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¤¤BCP47 Delta


Lists data fields that differ from the last major version (see versions above). Inherited differences in locales are suppressed, except where the source locales are different.

Section Page Header Code Old New
BCP47 u_Extension cu-byb _description Belarusian Ruble (1994-1999)
cu-byr _description Belarusian Ruble (2000-2016)
cu-gbp _description British Pound
cu-ilr _description Israeli Shekel (1980-1985)
cu-ils _description Israeli New Shekel
cu-mmk _description Myanmar Kyat
cu-mvp _description Maldivian Rupee (1947-1981)
cu-pen _description Peruvian Sol
cu-qar _description Qatari Riyal
cu-shp _description St. Helena Pound
cu-sle _description Sierra Leonean Leone
cu-sll _description Sierra Leonean Leone (1964—2022)
cu-uzs _description Uzbekistani Som
cu-xaf _description Central African CFA Franc
cu-xbc _description European Unit of Account (XBC)
cu-xbd _description European Unit of Account (XBD)
cu-xof _description West African CFA Franc
tz-camtr _alias America/Montreal ▷removed◁
_preferred ▷missing◁ cator
tz-cator _alias America/Toronto America/Montreal Canada/Eastern
tz-mxcjs _alias ▷missing◁ America/Ciudad_Juarez
_deprecated ▷missing◁ false
_description ▷missing◁ Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
tz-trist _description Istanbul, Türkiye

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