Combining Half Marks

Combining half marks

FE20 ◌︠ Combining Ligature Left Half
FE21 ◌︡ Combining Ligature Right Half
  0361 ◌͡ combining double inverted breve
FE22 ◌︢ Combining Double Tilde Left Half
FE23 ◌︣ Combining Double Tilde Right Half
  0360 ◌͠ combining double tilde

Continuous macrons for Coptic

These are used in combinations to represent continuous macrons over a sequence of Coptic letters.
FE24 ◌︤ Combining Macron Left Half
FE25 ◌︥ Combining Macron Right Half
FE26 ◌︦ Combining Conjoining Macron
  0304 ◌̄ combining macron
  035E ◌͞ combining double macron

Combining half marks below

These are used in combinations to represent a ligature, tilde, or macron that extend underneath more than two characters.
FE27 ◌︧ Combining Ligature Left Half Below
FE28 ◌︨ Combining Ligature Right Half Below
  035C ◌͜ combining double breve below
FE29 ◌︩ Combining Tilde Left Half Below
FE2A ◌︪ Combining Tilde Right Half Below
FE2B ◌︫ Combining Macron Left Half Below
FE2C ◌︬ Combining Macron Right Half Below
FE2D ◌︭ Combining Conjoining Macron Below
  0331 ◌̱ combining macron below
  035F ◌͟ combining double macron below

Combining half marks

These are used for supralineation in Church Slavonic texts.
FE2E ◌︮ Combining Cyrillic Titlo Left Half
FE2F ◌︯ Combining Cyrillic Titlo Right Half
  0483 ◌҃ combining cyrillic titlo