Phonetic Extensions

These are non-IPA phonetic extensions, mostly for the Uralic Phonetic Alphabet (UPA).
The small capitals, superscript, and subscript forms are for phonetic representations where style variations are semantically important.
For general text, use regular Latin, Greek or Cyrillic letters with markup instead.

Latin letters

1D00 ᴀ Latin Letter Small Capital A
1D01 ᴁ Latin Letter Small Capital Ae
1D02 ᴂ Latin Small Letter Turned Ae
  glyph can also have sideways orientation
1D03 ᴃ Latin Letter Small Capital Barred B
1D04 ᴄ Latin Letter Small Capital C
1D05 ᴅ Latin Letter Small Capital D
1D06 ᴆ Latin Letter Small Capital Eth
1D07 ᴇ Latin Letter Small Capital E
1D08 ᴈ Latin Small Letter Turned Open E
1D09 ᴉ Latin Small Letter Turned I
1D0A ᴊ Latin Letter Small Capital J
1D0B ᴋ Latin Letter Small Capital K
1D0C ᴌ Latin Letter Small Capital L With Stroke
1D0D ᴍ Latin Letter Small Capital M
1D0E ᴎ Latin Letter Small Capital Reversed N
1D0F ᴏ Latin Letter Small Capital O
1D10 ᴐ Latin Letter Small Capital Open O
1D11 ᴑ Latin Small Letter Sideways O
1D12 ᴒ Latin Small Letter Sideways Open O
1D13 ᴓ Latin Small Letter Sideways O With Stroke
1D14 ᴔ Latin Small Letter Turned Oe
  glyph can also have sideways orientation
1D15 ᴕ Latin Letter Small Capital Ou
1D16 ᴖ Latin Small Letter Top Half O
1D17 ᴗ Latin Small Letter Bottom Half O
1D18 ᴘ Latin Letter Small Capital P
  represents a semi-voiced [p]
1D19 ᴙ Latin Letter Small Capital Reversed R
1D1A ᴚ Latin Letter Small Capital Turned R
1D1B ᴛ Latin Letter Small Capital T
1D1C ᴜ Latin Letter Small Capital U
1D1D ᴝ Latin Small Letter Sideways U
1D1E ᴞ Latin Small Letter Sideways Diaeresized U
  glyph can also have turned orientation
1D1F ᴟ Latin Small Letter Sideways Turned M
1D20 ᴠ Latin Letter Small Capital V
1D21 ᴡ Latin Letter Small Capital W
1D22 ᴢ Latin Letter Small Capital Z
1D23 ᴣ Latin Letter Small Capital Ezh
1D24 ᴤ Latin Letter Voiced Laryngeal Spirant
1D25 ᴥ Latin Letter Ain

Greek letters

1D26 ᴦ Greek Letter Small Capital Gamma
1D27 ᴧ Greek Letter Small Capital Lamda
1D28 ᴨ Greek Letter Small Capital Pi
1D29 ᴩ Greek Letter Small Capital Rho
  represents a voiceless uvular trill
1D2A ᴪ Greek Letter Small Capital Psi

Cyrillic letter

1D2B ᴫ Cyrillic Letter Small Capital El
  in italic style, the glyph is obliqued, not italicized
  043B л cyrillic small letter el

Latin superscript modifier letters

See also superscript Latin letters in the Spacing Modifier Letters block starting at 02B0.
1D2C ᴬ Modifier Letter Capital A
  <super> 0041 A
1D2D ᴭ Modifier Letter Capital Ae
  <super> 00C6 Æ
1D2E ᴮ Modifier Letter Capital B
  <super> 0042 B
1D2F ᴯ Modifier Letter Capital Barred B
1D30 ᴰ Modifier Letter Capital D
  <super> 0044 D
1D31 ᴱ Modifier Letter Capital E
  <super> 0045 E
1D32 ᴲ Modifier Letter Capital Reversed E
  <super> 018E Ǝ
1D33 ᴳ Modifier Letter Capital G
  <super> 0047 G
1D34 ᴴ Modifier Letter Capital H
  <super> 0048 H
A typographical distinction between a capital form and a small capital form is not distinctive for this character in IPA usage.
  voiceless epiglottalized release (extended IPA)
  029C ʜ latin letter small capital h
  1D78 ᵸ modifier letter cyrillic en
1D35 ᴵ Modifier Letter Capital I
  <super> 0049 I
1D36 ᴶ Modifier Letter Capital J
  <super> 004A J
1D37 ᴷ Modifier Letter Capital K
  <super> 004B K
1D38 ᴸ Modifier Letter Capital L
  <super> 004C L
1D39 ᴹ Modifier Letter Capital M
  <super> 004D M
1D3A ᴺ Modifier Letter Capital N
  <super> 004E N
1D3B ᴻ Modifier Letter Capital Reversed N
1D3C ᴼ Modifier Letter Capital O
  <super> 004F O
1D3D ᴽ Modifier Letter Capital Ou
  <super> 0222 Ȣ
1D3E ᴾ Modifier Letter Capital P
  <super> 0050 P
1D3F ᴿ Modifier Letter Capital R
  <super> 0052 R
1D40 ᵀ Modifier Letter Capital T
  <super> 0054 T
1D41 ᵁ Modifier Letter Capital U
  <super> 0055 U
1D42 ᵂ Modifier Letter Capital W
  <super> 0057 W
1D43 ᵃ Modifier Letter Small A
  <super> 0061 a
1D44 ᵄ Modifier Letter Small Turned A
  <super> 0250 ɐ
1D45 ᵅ Modifier Letter Small Alpha
  <super> 0251 ɑ
1D46 ᵆ Modifier Letter Small Turned Ae
  <super> 1D02 ᴂ
1D47 ᵇ Modifier Letter Small B
  <super> 0062 b
1D48 ᵈ Modifier Letter Small D
  <super> 0064 d
1D49 ᵉ Modifier Letter Small E
  <super> 0065 e
1D4A ᵊ Modifier Letter Small Schwa
  <super> 0259 ə
1D4B ᵋ Modifier Letter Small Open E
  <super> 025B ɛ
1D4C ᵌ Modifier Letter Small Turned Open E
  more appropriate equivalence would be to 1D08 ᴈ
  <super> 025C ɜ
1D4D ᵍ Modifier Letter Small G
  <super> 0067 g
1D4E ᵎ Modifier Letter Small Turned I
1D4F ᵏ Modifier Letter Small K
  <super> 006B k
1D50 ᵐ Modifier Letter Small M
  <super> 006D m
1D51 ᵑ Modifier Letter Small Eng
  <super> 014B ŋ
1D52 ᵒ Modifier Letter Small O
  <super> 006F o
1D53 ᵓ Modifier Letter Small Open O
  <super> 0254 ɔ
1D54 ᵔ Modifier Letter Small Top Half O
  <super> 1D16 ᴖ
1D55 ᵕ Modifier Letter Small Bottom Half O
  <super> 1D17 ᴗ
1D56 ᵖ Modifier Letter Small P
  <super> 0070 p
1D57 ᵗ Modifier Letter Small T
  <super> 0074 t
1D58 ᵘ Modifier Letter Small U
  <super> 0075 u
1D59 ᵙ Modifier Letter Small Sideways U
  <super> 1D1D ᴝ
1D5A ᵚ Modifier Letter Small Turned M
  <super> 026F ɯ
1D5B ᵛ Modifier Letter Small V
  <super> 0076 v
1D5C ᵜ Modifier Letter Small Ain
  <super> 1D25 ᴥ

Greek superscript modifier letters

1D5D ᵝ Modifier Letter Small Beta
  <super> 03B2 β
1D5E ᵞ Modifier Letter Small Greek Gamma
  <super> 03B3 γ
1D5F ᵟ Modifier Letter Small Delta
  <super> 03B4 δ
1D60 ᵠ Modifier Letter Small Greek Phi
  <super> 03C6 φ
1D61 ᵡ Modifier Letter Small Chi
  <super> 03C7 χ

Latin subscript modifier letters

1D62 ᵢ Latin Subscript Small Letter I
  <sub> 0069 i
1D63 ᵣ Latin Subscript Small Letter R
  <sub> 0072 r
1D64 ᵤ Latin Subscript Small Letter U
  <sub> 0075 u
1D65 ᵥ Latin Subscript Small Letter V
  <sub> 0076 v

Greek subscript modifier letters

1D66 ᵦ Greek Subscript Small Letter Beta
  <sub> 03B2 β
1D67 ᵧ Greek Subscript Small Letter Gamma
  <sub> 03B3 γ
1D68 ᵨ Greek Subscript Small Letter Rho
  <sub> 03C1 ρ
1D69 ᵩ Greek Subscript Small Letter Phi
  <sub> 03C6 φ
1D6A ᵪ Greek Subscript Small Letter Chi
  <sub> 03C7 χ

Latin letter

1D6B ᵫ Latin Small Letter Ue

Latin letters with middle tilde

Additional letters with middle tilde are found in other blocks.
  026B ɫ latin small letter l with middle tilde
  AB68 ꭨ latin small letter turned r with middle tilde
1D6C ᵬ Latin Small Letter B With Middle Tilde
1D6D ᵭ Latin Small Letter D With Middle Tilde
1D6E ᵮ Latin Small Letter F With Middle Tilde
1D6F ᵯ Latin Small Letter M With Middle Tilde
1D70 ᵰ Latin Small Letter N With Middle Tilde
1D71 ᵱ Latin Small Letter P With Middle Tilde
1D72 ᵲ Latin Small Letter R With Middle Tilde
1D73 ᵳ Latin Small Letter R With Fishhook And Middle Tilde
1D74 ᵴ Latin Small Letter S With Middle Tilde
1D75 ᵵ Latin Small Letter T With Middle Tilde
1D76 ᵶ Latin Small Letter Z With Middle Tilde

Caucasian linguistics

1D77 ᵷ Latin Small Letter Turned G
  Georgian transcription
  10F9 ჹ georgian letter turned gan
1D78 ᵸ Modifier Letter Cyrillic En
  sometimes substituted for 1D34 ᴴ in extended IPA
  1D34 ᴴ modifier letter capital h
  <super> 043D н

Other phonetic symbols

1D79 ᵹ Latin Small Letter Insular G
  older Irish phonetic notation
  uppercase is A77D Ᵹ
  0067 g latin small letter g
  021D ȝ latin small letter yogh
  0261 ɡ latin small letter script g
  0263 ɣ latin small letter gamma
  A7D1 ꟑ latin small letter closed insular g
  A77D Ᵹ latin capital letter insular g
1D7A ᵺ Latin Small Letter Th With Strikethrough
  American dictionary usage
  03B8 θ greek small letter theta
1D7B ᵻ Latin Small Capital Letter I With Stroke
  used with different meanings by Americanists and Oxford dictionaries
1D7C ᵼ Latin Small Letter Iota With Stroke
  used by Russianists
1D7D ᵽ Latin Small Letter P With Stroke
  used by Americanists
  uppercase is 2C63 Ᵽ
  2C63 Ᵽ latin capital letter p with stroke
1D7E ᵾ Latin Small Capital Letter U With Stroke
  used by Americanists
  0289 ʉ latin small letter u bar
1D7F ᵿ Latin Small Letter Upsilon With Stroke
  used by Americanists and Oxford dictionaries