian Hieroglyph T021
13322 𓌢 Egyptian Hieroglyph T022
13323 𓌣 Egyptian Hieroglyph T023
  more recent variant of 13322 𓌢
13324 𓌤 Egyptian Hieroglyph T024
13325 𓌥 Egyptian Hieroglyph T025
13326 𓌦 Egyptian Hieroglyph T026
13327 𓌧 Egyptian Hieroglyph T027
  older variant of 13326 𓌦
13328 𓌨 Egyptian Hieroglyph T028
13329 𓌩 Egyptian Hieroglyph T029
1332A 𓌪 Egyptian Hieroglyph T030
  classifier 'knife, cutting'
1332B 𓌫 Egyptian Hieroglyph T031
  phonogram 'sšm'
1332C 𓌬 Egyptian Hieroglyph T032
1332D 𓌭 Egyptian Hieroglyph T032A
1332E 𓌮 Egyptian Hieroglyph T033
  older variant of 13326 𓌦
1332F 𓌯 Egyptian Hieroglyph T033A
13330 𓌰 Egyptian Hieroglyph T034
13331 𓌱 Egyptian Hieroglyph T035
  variant of 13330 𓌰
13332 𓌲 Egyptian Hieroglyph T036

U. Agriculture, crafts, and professions

13333 𓌳 Egyptian Hieroglyph U001
13334 𓌴 Egyptian Hieroglyph U002
  stylistic variant of 13333 𓌳
13335 𓌵 Egyptian Hieroglyph U003
13336 𓌶 Egyptian Hieroglyph U004
13337 𓌷 Egyptian Hieroglyph U005
  stylistic variant of 13336 𓌶
13338 𓌸 Egyptian Hieroglyph U006
13339 𓌹 Egyptian Hieroglyph U006A
  stylistic variant of 13338 𓌸
1333A 𓌺 Egyptian Hieroglyph U006B
  mirrored version of 13339 𓌹
1333B 𓌻 Egyptian Hieroglyph U007
  variant of 13338 𓌸
1333C 𓌼 Egyptian Hieroglyph U008
  variant of 1333B 𓌻
1333D 𓌽 Egyptian Hieroglyph U009
1333E 𓌾 Egyptian Hieroglyph U010
1333F 𓌿 Egyptian Hieroglyph U011
13340 𓍀 Egyptian Hieroglyph U012
13341 𓍁 Egyptian Hieroglyph U013
13342 𓍂 Egyptian Hieroglyph U014
13343 𓍃 Egyptian Hieroglyph U015
13344 𓍄 Egyptian Hieroglyph U016
13345 𓍅 Egyptian Hieroglyph U017
13346 𓍆 Egyptian Hieroglyph U018
  variant of 13345 𓍅
13347 𓍇 Egyptian Hieroglyph U019
13348 𓍈 Egyptian Hieroglyph U020
  older variant of 13347 𓍇
13349 𓍉 Egyptian Hieroglyph U021
1334A 𓍊 Egyptian Hieroglyph U022
1334B 𓍋 Egyptian Hieroglyph U023
1334C 𓍌 Egyptian Hieroglyph U023A
  stylistic variant of 1334B 𓍋
1334D 𓍍 Egyptian Hieroglyph U024
1334E 𓍎 Egyptian Hieroglyph U025
  older variant of 1334D 𓍍
1334F 𓍏 Egyptian Hieroglyph U026
13350 𓍐 Egyptian Hieroglyph U027
  older variant of 1334F 𓍏
13351 𓍑 Egyptian Hieroglyph U028
13352 𓍒 Egyptian Hieroglyph U029
  older variant of 13351 𓍑
13353 𓍓 Egyptian Hieroglyph U029A
13354 𓍔 Egyptian Hieroglyph U030
13355 𓍕 Egyptian Hieroglyph U031
13356 𓍖 Egyptian Hieroglyph U032
13357 𓍗 Egyptian Hieroglyph U032A
13358 𓍘 Egyptian Hieroglyph U033
13359 𓍙 Egyptian Hieroglyph U034
1335A 𓍚 Egyptian Hieroglyph U035
1335B 𓍛 Egyptian Hieroglyph U036
1335C 𓍜 Egyptian Hieroglyph U037
1335D 𓍝 Egyptian Hieroglyph U038
1335E 𓍞 Egyptian Hieroglyph U039
1335F 𓍟 Egyptian Hieroglyph U040
  cursive variant of 1335E 𓍞
13360 𓍠 Egyptian Hieroglyph U041
13361 𓍡 Egyptian Hieroglyph U042
  not to be confused with 1327D 𓉽

V. Rope, fiber, baskets, bags, etc.

13362 𓍢 Egyptian Hieroglyph V001
  classifier 'cord, rope'
  not to be confused with 133F2 𓏲
13363 𓍣 Egyptian Hieroglyph V001A
13364 𓍤 Egyptian Hieroglyph V001B
13365 𓍥 Egyptian Hieroglyph V001C
13366 𓍦 Egyptian Hieroglyph V001D
13367 𓍧 Egyptian Hieroglyph V001E
13368 𓍨 Egyptian Hieroglyph V001F
13369 𓍩 Egyptian Hieroglyph V001G
1336A 𓍪 Egyptian Hieroglyph V001H
1336B 𓍫 Egyptian Hieroglyph V001I
1336C 𓍬 Egyptian Hieroglyph V002
1336D 𓍭 Egyptian Hieroglyph V002A
1336E 𓍮 Egyptian Hieroglyph V003
1336F 𓍯 Egyptian Hieroglyph V004
13370 𓍰 Egyptian Hieroglyph V005
13371 𓍱 Egyptian Hieroglyph V006
  phonogram 'šs'
13372 𓍲 Egyptian Hieroglyph V007
  phonogram 'šn'
13373 𓍳 Egyptian Hieroglyph V007A
13374 𓍴 Egyptian Hieroglyph V007B
13375 𓍵 Egyptian Hieroglyph V008
13376 𓍶 Egyptian Hieroglyph V009
13377 𓍷 Egyptian Hieroglyph V010
  logogram 'name'
13378 𓍸 Egyptian Hieroglyph V011
  classifier 'restrain, split'
  1342F 𓐯 egyptian hieroglyph v011d
13379 𓍹 Egyptian Hieroglyph V011A
  beginning of cartouche
1337A 𓍺 Egyptian Hieroglyph V011B
  end of cartouche
1337B 𓍻 Egyptian Hieroglyph V011C
  end of knotless cartouche
1337C 𓍼 Egyptian Hieroglyph V012
1337D 𓍽 Egyptian Hieroglyph V012A
1337E 𓍾 Egyptian Hieroglyph V012B
1337F 𓍿 Egyptian Hieroglyph V013
  transliterated as 1E6F ṯ
13380 𓎀 Egyptian Hieroglyph V014
  variant of 1337F 𓍿
13381 𓎁 Egyptian Hieroglyph V015
13382 𓎂 Egyptian Hieroglyph V016
13383 𓎃 Egyptian Hieroglyph V017
13384 𓎄 Egyptian Hieroglyph V018
  older variant of 13383 𓎃
13385 𓎅 Egyptian Hieroglyph V019
13386 𓎆 Egyptian Hieroglyph V020
  not to be confused with 133AD 𓎭
13387 𓎇 Egyptian Hieroglyph V020A
  not to be confused with 133AE 𓎮
13388 𓎈 Egyptian Hieroglyph V020B
13389 𓎉 Egyptian Hieroglyph V020C
1338A 𓎊 Egyptian Hieroglyph V020D
1338B 𓎋 Egyptian Hieroglyph V020E
1338C 𓎌 Egyptian Hieroglyph V020F
1338D 𓎍 Egyptian Hieroglyph V020G
1338E 𓎎 Egyptian Hieroglyph V020H
1338F 𓎏 Egyptian Hieroglyph V020I
  variant of 13387 𓎇
13390 𓎐 Egyptian Hieroglyph V020J
  variant of 13388 𓎈
13391 𓎑 Egyptian Hieroglyph V020K
  variant of 13389 𓎉
13392 𓎒 Egyptian Hieroglyph V020L
  variant of 1338A 𓎊
13393 𓎓 Egyptian Hieroglyph V021
13394 𓎔 Egyptian Hieroglyph V022
13395 𓎕 Egyptian Hieroglyph V023
  older variant of 13394 𓎔
13396 𓎖 Egyptian Hieroglyph V023A
13397 𓎗 Egyptian Hieroglyph V024
13398 𓎘 Egyptian Hieroglyph V025
  more recent variant of 13397 𓎗
13399 𓎙 Egyptian Hieroglyph V026
1339A 𓎚 Egyptian Hieroglyph V027
  older variant of 13399 𓎙
1339B 𓎛 Egyptian Hieroglyph V028
  transliterated as 1E25 ḥ
  062D ‎ح‎ arabic letter hah
1339C 𓎜 Egyptian Hieroglyph V028A
1339D 𓎝 Egyptian Hieroglyph V029
1339E 𓎞 Egyptian Hieroglyph V029A
1339F 𓎟 Egyptian Hieroglyph V030
133A0 𓎠 Egyptian Hieroglyph V030A
  stylistic variant, use of 1339F 𓎟 is preferred
133A1 𓎡 Egyptian Hieroglyph V031
  transliterated as k
  05DB ‎כ‎ hebrew letter kaf
  0643 ‎ك‎ arabic letter kaf
133A2 𓎢 Egyptian Hieroglyph V031A
  from hieratic
133A3 𓎣 Egyptian Hieroglyph V032
133A4 𓎤 Egyptian Hieroglyph V033
133A5 𓎥 Egyptian Hieroglyph V033A
133A6 𓎦 Egyptian Hieroglyph V034
  more recent variant of 133A4 𓎤
133A7 𓎧 Egyptian Hieroglyph V035
133A8 𓎨 Egyptian Hieroglyph V036
133A9 𓎩 Egyptian Hieroglyph V037
133AA 𓎪 Egyptian Hieroglyph V037A
133AB 𓎫 Egyptian Hieroglyph V038
  not to be confused with 1308B 𓂋
133AC 𓎬 Egyptian Hieroglyph V039
133AD 𓎭 Egyptian Hieroglyph V040
  10 in dates
  not to be confused with 13386 𓎆
133AE 𓎮 Egyptian Hieroglyph V040A
  20 in dates
  not to be confused with 13387 𓎇

W. Vessels of stone and earthenware

133AF 𓎯 Egyptian Hieroglyph W001
133B0 𓎰 Egyptian Hieroglyph W002
133B1 𓎱 Egyptian Hieroglyph W003
133B2 𓎲 Egyptian Hieroglyph W003A
  stylistic variant, use of 133B1 𓎱 is preferred
133B3 𓎳 Egyptian Hieroglyph W004
133B4 𓎴 Egyptian Hieroglyph W005
133B5 𓎵 Egyptian Hieroglyph W006
133B6 𓎶 Egyptian Hieroglyph W007
133B7 𓎷 Egyptian Hieroglyph W008
133B8 𓎸 Egyptian Hieroglyph W009
133B9 𓎹 Egyptian Hieroglyph W009A
  mirrored version of 133B8 𓎸
133BA 𓎺 Egyptian Hieroglyph W010
133BB 𓎻 Egyptian Hieroglyph W010A
133BC 𓎼 Egyptian Hieroglyph W011
  transliterated as g
133BD 𓎽 Egyptian Hieroglyph W012
  older variant of 133BC 𓎼
133BE 𓎾 Egyptian Hieroglyph W013
133BF 𓎿 Egyptian Hieroglyph W014
133C0 𓏀 Egyptian Hieroglyph W014A
133C1 𓏁 Egyptian Hieroglyph W015
133C2 𓏂 Egyptian Hieroglyph W016
133C3 𓏃 Egyptian Hieroglyph W017
133C4 𓏄 Egyptian Hieroglyph W017A
  cursive variant of 133C3 𓏃
133C5 𓏅 Egyptian Hieroglyph W018
  older variant of 133C3 𓏃
133C6 𓏆 Egyptian Hieroglyph W018A
  cursive variant of 133C5 𓏅
133C7 𓏇 Egyptian Hieroglyph W019
133C8 𓏈 Egyptian Hieroglyph W020
133C9 𓏉 Egyptian Hieroglyph W021
133CA 𓏊 Egyptian Hieroglyph W022
133CB 𓏋 Egyptian Hieroglyph W023
133CC 𓏌 Egyptian Hieroglyph W024
  phonogram 'nw'
133CD 𓏍 Egyptian Hieroglyph W024A
  monogram 'nw(n)' or 'nww'
133CE 𓏎 Egyptian Hieroglyph W025

X. Loaves and cakes

133CF 𓏏 Egyptian Hieroglyph X001
  transliterated as t
133D0 𓏐 Egyptian Hieroglyph X002
133D1 𓏑 Egyptian Hieroglyph X003
  variant of 133D0 𓏐
133D2 𓏒 Egyptian Hieroglyph X004
133D3 𓏓 Egyptian Hieroglyph X004A
  variant of 133D2 𓏒
133D4 𓏔 Egyptian Hieroglyph X004B
  variant of 133D2 𓏒
  not to be confused with 13200 𓈀, 132F0 𓋰, or 133F3 𓏳
133D5 𓏕 Egyptian Hieroglyph X005
  variant of 133D4 𓏔
133D6 𓏖 Egyptian Hieroglyph X006
133D7 𓏗 Egyptian Hieroglyph X006A
133D8 𓏘 Egyptian Hieroglyph X007
  classifier 'food'
  not to be confused with 1320E 𓈎
133D9 𓏙 Egyptian Hieroglyph X008
133DA 𓏚 Egyptian Hieroglyph X008A
  variant of 133D9 𓏙
  not to be confused with 131EE 𓇮

Y. Writings, games, music

133DB 𓏛 Egyptian Hieroglyph Y001
133DC 𓏜 Egyptian Hieroglyph Y001A
  rotated variant of 133DB 𓏛
133DD 𓏝 Egyptian Hieroglyph Y002
  older variant of 133DB 𓏛
133DE 𓏞 Egyptian Hieroglyph Y003
133DF 𓏟 Egyptian Hieroglyph Y004
  mirrored version of 133DE 𓏞
133E0 𓏠 Egyptian Hieroglyph Y005
133E1 𓏡 Egyptian Hieroglyph Y006
133E2 𓏢 Egyptian Hieroglyph Y007
133E3 𓏣 Egyptian Hieroglyph Y008

Z. Strokes, signs derived from Hieratic, geometrical figures

133E4 𓏤 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z001
  semogram index
  classifier 'single'
  not to be confused with 133FA 𓏺
133E5 𓏥 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z002
  classifier 'plural'
  not to be confused with 133FC 𓏼
133E6 𓏦 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z002A
  stylistic variant of 133E5 𓏥
133E7 𓏧 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z002B
  classifier 'plural'
  not to be confused with 13213 𓈓
133E8 𓏨 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z002C
  variant of 133E6 𓏦
133E9 𓏩 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z002D
  variant of 133E8 𓏨
133EA 𓏪 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z003
  variant of 133E5 𓏥
133EB 𓏫 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z003A
  variant of 133EA 𓏪
133EC 𓏬 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z003B
  variant of 133E7 𓏧
133ED 𓏭 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z004
  classifier 'dual'
  transliterated as y
  131CC 𓇌 egyptian hieroglyph m017a
133EE 𓏮 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z004A
  variant of 133ED 𓏭
  classifier 'dual'
  transliterated as y
  not to be confused with 133FB 𓏻
133EF 𓏯 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z005
133F0 𓏰 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z005A
  variant of 133EF 𓏯
133F1 𓏱 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z006
133F2 𓏲 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z007
  phonogram 'w'
  not to be confused with 13362 𓍢
133F3 𓏳 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z008
  not to be confused with 13200 𓈀, 132F0 𓋰, or 133D4 𓏔
133F4 𓏴 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z009
133F5 𓏵 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z010
  older variant of 133F4 𓏴
133F6 𓏶 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z011
133F7 𓏷 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z012
133F8 𓏸 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z013
  circle, unmarked round sign
  not to be confused with 13082 𓂂 or 131F3 𓇳
133F9 𓏹 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z014
133FA 𓏺 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z015
  not to be confused with 133E4 𓏤
133FB 𓏻 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z015A
  not to be confused with 133EE 𓏮
133FC 𓏼 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z015B
  not to be confused with 133E5 𓏥
  133EA 𓏪 egyptian hieroglyph z003
133FD 𓏽 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z015C
133FE 𓏾 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z015D
133FF 𓏿 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z015E
13400 𓐀 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z015F
13401 𓐁 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z015G
13402 𓐂 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z015H
13403 𓐃 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z015I
13404 𓐄 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z016
  1 in dates
13405 𓐅 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z016A
  2 in dates
13406 𓐆 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z016B
  3 in dates
13407 𓐇 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z016C
  4 in dates
13408 𓐈 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z016D
  5 in dates
13409 𓐉 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z016E
  6 in dates
1340A 𓐊 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z016F
  7 in dates
1340B 𓐋 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z016G
  8 in dates
1340C 𓐌 Egyptian Hieroglyph Z016H
  9 in dates

Aa. Unclassified

1340D 𓐍 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa001
  transliterated as 1E2B ḫ
  062E ‎خ‎ arabic letter khah
1340E 𓐎 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa002
1340F 𓐏 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa003
13410 𓐐 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa004
13411 𓐑 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa005
13412 𓐒 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa006
13413 𓐓 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa007
13414 𓐔 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa007A
  mirrored version of 13413 𓐓
13415 𓐕 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa007B
13416 𓐖 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa008
13417 𓐗 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa009
13418 𓐘 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa010
13419 𓐙 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa011
1341A 𓐚 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa012
  older variant of 13419 𓐙
1341B 𓐛 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa013
1341C 𓐜 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa014
  older variant of 1341B 𓐛
1341D 𓐝 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa015
1341E 𓐞 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa016
  variant of 1341D 𓐝
1341F 𓐟 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa017
13420 𓐠 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa018
  more recent variant of 1341F 𓐟
13421 𓐡 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa019
13422 𓐢 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa020
13423 𓐣 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa021
13424 𓐤 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa022
13425 𓐥 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa023
13426 𓐦 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa024
  older variant of 13425 𓐥
13427 𓐧 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa025
13428 𓐨 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa026
13429 𓐩 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa027
1342A 𓐪 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa028
  phonogram 'qd'
  not to be confused with 131E9 𓇩 and 132A7 𓊧
1342B 𓐫 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa029
  older variant of 1342A 𓐪
1342C 𓐬 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa030
1342D 𓐭 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa031
  older variant of 1342C 𓐬
1342E 𓐮 Egyptian Hieroglyph Aa032

Addition to group V

This is part of the cartouche set: 13379, 1337A, 1337B, and 1342F.
1342F 𓐯 Egyptian Hieroglyph V011D
  knotted beginning of cartouche
  not to be confused with 13378 𓍸