Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes

Other geometric shapes complementing this set are found in the Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows block and in the Symbols for Legacy Computing block.
25A0 ■ Black Square
  =moding mark (in ideographic text)
  2588 █ full block
  2B1B ⬛ black large square
25A1 □ White Square
  =alchemical symbol for salt
  used in astrological contexts for aspect square
  may be used to represent a missing ideograph
  20DE ◌⃞ combining enclosing square
  25FB ◻ white medium square
  2610 ☐ ballot box
  2B1C ⬜ white large square
  3013 〓 geta mark
25A2 ▢ White Square With Rounded Corners
25A3 ▣ White Square Containing Black Small Square
25A4 ▤ Square With Horizontal Fill
25A5 ▥ Square With Vertical Fill
25A6 ▦ Square With Orthogonal Crosshatch Fill
25A7 ▧ Square With Upper Left To Lower Right Fill
  1FB98 🮘 upper left to lower right fill
25A8 ▨ Square With Upper Right To Lower Left Fill
  1FB99 🮙 upper right to lower left fill
25A9 ▩ Square With Diagonal Crosshatch Fill
25AA ▪ Black Small Square
  =square bullet
  2B1D ⬝ black very small square
25AB ▫ White Small Square
  2B1E ⬞ white very small square
25AC ▬ Black Rectangle
25AD ▭ White Rectangle
25AE ▮ Black Vertical Rectangle
  =histogram marker
  220E ∎ end of proof
25AF ▯ White Vertical Rectangle
  2337 ⌷ apl functional symbol squish quad
  2395 ⎕ apl functional symbol quad
25B0 ▰ Black Parallelogram
25B1 ▱ White Parallelogram
25B2 ▲ Black Up-Pointing Triangle
  23F6 ⏶ black medium up-pointing triangle
  2BC5 ⯅ black medium up-pointing triangle centred
  1F53A 🔺 up-pointing red triangle
25B3 △ White Up-Pointing Triangle
  20E4 ◌⃤ combining enclosing upward pointing triangle
  2206 ∆ increment
  1F6C6 🛆 triangle with rounded corners
  1F702 🜂 alchemical symbol for fire
25B4 ▴ Black Up-Pointing Small Triangle
  1F53C 🔼 up-pointing small red triangle
25B5 ▵ White Up-Pointing Small Triangle
25B6 ▶ Black Right-Pointing Triangle
  23F5 ⏵ black medium right-pointing triangle
  2BC8 ⯈ black medium right-pointing triangle centred
25B7 ▷ White Right-Pointing Triangle
  =z notation range restriction
25B8 ▸ Black Right-Pointing Small Triangle
  2023 ‣ triangular bullet
25B9 ▹ White Right-Pointing Small Triangle
25BA ► Black Right-Pointing Pointer
25BB ▻ White Right-Pointing Pointer
  =forward arrow indicator
  22B3 ⊳ contains as normal subgroup
25BC ▼ Black Down-Pointing Triangle
  23F7 ⏷ black medium down-pointing triangle
  2BC6 ⯆ black medium down-pointing triangle centred
  1F53B 🔻 down-pointing red triangle
25BD ▽ White Down-Pointing Triangle
  =Hamilton operator
  2207 ∇ nabla
  26DB ⛛ heavy white down-pointing triangle
  1F704 🜄 alchemical symbol for water
25BE ▾ Black Down-Pointing Small Triangle
  1F53D 🔽 down-pointing small red triangle
25BF ▿ White Down-Pointing Small Triangle
25C0 ◀ Black Left-Pointing Triangle
  23F4 ⏴ black medium left-pointing triangle
  2BC7 ⯇ black medium left-pointing triangle centred
25C1 ◁ White Left-Pointing Triangle
  =z notation domain restriction
25C2 ◂ Black Left-Pointing Small Triangle
25C3 ◃ White Left-Pointing Small Triangle
25C4 ◄ Black Left-Pointing Pointer
25C5 ◅ White Left-Pointing Pointer
  =backward arrow indicator
  22B2 ⊲ normal subgroup of
25C6 ◆ Black Diamond
  2666 ♦ black diamond suit
  2B25 ⬥ black medium diamond
  1F536 🔶 large orange diamond
25C7 ◇ White Diamond
  20DF ◌⃟ combining enclosing diamond
  22C4 ⋄ diamond operator
  2662 ♢ white diamond suit
  27E1 ⟡ white concave-sided diamond
  2B26 ⬦ white medium diamond
  1F754 🝔 alchemical symbol for soap
  1FBAE 🮮 box drawings light diagonal diamond
25C8 ◈ White Diamond Containing Black Small Diamond
25C9 ◉ Fisheye
  =tainome (Japanese, a kind of bullet)
25CA ◊ Lozenge
  2662 ♢ white diamond suit
25CB ○ White Circle
  20DD ◌⃝ combining enclosing circle
  25EF ◯ large circle
  2B58 ⭘ heavy circle
  3007 〇 ideographic number zero
  1F315 🌕 full moon symbol
25CC ◌ Dotted Circle
  note that the reference glyph for this character is intentionally larger than the dotted circle glyph used to indicate combining characters in this standard; see, for example, 0300 ◌̀
25CD ◍ Circle With Vertical Fill
25CE ◎ Bullseye
  229A ⊚ circled ring operator
  2B57 ⭗ heavy circle with circle inside
  1F3AF 🎯 direct hit
  1F78B 🞋 round target
25CF ● Black Circle
  2B24 ⬤ black large circle
  1F311 🌑 new moon symbol
  1F534 🔴 large red circle
25D0 ◐ Circle With Left Half Black
  1F313 🌓 first quarter moon symbol
25D1 ◑ Circle With Right Half Black
  1F317 🌗 last quarter moon symbol
25D2 ◒ Circle With Lower Half Black
25D3 ◓ Circle With Upper Half Black
25D4 ◔ Circle With Upper Right Quadrant Black
25D5 ◕ Circle With All But Upper Left Quadrant Black
25D6 ◖ Left Half Black Circle
25D7 ◗ Right Half Black Circle
25D8 ◘ Inverse Bullet
  2022 • bullet
  25E6 ◦ white bullet
25D9 ◙ Inverse White Circle
25DA ◚ Upper Half Inverse White Circle
25DB ◛ Lower Half Inverse White Circle
25DC ◜ Upper Left Quadrant Circular Arc
25DD ◝ Upper Right Quadrant Circular Arc
25DE ◞ Lower Right Quadrant Circular Arc
25DF ◟ Lower Left Quadrant Circular Arc
25E0 ◠ Upper Half Circle
  2312 ⌒ arc
25E1 ◡ Lower Half Circle
25E2 ◢ Black Lower Right Triangle
  1FB9E 🮞 lower right triangular medium shade
25E3 ◣ Black Lower Left Triangle
  1FB9F 🮟 lower left triangular medium shade
25E4 ◤ Black Upper Left Triangle
  1FB9C 🮜 upper left triangular medium shade
25E5 ◥ Black Upper Right Triangle
  1FB9D 🮝 upper right triangular medium shade
25E6 ◦ White Bullet
  2022 • bullet
  2218 ∘ ring operator
  25D8 ◘ inverse bullet
25E7 ◧ Square With Left Half Black
  2B12 ⬒ square with top half black
25E8 ◨ Square With Right Half Black
25E9 ◩ Square With Upper Left Diagonal Half Black
25EA ◪ Square With Lower Right Diagonal Half Black
25EB ◫ White Square With Vertical Bisecting Line
25EC ◬ White Up-Pointing Triangle With Dot
25ED ◭ Up-Pointing Triangle With Left Half Black
25EE ◮ Up-Pointing Triangle With Right Half Black
25EF ◯ Large Circle
  20DD ◌⃝ combining enclosing circle
  25CB ○ white circle
  2B24 ⬤ black large circle
  2B55 ⭕ heavy large circle
  3007 〇 ideographic number zero

Control code graphics

25F0 ◰ White Square With Upper Left Quadrant
25F1 ◱ White Square With Lower Left Quadrant
25F2 ◲ White Square With Lower Right Quadrant
25F3 ◳ White Square With Upper Right Quadrant
25F4 ◴ White Circle With Upper Left Quadrant
25F5 ◵ White Circle With Lower Left Quadrant
25F6 ◶ White Circle With Lower Right Quadrant
25F7 ◷ White Circle With Upper Right Quadrant

Geometric shapes

25F8 ◸ Upper Left Triangle
25F9 ◹ Upper Right Triangle
25FA ◺ Lower Left Triangle
  22BF ⊿ right triangle
25FB ◻ White Medium Square
  =always (modal operator)
  25A1 □ white square
  27E4 ⟤ white square with leftwards tick
25FC ◼ Black Medium Square
  23F9 ⏹ black square for stop
  25A0 ■ black square
25FD ◽ White Medium Small Square
  25AB ▫ white small square
25FE ◾ Black Medium Small Square
  25AA ▪ black small square
25FF ◿ Lower Right Triangle
  22BF ⊿ right triangle