CJK Radicals Supplement

For the characters in this block whose representative glyph takes up only a portion of the em-box, the placement relative to the em-box is either centered or respects prototypical usage. The placement of the representative glyph is for informational purposes only, and should not be considered a recommendation for implementations.

CJK radicals supplement

2E80 ⺀ Cjk Radical Repeat
2E81 ⺁ Cjk Radical Cliff
  5382 厂
  20086 𠂆
2E82 ⺂ Cjk Radical Second One
  4E5B 乛
2E83 ⺃ Cjk Radical Second Two
  4E5A 乚
2E84 ⺄ Cjk Radical Second Three
  4E59 乙
2E85 ⺅ Cjk Radical Person
  form used on left side
  4EBB 亻
2E86 ⺆ Cjk Radical Box
  5182 冂
2E87 ⺇ Cjk Radical Table
  51E0 几
  20628 𠘨
2E88 ⺈ Cjk Radical Knife One
  form used at top
  5200 刀
  2008A 𠂊
2E89 ⺉ Cjk Radical Knife Two
  form used on right side
  5202 刂
2E8A ⺊ Cjk Radical Divination
  form used at top
  535C 卜
2E8B ⺋ Cjk Radical Seal
  form used at bottom
  353E 㔾
2E8C ⺌ Cjk Radical Small One
  form used at top
  5C0F 小
2E8D ⺍ Cjk Radical Small Two
  form used at top
  5C0F 小
  2D544 𭕄
2E8E ⺎ Cjk Radical Lame One
  5C22 尢
  5140 兀
2E8F ⺏ Cjk Radical Lame Two
  5C23 尣
2E90 ⺐ Cjk Radical Lame Three
  5C22 尢
2E91 ⺑ Cjk Radical Lame Four
  5C23 尣
  21BC2 𡯂
2E92 ⺒ Cjk Radical Snake
  5DF3 巳
2E93 ⺓ Cjk Radical Thread
  5E7A 幺
2E94 ⺔ Cjk Radical Snout One
  5F51 彑
2E95 ⺕ Cjk Radical Snout Two
  actually a form of the radical for hand, despite its resemblance in shape to the radical for snout
  5F50 彐
  2B739 𫜹
2E96 ⺖ Cjk Radical Heart One
  form used on left side
  5FC4 忄
2E97 ⺗ Cjk Radical Heart Two
  form used at bottom
  38FA 㣺
  5FC3 心
2E98 ⺘ Cjk Radical Hand
  form used on left side
  624C 扌
2E99 ⺙ Cjk Radical Rap
  form used on right side
  6535 攵
2E9B ⺛ Cjk Radical Choke
  65E1 旡
2E9C ⺜ Cjk Radical Sun
  actually a form of the radical for hat, despite its resemblance in shape to the radical for sun
  5183 冃
  65E5 日
2E9D ⺝ Cjk Radical Moon
  6708 月
2E9E ⺞ Cjk Radical Death
  6B7A 歺
2E9F ⺟ Cjk Radical Mother
  6BCD 母
2EA0 ⺠ Cjk Radical Civilian
  6C11 民
2EA1 ⺡ Cjk Radical Water One
  form used on left side
  6C35 氵
2EA2 ⺢ Cjk Radical Water Two
  form used (rarely) at bottom
  6C3A 氺
2EA3 ⺣ Cjk Radical Fire
  form used at bottom
  706C 灬
2EA4 ⺤ Cjk Radical Paw One
  form used at top
  722B 爫
2EA5 ⺥ Cjk Radical Paw Two
  form used at top
  722B 爫
2EA6 ⺦ Cjk Radical Simplified Half Tree Trunk
  4E2C 丬
2EA7 ⺧ Cjk Radical Cow
  725B 牛
  20092 𠂒
2EA8 ⺨ Cjk Radical Dog
  form used on left side
  72AD 犭
2EA9 ⺩ Cjk Radical Jade
  form used on left side
  738B 王
  248E9 𤣩
2EAA ⺪ Cjk Radical Bolt Of Cloth
  form used on left side
  758B 疋
  24D14 𤴔
2EAB ⺫ Cjk Radical Eye
  form used at top
  2EB2 ⺲ cjk radical net two
  76EE 目
  7F52 罒
2EAC ⺬ Cjk Radical Spirit One
  793A 示
2EAD ⺭ Cjk Radical Spirit Two
  793B 礻
2EAE ⺮ Cjk Radical Bamboo
  7AF9 竹
  25AD7 𥫗
2EAF ⺯ Cjk Radical Silk
  form used on left side
  7CF9 糹
2EB0 ⺰ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Silk
  form used on left side
  7E9F 纟
2EB1 ⺱ Cjk Radical Net One
  7F53 罓
2EB2 ⺲ Cjk Radical Net Two
  2EAB ⺫ cjk radical eye
  7F52 罒
  26270 𦉰
2EB3 ⺳ Cjk Radical Net Three
  34C1 㓁
  7F51 网
2EB4 ⺴ Cjk Radical Net Four
  34C1 㓁
  7F51 网
2EB5 ⺵ Cjk Radical Mesh
  2626B 𦉫
2EB6 ⺶ Cjk Radical Sheep
  form used on left side
  7F8A 羊
2EB7 ⺷ Cjk Radical Ram
  form used at top
  7F8A 羊
  2634C 𦍌
2EB8 ⺸ Cjk Radical Ewe
  7F8B 羋
  2634B 𦍋
2EB9 ⺹ Cjk Radical Old
  8002 耂
2EBA ⺺ Cjk Radical Brush One
  8080 肀
2EBB ⺻ Cjk Radical Brush Two
  807F 聿
2EBC ⺼ Cjk Radical Meat
  8089 肉
2EBD ⺽ Cjk Radical Mortar
  81FC 臼
  26951 𦥑
2EBE ⺾ Cjk Radical Grass One
  8279 艹
2EBF ⺿ Cjk Radical Grass Two
  8279 艹
2EC0 ⻀ Cjk Radical Grass Three
  8279 艹
2EC1 ⻁ Cjk Radical Tiger
  864E 虎
2EC2 ⻂ Cjk Radical Clothes
  form used on left side
  8864 衤
2EC3 ⻃ Cjk Radical West One
  form used at top
  8980 覀
2EC4 ⻄ Cjk Radical West Two
  form used on left side
  897F 西
2EC5 ⻅ Cjk Radical C-Simplified See
  89C1 见
2EC6 ⻆ Cjk Radical Simplified Horn
  89D2 角
2EC7 ⻇ Cjk Radical Horn
  278B2 𧢲
2EC8 ⻈ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Speech
  8BA0 讠
2EC9 ⻉ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Shell
  8D1D 贝
2ECA ⻊ Cjk Radical Foot
  form used on left side
  8DB3 足
  27FB7 𧾷
2ECB ⻋ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Cart
  8F66 车
2ECC ⻌ Cjk Radical Simplified Walk
  8FB6 辶
2ECD ⻍ Cjk Radical Walk One
  8FB6 辶
2ECE ⻎ Cjk Radical Walk Two
  8FB6 辶
2ECF ⻏ Cjk Radical City
  form used on right side
  9091 邑
2ED0 ⻐ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Gold
  9485 钅
2ED1 ⻑ Cjk Radical Long One
  9577 長
2ED2 ⻒ Cjk Radical Long Two
  form used on left side
  9578 镸
2ED3 ⻓ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Long
  957F 长
2ED4 ⻔ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Gate
  95E8 门
2ED5 ⻕ Cjk Radical Mound One
  961C 阜
  28E0F 𨸏
2ED6 ⻖ Cjk Radical Mound Two
  form used on left side
  961D 阝
2ED7 ⻗ Cjk Radical Rain
  96E8 雨
2ED8 ⻘ Cjk Radical Blue
  9752 青
2ED9 ⻙ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Tanned Leather
  97E6 韦
2EDA ⻚ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Leaf
  9875 页
2EDB ⻛ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Wind
  98CE 风
2EDC ⻜ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Fly
  98DE 飞
2EDD ⻝ Cjk Radical Eat One
  form used at bottom
  98DF 食
2EDE ⻞ Cjk Radical Eat Two
  form used on left side
  2967F 𩙿
2EDF ⻟ Cjk Radical Eat Three
  form used on left side
  98E0 飠
2EE0 ⻠ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Eat
  form used on left side
  9963 饣
2EE1 ⻡ Cjk Radical Head
  29810 𩠐
2EE2 ⻢ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Horse
  9A6C 马
2EE3 ⻣ Cjk Radical Bone
  9AA8 骨
2EE4 ⻤ Cjk Radical Ghost
  9B3C 鬼
2EE5 ⻥ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Fish
  9C7C 鱼
2EE6 ⻦ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Bird
  9E1F 鸟
2EE7 ⻧ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Salt
  5364 卤
2EE8 ⻨ Cjk Radical Simplified Wheat
  9EA6 麦
2EE9 ⻩ Cjk Radical Simplified Yellow
  9EC4 黄
2EEA ⻪ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Frog
  9EFE 黾
2EEB ⻫ Cjk Radical J-Simplified Even
  6589 斉
2EEC ⻬ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Even
  9F50 齐
2EED ⻭ Cjk Radical J-Simplified Tooth
  6B6F 歯
2EEE ⻮ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Tooth
  9F7F 齿
2EEF ⻯ Cjk Radical J-Simplified Dragon
  7ADC 竜
  9F8D 龍
2EF0 ⻰ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Dragon
  9F99 龙
2EF1 ⻱ Cjk Radical Turtle
  9F9C 龜
2EF2 ⻲ Cjk Radical J-Simplified Turtle
  4E80 亀
2EF3 ⻳ Cjk Radical C-Simplified Turtle
  9F9F 龟