Enclosed Ideographic Supplement

Squared hiragana from ARIB STD B24

1F200 🈀 Square Hiragana Hoka
  =and others
  <square> 307B ほ 304B か

Squared katakana

1F201 🈁 Squared Katakana Koko
  =here sign
  <square> 30B3 コ 30B3 コ
1F202 🈂 Squared Katakana Sa
  =service sign
  32DA ㋚ circled katakana sa
  <square> 30B5 サ

Squared ideographs and kana from ARIB STD B24

1F210 🈐 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-624B
  =broadcasting service with sign language interpretation
  <square> 624B 手
1F211 🈑 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-5B57
  =close-captioned broadcasting
  <square> 5B57 字
1F212 🈒 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-53Cc
  =two-way broadcasting service
  <square> 53CC 双
1F213 🈓 Squared Katakana De
  =data broadcasting service linked with a main program
  <square> 30C7 デ
  30C6 テ + 3099 ◌゙
1F214 🈔 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-4E8C
  =bilingual broadcasting service
  =second base
  <square> 4E8C 二
1F215 🈕 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-591A
  =sound-multiplex broadcasting service
  <square> 591A 多
1F216 🈖 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-89E3
  =commentary broadcasting
  <square> 89E3 解
1F217 🈗 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-5929
  =weather forecast
  <square> 5929 天
1F218 🈘 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-4Ea4
  =traffic information
  <square> 4EA4 交
1F219 🈙 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6620
  =drama film
  <square> 6620 映
1F21A 🈚 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-7121
  =free broadcasting service
  =non-existence sign
  <square> 7121 無
1F21B 🈛 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6599
  =pay broadcasting service
  <square> 6599 料
1F21C 🈜 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-524D
  =the first part
  <square> 524D 前
1F21D 🈝 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-5F8C
  =the latter part
  <square> 5F8C 後
1F21E 🈞 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-518D
  <square> 518D 再
1F21F 🈟 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-65B0
  =new series of programs
  <square> 65B0 新
1F220 🈠 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-521D
  =first released program
  <square> 521D 初
1F221 🈡 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-7D42
  =the last episode
  <square> 7D42 終
1F222 🈢 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-751F
  =live broadcast
  <square> 751F 生
1F223 🈣 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-8Ca9
  <square> 8CA9 販
1F224 🈤 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-58F0
  =voice actors
  <square> 58F0 声
1F225 🈥 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-5439
  =dubbed version
  <square> 5439 吹
1F226 🈦 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6F14
  =performed by
  <square> 6F14 演
1F227 🈧 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6295
  <square> 6295 投
1F228 🈨 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6355
  <square> 6355 捕
1F229 🈩 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-4E00
  =first base
  <square> 4E00 一
1F22A 🈪 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-4E09
  =third base
  <square> 4E09 三
1F22B 🈫 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-904A
  =short stop
  <square> 904A 遊
1F22C 🈬 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-5De6
  =left field
  <square> 5DE6 左
1F22D 🈭 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-4E2D
  =center field
  <square> 4E2D 中
1F22E 🈮 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-53F3
  =right field
  <square> 53F3 右
1F22F 🈯 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6307
  =designated hitter
  =reserved sign
  <square> 6307 指
1F230 🈰 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-8D70
  <square> 8D70 走
1F231 🈱 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6253
  <square> 6253 打

Squared ideographs

1F232 🈲 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-7981
  =prohibited sign
  <square> 7981 禁
1F233 🈳 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-7A7A
  =empty sign
  <square> 7A7A 空
1F234 🈴 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-5408
  =passed sign
  <square> 5408 合
1F235 🈵 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6E80
  =full sign
  <square> 6E80 満
1F236 🈶 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6709
  =existence sign
  3292 ㊒ circled ideograph have
  <square> 6709 有
1F237 🈷 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-6708
  =monthly sign
  328A ㊊ circled ideograph moon
  <square> 6708 月
1F238 🈸 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-7533
  =application sign
  <square> 7533 申
1F239 🈹 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-5272
  =discount sign
  <square> 5272 割
1F23A 🈺 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-55B6
  =in business sign
  <square> 55B6 営
1F23B 🈻 Squared Cjk Unified Ideograph-914D
  =program delivery over network (ARIB STD B62)
  <square> 914D 配

Ideographs with tortoise shell brackets from ARIB STD B24

1F240 🉀 Tortoise Shell Bracketed Cjk Unified Ideograph-672C
  =home run
  3014 〔 672C 本 3015 〕
1F241 🉁 Tortoise Shell Bracketed Cjk Unified Ideograph-4E09
  3014 〔 4E09 三 3015 〕
1F242 🉂 Tortoise Shell Bracketed Cjk Unified Ideograph-4E8C
  3014 〔 4E8C 二 3015 〕
1F243 🉃 Tortoise Shell Bracketed Cjk Unified Ideograph-5B89
  3014 〔 5B89 安 3015 〕
1F244 🉄 Tortoise Shell Bracketed Cjk Unified Ideograph-70B9
  3014 〔 70B9 点 3015 〕
1F245 🉅 Tortoise Shell Bracketed Cjk Unified Ideograph-6253
  3014 〔 6253 打 3015 〕
1F246 🉆 Tortoise Shell Bracketed Cjk Unified Ideograph-76D7
  3014 〔 76D7 盗 3015 〕
1F247 🉇 Tortoise Shell Bracketed Cjk Unified Ideograph-52Dd
  3014 〔 52DD 勝 3015 〕
1F248 🉈 Tortoise Shell Bracketed Cjk Unified Ideograph-6557
  3014 〔 6557 敗 3015 〕

Circled ideographs

1F250 🉐 Circled Ideograph Advantage
  =advantage sign
  <circle> 5F97 得
1F251 🉑 Circled Ideograph Accept
  =accept sign
  <circle> 53EF 可

Symbols for Chinese folk religion

1F260 🉠 Rounded Symbol For Fu
  798F 福
1F261 🉡 Rounded Symbol For Lu
  797F 祿
  7984 禄
1F262 🉢 Rounded Symbol For Shou
  58FD 壽
  5BFF 寿
1F263 🉣 Rounded Symbol For Xi
  559C 喜
1F264 🉤 Rounded Symbol For Shuangxi
  double happiness, love and marriage
  56CD 囍
1F265 🉥 Rounded Symbol For Cai
  8CA1 財
  8D22 财