Supplemental Symbols and Pictographs

Typicon symbols

1F900 🤀 Circled Cross Formee With Four Dots
1F901 🤁 Circled Cross Formee With Two Dots
1F902 🤂 Circled Cross Formee
  2720 ✠ maltese cross
1F903 🤃 Left Half Circle With Four Dots
1F904 🤄 Left Half Circle With Three Dots
1F905 🤅 Left Half Circle With Two Dots
1F906 🤆 Left Half Circle With Dot
1F907 🤇 Left Half Circle
1F908 🤈 Downward Facing Hook
1F909 🤉 Downward Facing Notched Hook
1F90A 🤊 Downward Facing Hook With Dot
1F90B 🤋 Downward Facing Notched Hook With Dot

Hand symbol

1F90C 🤌 Pinched Fingers

Colored heart symbols

For use with emoji. Constitute a set as follows: 2764, 1F499-1F49C, 1F5A4, 1F90D, 1F90E, and 1F9E1.
1F90D 🤍 White Heart
1F90E 🤎 Brown Heart

Hand symbol

1F90F 🤏 Pinching Hand

Emoticon faces

1F910 🤐 Zipper-Mouth Face
1F911 🤑 Money-Mouth Face
1F912 🤒 Face With Thermometer
1F913 🤓 Nerd Face
1F914 🤔 Thinking Face
1F915 🤕 Face With Head-Bandage
1F916 🤖 Robot Face
  1F47E 👾 alien monster
1F917 🤗 Hugging Face

Hand symbols

1F918 🤘 Sign Of The Horns
1F919 🤙 Call Me Hand
1F91A 🤚 Raised Back Of Hand
1F91B 🤛 Left-Facing Fist
1F91C 🤜 Right-Facing Fist
1F91D 🤝 Handshake
1F91E 🤞 Hand With Index And Middle Fingers Crossed
1F91F 🤟 I Love You Hand Sign
  can be abbreviated ILY

Emoticon faces

1F920 🤠 Face With Cowboy Hat
1F921 🤡 Clown Face
1F922 🤢 Nauseated Face
1F923 🤣 Rolling On The Floor Laughing
  =rofl, rotfl
1F924 🤤 Drooling Face
1F925 🤥 Lying Face
1F926 🤦 Face Palm
  =frustration, disbelief
1F927 🤧 Sneezing Face
1F928 🤨 Face With One Eyebrow Raised
1F929 🤩 Grinning Face With Star Eyes
1F92A 🤪 Grinning Face With One Large And One Small Eye
1F92B 🤫 Face With Finger Covering Closed Lips
1F92C 🤬 Serious Face With Symbols Covering Mouth
1F92D 🤭 Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes And Hand Covering Mouth
1F92E 🤮 Face With Open Mouth Vomiting
1F92F 🤯 Shocked Face With Exploding Head

Portrait and role symbols

1F930 🤰 Pregnant Woman
1F931 🤱 Breast-Feeding
1F932 🤲 Palms Up Together
  used for prayer in some cultures
1F933 🤳 Selfie
  typically used with face or human figure on the left
1F934 🤴 Prince
  1F478 👸 princess
1F935 🤵 Man In Tuxedo
  appearance for groom, may be paired with 1F470 👰
  1F470 👰 bride with veil
1F936 🤶 Mother Christmas
  =Mrs. Claus
  1F385 🎅 father christmas
1F937 🤷 Shrug

Sport symbols

1F938 🤸 Person Doing Cartwheel
1F939 🤹 Juggling
1F93A 🤺 Fencer
  2694 ⚔ crossed swords
1F93B 🤻 Modern Pentathlon
1F93C 🤼 Wrestlers
1F93D 🤽 Water Polo
1F93E 🤾 Handball
1F93F 🤿 Diving Mask

Miscellaneous symbols

1F940 🥀 Wilted Flower
  1F339 🌹 rose
1F941 🥁 Drum With Drumsticks
1F942 🥂 Clinking Glasses
  =celebration, formal toasting
  1F37B 🍻 clinking beer mugs
1F943 🥃 Tumbler Glass
  typically shown with ice
  1F378 🍸 cocktail glass
1F944 🥄 Spoon
  1F374 🍴 fork and knife
1F945 🥅 Goal Net
1F946 🥆 Rifle
  =marksmanship, shooting, hunting
1F947 🥇 First Place Medal
  =gold medal
  1F3C5 🏅 sports medal
1F948 🥈 Second Place Medal
  =silver medal
1F949 🥉 Third Place Medal
  =bronze medal
1F94A 🥊 Boxing Glove
1F94B 🥋 Martial Arts Uniform
  =judo, karate, taekwondo
1F94C 🥌 Curling Stone
1F94D 🥍 Lacrosse Stick And Ball
1F94E 🥎 Softball
1F94F 🥏 Flying Disc

Food symbols

1F950 🥐 Croissant
1F951 🥑 Avocado
1F952 🥒 Cucumber
1F953 🥓 Bacon
1F954 🥔 Potato
1F955 🥕 Carrot
1F956 🥖 Baguette Bread
  =French bread
1F957 🥗 Green Salad
1F958 🥘 Shallow Pan Of Food
  =paella, casserole
1F959 🥙 Stuffed Flatbread
  =döner kebab, falafel, gyro, shawarma
1F95A 🥚 Egg
  =chicken egg
1F95B 🥛 Glass Of Milk
1F95C 🥜 Peanuts
1F95D 🥝 Kiwifruit
1F95E 🥞 Pancakes
  =hotcakes, crêpes, blini
  sweet or savory
1F95F 🥟 Dumpling
  =potsticker, gyooza, jiaozi, pierogi, empanada
1F960 🥠 Fortune Cookie
1F961 🥡 Takeout Box
  =take-away box, oyster pail
1F962 🥢 Chopsticks
  =kuaizi, hashi, jeotgarak
1F963 🥣 Bowl With Spoon
  can indicate breakfast, cereal, congee, etc.
1F964 🥤 Cup With Straw
  can indicate soda, juice, etc.
1F965 🥥 Coconut
1F966 🥦 Broccoli
1F967 🥧 Pie
  may be sweet or savory
1F968 🥨 Pretzel
  can indicate twistiness, intricacy
1F969 🥩 Cut Of Meat
  =porkchop, chop, steak
1F96A 🥪 Sandwich
1F96B 🥫 Canned Food
1F96C 🥬 Leafy Green
  intended to represent cooked green vegetables such as bok choy, kale, etc.
1F96D 🥭 Mango
1F96E 🥮 Moon Cake
1F96F 🥯 Bagel


1F970 🥰 Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes And Three Hearts
1F971 🥱 Yawning Face
1F972 🥲 Smiling Face With Tear
1F973 🥳 Face With Party Horn And Party Hat
1F974 🥴 Face With Uneven Eyes And Wavy Mouth
1F975 🥵 Overheated Face
1F976 🥶 Freezing Face
1F977 🥷 Ninja
1F978 🥸 Disguised Face
1F97A 🥺 Face With Pleading Eyes


1F97B 🥻 Sari
1F97C 🥼 Lab Coat
1F97D 🥽 Goggles
1F97E 🥾 Hiking Boot
1F97F 🥿 Flat Shoe

Animal symbols

1F980 🦀 Crab
  used for Cancer
  264B ♋ cancer
1F981 🦁 Lion Face
  used for Leo
  264C ♌ leo
1F982 🦂 Scorpion
  used for Scorpio
  264F ♏ scorpius
1F983 🦃 Turkey
1F984 🦄 Unicorn Face
1F985 🦅 Eagle
1F986 🦆 Duck
1F987 🦇 Bat
1F988 🦈 Shark
1F989 🦉 Owl
1F98A 🦊 Fox Face
1F98B 🦋 Butterfly
1F98C 🦌 Deer
1F98D 🦍 Gorilla
1F98E 🦎 Lizard
1F98F 🦏 Rhinoceros
1F990 🦐 Shrimp
1F991 🦑 Squid
1F992 🦒 Giraffe Face
1F993 🦓 Zebra Face
1F994 🦔 Hedgehog
1F995 🦕 Sauropod
  includes Brontosaurus, Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus
1F996 🦖 T-Rex
  =Tyrannosaurus rex
1F997 🦗 Cricket
1F998 🦘 Kangaroo
1F999 🦙 Llama
1F99A 🦚 Peacock
1F99B 🦛 Hippopotamus
1F99C 🦜 Parrot
1F99D 🦝 Raccoon
1F99E 🦞 Lobster
1F99F 🦟 Mosquito
1F9A0 🦠 Microbe
  microorganism, intended to cover bacteria, viruses, amoebas, etc.
1F9A1 🦡 Badger
1F9A2 🦢 Swan
1F9A3 🦣 Mammoth
  indicates great size
1F9A4 🦤 Dodo
  indicates extinction
1F9A5 🦥 Sloth
1F9A6 🦦 Otter
1F9A7 🦧 Orangutan
1F9A8 🦨 Skunk
1F9A9 🦩 Flamingo
1F9AA 🦪 Oyster
1F9AB 🦫 Beaver
1F9AC 🦬 Bison
1F9AD 🦭 Seal

Accessibility symbols

1F9AE 🦮 Guide Dog
1F9AF 🦯 Probing Cane

Emoji components

The characters in the range 1F9B0-1F9B3 are intended to be used in emoji ZWJ sequences to indicate hair style.
1F9B0 🦰 Emoji Component Red Hair
1F9B1 🦱 Emoji Component Curly Hair
1F9B2 🦲 Emoji Component Bald
1F9B3 🦳 Emoji Component White Hair

Body parts

1F9B4 🦴 Bone
1F9B5 🦵 Leg
1F9B6 🦶 Foot
1F9B7 🦷 Tooth

Role symbols

1F9B8 🦸 Superhero
1F9B9 🦹 Supervillain

Accessibility symbols

1F9BA 🦺 Safety Vest
1F9BB 🦻 Ear With Hearing Aid
1F9BC 🦼 Motorized Wheelchair
1F9BD 🦽 Manual Wheelchair
1F9BE 🦾 Mechanical Arm
1F9BF 🦿 Mechanical Leg

Food symbols

1F9C0 🧀 Cheese Wedge
1F9C1 🧁 Cupcake
1F9C2 🧂 Salt Shaker
1F9C3 🧃 Beverage Box
1F9C4 🧄 Garlic
1F9C5 🧅 Onion
1F9C6 🧆 Falafel
1F9C7 🧇 Waffle
1F9C8 🧈 Butter
1F9C9 🧉 Mate Drink
1F9CA 🧊 Ice Cube
1F9CB 🧋 Bubble Tea

Portrait and accessibility symbols

1F9CD 🧍 Standing Person
1F9CE 🧎 Kneeling Person
1F9CF 🧏 Deaf Person

Portrait and role symbols

1F9D0 🧐 Face With Monocle
1F9D1 🧑 Adult
  no specified gender
  1F468 👨 man
  1F469 👩 woman
1F9D2 🧒 Child
  no specified gender
  1F466 👦 boy
  1F467 👧 girl
1F9D3 🧓 Older Adult
  no specified gender
  1F474 👴 older man
  1F475 👵 older woman
1F9D4 🧔 Bearded Person
1F9D5 🧕 Person With Headscarf
  =woman's headscarf, hijab
1F9D6 🧖 Person In Steamy Room
  =sauna, steam room
1F9D7 🧗 Person Climbing
1F9D8 🧘 Person In Lotus Position
  =yoga, meditation

Fantasy beings

1F9D9 🧙 Mage
  =wizard, witch, sorcerer, sorceress
1F9DA 🧚 Fairy
1F9DB 🧛 Vampire
1F9DC 🧜 Merperson
  =mermaid, merman
1F9DD 🧝 Elf
1F9DE 🧞 Genie
1F9DF 🧟 Zombie

Miscellaneous symbols

1F9E0 🧠 Brain
1F9E1 🧡 Orange Heart
  1F499 💙 blue heart
  1F90D 🤍 white heart
1F9E2 🧢 Billed Cap
  =baseball cap
1F9E3 🧣 Scarf
1F9E4 🧤 Gloves
1F9E5 🧥 Coat
1F9E6 🧦 Socks


1F9E7 🧧 Red Gift Envelope
  contains a monetary gift in East and Southeast Asia
1F9E8 🧨 Firecracker
1F9E9 🧩 Jigsaw Puzzle Piece


1F9EA 🧪 Test Tube
1F9EB 🧫 Petri Dish
1F9EC 🧬 Dna Double Helix
1F9ED 🧭 Compass
1F9EE 🧮 Abacus
1F9EF 🧯 Fire Extinguisher
1F9F0 🧰 Toolbox
1F9F1 🧱 Brick
1F9F2 🧲 Magnet
1F9F3 🧳 Luggage
1F9F4 🧴 Lotion Bottle
1F9F5 🧵 Spool Of Thread
1F9F6 🧶 Ball Of Yarn
1F9F7 🧷 Safety Pin
1F9F8 🧸 Teddy Bear
1F9F9 🧹 Broom
1F9FA 🧺 Basket
1F9FB 🧻 Roll Of Paper
1F9FC 🧼 Bar Of Soap
1F9FD 🧽 Sponge
1F9FE 🧾 Receipt
1F9FF 🧿 Nazar Amulet