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Locale Data Summary for Upper Sorbian [hsb]

CLDR Version 27.0.1 Index 2015-03-30 19:45:40 GMT

Root [root] > Upper Sorbian [hsb]

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1Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseMain Letters[a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z] [a b c č ć d {dź} e ě f g h {ch} i j k ł l m n ń o ó p q r ř s š t u v w x y z ž]
2Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseOthers: auxiliary[á à ă â å ä ã ā æ ç é è ĕ ê ë ē í ì ĭ î ï ī ñ ó ò ŏ ô ö ø ō œ ú ù ŭ û ü ū ÿ] [á à ă â å ä ã ą ā æ ç ď đ é è ĕ ê ë ė ę ē ğ í ì ĭ î ï İ ī ı ĺ ľ ň ñ ò ŏ ô ö ő ø ō œ ŕ ś ş ß ť ú ù ŭ û ů ü ű ū ý ÿ ż ź]
3Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseOthers: index[A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z] [A B C Č Ć D {DŹ} E F G H {CH} I J K Ł L M N O P Q R S Š T U V W X Y Z Ž]
4Core DataAlphabetic InformationCharacters in UseOthers: punctuation[\- ‐ – — , ; \: ! ? . … ' ‘ ’ " “ ” ( ) \[ \] § @ * / \& # † ‡ ′ ″] [\- ‐ – — , ; \: ! ? . … ' ‘ ’ ‚ " “ „ « » ( ) \[ \] \{ \} § @ * / \& #]
5Core DataNumbering SystemsNumbering Systemdefault= latn
6Core DataNumbering SystemsNumbering Systemnative= latn
7Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale FormattinglocalePattern= {0} ({1})
8Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale FormattinglocaleSeparator= {0}, {1}
9Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale FormattinglocaleKeyTypePattern= {0}: {1}
10Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale Field FallbackslanguageLanguage: {0} rěč: {0}
11Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale Field FallbacksscriptScript: {0} pismo: {0}
12Locale Display NamesLocale Name PatternsLocale Field FallbacksterritoryRegion: {0} region: {0}
13Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAbkhazian ► abAbkhazian abchazišćina
14Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAchinese ► aceAchinese ace
15Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAcoli ► achAcoli ach
16Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAdangme ► adaAdangme ada
17Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAdyghe ► adyAdyghe ady
18Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAfar ► aaAfar afaršćina
19Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAfrihili ► afhAfrihili afh
20Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAfrikaans ► afAfrikaans afrikaanšćina
21Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAghem ► agqAghem aghemšćina
22Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAinu ► ainAinu ain
23Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAkan ► akAkan akanšćina
24Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAkkadian ► akkAkkadian akk
25Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAkoose ► bssAkoose bss
26Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAlabama ► akzAlabama akz
27Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAlbanian ► sqAlbanian albanšćina
28Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAleut ► aleAleut ale
29Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAlgerian Arabic ► arqAlgerian Arabic arq
30Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAmerican Sign Language ► aseAmerican Sign Language ase
31Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAmharic ► amAmharic amharšćina
32Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAncient Egyptian ► egyAncient Egyptian egy
33Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAncient Greek ► grcAncient Greek grc
34Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAngika ► anpAngika anp
35Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAo Naga ► njoAo Naga njo
36Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AArabic ► arArabic arabšćina
37Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AArabic ► ar_001Modern Standard Arabic moderna wysokoarabšćina
38Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAragonese ► anAragonese aragonšćina
39Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAramaic ► arcAramaic arc
40Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAraona ► aroAraona aro
41Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AArapaho ► arpArapaho arp
42Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AArawak ► arwArawak arw
43Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AArmenian ► hyArmenian armenšćina
44Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAromanian ► rupAromanian rup
45Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AArpitan ► frpArpitan frp
46Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAssamese ► asAssamese asamšćina
47Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAsturian ► astAsturian asturšćina
48Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAsu ► asaAsu pare
49Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAtsam ► cchAtsam cch
50Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAvaric ► avAvaric awaršćina
51Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAvestan ► aeAvestan ae
52Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAwadhi ► awaAwadhi awa
53Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAymara ► ayAymara aymaršćina
54Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAzerbaijani ► azAzerbaijani azerbajdźanšćina
55Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)AAzerbaijani ► az-shortAzeri az
56Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBadaga ► bfqBadaga bfq
57Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBafia ► ksfBafia bafia
58Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBafut ► bfdBafut bfd
59Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBakhtiari ► bqiBakhtiari bqi
60Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBalinese ► banBalinese ban
61Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBaluchi ► balBaluchi bal
62Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBambara ► bmBambara bambara
63Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBamun ► baxBamun bax
64Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBanjar ► bjnBanjar bjn
65Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBasaa ► basBasaa bas
66Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBashkir ► baBashkir baškiršćina
67Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBasque ► euBasque baskišćina
68Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBatak Toba ► bbcBatak Toba bbc
69Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBavarian ► barBavarian bar
70Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBeja ► bejBeja bej
71Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBelarusian ► beBelarusian běłorušćina
72Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBemba ► bemBemba bemba
73Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBena ► bezBena bena
74Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBengali ► bnBengali bengalšćina
75Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBetawi ► bewBetawi bew
76Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBhojpuri ► bhoBhojpuri bho
77Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBikol ► bikBikol bik
78Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBini ► binBini bin
79Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBishnupriya ► bpyBishnupriya bpy
80Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBislama ► biBislama bislamšćina
81Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBlin ► bynBlin byn
82Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBlissymbols ► zblBlissymbols zbl
83Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBodo ► brxBodo bodo
84Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBosnian ► bsBosnian bosnišćina
85Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBrahui ► brhBrahui brh
86Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBraj ► braBraj bra
87Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBreton ► brBreton bretonšćina
88Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBuginese ► bugBuginese buginezišćina
89Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBulgarian ► bgBulgarian bołharšćina
90Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBulu ► bumBulu bum
91Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBuriat ► buaBuriat bua
92Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)BBurmese ► myBurmese burmašćina
93Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCaddo ► cadCaddo cad
94Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCajun French ► frcCajun French frc
95Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCantonese ► yueCantonese yue
96Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCapiznon ► cpsCapiznon cps
97Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCarib ► carCarib car
98Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCatalan ► caCatalan katalanšćina
99Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCayuga ► cayCayuga cay
100Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCebuano ► cebCebuano ceb
101Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCentral Atlas Tamazight ► tzmCentral Atlas Tamazight tamazight (srjedźny Marokko)
102Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCentral Dusun ► dtpCentral Dusun dtp
103Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCentral Kurdish ► ckbCentral Kurdish sorani
104Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCentral Yupik ► esuCentral Yupik esu
105Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChadian Arabic ► shuChadian Arabic shu
106Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChagatai ► chgChagatai chg
107Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChamorro ► chChamorro čamoršćina
108Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChechen ► ceChechen ce
109Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCherokee ► chrCherokee cherokee
110Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCheyenne ► chyCheyenne chy
111Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChibcha ► chbChibcha chb
112Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChiga ► cggChiga chiga
113Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChimborazo Highland Quichua ► qugChimborazo Highland Quichua qug
114Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChinese ► zhChinese chinšćina
115Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChinese ► zh_HansSimplified Chinese chinšćina (zjednorjena)
116Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChinese ► zh_HantTraditional Chinese chinšćina (tradicionalna)
117Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChinook Jargon ► chnChinook Jargon chn
118Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChipewyan ► chpChipewyan chp
119Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChoctaw ► choChoctaw choctawšćina
120Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChurch Slavic ► cuChurch Slavic cu
121Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChuukese ► chkChuukese chk
122Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CChuvash ► cvChuvash cv
123Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CClassical Newari ► nwcClassical Newari nwc
124Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CClassical Syriac ► sycClassical Syriac syc
125Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CColognian ► kshColognian ksh
126Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CComorian ► swbComorian swb
127Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCongo Swahili ► swcCongo Swahili kongoska suahelšćina
128Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCoptic ► copCoptic cop
129Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCornish ► kwCornish kornišćina
130Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCorsican ► coCorsican korsišćina
131Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCree ► crCree kri
132Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCreek ► musCreek krik
133Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCrimean Turkish ► crhCrimean Turkish crh
134Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCroatian ► hrCroatian chorwatšćina
135Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)CCzech ► csCzech čěšćina
136Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDakota ► dakDakota dak
137Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDanish ► daDanish danšćina
138Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDargwa ► darDargwa dar
139Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDazaga ► dzgDazaga dzg
140Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDelaware ► delDelaware del
141Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDinka ► dinDinka din
142Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDivehi ► dvDivehi divehi
143Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDogri ► doiDogri doi
144Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDogrib ► dgrDogrib dgr
145Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDuala ► duaDuala duala
146Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDutch ► nlDutch nižozemšćina
147Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDutch ► nl_BEFlemish flamšćina
148Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDyula ► dyuDyula dyu
149Locale Display NamesLanguages (A-D)DDzongkha ► dzDzongkha dzongkha
150Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEastern Frisian ► frsEastern Frisian frs
151Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEfik ► efiEfik efi
152Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEgyptian Arabic ► arzEgyptian Arabic arz
153Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEkajuk ► ekaEkajuk eka
154Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EElamite ► elxElamite elx
155Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEmbu ► ebuEmbu embu
156Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEmilian ► eglEmilian egl
157Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEnglish ► enEnglish jendźelšćina
158Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEnglish ► en_AUAustralian English awstralska jendźelšćina
159Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEnglish ► en_CACanadian English kanadiska jendźelšćina
160Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEnglish ► en_GBBritish English britiska jendźelšćina
161Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEnglish ► en_GB-shortUK English jendźelšćina (UK)
162Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEnglish ► en_USAmerican English ameriska jendźelšćina
163Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEnglish ► en_US-shortUS English jendźelšćina (USA)
164Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EErzya ► myvErzya myv
165Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEsperanto ► eoEsperanto esperanto
166Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEstonian ► etEstonian estišćina
167Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEwe ► eeEwe ewe
168Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EEwondo ► ewoEwondo ewo
169Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)EExtremaduran ► extExtremaduran ext
170Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFang ► fanFang fan
171Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFanti ► fatFanti fat
172Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFaroese ► foFaroese färöšćina
173Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFiji Hindi ► hifFiji Hindi hif
174Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFijian ► fjFijian fidźišćina
175Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFilipino ► filFilipino filipinšćina
176Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFinnish ► fiFinnish finšćina
177Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFon ► fonFon fon
178Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFrafra ► gurFrafra gur
179Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFrench ► frFrench francošćina
180Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFrench ► fr_CACanadian French kanadiska francošćina
181Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFrench ► fr_CHSwiss French šwicarska francošćina
182Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFriulian ► furFriulian fur
183Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)FFulah ► ffFulah ff
184Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGa ► gaaGa gaa
185Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGagauz ► gagGagauz gagauzišćina
186Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGalician ► glGalician galicišćina
187Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGan Chinese ► ganGan Chinese gan
188Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGanda ► lgGanda gandšćina
189Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGayo ► gayGayo gay
190Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGbaya ► gbaGbaya gba
191Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGeez ► gezGeez gez
192Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGeorgian ► kaGeorgian georgišćina
193Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGerman ► deGerman němčina
194Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGerman ► de_ATAustrian German awstriska němčina
195Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGerman ► de_CHSwiss High German šwicarska wysokoněmčina
196Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGheg Albanian ► alnGheg Albanian aln
197Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGhomala ► bbjGhomala bbj
198Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGilaki ► glkGilaki glk
199Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGilbertese ► gilGilbertese gil
200Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGoan Konkani ► gomGoan Konkani gom
201Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGondi ► gonGondi gon
202Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGorontalo ► gorGorontalo gor
203Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGothic ► gotGothic gotšćina
204Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGrebo ► grbGrebo grb
205Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGreek ► elGreek grjekšćina
206Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGuarani ► gnGuarani guarani
207Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGujarati ► guGujarati gujarati
208Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGusii ► guzGusii gusii
209Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)GGwichʼin ► gwiGwichʼin gwi
210Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHaida ► haiHaida hai
211Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHaitian ► htHaitian haitišćina
212Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHakka Chinese ► hakHakka Chinese hak
213Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHausa ► haHausa hausa
214Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHawaiian ► hawHawaiian hawaiišćina
215Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHebrew ► heHebrew hebrejšćina
216Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHerero ► hzHerero hz
217Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHiligaynon ► hilHiligaynon hil
218Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHindi ► hiHindi hindišćina
219Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHiri Motu ► hoHiri Motu ho
220Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHittite ► hitHittite hit
221Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHmong ► hmnHmong hmn
222Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHungarian ► huHungarian madźaršćina
223Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)HHupa ► hupHupa hup
224Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIban ► ibaIban iba
225Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIbibio ► ibbIbibio ibb
226Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIcelandic ► isIcelandic islandšćina
227Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIdo ► ioIdo ido
228Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIgbo ► igIgbo igbo
229Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIloko ► iloIloko ilo
230Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IInari Sami ► smnInari Sami inari-samišćina
231Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIndonesian ► idIndonesian indonešćina
232Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIngrian ► izhIngrian izh
233Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIngush ► inhIngush inh
234Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IInterlingua ► iaInterlingua interlingua
235Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IInterlingue ► ieInterlingue ie
236Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IInuktitut ► iuInuktitut inuitšćina
237Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IInupiaq ► ikInupiaq inupiak
238Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IIrish ► gaIrish iršćina
239Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)IItalian ► itItalian italšćina
240Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JJamaican Creole English ► jamJamaican Creole English jam
241Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JJapanese ► jaJapanese japanšćina
242Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JJavanese ► jvJavanese javašćina
243Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JJju ► kajJju kaj
244Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JJola-Fonyi ► dyoJola-Fonyi jola-fonyi
245Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JJudeo-Arabic ► jrbJudeo-Arabic jrb
246Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JJudeo-Persian ► jprJudeo-Persian jpr
247Locale Display NamesLanguages (E-J)JJutish ► jutJutish jut
248Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKabardian ► kbdKabardian kbd
249Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKabuverdianu ► keaKabuverdianu kapverdšćina
250Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKabyle ► kabKabyle kabylšćina
251Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKachin ► kacKachin kac
252Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKaingang ► kgpKaingang kgp
253Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKako ► kkjKako kkj
254Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKalaallisut ► klKalaallisut gröndlandšćina
255Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKalenjin ► klnKalenjin kalenjin
256Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKalmyk ► xalKalmyk xal
257Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKamba ► kamKamba kamba
258Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKanembu ► kblKanembu kbl
259Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKannada ► knKannada kannadšćina
260Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKanuri ► krKanuri kr
261Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKara-Kalpak ► kaaKara-Kalpak kaa
262Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKarachay-Balkar ► krcKarachay-Balkar krc
263Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKarelian ► krlKarelian krl
264Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKashmiri ► ksKashmiri kašmiršćina
265Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKashubian ► csbKashubian csb
266Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKawi ► kawKawi kaw
267Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKazakh ► kkKazakh kazachšćina
268Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKenyang ► kenKenyang ken
269Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKhasi ► khaKhasi kha
270Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKhmer ► kmKhmer khmeršćina
271Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKhotanese ► khoKhotanese kho
272Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKhowar ► khwKhowar khw
273Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKikuyu ► kiKikuyu kikuyu
274Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKimbundu ► kmbKimbundu kmb
275Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKinaray-a ► krjKinaray-a krj
276Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKinyarwanda ► rwKinyarwanda kinjarwanda
277Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKirmanjki ► kiuKirmanjki kiu
278Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKlingon ► tlhKlingon tlh
279Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKom ► bkmKom bkm
280Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKomi ► kvKomi kv
281Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKomi-Permyak ► koiKomi-Permyak permska komišćina
282Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKongo ► kgKongo kg
283Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKonkani ► kokKonkani konkani
284Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKorean ► koKorean korejšćina
285Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKoro ► kfoKoro kfo
286Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKosraean ► kosKosraean kos
287Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKotava ► avkKotava avk
288Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKoyra Chiini ► khqKoyra Chiini koyra chiini
289Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKoyraboro Senni ► sesKoyraboro Senni koyra senni
290Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKpelle ► kpeKpelle kpe
291Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKrio ► kriKrio krio
292Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKuanyama ► kjKuanyama kj
293Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKumyk ► kumKumyk kum
294Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKurdish ► kuKurdish kurdišćina
295Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKurukh ► kruKurukh kru
296Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKutenai ► kutKutenai kut
297Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKwasio ► nmgKwasio kwasio
298Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKyrgyz ► kyKyrgyz kirgišćina
299Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)KKʼicheʼ ► qucKʼicheʼ kʼicheʼ
300Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLadino ► ladLadino lad
301Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLahnda ► lahLahnda lah
302Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLakota ► lktLakota lakota
303Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLamba ► lamLamba lam
304Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLangi ► lagLangi langi
305Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLao ► loLao laošćina
306Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLatgalian ► ltgLatgalian ltg
307Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLatin ► laLatin łaćonšćina
308Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLatvian ► lvLatvian letišćina
309Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLaz ► lzzLaz lzz
310Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLezghian ► lezLezghian lez
311Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLigurian ► lijLigurian lij
312Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLimburgish ► liLimburgish limburšćina
313Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLingala ► lnLingala lingala
314Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLingua Franca Nova ► lfnLingua Franca Nova lfn
315Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLiterary Chinese ► lzhLiterary Chinese lzh
316Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLithuanian ► ltLithuanian litawšćina
317Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLivonian ► livLivonian liv
318Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLojban ► jboLojban jbo
319Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLombard ► lmoLombard lmo
320Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLow German ► ndsLow German delnjoněmčina
321Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLower Silesian ► sliLower Silesian sli
322Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLower Sorbian ► dsbLower Sorbian delnjoserbšćina
323Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLozi ► lozLozi loz
324Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLuba-Katanga ► luLuba-Katanga luba-katanga
325Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLuba-Lulua ► luaLuba-Lulua lua
326Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLuiseno ► luiLuiseno lui
327Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLule Sami ► smjLule Sami lule-samišćina
328Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLunda ► lunLunda lun
329Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLuo ► luoLuo luo
330Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLuxembourgish ► lbLuxembourgish luxemburgšćina
331Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)LLuyia ► luyLuyia luhya
332Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMaba ► mdeMaba mde
333Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMacedonian ► mkMacedonian makedonšćina
334Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMachame ► jmcMachame machame
335Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMadurese ► madMadurese mad
336Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMafa ► mafMafa maf
337Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMagahi ► magMagahi mag
338Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMain-Franconian ► vmfMain-Franconian vmf
339Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMaithili ► maiMaithili mai
340Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMakasar ► makMakasar mak
341Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMakhuwa-Meetto ► mghMakhuwa-Meetto makhuwa-meetto
342Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMakonde ► kdeMakonde makonde
343Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMalagasy ► mgMalagasy malagassišćina
344Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMalay ► msMalay malajšćina
345Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMalayalam ► mlMalayalam malajamšćina
346Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMaltese ► mtMaltese maltašćina
347Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MManchu ► mncManchu mnc
348Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMandar ► mdrMandar mdr
349Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMandingo ► manMandingo man
350Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MManipuri ► mniManipuri mni
351Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MManx ► gvManx manšćina
352Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMaori ► miMaori maoršćina
353Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMapuche ► arnMapuche arawkanšćina
354Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMarathi ► mrMarathi maratišćina
355Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMari ► chmMari chm
356Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMarshallese ► mhMarshallese mh
357Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMarwari ► mwrMarwari mwr
358Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMasai ► masMasai masaišćina
359Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMazanderani ► mznMazanderani mzn
360Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMedumba ► byvMedumba byv
361Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMende ► menMende men
362Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMentawai ► mwvMentawai mwv
363Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMeru ► merMeru meru
364Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMetaʼ ► mgoMetaʼ meta’
365Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMicmac ► micMicmac mic
366Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMiddle Dutch ► dumMiddle Dutch dum
367Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMiddle English ► enmMiddle English enm
368Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMiddle French ► frmMiddle French frm
369Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMiddle High German ► gmhMiddle High German gmh
370Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMiddle Irish ► mgaMiddle Irish mga
371Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMin Nan Chinese ► nanMin Nan Chinese nan
372Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMinangkabau ► minMinangkabau min
373Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMingrelian ► xmfMingrelian xmf
374Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMirandese ► mwlMirandese mwl
375Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMizo ► lusMizo lus
376Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMohawk ► mohMohawk mohawkšćina
377Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMoksha ► mdfMoksha mdf
378Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMongo ► lolMongo lol
379Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMongolian ► mnMongolian mongolšćina
380Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMorisyen ► mfeMorisyen mauriciska kreolšćina
381Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMoroccan Arabic ► aryMoroccan Arabic ary
382Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMossi ► mosMossi mos
383Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMultiple Languages ► mulMultiple Languages mul
384Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMundang ► muaMundang mundang
385Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMuslim Tat ► tttMuslim Tat ttt
386Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)MMyene ► myeMyene mye
387Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNama ► naqNama nama
388Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNauru ► naNauru naurušćina
389Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNavajo ► nvNavajo navaho
390Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNdonga ► ngNdonga ng
391Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNeapolitan ► napNeapolitan nap
392Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNepali ► neNepali nepalšćina
393Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNewari ► newNewari new
394Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNgambay ► sbaNgambay sba
395Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNgiemboon ► nnhNgiemboon nnh
396Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNgomba ► jgoNgomba ngomba
397Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNheengatu ► yrlNheengatu yrl
398Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNias ► niaNias nia
399Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNiuean ► niuNiuean niu
400Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNo linguistic content ► zxxNo linguistic content žadyn rěčny wobsah
401Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNogai ► nogNogai nog
402Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNorth Ndebele ► ndNorth Ndebele sewjero-ndebele
403Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNorthern Frisian ► frrNorthern Frisian frr
404Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNorthern Sami ► seNorthern Sami sewjerosamišćina
405Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNorthern Sotho ► nsoNorthern Sotho nso
406Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNorwegian ► noNorwegian norwegšćina
407Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNorwegian Bokmål ► nbNorwegian Bokmål norwegšćina (bokmål)
408Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNorwegian Nynorsk ► nnNorwegian Nynorsk norwegšćina (nynorsk)
409Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNovial ► novNovial nov
410Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNuer ► nusNuer nuer
411Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNyamwezi ► nymNyamwezi nym
412Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNyanja ► nyNyanja ny
413Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNyankole ► nynNyankole nyankole
414Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNyasa Tonga ► togNyasa Tonga tog
415Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNyoro ► nyoNyoro nyo
416Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNzima ► nziNzima nzi
417Locale Display NamesLanguages (K-N)NNʼKo ► nqoNʼKo n’ko
418Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOccitan ► ocOccitan okcitanšćina
419Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOjibwa ► ojOjibwa oj
420Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOld English ► angOld English anglosakšćina
421Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOld French ► froOld French fro
422Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOld High German ► gohOld High German goh
423Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOld Irish ► sgaOld Irish sga
424Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOld Norse ► nonOld Norse non
425Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOld Persian ► peoOld Persian peo
426Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOld Provençal ► proOld Provençal pro
427Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOriya ► orOriya orijšćina
428Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOromo ► omOromo oromo
429Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOsage ► osaOsage osa
430Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOssetic ► osOssetic os
431Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)OOttoman Turkish ► otaOttoman Turkish ota
432Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPahlavi ► palPahlavi pal
433Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPalatine German ► pflPalatine German pfl
434Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPalauan ► pauPalauan pau
435Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPali ► piPali pi
436Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPampanga ► pamPampanga pam
437Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPangasinan ► pagPangasinan pag
438Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPapiamento ► papPapiamento pap
439Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPashto ► psPashto paštunšćina
440Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPennsylvania German ► pdcPennsylvania German pdc
441Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPersian ► faPersian persišćina
442Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPhoenician ► phnPhoenician phn
443Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPicard ► pcdPicard pcd
444Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPiedmontese ► pmsPiedmontese pms
445Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPlautdietsch ► pdtPlautdietsch pdt
446Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPohnpeian ► ponPohnpeian pon
447Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPolish ► plPolish pólšćina
448Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPontic ► pntPontic pnt
449Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPortuguese ► ptPortuguese portugalšćina
450Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPortuguese ► pt_BRBrazilian Portuguese brazilska portugalšćina
451Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPortuguese ► pt_PTEuropean Portuguese europska portugalšćina
452Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPrussian ► prgPrussian prušćina
453Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)PPunjabi ► paPunjabi pandźabšćina
454Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)QQuechua ► quQuechua kečua
455Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRajasthani ► rajRajasthani raj
456Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRapanui ► rapRapanui rap
457Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRarotongan ► rarRarotongan rar
458Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRiffian ► rifRiffian rif
459Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRomagnol ► rgnRomagnol rgn
460Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRomanian ► roRomanian rumunšćina
461Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRomanian ► ro_MDMoldavian moldawšćina
462Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRomansh ► rmRomansh retoromanšćina
463Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRomany ► romRomany rom
464Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRombo ► rofRombo rombo
465Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRoot ► rootRoot root
466Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRotuman ► rtmRotuman rtm
467Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRoviana ► rugRoviana rug
468Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRundi ► rnRundi kirundišćina
469Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRussian ► ruRussian rušćina
470Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRusyn ► rueRusyn rue
471Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)RRwa ► rwkRwa rwa
472Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSaho ► ssySaho ssy
473Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSakha ► sahSakha sah
474Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSamaritan Aramaic ► samSamaritan Aramaic sam
475Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSamburu ► saqSamburu samburu
476Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSamoan ► smSamoan samoašćina
477Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSamogitian ► sgsSamogitian sgs
478Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSandawe ► sadSandawe sad
479Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSango ► sgSango sango
480Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSangu ► sbpSangu sangu
481Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSanskrit ► saSanskrit sanskrit
482Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSantali ► satSantali sat
483Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSardinian ► scSardinian sardinšćina
484Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSasak ► sasSasak sas
485Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSassarese Sardinian ► sdcSassarese Sardinian sdc
486Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSaterland Frisian ► stqSaterland Frisian saterfrizišćina
487Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSaurashtra ► sazSaurashtra saz
488Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SScots ► scoScots sco
489Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SScottish Gaelic ► gdScottish Gaelic šotiska gelšćina
490Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSelayar ► slySelayar sly
491Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSelkup ► selSelkup sel
492Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSena ► sehSena sena
493Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSeneca ► seeSeneca see
494Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSerbian ► srSerbian serbišćina
495Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSerbo-Croatian ► shSerbo-Croatian serbochorwatšćina
496Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSerer ► srrSerer srr
497Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSeri ► seiSeri sei
498Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SShambala ► ksbShambala šambala
499Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SShan ► shnShan shn
500Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SShona ► snShona šonašćina
501Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSichuan Yi ► iiSichuan Yi sichuan yi
502Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSicilian ► scnSicilian sicilšćina
503Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSidamo ► sidSidamo sid
504Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSiksika ► blaSiksika bla
505Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSilesian ► szlSilesian szl
506Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSindhi ► sdSindhi sindhišćina
507Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSinhala ► siSinhala singhalšćina
508Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSkolt Sami ► smsSkolt Sami skolt-samišćina
509Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSlave ► denSlave den
510Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSlovak ► skSlovak słowakšćina
511Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSlovenian ► slSlovenian słowjenšćina
512Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSoga ► xogSoga soga
513Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSogdien ► sogSogdien sog
514Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSomali ► soSomali somališćina
515Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSoninke ► snkSoninke snk
516Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSouth Azerbaijani ► azbSouth Azerbaijani azb
517Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSouth Ndebele ► nrSouth Ndebele nr
518Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSouthern Altai ► altSouthern Altai alt
519Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSouthern Sami ► smaSouthern Sami južnosamišćina
520Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSouthern Sotho ► stSouthern Sotho južnosotšćina (Sesotho)
521Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSpanish ► esSpanish španišćina
522Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSpanish ► es_419Latin American Spanish łaćonskoameriska španišćina
523Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSpanish ► es_ESEuropean Spanish europska španišćina
524Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSpanish ► es_MXMexican Spanish mexiska španišćina
525Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSranan Tongo ► srnSranan Tongo srn
526Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SStandard Moroccan Tamazight ► zghStandard Moroccan Tamazight tamazight
527Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSukuma ► sukSukuma suk
528Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSumerian ► suxSumerian sux
529Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSundanese ► suSundanese sundanezišćina
530Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSusu ► susSusu sus
531Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSwahili ► swSwahili suahelšćina
532Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSwati ► ssSwati siswati
533Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSwedish ► svSwedish šwedšćina
534Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSwiss German ► gswSwiss German šwicarska němčina
535Locale Display NamesLanguages (O-S)SSyriac ► syrSyriac syr
536Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTachelhit ► shiTachelhit tašelhit
537Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTagalog ► tlTagalog tagalog
538Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTahitian ► tyTahitian tahitišćina
539Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTaita ► davTaita taita
540Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTajik ► tgTajik tadźikšćina
541Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTalysh ► tlyTalysh tly
542Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTamashek ► tmhTamashek tmh
543Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTamil ► taTamil tamilšćina
544Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTaroko ► trvTaroko trv
545Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTasawaq ► twqTasawaq tasawaq
546Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTatar ► ttTatar tataršćina
547Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTelugu ► teTelugu telugu
548Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTereno ► terTereno ter
549Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTeso ► teoTeso teso
550Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTetum ► tetTetum tet
551Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TThai ► thThai thailandšćina
552Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTibetan ► boTibetan tibetšćina
553Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTigre ► tigTigre tig
554Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTigrinya ► tiTigrinya tigrinšćina
555Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTimne ► temTimne tem
556Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTiv ► tivTiv tiv
557Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTlingit ► tliTlingit tli
558Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTok Pisin ► tpiTok Pisin tpi
559Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTokelau ► tklTokelau tkl
560Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTongan ► toTongan tongašćina
561Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTornedalen Finnish ► fitTornedalen Finnish fit
562Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTsakhur ► tkrTsakhur tkr
563Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTsakonian ► tsdTsakonian tsd
564Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTsimshian ► tsiTsimshian tsi
565Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTsonga ► tsTsonga tsonga
566Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTswana ► tnTswana tswana
567Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTulu ► tcyTulu tcy
568Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTumbuka ► tumTumbuka tum
569Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTunisian Arabic ► aebTunisian Arabic aeb
570Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTurkish ► trTurkish turkowšćina
571Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTurkmen ► tkTurkmen turkmenšćina
572Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTuroyo ► truTuroyo tru
573Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTuvalu ► tvlTuvalu tvl
574Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTuvinian ► tyvTuvinian tyv
575Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTwi ► twTwi twi
576Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)TTyap ► kcgTyap kcg
577Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UUdmurt ► udmUdmurt udm
578Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UUgaritic ► ugaUgaritic uga
579Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UUkrainian ► ukUkrainian ukrainšćina
580Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UUmbundu ► umbUmbundu umb
581Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UUnknown Language ► undUnknown Language njeznata rěč
582Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UUpper Sorbian ► hsbUpper Sorbian hornjoserbšćina
583Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UUrdu ► urUrdu urdušćina
584Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UUyghur ► ugUyghur ujguršćina
585Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)UUzbek ► uzUzbek uzbekšćina
586Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VVai ► vaiVai vai
587Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VVenda ► veVenda ve
588Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VVenetian ► vecVenetian vec
589Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VVeps ► vepVeps vep
590Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VVietnamese ► viVietnamese vietnamšćina
591Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VVolapük ► voVolapük volapük
592Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VVõro ► vroVõro vro
593Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VVotic ► votVotic vot
594Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)VVunjo ► vunVunjo vunjo
595Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWalloon ► waWalloon walonšćina
596Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWalser ► waeWalser wae
597Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWaray ► warWaray war
598Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWasho ► wasWasho was
599Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWayuu ► gucWayuu guc
600Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWelsh ► cyWelsh walizišćina
601Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWest Flemish ► vlsWest Flemish vls
602Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWestern Frisian ► fyWestern Frisian frizišćina
603Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWestern Mari ► mrjWestern Mari mrj
604Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWolaytta ► walWolaytta wal
605Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWolof ► woWolof wolof
606Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)WWu Chinese ► wuuWu Chinese wuu
607Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)XXhosa ► xhXhosa xhosa
608Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)XXiang Chinese ► hsnXiang Chinese hsn
609Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YYangben ► yavYangben yav
610Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YYao ► yaoYao yao
611Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YYapese ► yapYapese yap
612Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YYemba ► ybbYemba ybb
613Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YYiddish ► yiYiddish jidišćina
614Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)YYoruba ► yoYoruba jorubašćina
615Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZZapotec ► zapZapotec zap
616Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZZarma ► djeZarma zarma
617Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZZaza ► zzaZaza zza
618Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZZeelandic ► zeaZeelandic zea
619Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZZenaga ► zenZenaga zen
620Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZZhuang ► zaZhuang zhuang
621Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZZoroastrian Dari ► gbzZoroastrian Dari gbz
622Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZZulu ► zuZulu zulušćina
623Locale Display NamesLanguages (T-Z)ZZuni ► zunZuni zun
624Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseArabArabic arabsce
625Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseArmnArmenian armensce
626Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseBengBengali bengalsce
627Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseBopoBopomofo bopomofo
628Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseCyrlCyrillic kyrilisce
629Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseDevaDevanagari devanagari
630Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseEthiEthiopic etiopisce
631Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGeorGeorgian georgisce
632Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGrekGreek grjeksce
633Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGujrGujarati gujarati
634Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseGuruGurmukhi gurmukhi
635Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHangHangul hangul
636Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHaniHan chinsce
637Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHansSimplified zjednorjene
638Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHans-stand-aloneSimplified Han zjednorjene chinske pismo
639Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHantTraditional tradicionalne
640Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHant-stand-aloneTraditional Han tradicionalne chinske pismo
641Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHebrHebrew hebrejsce
642Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseHiraHiragana hiragana
643Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseJpanJapanese japansce
644Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKanaKatakana katakana
645Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKhmrKhmer khmersce
646Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKndaKannada kannadsce
647Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseKoreKorean korejsce
648Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseLaooLao laosce
649Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseLatnLatin łaćonsce
650Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseMlymMalayalam malayalamsce
651Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseMymrMyanmar burmasce
652Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseOryaOriya oriya
653Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseSinhSinhala singhalsce
654Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseTamlTamil tamilsce
655Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseTeluTelugu telugu
656Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseThaaThaana thaana
657Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseThaiThai thailandsce
658Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseTibtTibetan tibetsce
659Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseZinhInherited Zinh
660Locale Display NamesScriptsMajor UseZyyyCommon powšitkowne
661Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalCansUnified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics Cans
662Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalMongMongolian mongolsce
663Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalPlrdPollard Phonetic Plrd
664Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalTfngTifinagh Tfng
665Locale Display NamesScriptsAspirationalYiiiYi Yiii
666Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseBaliBalinese Bali
667Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseBamuBamum Bamu
668Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseBatkBatak Batk
669Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseCakmChakma Cakm
670Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseCham= Cham
671Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseCherCherokee Cher
672Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseJavaJavanese Java
673Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseKaliKayah Li Kali
674Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLanaLanna Lana
675Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLepcLepcha Lepc
676Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLimbLimbu Limb
677Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseLisuFraser Lisu
678Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseMandMandaean Mand
679Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseMteiMeitei Mayek Mtei
680Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseNkooN’Ko Nkoo
681Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseOlckOl Chiki Olck
682Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSaurSaurashtra Saur
683Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSundSundanese Sund
684Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSyloSyloti Nagri Sylo
685Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseSyrcSyriac Syrc
686Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseTaleTai Le Tale
687Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseTaluNew Tai Lue Talu
688Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseTavtTai Viet Tavt
689Locale Display NamesScriptsLimited UseVaiiVai Vaii
690Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricAghbCaucasian Albanian Aghb
691Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricArmiImperial Aramaic Armi
692Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricAvstAvestan Avst
693Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBassBassa Vah Bass
694Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBrahBrahmi Brah
695Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBugiBuginese Bugi
696Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricBuhdBuhid Buhd
697Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricCariCarian Cari
698Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricCoptCoptic Copt
699Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricCprtCypriot Cprt
700Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricDsrtDeseret Dsrt
701Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricDuplDuployan shorthand Dupl
702Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricEgypEgyptian hieroglyphs Egyp
703Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricElbaElbasan Elba
704Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricGlagGlagolitic Glag
705Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricGothGothic Goth
706Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricGranGrantha Gran
707Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricHanoHanunoo Hano
708Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricHmngPahawh Hmong Hmng
709Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricItalOld Italic Ital
710Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricKharKharoshthi Khar
711Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricKhojKhojki Khoj
712Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricKthiKaithi Kthi
713Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLinaLinear A Lina
714Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLinbLinear B Linb
715Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLyciLycian Lyci
716Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricLydiLydian Lydi
717Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMahjMahajani Mahj
718Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricManiManichaean Mani
719Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMendMende Mend
720Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMercMeroitic Cursive Merc
721Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMeroMeroitic Mero
722Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricModi= Modi
723Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricMrooMro Mroo
724Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricNarbOld North Arabian Narb
725Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricNbatNabataean Nbat
726Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricOgamOgham Ogam
727Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricOrkhOrkhon Orkh
728Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricOsmaOsmanya Osma
729Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPalmPalmyrene Palm
730Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPaucPau Cin Hau Pauc
731Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPermOld Permic Perm
732Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhagPhags-pa Phag
733Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhliInscriptional Pahlavi Phli
734Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhlpPsalter Pahlavi Phlp
735Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPhnxPhoenician Phnx
736Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricPrtiInscriptional Parthian Prti
737Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricQaac= Qaac
738Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricRjngRejang Rjng
739Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricRunrRunic Runr
740Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSamrSamaritan Samr
741Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSarbOld South Arabian Sarb
742Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricShawShavian Shaw
743Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricShrdSharada Shrd
744Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSiddSiddham Sidd
745Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSindKhudawadi Sind
746Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricSoraSora Sompeng Sora
747Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTagbTagbanwa Tagb
748Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTakrTakri Takr
749Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTglgTagalog Tglg
750Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricTirhTirhuta Tirh
751Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricUgarUgaritic Ugar
752Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricWaraVarang Kshiti Wara
753Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricXpeoOld Persian Xpeo
754Locale Display NamesScriptsHistoricXsuxSumero-Akkadian Cuneiform Xsux
755Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherAfakAfaka Afak
756Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherBlisBlissymbols Blis
757Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherBraiBraille Braillowe pismo
758Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherCirtCirth Cirt
759Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherCyrsOld Church Slavonic Cyrillic Cyrs
760Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherEgydEgyptian demotic Egyd
761Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherEgyhEgyptian hieratic Egyh
762Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherGeokGeorgian Khutsuri Geok
763Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherHluwAnatolian Hieroglyphs Hluw
764Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherHrktJapanese syllabaries Hrkt
765Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherHungOld Hungarian Hung
766Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherIndsIndus Inds
767Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherJurcJurchen Jurc
768Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherKpelKpelle Kpel
769Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherLatfFraktur Latin Latf
770Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherLatgGaelic Latin Latg
771Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherLoma= Loma
772Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherMayaMayan hieroglyphs Maya
773Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherMoon= Moon
774Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherNkgbNaxi Geba Nkgb
775Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherNshuNüshu Nshu
776Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherPhlvBook Pahlavi Phlv
777Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaa= Qaaa
778Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaab= Qaab
779Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaad= Qaad
780Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaae= Qaae
781Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaf= Qaaf
782Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaag= Qaag
783Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaah= Qaah
784Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaj= Qaaj
785Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaak= Qaak
786Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaal= Qaal
787Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaam= Qaam
788Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaan= Qaan
789Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaao= Qaao
790Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaap= Qaap
791Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaq= Qaaq
792Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaar= Qaar
793Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaas= Qaas
794Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaat= Qaat
795Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaau= Qaau
796Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaav= Qaav
797Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaw= Qaaw
798Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaax= Qaax
799Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaay= Qaay
800Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaaz= Qaaz
801Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQaba= Qaba
802Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabb= Qabb
803Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabc= Qabc
804Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabd= Qabd
805Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabe= Qabe
806Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabf= Qabf
807Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabg= Qabg
808Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabh= Qabh
809Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabi= Qabi
810Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabj= Qabj
811Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabk= Qabk
812Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabl= Qabl
813Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabm= Qabm
814Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabn= Qabn
815Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabo= Qabo
816Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabp= Qabp
817Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabq= Qabq
818Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabr= Qabr
819Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabs= Qabs
820Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabt= Qabt
821Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabu= Qabu
822Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabv= Qabv
823Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabw= Qabw
824Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherQabx= Qabx
825Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherRoroRongorongo Roro
826Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSaraSarati Sara
827Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSgnwSignWriting Sgnw
828Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSyreEstrangelo Syriac Syre
829Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSyrjWestern Syriac Syrj
830Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherSyrnEastern Syriac Syrn
831Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherTangTangut Tang
832Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherTengTengwar Teng
833Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherVispVisible Speech Visp
834Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherWoleWoleai Wole
835Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZmthMathematical Notation Zmth
836Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZsymSymbols symbole
837Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZxxxUnwritten bjez pisma
838Locale Display NamesScriptsOtherZzzzUnknown Script njeznate pismo
839Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld001World swět
840Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld019Americas Amerika
841Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld002Africa Afrika
842Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld150Europe Europa
843Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld142Asia Azija
844Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsWorld009Oceania Oceaniska
845Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas003North America Sewjerna Amerika
846Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas021Northern America sewjerny ameriski kontinent
847Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas013Central America Srjedźna Amerika
848Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas029Caribbean Karibika
849Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas005South America Južna Amerika
850Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAmericas419Latin America Łaćonska Amerika
851Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica015Northern Africa sewjerna Afrika
852Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica011Western Africa zapadna Afrika
853Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica017Middle Africa srjedźna Afrika
854Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica014Eastern Africa wuchodna Afrika
855Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAfrica018Southern Africa južna Afrika
856Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope154Northern Europe sewjerna Europa
857Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope155Western Europe zapadna Europa
858Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope151Eastern Europe wuchodna Europa
859Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsEurope039Southern Europe južna Europa
860Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia145Western Asia zapadna Azija
861Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia143Central Asia centralna Azija
862Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia030Eastern Asia wuchodna Azija
863Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia034Southern Asia južna Azija
864Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsAsia035Southeast Asia juhowuchodna Azija
865Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania053Australasia Awstralazija
866Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania054Melanesia Melaneziska
867Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania057Micronesian Region Mikroneziska (kupowy region)
868Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceania061Polynesia Polyneziska
869Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsOceaniaQOOutlying Oceania Wonkowna Oceaniska
870Locale Display NamesGeographic RegionsUnknown RegionZZUnknown Region njeznaty region
871Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaBMBermuda Bermudy
872Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaCACanada Kanada
873Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaGLGreenland Grönlandska
874Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaPMSt. Pierre & Miquelon St. Pierre a Miquelon
875Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaUSUnited States Zjednoćene staty Ameriki
876Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Northern AmericaUS-shortUS USA
877Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaBZ= Belize
878Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaCRCosta Rica Kosta Rika
879Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaGT= Guatemala
880Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaHN= Honduras
881Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaMXMexico Mexiko
882Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaNINicaragua Nikaragua
883Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaPA= Panama
884Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)Central AmericaSV= El Salvador
885Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanAGAntigua & Barbuda Antigua a Barbuda
886Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanAI= Anguilla
887Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanAW= Aruba
888Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBB= Barbados
889Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBL= St. Barthélemy
890Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBQCaribbean Netherlands Karibiska Nižozemska
891Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanBSBahamas Bahamy
892Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanCUCuba Kuba
893Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanCW= Curaçao
894Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanDMDominica Dominika
895Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanDODominican Republic Dominikanska republika
896Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanGD= Grenada
897Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanGP= Guadeloupe
898Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanHT= Haiti
899Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanJMJamaica Jamaika
900Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanKNSt. Kitts & Nevis St. Kitts a Nevis
901Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanKYCayman Islands Kajmanske kupy
902Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanLC= St. Lucia
903Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanMF= St. Martin
904Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanMQ= Martinique
905Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanMS= Montserrat
906Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanPR= Puerto Rico
907Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanSX= Sint Maarten
908Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanTCTurks & Caicos Islands kupy Turks a Caicos
909Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanTTTrinidad & Tobago Trinidad a Tobago
910Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanVCSt. Vincent & Grenadines St. Vincent a Grenadiny
911Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanVGBritish Virgin Islands Britiske knježniske kupy
912Locale Display NamesTerritories (North America)CaribbeanVIU.S. Virgin Islands Ameriske knježniske kupy
913Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaARArgentina Argentinska
914Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaBOBolivia Boliwiska
915Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaBRBrazil Brazilska
916Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaCLChile Chilska
917Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaCOColombia Kolumbiska
918Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaECEcuador Ekwador
919Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaFKFalkland Islands Falklandske kupy
920Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaFK-variantFalkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) Falklandske kupy (Malwiny)
921Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaGFFrench Guiana Francoska Guyana
922Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaGY= Guyana
923Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaPE= Peru
924Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaPY= Paraguay
925Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaSRSuriname Surinam
926Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaUY= Uruguay
927Locale Display NamesTerritories (South America)South AmericaVE= Venezuela
928Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaDZAlgeria Algeriska
929Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaEGEgypt Egyptowska
930Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaEHWestern Sahara Zapadna Sahara
931Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaLYLibya Libyska
932Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaMAMorocco Marokko
933Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaSD= Sudan
934Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaSSSouth Sudan Južny Sudan
935Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaTNTunisia Tuneziska
936Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaEACeuta & Melilla Ceuta a Melilla
937Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Northern AfricaICCanary Islands Kanariske kupy
938Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaBF= Burkina Faso
939Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaBJ= Benin
940Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaCI= Côte d’Ivoire
941Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaCI-variantIvory Coast Słonowinowy pobrjóh
942Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaCVCape Verde Kap Verde
943Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGH= Ghana
944Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGMGambia Gambija
945Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGNGuinea Gineja
946Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaGWGuinea-Bissau Gineja-Bissau
947Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaLRLiberia Liberija
948Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaML= Mali
949Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaMRMauritania Mawretanska
950Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaNE= Niger
951Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaNGNigeria Nigerija
952Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaSH= St. Helena
953Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaSL= Sierra Leone
954Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaSN= Senegal
955Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Western AfricaTG= Togo
956Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaAO= Angola
957Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCDCongo - Kinshasa Kongo-Kinshasa
958Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCD-variantCongo (DRC) Kongo (Demokratiska republika)
959Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCFCentral African Republic Centralnoafriska republika
960Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCGCongo - Brazzaville Kongo-Brazzaville
961Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCG-variantCongo (Republic) Kongo (Republika)
962Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaCMCameroon Kamerun
963Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaGAGabon Gabun
964Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaGQEquatorial Guinea Ekwatorialna Gineja
965Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaSTSão Tomé & Príncipe São Tomé a Príncipe
966Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Middle AfricaTDChad Čad
967Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaBI= Burundi
968Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaDJDjibouti Dźibuti
969Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaEREritrea Eritreja
970Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaETEthiopia Etiopiska
971Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaKEKenya Kenija
972Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaKMComoros Komory
973Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMGMadagascar Madagaskar
974Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMU= Mauritius
975Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMW= Malawi
976Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaMZMozambique Mosambik
977Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaRE= Réunion
978Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaRWRwanda Ruanda
979Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaSCSeychelles Seychelle
980Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaSOSomalia Somalija
981Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaTZTanzania Tansanija
982Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaUG= Uganda
983Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaYT= Mayotte
984Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaZMZambia Sambija
985Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Eastern AfricaZWZimbabwe Simbabwe
986Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaBW= Botswana
987Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaLS= Lesotho
988Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaNANamibia Namibija
989Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaSZSwaziland Swaziska
990Locale Display NamesTerritories (Africa)Southern AfricaZASouth Africa Južna Afrika (Republika)
991Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)EuropeEUEuropean Union Europska unija
992Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeGG= Guernsey
993Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeIMIsle of Man Man
994Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeJE= Jersey
995Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeAXÅland Islands Åland
996Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeDKDenmark Danska
997Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeEEEstonia Estiska
998Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeFIFinland Finska
999Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeFOFaroe Islands Färöske kupy
1000Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeGBUnited Kingdom Zjednoćene kralestwo
1001Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeGB-short= UK
1002Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeIEIreland Irska
1003Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeISIceland Islandska
1004Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeLTLithuania Litawska
1005Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeLVLatvia Letiska
1006Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeNONorway Norwegska
1007Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeSESweden Šwedska
1008Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Northern EuropeSJSvalbard & Jan Mayen Svalbard a Jan Mayen
1009Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeATAustria Awstriska
1010Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeBEBelgium Belgiska
1011Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeCHSwitzerland Šwicarska
1012Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeDEGermany Němska
1013Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeFRFrance Francoska
1014Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeLI= Liechtenstein
1015Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeLULuxembourg Luxemburgska
1016Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeMC= Monaco
1017Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Western EuropeNLNetherlands Nižozemska
1018Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeBGBulgaria Bołharska
1019Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeBYBelarus Běłoruska
1020Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeCZCzech Republic Čěska republika
1021Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeHUHungary Madźarska
1022Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeMDMoldova Moldawska
1023Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropePLPoland Pólska
1024Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeRORomania Rumunska
1025Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeRURussia Ruska
1026Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeSKSlovakia Słowakska
1027Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Eastern EuropeUAUkraine Ukraina
1028Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeAD= Andorra
1029Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeALAlbania Albanska
1030Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeBABosnia & Herzegovina Bosniska a Hercegowina
1031Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeESSpain Španiska
1032Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeGI= Gibraltar
1033Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeGRGreece Grjekska
1034Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeHRCroatia Chorwatska
1035Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeITItaly Italska
1036Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeME= Montenegro
1037Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeMKMacedonia Makedonska
1038Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeMK-variantMacedonia (FYROM) Makedonska (FYROM)
1039Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeMT= Malta
1040Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeRSSerbia Serbiska
1041Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropePTPortugal Portugalska
1042Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeSISlovenia Słowjenska
1043Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeSM= San Marino
1044Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeVAVatican City Vatikanske město
1045Locale Display NamesTerritories (Europe)Southern EuropeXKKosovo Kosowo
1046Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaAEUnited Arab Emirates Zjednoćene arabske emiraty
1047Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaAMArmenia Armenska
1048Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaAZAzerbaijan Azerbajdźan
1049Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaBH= Bahrain
1050Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaCYCyprus Cypern
1051Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaGEGeorgia Georgiska
1052Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaIL= Israel
1053Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaIQIraq Irak
1054Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaJOJordan Jordaniska
1055Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaKW= Kuwait
1056Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaLBLebanon Libanon
1057Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaOM= Oman
1058Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaPSPalestinian Territories Palestinski awtonomny teritorij
1059Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaPS-shortPalestine Palestina
1060Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaQAQatar Katar
1061Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaSASaudi Arabia Sawdi-Arabska
1062Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaSYSyria Syriska
1063Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaTRTurkey Turkowska
1064Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Western AsiaYEYemen Jemen
1065Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaTMTurkmenistan Turkmeniska
1066Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaTJTajikistan Tadźikistan
1067Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaKGKyrgyzstan Kirgizistan
1068Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaKZKazakhstan Kazachstan
1069Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Central AsiaUZ= Uzbekistan
1070Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaCN= China
1071Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaHKHong Kong SAR China Wosebita zarjadniska cona Hongkong
1072Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaHK-shortHong Kong Hongkong
1073Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaJPJapan Japanska
1074Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaKPNorth Korea Sewjerna Koreja
1075Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaKRSouth Korea Južna Koreja
1076Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaMNMongolia Mongolska
1077Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaMOMacau SAR China Wosebita zarjadniska cona Macao
1078Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaMO-shortMacau Macao
1079Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Eastern AsiaTW= Taiwan
1080Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaAF= Afghanistan
1081Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaBDBangladesh Bangladeš
1082Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaBT= Bhutan
1083Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaINIndia Indiska
1084Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaIR= Iran
1085Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaLK= Sri Lanka
1086Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaMVMaldives Malediwy
1087Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaNP= Nepal
1088Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southern AsiaPK= Pakistan
1089Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaBN= Brunei
1090Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaIDIndonesia Indoneska
1091Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaKHCambodia Kambodźa
1092Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaLA= Laos
1093Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaMMMyanmar (Burma) Myanmar
1094Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaMYMalaysia Malajzija
1095Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaPHPhilippines Filipiny
1096Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaSGSingapore Singapur
1097Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaTHThailand Thailandska
1098Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaTL= Timor-Leste
1099Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaTL-variantEast Timor Wuchodny Timor
1100Locale Display NamesTerritories (Asia)Southeast AsiaVN= Vietnam
1101Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)AustralasiaAUAustralia Awstralska
1102Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)AustralasiaNFNorfolk Island Norfolkowa kupa
1103Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)AustralasiaNZNew Zealand Nowoseelandska
1104Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaFJFiji Fidźi
1105Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaNCNew Caledonia Nowa Kaledoniska
1106Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaPGPapua New Guinea Papuwa-Nowa Gineja
1107Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaSBSolomon Islands Salomony
1108Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)MelanesiaVU= Vanuatu
1109Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionFMMicronesia Mikroneziska
1110Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionGU= Guam
1111Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionKI= Kiribati
1112Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionMHMarshall Islands Marshallowe kupy
1113Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionMPNorthern Mariana Islands Sewjerne Mariany
1114Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionNR= Nauru
1115Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Micronesian RegionPW= Palau
1116Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaASAmerican Samoa Ameriska Samoa
1117Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaCKCook Islands Cookowe kupy
1118Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaNU= Niue
1119Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaPFFrench Polynesia Francoska Polyneziska
1120Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaPNPitcairn Islands Pitcairnowe kupy
1121Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaTK= Tokelau
1122Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaTO= Tonga
1123Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaTV= Tuvalu
1124Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaWFWallis & Futuna Wallis a Futuna
1125Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)PolynesiaWS= Samoa
1126Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaAQAntarctica Antarktika
1127Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaBVBouvet Island Bouvetowa kupa
1128Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaCCCocos (Keeling) Islands Kokosowe kupy
1129Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaCXChristmas Island Hodowna kupa
1130Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaGSSouth Georgia & South Sandwich Islands Južna Georgiska a Južne Sandwichowe kupy
1131Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaHMHeard & McDonald Islands Heardowa kupa a McDonaldowe kupy
1132Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaIOBritish Indian Ocean Territory Britiski teritorij w Indiskim oceanje
1133Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaTFFrench Southern Territories Francoski južny a antarktiski teritorij
1134Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaUMU.S. Outlying Islands Ameriska Oceaniska
1135Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaACAscension Island Ascension
1136Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaCPClipperton Island Clippertonowa kupa
1137Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaDG= Diego Garcia
1138Locale Display NamesTerritories (Oceania)Outlying OceaniaTA= Tristan da Cunha
1139Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1606NICTLate Middle French to 1606 1606NICT
1140Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1694ACADEarly Modern French 1694ACAD
1141Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1901Traditional German orthography 1901
1142Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1959ACADAcademic 1959ACAD
1143Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1994Standardized Resian orthography 1994
1144Locale Display NamesLocale Variantsnull1996German orthography of 1996 1996
1145Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullALALC97ALA-LC Romanization, 1997 edition ALALC97
1146Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullALUKUAluku dialect ALUKU
1147Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullAREVELAEastern Armenian AREVELA
1148Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullAREVMDAWestern Armenian AREVMDA
1149Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBAKU1926Unified Turkic Latin Alphabet BAKU1926
1150Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBALANKABalanka dialect of Anii BALANKA
1151Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBARLABarlavento dialect group of Kabuverdianu BARLA
1152Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBAUDDHA= BAUDDHA
1153Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBISCAYAN= BISCAYAN
1154Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBISKESan Giorgio/Bila dialect BISKE
1155Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBOHORICBohorič alphabet BOHORIC
1156Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullBOONTBoontling BOONT
1157Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullDAJNKODajnko alphabet DAJNKO
1158Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullEKAVSKSerbian with Ekavian pronunciation EKAVSK
1159Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullEMODENGEarly Modern English EMODENG
1160Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullFONIPAIPA Phonetics FONIPA
1161Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullFONUPAUPA Phonetics FONUPA
1162Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullFONXSAMP= FONXSAMP
1163Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullHEPBURNHepburn romanization HEPBURN
1164Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullHOGNORSK= HOGNORSK
1165Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullIJEKAVSKSerbian with Ijekavian pronunciation IJEKAVSK
1166Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullITIHASA= ITIHASA
1167Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullJAUER= JAUER
1168Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullJYUTPING= JYUTPING
1169Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullKKCORCommon Orthography KKCOR
1170Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullKOCIEWIE= KOCIEWIE
1171Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullKSCORStandard Orthography KSCOR
1172Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullLAUKIKA= LAUKIKA
1173Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullLIPAWThe Lipovaz dialect of Resian LIPAW
1174Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullLUNA1918= LUNA1918
1175Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullMETELKOMetelko alphabet METELKO
1176Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullMONOTONMonotonic MONOTON
1177Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNDYUKANdyuka dialect NDYUKA
1178Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNEDISNatisone dialect NEDIS
1179Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNJIVAGniva/Njiva dialect NJIVA
1180Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullNULIKModern Volapük NULIK
1181Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullOSOJSOseacco/Osojane dialect OSOJS
1182Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPAMAKAPamaka dialect PAMAKA
1183Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPETR1708= PETR1708
1184Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPINYINPinyin Romanization PINYIN
1185Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPOLYTONPolytonic POLYTON
1186Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPOSIXComputer POSIX
1187Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullPUTER= PUTER
1188Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullREVISEDRevised Orthography REVISED
1189Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullRIGIKClassic Volapük RIGIK
1190Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullROZAJResian ROZAJ
1191Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullRUMGR= RUMGR
1192Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSAAHOSaho SAAHO
1193Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSCOTLANDScottish Standard English SCOTLAND
1194Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSCOUSEScouse SCOUSE
1195Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSOLBAStolvizza/Solbica dialect SOLBA
1196Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSOTAVSotavento dialect group of Kabuverdianu SOTAV
1197Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSURMIRAN= SURMIRAN
1198Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSURSILV= SURSILV
1199Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullSUTSILV= SUTSILV
1200Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullTARASKTaraskievica orthography TARASK
1201Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullUCCORUnified Orthography UCCOR
1202Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullUCRCORUnified Revised Orthography UCRCOR
1203Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullULSTER= ULSTER
1204Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullUNIFONUnifon phonetic alphabet UNIFON
1205Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullVAIDIKA= VAIDIKA
1206Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullVALENCIAValencian VALENCIA
1207Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullVALLADER= VALLADER
1208Locale Display NamesLocale VariantsnullWADEGILEWade-Giles Romanization WADEGILE
1209Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendarCalendar protyka
1210Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-buddhistBuddhist Calendar buddhistiska protyka
1211Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-chineseChinese Calendar chinska protyka
1212Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-copticCoptic Calendar coptic
1213Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-dangiDangi Calendar dangi-protyka
1214Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-ethiopicEthiopic Calendar etiopiska protyka
1215Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-ethiopic-amete-alemEthiopic Amete Alem Calendar ethiopic-amete-alem
1216Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-gregorianGregorian Calendar gregorianska protyka
1217Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-hebrewHebrew Calendar židowska protyka
1218Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-indianIndian National Calendar indian
1219Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamicIslamic Calendar islamska protyka
1220Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-civilIslamic Calendar (tabular, civil epoch) islamic-civil
1221Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-rgsaIslamic Calendar (Saudi Arabia, sighting) islamic-rgsa
1222Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-tblaIslamic Calendar (tabular, astronomical epoch) islamic-tbla
1223Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-islamic-umalquraIslamic Calendar (Umm al-Qura) islamic-umalqura
1224Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-iso8601ISO-8601 Calendar protyka po iso-8601
1225Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-japaneseJapanese Calendar japanska protyka
1226Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-persianPersian Calendar persiska protyka
1227Locale Display NamesKeyscalendarcalendar-rocMinguo Calendar protyka republiki China
1228Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollationSort Order rjadowanski slěd
1229Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-big5hanTraditional Chinese Sort Order - Big5 big5han
1230Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-dictionaryDictionary Sort Order dictionary
1231Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-ducetDefault Unicode Sort Order rjadowanski slěd po Unicode
1232Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-eorEuropean Ordering Rules eor
1233Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-gb2312hanSimplified Chinese Sort Order - GB2312 gb2312han
1234Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-phonebookPhonebook Sort Order phonebook
1235Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-pinyinPinyin Sort Order pinyin
1236Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-reformedReformed Sort Order reformed
1237Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-searchGeneral-Purpose Search powšitkowne pytanje
1238Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-searchjlSearch By Hangul Initial Consonant searchjl
1239Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-standardStandard Sort Order standardowy rjadowanski slěd
1240Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-strokeStroke Sort Order stroke
1241Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-traditionalTraditional Sort Order traditional
1242Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-unihanRadical-Stroke Sort Order unihan
1243Locale Display NamesKeyscollationcollation-zhuyinZhuyin Sort Order zhuyin
1244Locale Display NamesKeyscurrencycurrencyCurrency měna
1245Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbersNumbers ličby
1246Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-arabArabic-Indic Digits arabsko-indiske cyfry
1247Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-arabextExtended Arabic-Indic Digits rozšěrjene arabsko-indiske cyfry
1248Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-armnArmenian Numerals armenske cyfry
1249Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-armnlowArmenian Lowercase Numerals armenske cyfry, małe pisane
1250Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-baliBalinese Digits bali
1251Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-bengBengali Digits bengalske cyfry
1252Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-brahBrahmi Digits brah
1253Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-cakmChakma Digits cakm
1254Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-chamCham Digits cham
1255Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-devaDevanagari Digits devanagari-cyfry
1256Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-ethiEthiopic Numerals etiopiske cyfry
1257Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-fullwideFull-Width Digits połnošěroke cyfry
1258Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-georGeorgian Numerals georgiske cyfry
1259Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-grekGreek Numerals grjekske cyfry
1260Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-greklowGreek Lowercase Numerals grjekske cyfry, małe pisane
1261Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-gujrGujarati Digits gujarati-cyfry
1262Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-guruGurmukhi Digits gurmukhi-cyfry
1263Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hanidecChinese Decimal Numerals chinske decimalne ličby
1264Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hansSimplified Chinese Numerals zjednorjene chinske cyfry
1265Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hansfinSimplified Chinese Financial Numerals zjednorjene chinske financne cyfry
1266Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hantTraditional Chinese Numerals tradicionalne chinske cyfry
1267Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hantfinTraditional Chinese Financial Numerals tradicionalne chinske financne cyfry
1268Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-hebrHebrew Numerals hebrejske cyfry
1269Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-javaJavanese Digits java
1270Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-jpanJapanese Numerals japanske cyfry
1271Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-jpanfinJapanese Financial Numerals japanske financne cyfry
1272Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-kaliKayah Li Digits kali
1273Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-khmrKhmer Digits khmerske cyfry
1274Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-kndaKannada Digits kannadske cyfry
1275Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-lanaTai Tham Hora Digits lana
1276Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-lanathamTai Tham Tham Digits lanatham
1277Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-laooLao Digits laoske cyfry
1278Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-latnWestern Digits arabske cyfry
1279Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-lepcLepcha Digits lepc
1280Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-limbLimbu Digits limb
1281Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mlymMalayalam Digits malayalamske cyfry
1282Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mongMongolian Digits mong
1283Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mteiMeetei Mayek Digits mtei
1284Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mymrMyanmar Digits burmaske cyfry
1285Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-mymrshanMyanmar Shan Digits mymrshan
1286Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-nkooN’Ko Digits nkoo
1287Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-olckOl Chiki Digits olck
1288Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-oryaOriya Digits oriya-cyfry
1289Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-osmaOsmanya Digits osma
1290Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-romanRoman Numerals romske cyfry
1291Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-romanlowRoman Lowercase Numerals romske cyfry, małe pisane
1292Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-saurSaurashtra Digits saur
1293Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-shrdSharada Digits shrd
1294Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-soraSora Sompeng Digits sora
1295Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-sundSundanese Digits sund
1296Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-takrTakri Digits takr
1297Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-taluNew Tai Lue Digits talu
1298Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-tamlTraditional Tamil Numerals tradicionalne tamilske cyfry
1299Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-tamldecTamil Digits tamilske cyfry
1300Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-teluTelugu Digits telugu-cyfry
1301Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-thaiThai Digits thailandske cyfry
1302Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-tibtTibetan Digits tibetske cyfry
1303Locale Display NamesKeysnumbersnumbers-vaiiVai Digits vaii
1304Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldseraEra doba
1305Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsyearYear lěto
1306Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsyear-shortyr. l.
1307Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsyear-narrowyr. l.
1308Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsquarterQuarter kwartal
1309Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsquarter-shortqtr. kwart.
1310Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsquarter-narrowqtr. kw.
1311Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsmonthMonth měsac
1312Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsmonth-shortmo. měs.
1313Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsmonth-narrowmo. měs.
1314Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsweekWeek tydźeń
1315Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsweek-shortwk. tydź.
1316Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsweek-narrowwk. tydź.
1317Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsdayDay dźeń
1318Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsday-shortday dźeń
1319Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsday-narrowday d
1320Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsweekdayDay of the Week dźeń tydźenja
1321Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsdayperiodAM/PM połojca dnja
1322Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldszoneTime Zone časowe pasmo
1323Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldshourHour hodźina
1324Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldshour-shorthr. hodź.
1325Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldshour-narrowhr. h
1326Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldsminuteMinute minuta
1327Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsminute-short= min.
1328Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldsminute-narrowmin. m
1329Date & TimeFieldsDate FieldssecondSecond sekunda
1330Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldssecond-shortsec. sek.
1331Date & TimeFieldsDate Fieldssecond-narrowsec. s
1332Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year-1last year loni
1333Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year0this year lětsa
1334Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year1next year klětu
1335Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearfuture-onein {0} year za {0} lěto
1336Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearfuture-twoin {0} years za {0} lěće
1337Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearfuture-fewin {0} years za {0} lěta
1338Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearfuture-otherin {0} years za {0} lět
1339Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearpast-one{0} year ago před {0} lětom
1340Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearpast-two{0} years ago před {0} lětomaj
1341Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearpast-few{0} years ago před {0} lětami
1342Date & TimeFieldsRelative Yearpast-other{0} years ago před {0} lětami
1343Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Shortfuture-onein {0} yr. za {0} l.
1344Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Shortfuture-twoin {0} yr. za {0} l.
1345Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Shortfuture-fewin {0} yr. za {0} l.
1346Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Shortfuture-otherin {0} yr. za {0} l.
1347Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Shortpast-one{0} yr. ago před {0} l.
1348Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Shortpast-two{0} yr. ago před {0} l.
1349Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Shortpast-few{0} yr. ago před {0} l.
1350Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Shortpast-other{0} yr. ago před {0} l.
1351Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrowfuture-onein {0} yr. za {0} l.
1352Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrowfuture-twoin {0} yr. za {0} l.
1353Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrowfuture-fewin {0} yr. za {0} l.
1354Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrowfuture-otherin {0} yr. za {0} l.
1355Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrowpast-one{0} yr. ago před {0} l.
1356Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrowpast-two{0} yr. ago před {0} l.
1357Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrowpast-few{0} yr. ago před {0} l.
1358Date & TimeFieldsRelative Year Narrowpast-other{0} yr. ago před {0} l.
1359Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter-1= last quarter
1360Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter0= this quarter
1361Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter1= next quarter
1362Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterfuture-onein {0} quarter za {0} kwartal
1363Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterfuture-twoin {0} quarters za {0} kwartalej
1364Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterfuture-fewin {0} quarters za {0} kwartale
1365Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterfuture-otherin {0} quarters za {0} kwartalow
1366Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterpast-one{0} quarter ago před {0} kwartalom
1367Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterpast-two{0} quarters ago před {0} kwartalomaj
1368Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterpast-few{0} quarters ago před {0} kwartalemi
1369Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarterpast-other{0} quarters ago před {0} kwartalemi
1370Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Shortfuture-onein {0} qtr. za {0} kwart.
1371Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Shortfuture-twoin {0} qtrs. za {0} kwart.
1372Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Shortfuture-fewin {0} qtrs. za {0} kwart.
1373Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Shortfuture-otherin {0} qtrs. za {0} kwart.
1374Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Shortpast-one{0} qtr. ago před {0} kwart.
1375Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Shortpast-two{0} qtrs. ago před {0} kwart.
1376Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Shortpast-few{0} qtrs. ago před {0} kwart.
1377Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Shortpast-other{0} qtrs. ago před {0} kwart.
1378Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrowfuture-onein {0} qtrs. za {0} kw.
1379Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrowfuture-twoin {0} qtrs. za {0} kw.
1380Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrowfuture-fewin {0} qtrs. za {0} kw.
1381Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrowfuture-otherin {0} qtrs. za {0} kw.
1382Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrowpast-one{0} qtrs. ago před {0} kw.
1383Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrowpast-two{0} qtrs. ago před {0} kw.
1384Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrowpast-few{0} qtrs. ago před {0} kw.
1385Date & TimeFieldsRelative Quarter Narrowpast-other{0} qtrs. ago před {0} kw.
1386Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month-1last month zašły měsac
1387Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month0this month tutón měsac
1388Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month1next month přichodny měsac
1389Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthfuture-onein {0} month za {0} měsac
1390Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthfuture-twoin {0} months za {0} měsacaj
1391Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthfuture-fewin {0} months za {0} měsacy
1392Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthfuture-otherin {0} months za {0} měsacow
1393Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthpast-one{0} month ago před {0} měsacom
1394Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthpast-two{0} months ago před {0} měsacomaj
1395Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthpast-few{0} months ago před {0} měsacami
1396Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monthpast-other{0} months ago před {0} měsacami
1397Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Shortfuture-onein {0} mo. za {0} měs.
1398Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Shortfuture-twoin {0} mo. za {0} měs.
1399Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Shortfuture-fewin {0} mo. za {0} měs.
1400Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Shortfuture-otherin {0} mo. za {0} měs.
1401Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Shortpast-one{0} mo. ago před {0} měs.
1402Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Shortpast-two{0} mo. ago před {0} měs.
1403Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Shortpast-few{0} mo. ago před {0} měs.
1404Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Shortpast-other{0} mo. ago před {0} měs.
1405Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrowfuture-onein {0} mo. za {0} měs.
1406Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrowfuture-twoin {0} mo. za {0} měs.
1407Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrowfuture-fewin {0} mo. za {0} měs.
1408Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrowfuture-otherin {0} mo. za {0} měs.
1409Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrowpast-one{0} mo. ago před {0} měs.
1410Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrowpast-two{0} mo. ago před {0} měs.
1411Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrowpast-few{0} mo. ago před {0} měs.
1412Date & TimeFieldsRelative Month Narrowpast-other{0} mo. ago před {0} měs.
1413Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week-1last week zašły tydźeń
1414Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week0this week tutón tydźeń
1415Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week1next week přichodny tydźeń
1416Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekfuture-onein {0} week za {0} tydźeń
1417Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekfuture-twoin {0} weeks za {0} tydźenjej
1418Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekfuture-fewin {0} weeks za {0} tydźenje
1419Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekfuture-otherin {0} weeks za {0} tydźenjow
1420Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekpast-one{0} week ago před {0} tydźenjom
1421Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekpast-two{0} weeks ago před {0} tydźenjomaj
1422Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekpast-few{0} weeks ago před {0} tydźenjemi
1423Date & TimeFieldsRelative Weekpast-other{0} weeks ago před {0} tydźenjemi
1424Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Shortfuture-onein {0} wk. za {0} tydź.
1425Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Shortfuture-twoin {0} wk. za {0} tydź.
1426Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Shortfuture-fewin {0} wk. za {0} tydź.
1427Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Shortfuture-otherin {0} wk. za {0} tydź.
1428Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Shortpast-one{0} wk. ago před {0} tydź.
1429Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Shortpast-two{0} wk. ago před {0} tydź.
1430Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Shortpast-few{0} wk. ago před {0} tydź.
1431Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Shortpast-other{0} wk. ago před {0} tydź.
1432Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrowfuture-onein {0} wk. za {0} tydź.
1433Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrowfuture-twoin {0} wk. za {0} tydź.
1434Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrowfuture-fewin {0} wk. za {0} tydź.
1435Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrowfuture-otherin {0} wk. za {0} tydź.
1436Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrowpast-one{0} wk. ago před {0} tydź.
1437Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrowpast-two{0} wk. ago před {0} tydź.
1438Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrowpast-few{0} wk. ago před {0} tydź.
1439Date & TimeFieldsRelative Week Narrowpast-other{0} wk. ago před {0} tydź.
1440Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day-1yesterday wčera
1441Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day0today dźensa
1442Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day1tomorrow jutře
1443Date & TimeFieldsRelative Dayfuture-onein {0} day za {0} dźeń
1444Date & TimeFieldsRelative Dayfuture-twoin {0} days za {0} dnjej
1445Date & TimeFieldsRelative Dayfuture-fewin {0} days za {0} dny
1446Date & TimeFieldsRelative Dayfuture-otherin {0} days za {0} dnjow
1447Date & TimeFieldsRelative Daypast-one{0} day ago před {0} dnjom
1448Date & TimeFieldsRelative Daypast-two{0} days ago před {0} dnjomaj
1449Date & TimeFieldsRelative Daypast-few{0} days ago před {0} dnjemi
1450Date & TimeFieldsRelative Daypast-other{0} days ago před {0} dnjemi
1451Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Shortfuture-onein {0} days za {0} dźeń
1452Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Shortfuture-twoin {0} days za {0} dnj.
1453Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Shortfuture-fewin {0} days za {0} dny
1454Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Shortfuture-otherin {0} days za {0} dnj.
1455Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Shortpast-one{0} days ago před {0} dnj.
1456Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Shortpast-two{0} days ago před {0} dnj.
1457Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Shortpast-few{0} days ago před {0} dnj.
1458Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Shortpast-other{0} days ago před {0} dnj.
1459Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrowfuture-onein {0} days za {0} d
1460Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrowfuture-twoin {0} days za {0} d
1461Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrowfuture-fewin {0} days za {0} d
1462Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrowfuture-otherin {0} days za {0} d
1463Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrowpast-one{0} days ago před {0} d
1464Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrowpast-two{0} days ago před {0} d
1465Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrowpast-few{0} days ago před {0} d
1466Date & TimeFieldsRelative Day Narrowpast-other{0} days ago před {0} d
1467Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourfuture-onein {0} hour za {0} hodźinu
1468Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourfuture-twoin {0} hours za {0} hodźinje
1469Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourfuture-fewin {0} hours za {0} hodźiny
1470Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourfuture-otherin {0} hours za {0} hodźin
1471Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourpast-one{0} hour ago před {0} hodźinu
1472Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourpast-two{0} hours ago před {0} hodźinomaj
1473Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourpast-few{0} hours ago před {0} hodźinami
1474Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hourpast-other{0} hours ago před {0} hodźinami
1475Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Shortfuture-onein {0} hr. za {0} hodź.
1476Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Shortfuture-twoin {0} hr. za {0} hodź.
1477Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Shortfuture-fewin {0} hr. za {0} hodź.
1478Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Shortfuture-otherin {0} hr. za {0} hodź.
1479Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Shortpast-one{0} hr. ago před {0} hodź.
1480Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Shortpast-two{0} hr. ago před {0} hodź.
1481Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Shortpast-few{0} hr. ago před {0} hodź.
1482Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Shortpast-other{0} hr. ago před {0} hodź.
1483Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Narrowfuture-onein {0} hr. za {0} h
1484Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Narrowfuture-twoin {0} hr. za {0} h
1485Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Narrowfuture-fewin {0} hr. za {0} h
1486Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Narrowfuture-otherin {0} hr. za {0} h
1487Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Narrowpast-one{0} hr. ago před {0} h
1488Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Narrowpast-two{0} hr. ago před {0} h
1489Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Narrowpast-few{0} hr. ago před {0} h
1490Date & TimeFieldsRelative Hour Narrowpast-other{0} hr. ago před {0} h
1491Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutefuture-onein {0} minute za {0} minutu
1492Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutefuture-twoin {0} minutes za {0} minuće
1493Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutefuture-fewin {0} minutes za {0} minuty
1494Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutefuture-otherin {0} minutes za {0} minutow
1495Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutepast-one{0} minute ago před {0} minutu
1496Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutepast-two{0} minutes ago před {0} minutomaj
1497Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutepast-few{0} minutes ago před {0} minutami
1498Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minutepast-other{0} minutes ago před {0} minutami
1499Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Shortfuture-onein {0} min. za {0} min.
1500Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Shortfuture-twoin {0} min. za {0} min.
1501Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Shortfuture-fewin {0} min. za {0} min.
1502Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Shortfuture-otherin {0} min. za {0} min.
1503Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Shortpast-one{0} min. ago před {0} min.
1504Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Shortpast-two{0} min. ago před {0} min.
1505Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Shortpast-few{0} min. ago před {0} min.
1506Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Shortpast-other{0} min. ago před {0} min.
1507Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Narrowfuture-onein {0} min. za {0} m
1508Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Narrowfuture-twoin {0} min. za {0} m
1509Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Narrowfuture-fewin {0} min. za {0} m
1510Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Narrowfuture-otherin {0} min. za {0} m
1511Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Narrowpast-one{0} min. ago před {0} m
1512Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Narrowpast-two{0} min. ago před {0} m
1513Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Narrowpast-few{0} min. ago před {0} m
1514Date & TimeFieldsRelative Minute Narrowpast-other{0} min. ago před {0} m
1515Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second0= now
1516Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondfuture-onein {0} second za {0} sekundu
1517Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondfuture-twoin {0} seconds za {0} sekundźe
1518Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondfuture-fewin {0} seconds za {0} sekundy
1519Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondfuture-otherin {0} seconds za {0} sekundow
1520Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondpast-one{0} second ago před {0} sekundu
1521Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondpast-two{0} seconds ago před {0} sekundomaj
1522Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondpast-few{0} seconds ago před {0} sekundami
1523Date & TimeFieldsRelative Secondpast-other{0} seconds ago před {0} sekundami
1524Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Shortfuture-onein {0} sec. za {0} sek.
1525Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Shortfuture-twoin {0} sec. za {0} sek.
1526Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Shortfuture-fewin {0} sec. za {0} sek.
1527Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Shortfuture-otherin {0} sec. za {0} sek.
1528Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Shortpast-one{0} sec. ago před {0} sek.
1529Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Shortpast-two{0} sec. ago před {0} sek.
1530Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Shortpast-few{0} sec. ago před {0} sek.
1531Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Shortpast-other{0} sec. ago před {0} sek.
1532Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Narrowfuture-onein {0} sec. za {0} s
1533Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Narrowfuture-twoin {0} sec. za {0} s
1534Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Narrowfuture-fewin {0} sec. za {0} s
1535Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Narrowfuture-otherin {0} sec. za {0} s
1536Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Narrowpast-one{0} sec. ago před {0} s
1537Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Narrowpast-two{0} sec. ago před {0} s
1538Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Narrowpast-few{0} sec. ago před {0} s
1539Date & TimeFieldsRelative Second Narrowpast-other{0} sec. ago před {0} s
1540Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday-1last Sunday zašłu njedźelu
1541Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday0this Sunday tutu njedźelu
1542Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday1next Sunday přichodnu njedźelu
1543Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Short-1last Sun. zašłu nje.
1544Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Short0this Sun. tutu nje.
1545Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Short1next Sun. přichodnu nje.
1546Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Narrow-1last Su zašłu nj.
1547Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Narrow0this Su tutu nj.
1548Date & TimeFieldsRelative Sunday Narrow1next Su přichodnu nj.
1549Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday-1last Monday zašłu póndźelu
1550Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday0this Monday tutu póndźelu
1551Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday1next Monday přichodnu póndźelu
1552Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Short-1last Mon. zašłu pón.
1553Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Short0this Mon. tutu pón.
1554Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Short1next Mon. přichodnu pón.
1555Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Narrow-1last M zašłu pó.
1556Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Narrow0this M tutu pó.
1557Date & TimeFieldsRelative Monday Narrow1next M přichodnu pó.
1558Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday-1last Tuesday zašłu wutoru
1559Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday0this Tuesday tutu wutoru
1560Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday1next Tuesday přichodnu wutoru
1561Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Short-1last Tue. zašłu wut.
1562Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Short0this Tue. tutu wut.
1563Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Short1next Tue. přichodnu wut.
1564Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Narrow-1last Tu zašłu wu.
1565Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Narrow0this Tu tutu wu.
1566Date & TimeFieldsRelative Tuesday Narrow1next Tu přichodnu wu.
1567Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday-1last Wednesday zašłu srjedu
1568Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday0this Wednesday tutu srjedu
1569Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday1next Wednesday přichodnu srjedu
1570Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Short-1last Wed. zašłu srj.
1571Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Short0this Wed. tutu srj.
1572Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Short1next Wed. přichodnu srj.
1573Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Narrow-1last W zašłu sr.
1574Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Narrow0this W tutu sr.
1575Date & TimeFieldsRelative Wednesday Narrow1next W přichodnu sr.
1576Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday-1last Thursday zašły štwórtk
1577Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday0this Thursday tutón štwórtk
1578Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday1next Thursday přichodny štwórtk
1579Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Short-1last Thu. zašły štw.
1580Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Short0this Thu. tutón štw.
1581Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Short1next Thu. přichodny štw.
1582Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Narrow-1last Th zašły št.
1583Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Narrow0this Th tutón št.
1584Date & TimeFieldsRelative Thursday Narrow1next Th přichodny št.
1585Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday-1last Friday zašły pjatk
1586Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday0this Friday tutón pjatk
1587Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday1next Friday přichodny pjatk
1588Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Short-1last Fri. zašły pja.
1589Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Short0this Fri. tutón pja.
1590Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Short1next Fri. přichodny pja.
1591Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Narrow-1last F zašły pj.
1592Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Narrow0this F tutón pj.
1593Date & TimeFieldsRelative Friday Narrow1next F přichodny pj.
1594Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday-1last Saturday zašłu sobotu
1595Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday0this Saturday tutu sobotu
1596Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday1next Saturday přichodnu sobotu
1597Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Short-1last Sat. zašłu sob.
1598Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Short0this Sat. tutu sob.
1599Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Short1next Sat. přichodnu sob.
1600Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Narrow-1last Sa zašłu so.
1601Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Narrow0this Sa tutu so.
1602Date & TimeFieldsRelative Saturday Narrow1next Sa přichodnu so.
1603Date & TimeGregorianEras - wide0Before Christ před Chrystowym narodźenjom
1604Date & TimeGregorianEras - wide0-variantBefore Common Era před našim ličenjom časa
1605Date & TimeGregorianEras - wide1Anno Domini po Chrystowym narodźenju
1606Date & TimeGregorianEras - wide1-variantCommon Era našeho ličenja časa
1607Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated0BC př.Chr.n.
1608Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated0-variantBCE př.n.l.č.
1609Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated1AD po Chr.n.
1610Date & TimeGregorianEras - abbreviated1-variantCE n.l.č.
1611Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting11st quarter 1. kwartal
1612Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting22nd quarter 2. kwartal
1613Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting33rd quarter 3. kwartal
1614Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Formatting44th quarter 4. kwartal
1615Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Standalone11st quarter 1. kwartal
1616Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Standalone22nd quarter 2. kwartal
1617Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Standalone33rd quarter 3. kwartal
1618Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - wide - Standalone44th quarter 4. kwartal
1619Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting1= Q1
1620Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting2= Q2
1621Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting3= Q3
1622Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Formatting4= Q4
1623Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Standalone1= Q1
1624Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Standalone2= Q2
1625Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Standalone3= Q3
1626Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - abbreviated - Standalone4= Q4
1627Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Formatting1= 1
1628Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Formatting2= 2
1629Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Formatting3= 3
1630Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Formatting4= 4
1631Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone1= 1
1632Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone2= 2
1633Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone3= 3
1634Date & TimeGregorianQuarters - narrow - Standalone4= 4
1635Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingJanJanuary januara
1636Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingFebFebruary februara
1637Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingMarMarch měrca
1638Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingAprApril apryla
1639Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingMayMay meje
1640Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingJunJune junija
1641Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingJulJuly julija
1642Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingAugAugust awgusta
1643Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingSepSeptember septembra
1644Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingOctOctober oktobra
1645Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingNovNovember nowembra
1646Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - FormattingDecDecember decembra
1647Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneJanJanuary januar
1648Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneFebFebruary februar
1649Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneMarMarch měrc
1650Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneAprApril apryl
1651Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneMayMay meja
1652Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneJunJune junij
1653Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneJulJuly julij
1654Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneAugAugust awgust
1655Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneSepSeptember september
1656Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneOctOctober oktober
1657Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneNovNovember nowember
1658Date & TimeGregorianMonths - wide - StandaloneDecDecember december
1659Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJanJan jan.
1660Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingFebFeb feb.
1661Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMarMar měr.
1662Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingAprApr apr.
1663Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMayMay mej.
1664Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJunJun jun.
1665Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJulJul jul.
1666Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingAugAug awg.
1667Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingSepSep sep.
1668Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingOctOct okt.
1669Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingNovNov now.
1670Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - FormattingDecDec dec.
1671Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneJanJan jan
1672Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneFebFeb feb
1673Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneMarMar měr
1674Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneAprApr apr
1675Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneMayMay mej
1676Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneJunJun jun
1677Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneJulJul jul
1678Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneAugAug awg
1679Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneSepSep sep
1680Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneOctOct okt
1681Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneNovNov now
1682Date & TimeGregorianMonths - abbreviated - StandaloneDecDec dec
1683Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingJanJ j
1684Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingFebF f
1685Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingMarM m
1686Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingAprA a
1687Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingMayM m
1688Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingJunJ j
1689Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingJulJ j
1690Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingAugA a
1691Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingSepS s
1692Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingOctO o
1693Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingNovN n
1694Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - FormattingDecD d
1695Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJanJ j
1696Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneFebF f
1697Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMarM m
1698Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAprA a
1699Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMayM m
1700Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJunJ j
1701Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJulJ j
1702Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAugA a
1703Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneSepS s
1704Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneOctO o
1705Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneNovN n
1706Date & TimeGregorianMonths - narrow - StandaloneDecD d
1707Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingsunSunday njedźela
1708Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingmonMonday póndźela
1709Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingtueTuesday wutora
1710Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingwedWednesday srjeda
1711Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingthuThursday štwórtk
1712Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingfriFriday pjatk
1713Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - FormattingsatSaturday sobota
1714Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonesunSunday njedźela
1715Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonemonMonday póndźela
1716Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonetueTuesday wutora
1717Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonewedWednesday srjeda
1718Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonethuThursday štwórtk
1719Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonefriFriday pjatk
1720Date & TimeGregorianDays - wide - StandalonesatSaturday sobota
1721Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingsunSun nje
1722Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingmonMon pón
1723Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingtueTue wut
1724Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingwedWed srj
1725Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingthuThu štw
1726Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingfriFri pja
1727Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - FormattingsatSat sob
1728Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonesunSun nje
1729Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonemonMon pón
1730Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonetueTue wut
1731Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonewedWed srj
1732Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonethuThu štw
1733Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonefriFri pja
1734Date & TimeGregorianDays - abbreviated - StandalonesatSat sob
1735Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingsunSu nj
1736Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingmonMo
1737Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingtueTu wu
1738Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingwedWe sr
1739Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingthuTh št
1740Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingfriFr pj
1741Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - FormattingsatSa so
1742Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonesunSu nj
1743Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonemonMo
1744Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonetueTu wu
1745Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonewedWe sr
1746Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonethuTh št
1747Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonefriFr pj
1748Date & TimeGregorianDays - short - StandalonesatSa so
1749Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - FormattingsunS n
1750Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - FormattingmonM p
1751Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - FormattingtueT w
1752Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - FormattingwedW s
1753Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - FormattingthuT š
1754Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - FormattingfriF p
1755Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - FormattingsatS s
1756Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonesunS n
1757Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonemonM p
1758Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonetueT w
1759Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonewedW s
1760Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonethuT š
1761Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonefriF p
1762Date & TimeGregorianDays - narrow - StandalonesatS s
1763Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - FormattingamAM dopołdnja
1764Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - Formattingnoonnoon připołdnju
1765Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - wide - FormattingpmPM popołdnju
1766Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingama dop.
1767Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingnoonn připołd.
1768Date & TimeGregorianDay Periods - narrow - Formattingpmp pop.
1769Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date FormatsfullEEEE, MMMM d, y EEEE, d. MMMM y
1770Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date FormatslongMMMM d, y d. MMMM y
1771Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date FormatsmediumMMM d, y d.M.y
1772Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date FormatsshortM/d/yy d.M.yy
1773Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatsfullh:mm:ss a zzzz H:mm:ss zzzz
1774Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatslongh:mm:ss a z H:mm:ss z
1775Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatsmediumh:mm:ss a H:mm:ss
1776Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Time Formatsshorth:mm a H:mm 'hodź'.
1777Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsfull{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1778Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatslong{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1779Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsmedium{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1780Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsshort{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1781Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsd= d
1782Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsE= ccc
1783Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsEdd E E, d.
1784Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGy= y G
1785Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMM= MMM y G
1786Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMdMMM d, y G d. MMM y G
1787Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMEdE, MMM d, y G E, d. MMM y G
1788Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsM= L
1789Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMdM/d d.M.
1790Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMEdE, M/d E, d.M.
1791Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMM= LLL
1792Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMdMMM d d. MMM
1793Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMEdE, MMM d E, d. MMM
1794Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsy= y
1795Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMM/y M.y
1796Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMdM/d/y d.M.y
1797Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMEdE, M/d/y E, d.M.y
1798Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMM= MMM y
1799Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMdMMM d, y d. MMM y
1800Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMMMEdE, MMM d, y E, d. MMM y
1801Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyQQQ= QQQ y
1802Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyQQQQ= QQQQ y
1803Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEhmE h:mm a E, h:mm a
1804Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEHmE HH:mm E, H:mm 'hodź'.
1805Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEhmsE h:mm:ss a E, h:mm:ss a
1806Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEHmsE HH:mm:ss E, HH:mm:ss
1807Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsh= h a
1808Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHHH H 'hodź'.
1809Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshm= h:mm a
1810Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHmHH:mm H:mm 'hodź'.
1811Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshms= h:mm:ss a
1812Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHmsHH:mm:ss H:mm:ss
1813Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshmsv= h:mm:ss a v
1814Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHmsv= HH:mm:ss v
1815Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshmv= h:mm a v
1816Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHmv= HH:mm v
1817Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsms= mm:ss
1818Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Flexible - AppendTimezone= {0} {1}
1819Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsd/dd – d d. – d.
1820Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsM/MM – M M. – M.
1821Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/dM/d – M/d d.M. – d.M.
1822Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/MM/d – M/d d.M. – d.M.
1823Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/dE, M/d – E, M/d E, d.M. – E, d.M.
1824Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/ME, M/d – E, M/d E, d.M. – E, d.M.
1825Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMM/MMMM – MMM LLL – LLL
1826Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/dMMM d – d d. – d. MMM
1827Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d d. MMM – d. MMM
1828Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d E, d. – E, d. MMM
1829Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d E, d. MMM – E, d. MMM
1830Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsy/yy – y y–y
1831Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/MM/y – M/y M.y – M.y
1832Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/yM/y – M/y M.y – M.y
1833Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/dM/d/y – M/d/y d.M.y – d.M.y
1834Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/MM/d/y – M/d/y d.M.y – d.M.y
1835Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/yM/d/y – M/d/y d.M.y – d.M.y
1836Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/dE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y E, d.M.y – E, d.M.y
1837Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/ME, M/d/y – E, M/d/y E, d.M.y – E, d.M.y
1838Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/yE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y E, d.M.y – E, d.M.y
1839Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/MMMM – MMM y LLL – LLL y
1840Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/yMMM y – MMM y LLL y – LLL y
1841Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/dMMM d – d, y d. – d. MMM y
1842Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d, y d. MMM – d. MMM y
1843Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/yMMM d, y – MMM d, y d. MMM y – d. MMM y
1844Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d, y E, d. – E, d. MMM y
1845Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d, y E, d. MMM – E, d. MMM y
1846Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/yE, MMM d, y – E, MMM d, y E, d. MMM y – E, d. MMM y
1847Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/MMMMM – MMMM y LLLL – LLLL y
1848Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/yMMMM y – MMMM y LLLL y – LLLL y
1849Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/a= h a – h a
1850Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/hh – h a h–h a
1851Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsH/HHH – HH H–H 'hodź'.
1852Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/a= h:mm a – h:mm a
1853Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/h= h:mm – h:mm a
1854Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/HHH:mm – HH:mm H:mm – H:mm 'hodź'.
1855Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/m= h:mm – h:mm a
1856Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/mHH:mm – HH:mm H:mm – H:mm 'hodź'.
1857Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/a= h:mm a – h:mm a v
1858Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/h= h:mm – h:mm a v
1859Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/HHH:mm – HH:mm v H:mm – H:mm 'hodź'. v
1860Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/m= h:mm – h:mm a v
1861Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/mHH:mm – HH:mm v H:mm – H:mm 'hodź'. v
1862Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/a= h a – h a v
1863Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/hh – h a v h–h a v
1864Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHv/HHH – HH v H–H v
1865Date & TimeGregorianFormats - Intervals - FallbackFallback= {0} – {1}
1866Date & TimeGenericEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
1867Date & TimeGenericEras - abbreviated1= ERA1
1868Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingJan= M01
1869Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= M02
1870Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingMar= M03
1871Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingApr= M04
1872Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingMay= M05
1873Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingJun= M06
1874Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingJul= M07
1875Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingAug= M08
1876Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingSep= M09
1877Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingOct= M10
1878Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingNov= M11
1879Date & TimeGenericMonths - wide - FormattingDec= M12
1880Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
1881Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
1882Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
1883Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
1884Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
1885Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
1886Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
1887Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
1888Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
1889Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
1890Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
1891Date & TimeGenericMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
1892Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatsfullEEEE, MMMM d, y G EEEE, d. MMMM y G
1893Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatslongMMMM d, y G d. MMMM y G
1894Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatsmediumMMM d, y G d.M.y G
1895Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date FormatsshortM/d/y GGGGG d.M.yy GGGGG
1896Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsfull{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1897Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatslong{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
1898Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsmedium{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1899Date & TimeGenericFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsshort{1}, {0} {1} {0}
1900Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsd= d
1901Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsE= ccc
1902Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsEdd E E, d.
1903Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGy= y G
1904Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMM= MMM y G
1905Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMdMMM d, y G d. MMM y G
1906Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMEdE, MMM d, y G E, d. MMM y G
1907Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsM= L
1908Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMdM/d d.M.
1909Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMEdE, M/d E, d.M.
1910Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMM= LLL
1911Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMdMMM d d. MMM
1912Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMEdE, MMM d E, d. MMM
1913Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsy= y G
1914Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsyyyy= y G
1915Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMM/y GGGGG M.y GGGGG
1916Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMdM/d/y GGGGG d.M.y GGGGG
1917Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMEdE, M/d/y GGGGG E, d.M.y GGGGG
1918Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMM= MMM y G
1919Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMdMMM d, y G d. MMM y G
1920Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMEdE, MMM d, y G E, d. MMM y G
1921Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQ= QQQ y G
1922Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQQ= QQQQ y G
1923Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEhm= E h:mm a
1924Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEHm= E HH:mm
1925Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEhms= E h:mm:ss a
1926Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsEHms= E HH:mm:ss
1927Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsh= h a
1928Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsH= HH
1929Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshm= h:mm a
1930Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHm= HH:mm
1931Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshms= h:mm:ss a
1932Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHms= HH:mm:ss
1933Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsms= mm:ss
1934Date & TimeGenericFormats - Flexible - AppendTimezone= {0} {1}
1935Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsd/dd – d d. – d.
1936Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsM/MM – M M. – M.
1937Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/dM/d – M/d d.M. – d.M.
1938Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/MM/d – M/d d.M. – d.M.
1939Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/dE, M/d – E, M/d E, d.M. – E, d.M.
1940Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/ME, M/d – E, M/d E, d.M. – E, d.M.
1941Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMM/MMMM – MMM LLL – LLL
1942Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/dMMM d – d d. – d. MMM
1943Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d d. MMM – d. MMM
1944Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d E, d. – E, d. MMM
1945Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d E, d. MMM – E, d. MMM
1946Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsy/yy – y G y–y G
1947Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/MM/y – M/y GGGGG M.y – M.y G
1948Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/yM/y – M/y GGGGG M.y – M.y G
1949Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/dM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG d.M.y – d.M.y G
1950Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/MM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG d.M.y – d.M.y G
1951Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/yM/d/y – M/d/y GGGGG d.M.y – d.M.y G
1952Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/dE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG E, d.M.y – E, d.M.y G
1953Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/ME, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG E, d.M.y – E, d.M.y G
1954Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/yE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y GGGGG E, d.M.y – E, d.M.y G
1955Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/MMMM – MMM y G LLL – LLL y G
1956Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/yMMM y – MMM y G LLL y – LLL y G
1957Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/dMMM d – d, y G d. – d. MMM y G
1958Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d, y G d. MMM – d. MMM y G
1959Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/yMMM d, y – MMM d, y G d. MMM y – d. MMM y G
1960Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d, y G E, d. – E, d. MMM y G
1961Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d, y G E, d. MMM – E, d. MMM y G
1962Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/yE, MMM d, y – E, MMM d, y G E, d. MMM y – E, d. MMM y G
1963Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/MMMMM – MMMM y G LLLL – LLLL y G
1964Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/yMMMM y – MMMM y G LLLL y – LLLL y G
1965Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/a= h a – h a
1966Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/hh – h a h–h a
1967Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsH/HHH – HH HH–HH
1968Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/a= h:mm a – h:mm a
1969Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/hh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
1970Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/HHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
1971Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/mh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
1972Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/mHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
1973Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/a= h:mm a – h:mm a v
1974Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/hh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
1975Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/HHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
1976Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/mh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
1977Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/mHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
1978Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/a= h a – h a v
1979Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/hh – h a v h–h a v
1980Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHv/HHH – HH v HH–HH v
1981Date & TimeGenericFormats - Intervals - FallbackFallback= {0} – {1}
1982Date & TimeBuddhistEras - abbreviated0= BE
1983Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-1= zi
1984Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-2= chou
1985Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-3= yin
1986Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-4= mao
1987Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-5= chen
1988Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-6= si
1989Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-7= wu
1990Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-8= wei
1991Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-9= shen
1992Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-10= you
1993Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-11= xu
1994Date & TimeChinesedayPartscyclic-format-abbreviated-12= hai
1995Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-1= spring begins
1996Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-2= rain water
1997Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-3= insects awaken
1998Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-4= spring equinox
1999Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-5= bright and clear
2000Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-6= grain rain
2001Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-7= summer begins
2002Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-8= grain full
2003Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-9= grain in ear
2004Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-10= summer solstice
2005Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-11= minor heat
2006Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-12= major heat
2007Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-13= autumn begins
2008Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-14= end of heat
2009Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-15= white dew
2010Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-16= autumn equinox
2011Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-17= cold dew
2012Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-18= frost descends
2013Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-19= winter begins
2014Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-20= minor snow
2015Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-21= major snow
2016Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-22= winter solstice
2017Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-23= minor cold
2018Date & TimeChinesesolarTermscyclic-format-abbreviated-24= major cold
2019Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-1= jia-zi
2020Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-2= yi-chou
2021Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-3= bing-yin
2022Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-4= ding-mao
2023Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-5= wu-chen
2024Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-6= ji-si
2025Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-7= geng-wu
2026Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-8= xin-wei
2027Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-9= ren-shen
2028Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-10= gui-you
2029Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-11= jia-xu
2030Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-12= yi-hai
2031Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-13= bing-zi
2032Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-14= ding-chou
2033Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-15= wu-yin
2034Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-16= ji-mao
2035Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-17= geng-chen
2036Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-18= xin-si
2037Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-19= ren-wu
2038Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-20= gui-wei
2039Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-21= jia-shen
2040Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-22= yi-you
2041Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-23= bing-xu
2042Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-24= ding-hai
2043Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-25= wu-zi
2044Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-26= ji-chou
2045Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-27= geng-yin
2046Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-28= xin-mao
2047Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-29= ren-chen
2048Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-30= gui-si
2049Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-31= jia-wu
2050Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-32= yi-wei
2051Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-33= bing-shen
2052Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-34= ding-you
2053Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-35= wu-xu
2054Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-36= ji-hai
2055Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-37= geng-zi
2056Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-38= xin-chou
2057Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-39= ren-yin
2058Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-40= gui-mao
2059Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-41= jia-chen
2060Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-42= yi-si
2061Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-43= bing-wu
2062Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-44= ding-wei
2063Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-45= wu-shen
2064Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-46= ji-you
2065Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-47= geng-xu
2066Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-48= xin-hai
2067Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-49= ren-zi
2068Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-50= gui-chou
2069Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-51= jia-yin
2070Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-52= yi-mao
2071Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-53= bing-chen
2072Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-54= ding-si
2073Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-55= wu-wu
2074Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-56= ji-wei
2075Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-57= geng-shen
2076Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-58= xin-you
2077Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-59= ren-xu
2078Date & TimeChineseyearscyclic-format-abbreviated-60= gui-hai
2079Date & TimeChinesemonthPatternsmonthPattern-format-wide-leap= {0}bis
2080Date & TimeChinesemonthPatternsmonthPattern-numeric-all-leap= {0}bis
2081Date & TimeChinesemonthPatternsmonthPattern-stand-alone-narrow-leap= {0}b
2082Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingJanMonth1 M01
2083Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingFebMonth2 M02
2084Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingMarMonth3 M03
2085Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingAprMonth4 M04
2086Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingMayMonth5 M05
2087Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingJunMonth6 M06
2088Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingJulMonth7 M07
2089Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingAugMonth8 M08
2090Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingSepMonth9 M09
2091Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingOctMonth10 M10
2092Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingNovMonth11 M11
2093Date & TimeChineseMonths - wide - FormattingDecMonth12 M12
2094Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2095Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2096Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2097Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2098Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2099Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2100Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2101Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2102Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2103Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2104Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2105Date & TimeChineseMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2106Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatsfullEEEE, MMMM d, r(U) r(U) MMMM d, EEEE
2107Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatslongMMMM d, r(U) r(U) MMMM d
2108Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatsmediumMMM d, r r MMM d
2109Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date FormatsshortM/d/r r-MM-dd
2110Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsfull{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
2111Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatslong{1} 'at' {0} {1} {0}
2112Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsmedium{1}, {0} {1} {0}
2113Date & TimeChineseFormats - Standard - Date & Time Combination Formatsshort{1}, {0} {1} {0}
2114Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsd= d
2115Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsE= ccc
2116Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsEdd E d, E
2117Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyr(U) r U
2118Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMMMM r(U) r(U) MMM
2119Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMdMMM d, r r MMM d
2120Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsGyMMMEdE, MMM d, r(U) r(U) MMM d, E
2121Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsM= L
2122Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMdM/d MM-dd
2123Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMEdE, M/d MM-dd, E
2124Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMM= LLL
2125Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMd= MMM d
2126Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsMMMEdE, MMM d MMM d, E
2127Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsUMM/U U MM
2128Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsUMdM/d/U U MM-d
2129Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsUMMMMMM U U MMM
2130Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsUMMMdMMM d, U U MMM d
2131Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsy= r(U)
2132Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyMdM/d/r r-MM-dd
2133Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date Formatsyyyy= r(U)
2134Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMM/r r-MM
2135Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMdM/d/r r-MM-dd
2136Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMEdE, M/d/r r-MM-dd, E
2137Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMMMM r(U) r(U) MMM
2138Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMdMMM d, r r MMM d
2139Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyMMMEdE, MMM d, r(U) r(U) MMM d, E
2140Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQQQQ r(U) r(U) QQQ
2141Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Date FormatsyyyyQQQQQQQQ r(U) r(U) QQQQ
2142Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsh= h a
2143Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsH= HH
2144Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshm= h:mm a
2145Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHm= HH:mm
2146Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time Formatshms= h:mm:ss a
2147Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time FormatsHms= HH:mm:ss
2148Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - Time Formatsms= mm:ss
2149Date & TimeChineseFormats - Flexible - AppendTimezone= {0} {1}
2150Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsd/dd – d d–d
2151Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsM/MM – M MM–MM
2152Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/dM/d – M/d MM-dd – MM-dd
2153Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMd/MM/d – M/d MM-dd – MM-dd
2154Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/dE, M/d – E, M/d MM-dd, E – MM-dd, E
2155Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMEd/ME, M/d – E, M/d MM-dd, E – MM-dd, E
2156Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMM/MMMM – MMM LLL–LLL
2157Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/dMMM d – d MMM d–d
2158Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMd/M= MMM d – MMM d
2159Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d MMM d, E – MMM d, E
2160Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d MMM d, E – MMM d, E
2161Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date Formatsy/yU – U U–U
2162Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/MM/y – M/y y-MM – y-MM
2163Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyM/yM/y – M/y y-MM – y-MM
2164Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/dM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
2165Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/MM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
2166Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMd/yM/d/y – M/d/y y-MM-dd – y-MM-dd
2167Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/dE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
2168Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/ME, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
2169Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMEd/yE, M/d/y – E, M/d/y y-MM-dd, E – y-MM-dd, E
2170Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/MMMM – MMM U U MMM–MMM
2171Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMM/yMMM U – MMM U U MMM – U MMM
2172Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/dMMM d – d, U U MMM d–d
2173Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/MMMM d – MMM d, U U MMM d – MMM d
2174Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMd/yMMM d, U – MMM d, U U MMM d – U MMM d
2175Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/dE, MMM d – E, MMM d, U U MMM d, E – MMM d, E
2176Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/ME, MMM d – E, MMM d, U U MMM d, E – MMM d, E
2177Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMEd/yE, MMM d, U – E, MMM d, U U MMM d, E – U MMM d, E
2178Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/MMMMM – MMMM U U MMMM–MMMM
2179Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Date FormatsyMMMM/yMMMM U – MMMM U U MMMM – U MMMM
2180Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/a= h a – h a
2181Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatsh/hh – h a h–h a
2182Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsH/HHH – HH HH–HH
2183Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/a= h:mm a – h:mm a
2184Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/hh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
2185Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/HHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
2186Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshm/mh:mm – h:mm a h:mm–h:mm a
2187Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHm/mHH:mm – HH:mm HH:mm–HH:mm
2188Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/a= h:mm a – h:mm a v
2189Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/hh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
2190Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/HHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
2191Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshmv/mh:mm – h:mm a v h:mm–h:mm a v
2192Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHmv/mHH:mm – HH:mm v HH:mm–HH:mm v
2193Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/a= h a – h a v
2194Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time Formatshv/hh – h a v h–h a v
2195Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - Time FormatsHv/HHH – HH v HH–HH v
2196Date & TimeChineseFormats - Intervals - FallbackFallback= {0} – {1}
2197Date & TimeCopticEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
2198Date & TimeCopticEras - abbreviated1= ERA1
2199Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Tout
2200Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Baba
2201Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Hator
2202Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Kiahk
2203Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Toba
2204Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Amshir
2205Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Baramhat
2206Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Baramouda
2207Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Bashans
2208Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Paona
2209Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Epep
2210Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Mesra
2211Date & TimeCopticMonths - wide - FormattingUnd= Nasie
2212Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2213Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2214Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2215Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2216Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2217Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2218Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2219Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2220Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2221Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2222Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2223Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2224Date & TimeCopticMonths - narrow - StandaloneUnd= 13
2225Date & TimeEthiopicEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
2226Date & TimeEthiopicEras - abbreviated1= ERA1
2227Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Meskerem
2228Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Tekemt
2229Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Hedar
2230Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Tahsas
2231Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Ter
2232Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Yekatit
2233Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Megabit
2234Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Miazia
2235Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Genbot
2236Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Sene
2237Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Hamle
2238Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Nehasse
2239Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - wide - FormattingUnd= Pagumen
2240Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2241Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2242Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2243Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2244Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2245Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2246Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2247Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2248Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2249Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2250Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2251Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2252Date & TimeEthiopicMonths - narrow - StandaloneUnd= 13
2253Date & TimeEthiopic-Amete-AlemEras - abbreviated0= ERA0
2254Date & TimeHebrewEras - abbreviated0= AM
2255Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Tishri
2256Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Heshvan
2257Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Kislev
2258Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Tevet
2259Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Shevat
2260Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Adar I
2261Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Adar
2262Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingJul (leap)= Adar II
2263Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Nisan
2264Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Iyar
2265Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Sivan
2266Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Tamuz
2267Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Av
2268Date & TimeHebrewMonths - wide - FormattingUnd= Elul
2269Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2270Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2271Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2272Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2273Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2274Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2275Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2276Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul (leap)= 7
2277Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2278Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2279Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2280Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2281Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2282Date & TimeHebrewMonths - narrow - StandaloneUnd= 13
2283Date & TimeIndianEras - abbreviated0= Saka
2284Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Chaitra
2285Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Vaisakha
2286Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Jyaistha
2287Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Asadha
2288Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Sravana
2289Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Bhadra
2290Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Asvina
2291Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Kartika
2292Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Agrahayana
2293Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Pausa
2294Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Magha
2295Date & TimeIndianMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Phalguna
2296Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2297Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2298Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2299Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2300Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2301Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2302Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2303Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2304Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2305Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2306Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2307Date & TimeIndianMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2308Date & TimeIslamicEras - abbreviated0= AH
2309Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Muharram
2310Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Safar
2311Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Rabiʻ I
2312Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Rabiʻ II
2313Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Jumada I
2314Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Jumada II
2315Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Rajab
2316Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Shaʻban
2317Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Ramadan
2318Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Shawwal
2319Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Dhuʻl-Qiʻdah
2320Date & TimeIslamicMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Dhuʻl-Hijjah
2321Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJan= Muh.
2322Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingFeb= Saf.
2323Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMar= Rab. I
2324Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingApr= Rab. II
2325Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingMay= Jum. I
2326Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJun= Jum. II
2327Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingJul= Raj.
2328Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingAug= Sha.
2329Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingSep= Ram.
2330Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingOct= Shaw.
2331Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingNov= Dhuʻl-Q.
2332Date & TimeIslamicMonths - abbreviated - FormattingDec= Dhuʻl-H.
2333Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2334Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2335Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2336Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2337Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2338Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2339Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2340Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2341Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2342Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2343Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2344Date & TimeIslamicMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2345Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated0= Taika (645-650)
2346Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated1= Hakuchi (650-671)
2347Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated2= Hakuhō (672-686)
2348Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated3= Shuchō (686-701)
2349Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated4= Taihō (701-704)
2350Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated5= Keiun (704-708)
2351Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated6= Wadō (708-715)
2352Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated7= Reiki (715-717)
2353Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated8= Yōrō (717-724)
2354Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated9= Jinki (724-729)
2355Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated10= Tempyō (729-749)
2356Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated11= Tempyō-kampō (749-749)
2357Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated12= Tempyō-shōhō (749-757)
2358Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated13= Tempyō-hōji (757-765)
2359Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated14= Temphō-jingo (765-767)
2360Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated15= Jingo-keiun (767-770)
2361Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated16= Hōki (770-780)
2362Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated17= Ten-ō (781-782)
2363Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated18= Enryaku (782-806)
2364Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated19= Daidō (806-810)
2365Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated20= Kōnin (810-824)
2366Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated21= Tenchō (824-834)
2367Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated22= Jōwa (834-848)
2368Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated23= Kajō (848-851)
2369Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated24= Ninju (851-854)
2370Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated25= Saiko (854-857)
2371Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated26= Tennan (857-859)
2372Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated27= Jōgan (859-877)
2373Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated28= Genkei (877-885)
2374Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated29= Ninna (885-889)
2375Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated30= Kampyō (889-898)
2376Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated31= Shōtai (898-901)
2377Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated32= Engi (901-923)
2378Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated33= Enchō (923-931)
2379Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated34= Shōhei (931-938)
2380Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated35= Tengyō (938-947)
2381Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated36= Tenryaku (947-957)
2382Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated37= Tentoku (957-961)
2383Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated38= Ōwa (961-964)
2384Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated39= Kōhō (964-968)
2385Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated40= Anna (968-970)
2386Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated41= Tenroku (970-973)
2387Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated42= Ten-en (973-976)
2388Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated43= Jōgen (976-978)
2389Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated44= Tengen (978-983)
2390Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated45= Eikan (983-985)
2391Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated46= Kanna (985-987)
2392Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated47= Ei-en (987-989)
2393Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated48= Eiso (989-990)
2394Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated49= Shōryaku (990-995)
2395Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated50= Chōtoku (995-999)
2396Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated51= Chōhō (999-1004)
2397Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated52= Kankō (1004-1012)
2398Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated53= Chōwa (1012-1017)
2399Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated54= Kannin (1017-1021)
2400Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated55= Jian (1021-1024)
2401Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated56= Manju (1024-1028)
2402Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated57= Chōgen (1028-1037)
2403Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated58= Chōryaku (1037-1040)
2404Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated59= Chōkyū (1040-1044)
2405Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated60= Kantoku (1044-1046)
2406Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated61= Eishō (1046-1053)
2407Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated62= Tengi (1053-1058)
2408Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated63= Kōhei (1058-1065)
2409Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated64= Jiryaku (1065-1069)
2410Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated65= Enkyū (1069-1074)
2411Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated66= Shōho (1074-1077)
2412Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated67= Shōryaku (1077-1081)
2413Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated68= Eiho (1081-1084)
2414Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated69= Ōtoku (1084-1087)
2415Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated70= Kanji (1087-1094)
2416Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated71= Kaho (1094-1096)
2417Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated72= Eichō (1096-1097)
2418Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated73= Shōtoku (1097-1099)
2419Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated74= Kōwa (1099-1104)
2420Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated75= Chōji (1104-1106)
2421Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated76= Kashō (1106-1108)
2422Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated77= Tennin (1108-1110)
2423Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated78= Ten-ei (1110-1113)
2424Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated79= Eikyū (1113-1118)
2425Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated80= Gen-ei (1118-1120)
2426Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated81= Hoan (1120-1124)
2427Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated82= Tenji (1124-1126)
2428Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated83= Daiji (1126-1131)
2429Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated84= Tenshō (1131-1132)
2430Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated85= Chōshō (1132-1135)
2431Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated86= Hoen (1135-1141)
2432Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated87= Eiji (1141-1142)
2433Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated88= Kōji (1142-1144)
2434Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated89= Tenyō (1144-1145)
2435Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated90= Kyūan (1145-1151)
2436Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated91= Ninpei (1151-1154)
2437Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated92= Kyūju (1154-1156)
2438Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated93= Hogen (1156-1159)
2439Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated94= Heiji (1159-1160)
2440Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated95= Eiryaku (1160-1161)
2441Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated96= Ōho (1161-1163)
2442Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated97= Chōkan (1163-1165)
2443Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated98= Eiman (1165-1166)
2444Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated99= Nin-an (1166-1169)
2445Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated100= Kaō (1169-1171)
2446Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated101= Shōan (1171-1175)
2447Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated102= Angen (1175-1177)
2448Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated103= Jishō (1177-1181)
2449Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated104= Yōwa (1181-1182)
2450Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated105= Juei (1182-1184)
2451Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated106= Genryuku (1184-1185)
2452Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated107= Bunji (1185-1190)
2453Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated108= Kenkyū (1190-1199)
2454Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated109= Shōji (1199-1201)
2455Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated110= Kennin (1201-1204)
2456Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated111= Genkyū (1204-1206)
2457Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated112= Ken-ei (1206-1207)
2458Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated113= Shōgen (1207-1211)
2459Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated114= Kenryaku (1211-1213)
2460Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated115= Kenpō (1213-1219)
2461Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated116= Shōkyū (1219-1222)
2462Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated117= Jōō (1222-1224)
2463Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated118= Gennin (1224-1225)
2464Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated119= Karoku (1225-1227)
2465Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated120= Antei (1227-1229)
2466Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated121= Kanki (1229-1232)
2467Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated122= Jōei (1232-1233)
2468Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated123= Tempuku (1233-1234)
2469Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated124= Bunryaku (1234-1235)
2470Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated125= Katei (1235-1238)
2471Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated126= Ryakunin (1238-1239)
2472Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated127= En-ō (1239-1240)
2473Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated128= Ninji (1240-1243)
2474Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated129= Kangen (1243-1247)
2475Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated130= Hōji (1247-1249)
2476Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated131= Kenchō (1249-1256)
2477Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated132= Kōgen (1256-1257)
2478Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated133= Shōka (1257-1259)
2479Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated134= Shōgen (1259-1260)
2480Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated135= Bun-ō (1260-1261)
2481Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated136= Kōchō (1261-1264)
2482Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated137= Bun-ei (1264-1275)
2483Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated138= Kenji (1275-1278)
2484Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated139= Kōan (1278-1288)
2485Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated140= Shōō (1288-1293)
2486Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated141= Einin (1293-1299)
2487Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated142= Shōan (1299-1302)
2488Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated143= Kengen (1302-1303)
2489Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated144= Kagen (1303-1306)
2490Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated145= Tokuji (1306-1308)
2491Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated146= Enkei (1308-1311)
2492Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated147= Ōchō (1311-1312)
2493Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated148= Shōwa (1312-1317)
2494Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated149= Bunpō (1317-1319)
2495Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated150= Genō (1319-1321)
2496Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated151= Genkyō (1321-1324)
2497Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated152= Shōchū (1324-1326)
2498Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated153= Kareki (1326-1329)
2499Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated154= Gentoku (1329-1331)
2500Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated155= Genkō (1331-1334)
2501Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated156= Kemmu (1334-1336)
2502Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated157= Engen (1336-1340)
2503Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated158= Kōkoku (1340-1346)
2504Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated159= Shōhei (1346-1370)
2505Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated160= Kentoku (1370-1372)
2506Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated161= Bunchū (1372-1375)
2507Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated162= Tenju (1375-1379)
2508Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated163= Kōryaku (1379-1381)
2509Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated164= Kōwa (1381-1384)
2510Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated165= Genchū (1384-1392)
2511Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated166= Meitoku (1384-1387)
2512Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated167= Kakei (1387-1389)
2513Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated168= Kōō (1389-1390)
2514Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated169= Meitoku (1390-1394)
2515Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated170= Ōei (1394-1428)
2516Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated171= Shōchō (1428-1429)
2517Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated172= Eikyō (1429-1441)
2518Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated173= Kakitsu (1441-1444)
2519Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated174= Bun-an (1444-1449)
2520Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated175= Hōtoku (1449-1452)
2521Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated176= Kyōtoku (1452-1455)
2522Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated177= Kōshō (1455-1457)
2523Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated178= Chōroku (1457-1460)
2524Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated179= Kanshō (1460-1466)
2525Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated180= Bunshō (1466-1467)
2526Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated181= Ōnin (1467-1469)
2527Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated182= Bunmei (1469-1487)
2528Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated183= Chōkyō (1487-1489)
2529Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated184= Entoku (1489-1492)
2530Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated185= Meiō (1492-1501)
2531Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated186= Bunki (1501-1504)
2532Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated187= Eishō (1504-1521)
2533Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated188= Taiei (1521-1528)
2534Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated189= Kyōroku (1528-1532)
2535Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated190= Tenmon (1532-1555)
2536Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated191= Kōji (1555-1558)
2537Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated192= Eiroku (1558-1570)
2538Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated193= Genki (1570-1573)
2539Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated194= Tenshō (1573-1592)
2540Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated195= Bunroku (1592-1596)
2541Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated196= Keichō (1596-1615)
2542Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated197= Genwa (1615-1624)
2543Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated198= Kan-ei (1624-1644)
2544Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated199= Shōho (1644-1648)
2545Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated200= Keian (1648-1652)
2546Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated201= Shōō (1652-1655)
2547Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated202= Meiryaku (1655-1658)
2548Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated203= Manji (1658-1661)
2549Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated204= Kanbun (1661-1673)
2550Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated205= Enpō (1673-1681)
2551Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated206= Tenwa (1681-1684)
2552Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated207= Jōkyō (1684-1688)
2553Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated208= Genroku (1688-1704)
2554Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated209= Hōei (1704-1711)
2555Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated210= Shōtoku (1711-1716)
2556Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated211= Kyōhō (1716-1736)
2557Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated212= Genbun (1736-1741)
2558Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated213= Kanpō (1741-1744)
2559Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated214= Enkyō (1744-1748)
2560Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated215= Kan-en (1748-1751)
2561Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated216= Hōryaku (1751-1764)
2562Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated217= Meiwa (1764-1772)
2563Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated218= An-ei (1772-1781)
2564Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated219= Tenmei (1781-1789)
2565Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated220= Kansei (1789-1801)
2566Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated221= Kyōwa (1801-1804)
2567Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated222= Bunka (1804-1818)
2568Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated223= Bunsei (1818-1830)
2569Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated224= Tenpō (1830-1844)
2570Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated225= Kōka (1844-1848)
2571Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated226= Kaei (1848-1854)
2572Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated227= Ansei (1854-1860)
2573Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated228= Man-en (1860-1861)
2574Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated229= Bunkyū (1861-1864)
2575Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated230= Genji (1864-1865)
2576Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated231= Keiō (1865-1868)
2577Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated232= Meiji
2578Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated233= Taishō
2579Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated234= Shōwa
2580Date & TimeJapaneseEras - abbreviated235= Heisei
2581Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow0= Taika (645-650)
2582Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow1= Hakuchi (650-671)
2583Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow2= Hakuhō (672-686)
2584Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow3= Shuchō (686-701)
2585Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow4= Taihō (701-704)
2586Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow5= Keiun (704-708)
2587Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow6= Wadō (708-715)
2588Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow7= Reiki (715-717)
2589Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow8= Yōrō (717-724)
2590Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow9= Jinki (724-729)
2591Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow10= Tempyō (729-749)
2592Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow11= Tempyō-kampō (749-749)
2593Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow12= Tempyō-shōhō (749-757)
2594Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow13= Tempyō-hōji (757-765)
2595Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow14= Temphō-jingo (765-767)
2596Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow15= Jingo-keiun (767-770)
2597Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow16= Hōki (770-780)
2598Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow17= Ten-ō (781-782)
2599Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow18= Enryaku (782-806)
2600Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow19= Daidō (806-810)
2601Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow20= Kōnin (810-824)
2602Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow21= Tenchō (824-834)
2603Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow22= Jōwa (834-848)
2604Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow23= Kajō (848-851)
2605Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow24= Ninju (851-854)
2606Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow25= Saiko (854-857)
2607Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow26= Tennan (857-859)
2608Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow27= Jōgan (859-877)
2609Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow28= Genkei (877-885)
2610Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow29= Ninna (885-889)
2611Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow30= Kampyō (889-898)
2612Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow31= Shōtai (898-901)
2613Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow32= Engi (901-923)
2614Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow33= Enchō (923-931)
2615Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow34= Shōhei (931-938)
2616Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow35= Tengyō (938-947)
2617Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow36= Tenryaku (947-957)
2618Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow37= Tentoku (957-961)
2619Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow38= Ōwa (961-964)
2620Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow39= Kōhō (964-968)
2621Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow40= Anna (968-970)
2622Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow41= Tenroku (970-973)
2623Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow42= Ten-en (973-976)
2624Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow43= Jōgen (976-978)
2625Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow44= Tengen (978-983)
2626Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow45= Eikan (983-985)
2627Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow46= Kanna (985-987)
2628Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow47= Ei-en (987-989)
2629Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow48= Eiso (989-990)
2630Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow49= Shōryaku (990-995)
2631Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow50= Chōtoku (995-999)
2632Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow51= Chōhō (999-1004)
2633Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow52= Kankō (1004-1012)
2634Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow53= Chōwa (1012-1017)
2635Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow54= Kannin (1017-1021)
2636Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow55= Jian (1021-1024)
2637Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow56= Manju (1024-1028)
2638Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow57= Chōgen (1028-1037)
2639Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow58= Chōryaku (1037-1040)
2640Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow59= Chōkyū (1040-1044)
2641Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow60= Kantoku (1044-1046)
2642Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow61= Eishō (1046-1053)
2643Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow62= Tengi (1053-1058)
2644Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow63= Kōhei (1058-1065)
2645Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow64= Jiryaku (1065-1069)
2646Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow65= Enkyū (1069-1074)
2647Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow66= Shōho (1074-1077)
2648Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow67= Shōryaku (1077-1081)
2649Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow68= Eiho (1081-1084)
2650Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow69= Ōtoku (1084-1087)
2651Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow70= Kanji (1087-1094)
2652Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow71= Kaho (1094-1096)
2653Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow72= Eichō (1096-1097)
2654Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow73= Shōtoku (1097-1099)
2655Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow74= Kōwa (1099-1104)
2656Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow75= Chōji (1104-1106)
2657Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow76= Kashō (1106-1108)
2658Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow77= Tennin (1108-1110)
2659Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow78= Ten-ei (1110-1113)
2660Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow79= Eikyū (1113-1118)
2661Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow80= Gen-ei (1118-1120)
2662Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow81= Hoan (1120-1124)
2663Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow82= Tenji (1124-1126)
2664Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow83= Daiji (1126-1131)
2665Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow84= Tenshō (1131-1132)
2666Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow85= Chōshō (1132-1135)
2667Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow86= Hoen (1135-1141)
2668Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow87= Eiji (1141-1142)
2669Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow88= Kōji (1142-1144)
2670Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow89= Tenyō (1144-1145)
2671Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow90= Kyūan (1145-1151)
2672Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow91= Ninpei (1151-1154)
2673Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow92= Kyūju (1154-1156)
2674Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow93= Hogen (1156-1159)
2675Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow94= Heiji (1159-1160)
2676Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow95= Eiryaku (1160-1161)
2677Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow96= Ōho (1161-1163)
2678Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow97= Chōkan (1163-1165)
2679Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow98= Eiman (1165-1166)
2680Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow99= Nin-an (1166-1169)
2681Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow100= Kaō (1169-1171)
2682Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow101= Shōan (1171-1175)
2683Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow102= Angen (1175-1177)
2684Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow103= Jishō (1177-1181)
2685Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow104= Yōwa (1181-1182)
2686Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow105= Juei (1182-1184)
2687Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow106= Genryuku (1184-1185)
2688Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow107= Bunji (1185-1190)
2689Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow108= Kenkyū (1190-1199)
2690Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow109= Shōji (1199-1201)
2691Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow110= Kennin (1201-1204)
2692Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow111= Genkyū (1204-1206)
2693Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow112= Ken-ei (1206-1207)
2694Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow113= Shōgen (1207-1211)
2695Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow114= Kenryaku (1211-1213)
2696Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow115= Kenpō (1213-1219)
2697Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow116= Shōkyū (1219-1222)
2698Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow117= Jōō (1222-1224)
2699Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow118= Gennin (1224-1225)
2700Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow119= Karoku (1225-1227)
2701Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow120= Antei (1227-1229)
2702Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow121= Kanki (1229-1232)
2703Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow122= Jōei (1232-1233)
2704Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow123= Tempuku (1233-1234)
2705Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow124= Bunryaku (1234-1235)
2706Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow125= Katei (1235-1238)
2707Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow126= Ryakunin (1238-1239)
2708Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow127= En-ō (1239-1240)
2709Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow128= Ninji (1240-1243)
2710Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow129= Kangen (1243-1247)
2711Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow130= Hōji (1247-1249)
2712Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow131= Kenchō (1249-1256)
2713Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow132= Kōgen (1256-1257)
2714Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow133= Shōka (1257-1259)
2715Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow134= Shōgen (1259-1260)
2716Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow135= Bun-ō (1260-1261)
2717Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow136= Kōchō (1261-1264)
2718Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow137= Bun-ei (1264-1275)
2719Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow138= Kenji (1275-1278)
2720Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow139= Kōan (1278-1288)
2721Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow140= Shōō (1288-1293)
2722Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow141= Einin (1293-1299)
2723Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow142= Shōan (1299-1302)
2724Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow143= Kengen (1302-1303)
2725Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow144= Kagen (1303-1306)
2726Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow145= Tokuji (1306-1308)
2727Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow146= Enkei (1308-1311)
2728Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow147= Ōchō (1311-1312)
2729Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow148= Shōwa (1312-1317)
2730Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow149= Bunpō (1317-1319)
2731Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow150= Genō (1319-1321)
2732Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow151= Genkyō (1321-1324)
2733Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow152= Shōchū (1324-1326)
2734Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow153= Kareki (1326-1329)
2735Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow154= Gentoku (1329-1331)
2736Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow155= Genkō (1331-1334)
2737Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow156= Kemmu (1334-1336)
2738Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow157= Engen (1336-1340)
2739Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow158= Kōkoku (1340-1346)
2740Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow159= Shōhei (1346-1370)
2741Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow160= Kentoku (1370-1372)
2742Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow161= Bunchũ (1372-1375)
2743Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow162= Tenju (1375-1379)
2744Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow163= Kōryaku (1379-1381)
2745Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow164= Kōwa (1381-1384)
2746Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow165= Genchũ (1384-1392)
2747Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow166= Meitoku (1384-1387)
2748Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow167= Kakei (1387-1389)
2749Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow168= Kōō (1389-1390)
2750Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow169= Meitoku (1390-1394)
2751Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow170= Ōei (1394-1428)
2752Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow171= Shōchō (1428-1429)
2753Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow172= Eikyō (1429-1441)
2754Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow173= Kakitsu (1441-1444)
2755Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow174= Bun-an (1444-1449)
2756Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow175= Hōtoku (1449-1452)
2757Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow176= Kyōtoku (1452-1455)
2758Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow177= Kōshō (1455-1457)
2759Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow178= Chōroku (1457-1460)
2760Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow179= Kanshō (1460-1466)
2761Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow180= Bunshō (1466-1467)
2762Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow181= Ōnin (1467-1469)
2763Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow182= Bunmei (1469-1487)
2764Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow183= Chōkyō (1487-1489)
2765Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow184= Entoku (1489-1492)
2766Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow185= Meiō (1492-1501)
2767Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow186= Bunki (1501-1504)
2768Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow187= Eishō (1504-1521)
2769Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow188= Taiei (1521-1528)
2770Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow189= Kyōroku (1528-1532)
2771Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow190= Tenmon (1532-1555)
2772Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow191= Kōji (1555-1558)
2773Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow192= Eiroku (1558-1570)
2774Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow193= Genki (1570-1573)
2775Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow194= Tenshō (1573-1592)
2776Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow195= Bunroku (1592-1596)
2777Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow196= Keichō (1596-1615)
2778Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow197= Genwa (1615-1624)
2779Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow198= Kan-ei (1624-1644)
2780Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow199= Shōho (1644-1648)
2781Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow200= Keian (1648-1652)
2782Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow201= Shōō (1652-1655)
2783Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow202= Meiryaku (1655-1658)
2784Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow203= Manji (1658-1661)
2785Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow204= Kanbun (1661-1673)
2786Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow205= Enpō (1673-1681)
2787Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow206= Tenwa (1681-1684)
2788Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow207= Jōkyō (1684-1688)
2789Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow208= Genroku (1688-1704)
2790Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow209= Hōei (1704-1711)
2791Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow210= Shōtoku (1711-1716)
2792Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow211= Kyōhō (1716-1736)
2793Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow212= Genbun (1736-1741)
2794Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow213= Kanpō (1741-1744)
2795Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow214= Enkyō (1744-1748)
2796Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow215= Kan-en (1748-1751)
2797Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow216= Hōryaku (1751-1764)
2798Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow217= Meiwa (1764-1772)
2799Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow218= An-ei (1772-1781)
2800Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow219= Tenmei (1781-1789)
2801Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow220= Kansei (1789-1801)
2802Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow221= Kyōwa (1801-1804)
2803Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow222= Bunka (1804-1818)
2804Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow223= Bunsei (1818-1830)
2805Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow224= Tenpō (1830-1844)
2806Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow225= Kōka (1844-1848)
2807Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow226= Kaei (1848-1854)
2808Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow227= Ansei (1854-1860)
2809Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow228= Man-en (1860-1861)
2810Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow229= Bunkyū (1861-1864)
2811Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow230= Genji (1864-1865)
2812Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow231= Keiō (1865-1868)
2813Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow232= M
2814Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow233= T
2815Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow234= S
2816Date & TimeJapaneseEras - narrow235= H
2817Date & TimePersianEras - abbreviated0= AP
2818Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingJan= Farvardin
2819Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingFeb= Ordibehesht
2820Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingMar= Khordad
2821Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingApr= Tir
2822Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingMay= Mordad
2823Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingJun= Shahrivar
2824Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingJul= Mehr
2825Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingAug= Aban
2826Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingSep= Azar
2827Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingOct= Dey
2828Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingNov= Bahman
2829Date & TimePersianMonths - wide - FormattingDec= Esfand
2830Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJan= 1
2831Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneFeb= 2
2832Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMar= 3
2833Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneApr= 4
2834Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneMay= 5
2835Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJun= 6
2836Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneJul= 7
2837Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneAug= 8
2838Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneSep= 9
2839Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneOct= 10
2840Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneNov= 11
2841Date & TimePersianMonths - narrow - StandaloneDec= 12
2842Date & TimeROCEras - abbreviated0= Before R.O.C.
2843Date & TimeROCEras - abbreviated1Minguo R.O.C.
2844TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullRegion Format - Generic{0} Time časowe pasmo {0}
2845TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullRegion Format - Standard{0} Standard Time {0} zymski čas
2846TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullRegion Format - Daylight{0} Daylight Time {0} lětni čas
2847TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullGMT Format= GMT{0}
2848TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullGMT Hours/Minutes Format= +HH:mm;-HH:mm
2849TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullGMT Zero Format= GMT
2850TimezonesTimezone Display PatternsnullLocation Fallback Format= {1} ({0})
2851TimezonesNorth AmericaAlaskageneric-longAlaska Time alaskaski čas
2852TimezonesNorth AmericaAlaskastandard-longAlaska Standard Time alaskaski standardny čas
2853TimezonesNorth AmericaAlaskadaylight-longAlaska Daylight Time alaskaski lětni čas
2854TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Centralgeneric-longCentral Time sewjeroameriski centralny čas
2855TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Centralstandard-longCentral Standard Time sewjeroameriski centralny standardny čas
2856TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Centraldaylight-longCentral Daylight Time sewjeroameriski centralny lětni čas
2857TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Easterngeneric-longEastern Time sewjeroameriski wuchodny čas
2858TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Easternstandard-longEastern Standard Time sewjeroameriski wuchodny standardny čas
2859TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Easterndaylight-longEastern Daylight Time sewjeroameriski wuchodny lětni čas
2860TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Mountaingeneric-longMountain Time sewjeroameriski hórski čas
2861TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Mountainstandard-longMountain Standard Time sewjeroameriski hórski standardny čas
2862TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Mountaindaylight-longMountain Daylight Time sewjeroameriski hórski lětni čas
2863TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Pacificgeneric-longPacific Time sewjeroameriski pacifiski čas
2864TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Pacificstandard-longPacific Standard Time sewjeroameriski pacifiski standardny čas
2865TimezonesNorth AmericaAmerica_Pacificdaylight-longPacific Daylight Time sewjeroameriski pacifiski lětni čas
2866TimezonesNorth AmericaAtlanticgeneric-longAtlantic Time atlantiski čas
2867TimezonesNorth AmericaAtlanticstandard-longAtlantic Standard Time atlantiski standardny čas
2868TimezonesNorth AmericaAtlanticdaylight-longAtlantic Daylight Time atlantiski lětni čas
2869TimezonesNorth AmericaCubageneric-longCuba Time kubaski čas
2870TimezonesNorth AmericaCubastandard-longCuba Standard Time kubaski standardny čas
2871TimezonesNorth AmericaCubadaylight-longCuba Daylight Time kubaski lětni čas
2872TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Easterngeneric-longEast Greenland Time wuchodogrönlandski čas
2873TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Easternstandard-longEast Greenland Standard Time wuchodogrönlandski standardny čas
2874TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Easterndaylight-longEast Greenland Summer Time wuchodogrönlandski lětni čas
2875TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Westerngeneric-longWest Greenland Time zapadogrönlandski čas
2876TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Westernstandard-longWest Greenland Standard Time zapadogrönlandski standardny čas
2877TimezonesNorth AmericaGreenland_Westerndaylight-longWest Greenland Summer Time zapadogrönlandski lětni čas
2878TimezonesNorth AmericaHawaii_Aleutiangeneric-longHawaii-Aleutian Time hawaiisko-aleutski čas
2879TimezonesNorth AmericaHawaii_Aleutianstandard-longHawaii-Aleutian Standard Time hawaiisko-aleutski standardny čas
2880TimezonesNorth AmericaHawaii_Aleutiandaylight-longHawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time hawaiisko-aleutski lětni čas
2881TimezonesNorth AmericaMexico_Northwestgeneric-longNorthwest Mexico Time mexiski sewjerozapadny čas
2882TimezonesNorth AmericaMexico_Northweststandard-longNorthwest Mexico Standard Time mexiski sewjerozapadny standardny čas
2883TimezonesNorth AmericaMexico_Northwestdaylight-longNorthwest Mexico Daylight Time mexiski sewjerozapadny lětni čas
2884TimezonesNorth AmericaMexico_Pacificgeneric-longMexican Pacific Time mexiski pacifiski čas
2885TimezonesNorth AmericaMexico_Pacificstandard-longMexican Pacific Standard Time mexiski pacifiski standardny čas
2886TimezonesNorth AmericaMexico_Pacificdaylight-longMexican Pacific Daylight Time mexiski pacifiski lětni čas
2887TimezonesNorth AmericaNewfoundlandgeneric-longNewfoundland Time nowofundlandski čas
2888TimezonesNorth AmericaNewfoundlandstandard-longNewfoundland Standard Time nowofundlandski standardny čas
2889TimezonesNorth AmericaNewfoundlanddaylight-longNewfoundland Daylight Time nowofundlandski lětni čas
2890TimezonesNorth AmericaPierre_Miquelongeneric-longSt. Pierre & Miquelon Time čas kupow St. Pierre a Miquelon
2891TimezonesNorth AmericaPierre_Miquelonstandard-longSt. Pierre & Miquelon Standard Time standardny čas kupow St. Pierre a Miquelon
2892TimezonesNorth AmericaPierre_Miquelondaylight-longSt. Pierre & Miquelon Daylight Time lětni čas kupow St. Pierre a Miquelon
2893TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAdak= Adak
2894TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAnchorage= Anchorage
2895TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAnguilla= Anguilla
2896TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAntigua= Antigua
2897TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsAruba= Aruba
2898TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBahia_Banderas= Bahia Banderas
2899TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBarbados= Barbados
2900TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBelize= Belize
2901TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBermudaBermuda Bermudy
2902TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBlanc-Sablon= Blanc-Sablon
2903TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsBoise= Boise
2904TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCambridge_Bay= Cambridge Bay
2905TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCancun= Cancun
2906TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCaymanCayman Kaimanske kupy
2907TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsChicago= Chicago
2908TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsChihuahua= Chihuahua
2909TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCoral_Harbour= Atikokan
2910TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCosta_Rica= Costa Rica
2911TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCreston= Creston
2912TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsCuracao= Curaçao
2913TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDanmarkshavn= Danmarkshavn
2914TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDawson= Dawson
2915TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDawson_Creek= Dawson Creek
2916TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDenver= Denver
2917TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDetroit= Detroit
2918TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsDominica= Dominica
2919TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsEdmonton= Edmonton
2920TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsEl_Salvador= El Salvador
2921TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGlace_Bay= Glace Bay
2922TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGodthab= Nuuk
2923TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGoose_Bay= Goose Bay
2924TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGrand_Turk= Grand Turk
2925TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGrenada= Grenada
2926TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGuadeloupe= Guadeloupe
2927TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsGuatemala= Guatemala
2928TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHalifax= Halifax
2929TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHavanaHavana Havanna
2930TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHermosillo= Hermosillo
2931TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsHonolulu= Honolulu
2932TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Knox= Knox, Indiana
2933TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Marengo= Marengo, Indiana
2934TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Petersburg= Petersburg, Indiana
2935TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Tell_City= Tell City, Indiana
2936TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Vevay= Vevay, Indiana
2937TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Vincennes= Vincennes, Indiana
2938TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndiana/Winamac= Winamac, Indiana
2939TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIndianapolis= Indianapolis
2940TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsInuvik= Inuvik
2941TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsIqaluit= Iqaluit
2942TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsJamaicaJamaica Jamaika
2943TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsJuneau= Juneau
2944TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsKentucky/Monticello= Monticello, Kentucky
2945TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsKralendijk= Kralendijk
2946TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsLos_Angeles= Los Angeles
2947TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsLouisville= Louisville
2948TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsLower_Princes= Lower Prince’s Quarter
2949TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsManagua= Managua
2950TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMarigot= Marigot
2951TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMartinique= Martinique
2952TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMatamoros= Matamoros
2953TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMazatlan= Mazatlan
2954TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMenominee= Menominee
2955TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMerida= Merida
2956TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMetlakatla= Metlakatla
2957TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMexico_CityMexico City Mexiko město
2958TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMiquelon= Miquelon
2959TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMoncton= Moncton
2960TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMonterrey= Monterrey
2961TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsMontserrat= Montserrat
2962TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNassau= Nassau
2963TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNew_York= New York
2964TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNipigon= Nipigon
2965TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNome= Nome
2966TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNorth_Dakota/BeulahBeulah, North Dakota Beulah, Sewjerna Dakota
2967TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNorth_Dakota/CenterCenter, North Dakota Center, Sewjerna Dakota
2968TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsNorth_Dakota/New_SalemNew Salem, North Dakota New Salem, Sewjerna Dakota
2969TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsOjinaga= Ojinaga
2970TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPanama= Panama
2971TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPangnirtung= Pangnirtung
2972TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPhoenix= Phoenix
2973TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPort_of_SpainPort of Spain Port-of-Spain
2974TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPort-au-Prince= Port-au-Prince
2975TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsPuerto_Rico= Puerto Rico
2976TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsRainy_River= Rainy River
2977TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsRankin_Inlet= Rankin Inlet
2978TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsRegina= Regina
2979TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsResolute= Resolute
2980TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSanta_Isabel= Santa Isabel
2981TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSanto_Domingo= Santo Domingo
2982TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsScoresbysund= Ittoqqortoormiit
2983TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSitka= Sitka
2984TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_BarthelemySt. Barthélemy St.Barthélemy
2985TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_Johns= St. John’s
2986TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_Kitts= St. Kitts
2987TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_Lucia= St. Lucia
2988TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_Thomas= St. Thomas
2989TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSt_Vincent= St. Vincent
2990TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsSwift_Current= Swift Current
2991TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsTegucigalpa= Tegucigalpa
2992TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsThule= Thule
2993TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsThunder_Bay= Thunder Bay
2994TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsTijuana= Tijuana
2995TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsToronto= Toronto
2996TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsTortola= Tortola
2997TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsVancouver= Vancouver
2998TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsWhitehorse= Whitehorse
2999TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsWinnipeg= Winnipeg
3000TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsYakutat= Yakutat
3001TimezonesNorth AmericaCities and RegionsYellowknife= Yellowknife
3002TimezonesSouth AmericaAmazongeneric-longAmazon Time Amaconaski čas
3003TimezonesSouth AmericaAmazonstandard-longAmazon Standard Time Amaconaski standardny čas
3004TimezonesSouth AmericaAmazondaylight-longAmazon Summer Time Amaconaski lětni čas
3005TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentinageneric-longArgentina Time argentinski čas
3006TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentinastandard-longArgentina Standard Time argentinski standardny čas
3007TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentinadaylight-longArgentina Summer Time argentinski lětni čas
3008TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentina_Westerngeneric-longWestern Argentina Time zapadoargentinski čas
3009TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentina_Westernstandard-longWestern Argentina Standard Time zapadoargentinski standardny čas
3010TimezonesSouth AmericaArgentina_Westerndaylight-longWestern Argentina Summer Time zapadoargentinski lětni čas
3011TimezonesSouth AmericaBoliviastandard-longBolivia Time boliwiski čas
3012TimezonesSouth AmericaBrasiliageneric-longBrasilia Time Brasiliski čas
3013TimezonesSouth AmericaBrasiliastandard-longBrasilia Standard Time Brasiliski standardny čas
3014TimezonesSouth AmericaBrasiliadaylight-longBrasilia Summer Time Brasiliski lětni čas
3015TimezonesSouth AmericaChilegeneric-longChile Time chilski čas
3016TimezonesSouth AmericaChilestandard-longChile Standard Time chilski standardny čas
3017TimezonesSouth AmericaChiledaylight-longChile Summer Time chilski lětni čas
3018TimezonesSouth AmericaColombiageneric-longColombia Time kolumbiski čas
3019TimezonesSouth AmericaColombiastandard-longColombia Standard Time kolumbiski standardny čas
3020TimezonesSouth AmericaColombiadaylight-longColombia Summer Time kolumbiski lětni čas
3021TimezonesSouth AmericaEastergeneric-longEaster Island Time čas Jutrowneje kupy
3022TimezonesSouth AmericaEasterstandard-longEaster Island Standard Time standardny čas Jutrowneje kupy
3023TimezonesSouth AmericaEasterdaylight-longEaster Island Summer Time lětni čas Jutrowneje kupy
3024TimezonesSouth AmericaEcuadorstandard-longEcuador Time ekwadorski čas
3025TimezonesSouth AmericaFalklandgeneric-longFalkland Islands Time falklandski čas
3026TimezonesSouth AmericaFalklandstandard-longFalkland Islands Standard Time falklandski standardny čas
3027TimezonesSouth AmericaFalklanddaylight-longFalkland Islands Summer Time falklandski lětni čas
3028TimezonesSouth AmericaFrench_Guianastandard-longFrench Guiana Time francoskoguyanski čas
3029TimezonesSouth AmericaGalapagosstandard-longGalapagos Time galapagoski čas
3030TimezonesSouth AmericaGuyanastandard-longGuyana Time guyanski čas
3031TimezonesSouth AmericaNoronhageneric-longFernando de Noronha Time čas kupow Fernando de Noronha
3032TimezonesSouth AmericaNoronhastandard-longFernando de Noronha Standard Time standardny čas kupow Fernando de Noronha
3033TimezonesSouth AmericaNoronhadaylight-longFernando de Noronha Summer Time lětni čas kupow Fernando de Noronha
3034TimezonesSouth AmericaParaguaygeneric-longParaguay Time Paraguayski čas
3035TimezonesSouth AmericaParaguaystandard-longParaguay Standard Time Paraguayski standardny čas
3036TimezonesSouth AmericaParaguaydaylight-longParaguay Summer Time Paraguayski lětni čas
3037TimezonesSouth AmericaPerugeneric-longPeru Time peruski čas
3038TimezonesSouth AmericaPerustandard-longPeru Standard Time peruski standardny čas
3039TimezonesSouth AmericaPerudaylight-longPeru Summer Time peruski lětni čas
3040TimezonesSouth AmericaSurinamestandard-longSuriname Time surinamski čas
3041TimezonesSouth AmericaUruguaygeneric-longUruguay Time uruguayski čas
3042TimezonesSouth AmericaUruguaystandard-longUruguay Standard Time uruguayski standardny čas
3043TimezonesSouth AmericaUruguaydaylight-longUruguay Summer Time uruguayski lětni čas
3044TimezonesSouth AmericaVenezuelastandard-longVenezuela Time venezuelski čas
3045TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsAraguaina= Araguaina
3046TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/La_Rioja= La Rioja
3047TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/Rio_Gallegos= Rio Gallegos
3048TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/Salta= Salta
3049TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/San_Juan= San Juan
3050TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/San_Luis= San Luis
3051TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/Tucuman= Tucuman
3052TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsArgentina/Ushuaia= Ushuaia
3053TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsAsuncion= Asunción
3054TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBahia= Bahia
3055TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBelem= Belem
3056TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBoa_Vista= Boa Vista
3057TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBogotaBogota Bogotá
3058TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsBuenos_Aires= Buenos Aires
3059TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCampo_Grande= Campo Grande
3060TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCaracas= Caracas
3061TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCatamarca= Catamarca
3062TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCayenne= Cayenne
3063TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCordoba= Cordoba
3064TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsCuiaba= Cuiaba
3065TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsEasterEaster Jutrowna kupa
3066TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsEirunepe= Eirunepe
3067TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsFortaleza= Fortaleza
3068TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsGalapagos= Galapagos
3069TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsGuayaquil= Guayaquil
3070TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsGuyana= Guyana
3071TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsJujuy= Jujuy
3072TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsLa_Paz= La Paz
3073TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsLima= Lima
3074TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsMaceio= Maceio
3075TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsManaus= Manaus
3076TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsMendoza= Mendoza
3077TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsMontevideo= Montevideo
3078TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsNoronha= Noronha
3079TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsParamaribo= Paramaribo
3080TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsPorto_Velho= Porto Velho
3081TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsRecife= Recife
3082TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsRio_Branco= Rio Branco
3083TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsSantarem= Santarem
3084TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsSantiago= Santiago
3085TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsSao_PauloSao Paulo São Paulo
3086TimezonesSouth AmericaCities and RegionsStanley= Stanley
3087TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Centralstandard-longCentral Africa Time centralnoafriski čas
3088TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Easternstandard-longEast Africa Time wuchodoafriski čas
3089TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Southernstandard-longSouth Africa Standard Time južnoafriski čas
3090TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Westerngeneric-longWest Africa Time zapadoafriski čas
3091TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Westernstandard-longWest Africa Standard Time zapadoafriski standardny čas
3092TimezonesAfricaAfrica_Westerndaylight-longWest Africa Summer Time zapadoafriski lětni čas
3093TimezonesAfricaCape_Verdegeneric-longCape Verde Time kapverdski čas
3094TimezonesAfricaCape_Verdestandard-longCape Verde Standard Time kapverdski standardny čas
3095TimezonesAfricaCape_Verdedaylight-longCape Verde Summer Time kapverdski lětni čas
3096TimezonesAfricaMauritiusgeneric-longMauritius Time mauritiuski čas
3097TimezonesAfricaMauritiusstandard-longMauritius Standard Time mauritiuski standardny čas
3098TimezonesAfricaMauritiusdaylight-longMauritius Summer Time mauritiuski lětni čas
3099TimezonesAfricaReunionstandard-longReunion Time reunionski čas
3100TimezonesAfricaSeychellesstandard-longSeychelles Time seychellski čas
3101TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAbidjan= Abidjan
3102TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAccraAccra Akkra
3103TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAddis_AbabaAddis Ababa Addis Abeba
3104TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAlgiersAlgiers Algier
3105TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAntananarivo= Antananarivo
3106TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsAsmera= Asmara
3107TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBamako= Bamako
3108TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBangui= Bangui
3109TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBanjul= Banjul
3110TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBissau= Bissau
3111TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBlantyre= Blantyre
3112TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBrazzaville= Brazzaville
3113TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsBujumbura= Bujumbura
3114TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsCairoCairo Kairo
3115TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsCape_VerdeCape Verde Kap Verde
3116TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsCasablanca= Casablanca
3117TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsComoroComoro Komory
3118TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsConakry= Conakry
3119TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDakar= Dakar
3120TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDar_es_SalaamDar es Salaam Daressalam
3121TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDjiboutiDjibouti Dźibuti
3122TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsDouala= Douala
3123TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsEl_AaiunEl Aaiun El Aaiún
3124TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsFreetown= Freetown
3125TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsGaborone= Gaborone
3126TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsHarare= Harare
3127TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsJohannesburg= Johannesburg
3128TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsJuba= Juba
3129TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKampala= Kampala
3130TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKhartoumKhartoum Khartum
3131TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKigali= Kigali
3132TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsKinshasa= Kinshasa
3133TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLagos= Lagos
3134TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLibreville= Libreville
3135TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLomeLome Lomé
3136TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLuanda= Luanda
3137TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLubumbashi= Lubumbashi
3138TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsLusaka= Lusaka
3139TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMahe= Mahe
3140TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMalabo= Malabo
3141TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMaputo= Maputo
3142TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMaseru= Maseru
3143TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMauritius= Mauritius
3144TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMayotte= Mayotte
3145TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMbabane= Mbabane
3146TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMogadishuMogadishu Mogadišu
3147TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsMonrovia= Monrovia
3148TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNairobi= Nairobi
3149TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNdjamena= Ndjamena
3150TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNiamey= Niamey
3151TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsNouakchott= Nouakchott
3152TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsOuagadougouOuagadougou Wagadugu
3153TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsPorto-NovoPorto-Novo Porto Novo
3154TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsReunion= Réunion
3155TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsSao_Tome= São Tomé
3156TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsSt_Helena= St. Helena
3157TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsTripoliTripoli Tripolis
3158TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsTunis= Tunis
3159TimezonesAfricaCities and RegionsWindhoek= Windhoek
3160TimezonesEuropeAzoresgeneric-longAzores Time acorski čas
3161TimezonesEuropeAzoresstandard-longAzores Standard Time acorski standardny čas
3162TimezonesEuropeAzoresdaylight-longAzores Summer Time acorski lětni čas
3163TimezonesEuropeEurope_Centralgeneric-longCentral European Time srjedźoeuropski čas
3164TimezonesEuropeEurope_Centralgeneric-shortn/a MEZ
3165TimezonesEuropeEurope_Centralstandard-longCentral European Standard Time srjedźoeuropski standardny čas
3166TimezonesEuropeEurope_Centralstandard-shortn/a MEZ
3167TimezonesEuropeEurope_Centraldaylight-longCentral European Summer Time srjedźoeuropski lětni čas
3168TimezonesEuropeEurope_Centraldaylight-shortn/a MESZ
3169TimezonesEuropeEurope_Easterngeneric-longEastern European Time wuchodoeuropski čas
3170TimezonesEuropeEurope_Easterngeneric-shortn/a OEZ
3171TimezonesEuropeEurope_Easternstandard-longEastern European Standard Time wuchodoeuropski standardny čas
3172TimezonesEuropeEurope_Easternstandard-shortn/a OEZ
3173TimezonesEuropeEurope_Easterndaylight-longEastern European Summer Time wuchodoeuropski lětni čas
3174TimezonesEuropeEurope_Easterndaylight-shortn/a OESZ
3175TimezonesEuropeEurope_Further_Easternstandard-longFurther-eastern European Time Kaliningradski čas
3176TimezonesEuropeEurope_Westerngeneric-longWestern European Time zapadoeuropski čas
3177TimezonesEuropeEurope_Westerngeneric-shortn/a WEZ
3178TimezonesEuropeEurope_Westernstandard-longWestern European Standard Time zapadoeuropski standardny čas
3179TimezonesEuropeEurope_Westernstandard-shortn/a WEZ
3180TimezonesEuropeEurope_Westerndaylight-longWestern European Summer Time zapadoeuropski lětni čas
3181TimezonesEuropeEurope_Westerndaylight-shortn/a WESZ
3182TimezonesEuropeGMTstandard-longGreenwich Mean Time Greenwichski čas
3183TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAmsterdam= Amsterdam
3184TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAndorra= Andorra
3185TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAthensAthens Athen
3186TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsAzoresAzores Acory
3187TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBelgradeBelgrade Běłohród
3188TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBerlin= Berlin
3189TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBratislava= Bratislava
3190TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBrusselsBrussels Brüssel
3191TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBucharestBucharest Bukarest
3192TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBudapest= Budapest
3193TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsBusingenBusingen Büsingen
3194TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsCanaryCanary Kanariske kupy
3195TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsCeuta= Ceuta
3196TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsChisinauChisinau Kišinjow
3197TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsCopenhagenCopenhagen Kopenhagen
3198TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsDublin= Dublin
3199TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsFaeroeFaroe Färöske kupy
3200TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsGibraltar= Gibraltar
3201TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsGuernsey= Guernsey
3202TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsHelsinki= Helsinki
3203TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsIsle_of_Man= Isle of Man
3204TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsJersey= Jersey
3205TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsKievKiev Kiew
3206TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLisbonLisbon Lissabon
3207TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLjubljana= Ljubljana
3208TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLondon= London
3209TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLongyearbyen= Longyearbyen
3210TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsLuxembourgLuxembourg Luxemburg
3211TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMadeira= Madeira
3212TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMadrid= Madrid
3213TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMalta= Malta
3214TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMariehamn= Mariehamn
3215TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMinsk= Minsk
3216TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsMonaco= Monaco
3217TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsOslo= Oslo
3218TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsParis= Paris
3219TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsPodgorica= Podgorica
3220TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsPraguePrague Praha
3221TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsReykjavikReykjavik Reykjavík
3222TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsRiga= Riga
3223TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsRomeRome Rom
3224TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSan_Marino= San Marino
3225TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSarajevo= Sarajevo
3226TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSkopje= Skopje
3227TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsSofia= Sofia
3228TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsStockholm= Stockholm
3229TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsTallinn= Tallinn
3230TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsTiraneTirane Tirana
3231TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsUzhgorodUzhhorod Užgorod
3232TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsVaduz= Vaduz
3233TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsVaticanVatican Vatikan
3234TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsViennaVienna Wien
3235TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsVilnius= Vilnius
3236TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsWarsawWarsaw Waršawa
3237TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsZagreb= Zagreb
3238TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsZaporozhyeZaporozhye Zaporižžja
3239TimezonesEuropeCities and RegionsZurichZurich Zürich
3240TimezonesRussiaIrkutskgeneric-longIrkutsk Time Irkutski čas
3241TimezonesRussiaIrkutskstandard-longIrkutsk Standard Time Irkutski standardny čas
3242TimezonesRussiaIrkutskdaylight-longIrkutsk Summer Time Irkutski lětni čas
3243TimezonesRussiaKrasnoyarskgeneric-longKrasnoyarsk Time Krasnojarski čas
3244TimezonesRussiaKrasnoyarskstandard-longKrasnoyarsk Standard Time Krasnojarski standardny čas
3245TimezonesRussiaKrasnoyarskdaylight-longKrasnoyarsk Summer Time Krasnojarski lětni čas
3246TimezonesRussiaMagadangeneric-longMagadan Time Magadanski čas
3247TimezonesRussiaMagadanstandard-longMagadan Standard Time Magadanski standardny čas
3248TimezonesRussiaMagadandaylight-longMagadan Summer Time Magadanski lětni čas
3249TimezonesRussiaMoscowgeneric-longMoscow Time Moskowski čas
3250TimezonesRussiaMoscowstandard-longMoscow Standard Time Moskowski standardny čas
3251TimezonesRussiaMoscowdaylight-longMoscow Summer Time Moskowski lětni čas
3252TimezonesRussiaNovosibirskgeneric-longNovosibirsk Time Nowosibirski čas
3253TimezonesRussiaNovosibirskstandard-longNovosibirsk Standard Time Nowosibirski standardny čas
3254TimezonesRussiaNovosibirskdaylight-longNovosibirsk Summer Time Nowosibirski lětni čas
3255TimezonesRussiaOmskgeneric-longOmsk Time Omski čas
3256TimezonesRussiaOmskstandard-longOmsk Standard Time Omski standardny čas
3257TimezonesRussiaOmskdaylight-longOmsk Summer Time Omski lětni čas
3258TimezonesRussiaSakhalingeneric-longSakhalin Time sachalinski čas
3259TimezonesRussiaSakhalinstandard-longSakhalin Standard Time sachalinski standardny čas
3260TimezonesRussiaSakhalindaylight-longSakhalin Summer Time sachalinski lětni čas
3261TimezonesRussiaVladivostokgeneric-longVladivostok Time Wladiwostokski čas
3262TimezonesRussiaVladivostokstandard-longVladivostok Standard Time Wladiwostokski standardny čas
3263TimezonesRussiaVladivostokdaylight-longVladivostok Summer Time Wladiwostokski lětni čas
3264TimezonesRussiaVolgogradgeneric-longVolgograd Time Wolgogradski čas
3265TimezonesRussiaVolgogradstandard-longVolgograd Standard Time Wolgogradski standardny čas
3266TimezonesRussiaVolgograddaylight-longVolgograd Summer Time Wolgogradski lětni čas
3267TimezonesRussiaYakutskgeneric-longYakutsk Time Jakutski čas
3268TimezonesRussiaYakutskstandard-longYakutsk Standard Time Jakutski standardny čas
3269TimezonesRussiaYakutskdaylight-longYakutsk Summer Time Jakutski lětni čas
3270TimezonesRussiaYekaterinburggeneric-longYekaterinburg Time Jekaterinburgski čas
3271TimezonesRussiaYekaterinburgstandard-longYekaterinburg Standard Time Jekaterinburgski standardny čas
3272TimezonesRussiaYekaterinburgdaylight-longYekaterinburg Summer Time Jekaterinburgski lětni čas
3273TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsAnadyr= Anadyr
3274TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsChita= Chita
3275TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsIrkutsk= Irkutsk
3276TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKaliningrad= Kaliningrad
3277TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKamchatkaKamchatka Kamčatka
3278TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKhandyga= Khandyga
3279TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsKrasnoyarskKrasnoyarsk Krasnojarsk
3280TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsMagadan= Magadan
3281TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsMoscowMoscow Moskwa
3282TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsNovokuznetskNovokuznetsk Nowokuznjeck
3283TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsNovosibirskNovosibirsk Nowosibirsk
3284TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsOmsk= Omsk
3285TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSakhalinSakhalin Sachalin
3286TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSamara= Samara
3287TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSimferopol= Simferopol
3288TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsSrednekolymsk= Srednekolymsk
3289TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsUst-Nera= Ust-Nera
3290TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsVladivostokVladivostok Wladiwostok
3291TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsVolgogradVolgograd Wolgograd
3292TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsYakutskYakutsk Jakutsk
3293TimezonesRussiaCities and RegionsYekaterinburgYekaterinburg Jekaterinburg
3294TimezonesWestern AsiaArabiangeneric-longArabian Time arabski čas
3295TimezonesWestern AsiaArabianstandard-longArabian Standard Time arabski standardny čas
3296TimezonesWestern AsiaArabiandaylight-longArabian Daylight Time arabski lětni čas
3297TimezonesWestern AsiaArmeniageneric-longArmenia Time armenski čas
3298TimezonesWestern AsiaArmeniastandard-longArmenia Standard Time armenski standardny čas
3299TimezonesWestern AsiaArmeniadaylight-longArmenia Summer Time armenski lětni čas
3300TimezonesWestern AsiaAzerbaijangeneric-longAzerbaijan Time azerbajdźanski čas
3301TimezonesWestern AsiaAzerbaijanstandard-longAzerbaijan Standard Time azerbajdźanski standardny čas
3302TimezonesWestern AsiaAzerbaijandaylight-longAzerbaijan Summer Time azerbajdźanski lětni čas
3303TimezonesWestern AsiaGeorgiageneric-longGeorgia Time georgiski čas
3304TimezonesWestern AsiaGeorgiastandard-longGeorgia Standard Time georgiski standardny čas
3305TimezonesWestern AsiaGeorgiadaylight-longGeorgia Summer Time georgiski lětni čas
3306TimezonesWestern AsiaGulfstandard-longGulf Standard Time čas Persiskeho golfa
3307TimezonesWestern AsiaIsraelgeneric-longIsrael Time israelski čas
3308TimezonesWestern AsiaIsraelstandard-longIsrael Standard Time israelski standardny čas
3309TimezonesWestern AsiaIsraeldaylight-longIsrael Daylight Time israelski lětni čas
3310TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsAden= Aden
3311TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsAmman= Amman
3312TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBaghdadBaghdad Bagdad
3313TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBahrain= Bahrain
3314TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBaku= Baku
3315TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsBeirut= Beirut
3316TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsDamascusDamascus Damaskus
3317TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsDubai= Dubai
3318TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsGaza= Gaza
3319TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsHebron= Hebron
3320TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsIstanbul= Istanbul
3321TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsJerusalem= Jerusalem
3322TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsKuwait= Kuwait
3323TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsMuscatMuscat Muskat
3324TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsNicosiaNicosia Nikosia
3325TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsQatarQatar Katar
3326TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsRiyadhRiyadh Riad
3327TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsTbilisi= Tbilisi
3328TimezonesWestern AsiaCities and RegionsYerevanYerevan Jerjewan
3329TimezonesCentral AsiaKazakhstan_Easternstandard-longEast Kazakhstan Time wuchodnokazachski čas
3330TimezonesCentral AsiaKazakhstan_Westernstandard-longWest Kazakhstan Time zapadnokazachski čas
3331TimezonesCentral AsiaKyrgystanstandard-longKyrgystan Time kirgiski čas
3332TimezonesCentral AsiaTajikistanstandard-longTajikistan Time tadźikski čas
3333TimezonesCentral AsiaTurkmenistangeneric-longTurkmenistan Time turkmenski čas
3334TimezonesCentral AsiaTurkmenistanstandard-longTurkmenistan Standard Time turkmenski standardny čas
3335TimezonesCentral AsiaTurkmenistandaylight-longTurkmenistan Summer Time turkmenski lětni čas
3336TimezonesCentral AsiaUzbekistangeneric-longUzbekistan Time uzbekski čas
3337TimezonesCentral AsiaUzbekistanstandard-longUzbekistan Standard Time uzbekski standardny čas
3338TimezonesCentral AsiaUzbekistandaylight-longUzbekistan Summer Time uzbekski lětni čas
3339TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAlmaty= Almaty
3340TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAqtau= Aqtau
3341TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAqtobeAqtobe Aktobe
3342TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsAshgabat= Ashgabat
3343TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsBishkekBishkek Biškek
3344TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsDushanbeDushanbe Dušanbe
3345TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsOral= Oral
3346TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsQyzylorda= Qyzylorda
3347TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsSamarkand= Samarkand
3348TimezonesCentral AsiaCities and RegionsTashkentTashkent Taškent
3349TimezonesEastern AsiaChinageneric-longChina Time chinski čas
3350TimezonesEastern AsiaChinastandard-longChina Standard Time chinski standardny čas
3351TimezonesEastern AsiaChinadaylight-longChina Daylight Time chinski lětni čas
3352TimezonesEastern AsiaChoibalsangeneric-longChoibalsan Time Čojbalsanski čas
3353TimezonesEastern AsiaChoibalsanstandard-longChoibalsan Standard Time Čojbalsanski standardny čas
3354TimezonesEastern AsiaChoibalsandaylight-longChoibalsan Summer Time Čojbalsanski lětni čas
3355TimezonesEastern AsiaHong_Konggeneric-longHong Kong Time Hongkongski čas
3356TimezonesEastern AsiaHong_Kongstandard-longHong Kong Standard Time Hongkongski standardny čas
3357TimezonesEastern AsiaHong_Kongdaylight-longHong Kong Summer Time Hongkongski lětni čas
3358TimezonesEastern AsiaHovdgeneric-longHovd Time Chowdski čas
3359TimezonesEastern AsiaHovdstandard-longHovd Standard Time Chowdski standardny čas
3360TimezonesEastern AsiaHovddaylight-longHovd Summer Time Chowdski lětni čas
3361TimezonesEastern AsiaJapangeneric-longJapan Time japanski čas
3362TimezonesEastern AsiaJapanstandard-longJapan Standard Time japanski standardny čas
3363TimezonesEastern AsiaJapandaylight-longJapan Daylight Time japanski lětni čas
3364TimezonesEastern AsiaKoreageneric-longKorean Time korejski čas
3365TimezonesEastern AsiaKoreastandard-longKorean Standard Time korejski standardny čas
3366TimezonesEastern AsiaKoreadaylight-longKorean Daylight Time korejski lětni čas
3367TimezonesEastern AsiaMongoliageneric-longUlan Bator Time Ulan-Batorski čas
3368TimezonesEastern AsiaMongoliastandard-longUlan Bator Standard Time Ulan-Batorski standardny čas
3369TimezonesEastern AsiaMongoliadaylight-longUlan Bator Summer Time Ulan-Batorski lětni čas
3370TimezonesEastern AsiaTaipeigeneric-longTaipei Time Taipehski čas
3371TimezonesEastern AsiaTaipeistandard-longTaipei Standard Time Taipehski standardny čas
3372TimezonesEastern AsiaTaipeidaylight-longTaipei Daylight Time Taipehski lětni čas
3373TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsChoibalsan= Choibalsan
3374TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsHong_KongHong Kong Hongkong
3375TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsHovd= Hovd
3376TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsMacauMacau Macao
3377TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsPyongyangPyongyang Pjöngjang
3378TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsSeoul= Seoul
3379TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsShanghai= Shanghai
3380TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsTaipeiTaipei Taipeh
3381TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsTokyoTokyo Tokio
3382TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsUlaanbaatar= Ulaanbaatar
3383TimezonesEastern AsiaCities and RegionsUrumqi= Urumqi
3384TimezonesSouthern AsiaAfghanistanstandard-longAfghanistan Time afghanski čas
3385TimezonesSouthern AsiaBangladeshgeneric-longBangladesh Time bangladešski čas
3386TimezonesSouthern AsiaBangladeshstandard-longBangladesh Standard Time bangladešski standardny čas
3387TimezonesSouthern AsiaBangladeshdaylight-longBangladesh Summer Time bangladešski lětni čas
3388TimezonesSouthern AsiaBhutanstandard-longBhutan Time bhutanski čas
3389TimezonesSouthern AsiaIndiastandard-longIndia Standard Time indiski čas
3390TimezonesSouthern AsiaIrangeneric-longIran Time iranski čas
3391TimezonesSouthern AsiaIranstandard-longIran Standard Time iranski standardny čas
3392TimezonesSouthern AsiaIrandaylight-longIran Daylight Time iranski lětni čas
3393TimezonesSouthern AsiaMaldivesstandard-longMaldives Time malediwski čas
3394TimezonesSouthern AsiaNepalstandard-longNepal Time nepalski čas
3395TimezonesSouthern AsiaPakistangeneric-longPakistan Time pakistanski čas
3396TimezonesSouthern AsiaPakistanstandard-longPakistan Standard Time pakistanski standardny čas
3397TimezonesSouthern AsiaPakistandaylight-longPakistan Summer Time pakistanski lětni čas
3398TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsCalcuttaKolkata Kalkutta
3399TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsColombo= Colombo
3400TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsDhaka= Dhaka
3401TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsKabul= Kabul
3402TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsKarachi= Karachi
3403TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsKatmandu= Kathmandu
3404TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsMaldivesMaldives Malediwy
3405TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsTehranTehran Teheran
3406TimezonesSouthern AsiaCities and RegionsThimphu= Thimphu
3407TimezonesSoutheast AsiaBruneistandard-longBrunei Darussalam Time bruneiski čas
3408TimezonesSoutheast AsiaEast_Timorstandard-longEast Timor Time wuchodnotimorski čas
3409TimezonesSoutheast AsiaIndochinastandard-longIndochina Time indochinski čas
3410TimezonesSoutheast AsiaIndonesia_Centralstandard-longCentral Indonesia Time srjedźoindoneski čas
3411TimezonesSoutheast AsiaIndonesia_Easternstandard-longEastern Indonesia Time wuchodoindoneski
3412TimezonesSoutheast AsiaIndonesia_Westernstandard-longWestern Indonesia Time zapadoindoneski čas
3413TimezonesSoutheast AsiaMalaysiastandard-longMalaysia Time malajziski čas
3414TimezonesSoutheast AsiaMyanmarstandard-longMyanmar Time myanmarski čas
3415TimezonesSoutheast AsiaPhilippinesgeneric-longPhilippine Time filipinski čas
3416TimezonesSoutheast AsiaPhilippinesstandard-longPhilippine Standard Time filipinski standardny čas
3417TimezonesSoutheast AsiaPhilippinesdaylight-longPhilippine Summer Time filipinski lětni čas
3418TimezonesSoutheast AsiaSingaporestandard-longSingapore Standard Time Singapurski čas
3419TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsBangkok= Bangkok
3420TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsBrunei= Brunei
3421TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsDili= Dili
3422TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsJakarta= Jakarta
3423TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsJayapuraJayapura Port Numbay
3424TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsKuala_Lumpur= Kuala Lumpur
3425TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsKuching= Kuching
3426TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsMakassar= Makassar
3427TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsManila= Manila
3428TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsPhnom_Penh= Phnom Penh
3429TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsPontianak= Pontianak
3430TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsRangoon= Rangoon
3431TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsSaigonHo Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minhowe město
3432TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsSingaporeSingapore Singapur
3433TimezonesSoutheast AsiaCities and RegionsVientiane= Vientiane
3434TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Centralgeneric-longCentral Australia Time srjedźoawstralski čas
3435TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Centralstandard-longAustralian Central Standard Time srjedźoawstralski standardny čas
3436TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Centraldaylight-longAustralian Central Daylight Time srjedźoawstralski lětni čas
3437TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_CentralWesterngeneric-longAustralian Central Western Time srjedźozapadny awstralski čas
3438TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_CentralWesternstandard-longAustralian Central Western Standard Time srjedźozapadny awstralski standardny čas
3439TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_CentralWesterndaylight-longAustralian Central Western Daylight Time sjedźozapadny awstralski lětni čas
3440TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Easterngeneric-longEastern Australia Time wuchodoawstralski čas
3441TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Easternstandard-longAustralian Eastern Standard Time wuchodoawstralski standardny čas
3442TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Easterndaylight-longAustralian Eastern Daylight Time wuchodoawstralski lětni čas
3443TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Westerngeneric-longWestern Australia Time zapadoawstralski čas
3444TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Westernstandard-longAustralian Western Standard Time zapadoawstralski standardny čas
3445TimezonesAustralasiaAustralia_Westerndaylight-longAustralian Western Daylight Time zapadoawstralski lětni čas
3446TimezonesAustralasiaChathamgeneric-longChatham Time chathamski čas
3447TimezonesAustralasiaChathamstandard-longChatham Standard Time chathamski standardny čas
3448TimezonesAustralasiaChathamdaylight-longChatham Daylight Time chathamski lětni čas
3449TimezonesAustralasiaLord_Howegeneric-longLord Howe Time čas kupy Lord-Howe
3450TimezonesAustralasiaLord_Howestandard-longLord Howe Standard Time standardny čas kupy Lord-Howe
3451TimezonesAustralasiaLord_Howedaylight-longLord Howe Daylight Time lětni čas kupy Lord-Howe
3452TimezonesAustralasiaMacquariestandard-longMacquarie Island Time čas kupy Macquarie
3453TimezonesAustralasiaNew_Zealandgeneric-longNew Zealand Time nowoseelandski čas
3454TimezonesAustralasiaNew_Zealandstandard-longNew Zealand Standard Time nowoseelandski standardny čas
3455TimezonesAustralasiaNew_Zealanddaylight-longNew Zealand Daylight Time nowoseelandski lětni čas
3456TimezonesAustralasiaNorfolkstandard-longNorfolk Island Time čas kupy Norfolk
3457TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsAdelaide= Adelaide
3458TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsAuckland= Auckland
3459TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsBrisbane= Brisbane
3460TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsBroken_Hill= Broken Hill
3461TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsChatham= Chatham
3462TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsCurrie= Currie
3463TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsDarwin= Darwin
3464TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsEucla= Eucla
3465TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsHobart= Hobart
3466TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsLindeman= Lindeman
3467TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsLord_Howe= Lord Howe
3468TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsMacquarie= Macquarie
3469TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsMelbourne= Melbourne
3470TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsNorfolk= Norfolk
3471TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsPerth= Perth
3472TimezonesAustralasiaCities and RegionsSydney= Sydney
3473TimezonesAntarcticaDavisstandard-longDavis Time Daviski čas
3474TimezonesAntarcticaDumontDUrvillestandard-longDumont-d’Urville Time Dumont d´ Urvilleski čas
3475TimezonesAntarcticaMawsonstandard-longMawson Time Mawsonski čas
3476TimezonesAntarcticaRotherastandard-longRothera Time Rotheraski čas
3477TimezonesAntarcticaSyowastandard-longSyowa Time Syowaski čas
3478TimezonesAntarcticaVostokstandard-longVostok Time Wostokski čas
3479TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsCasey= Casey
3480TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsDavis= Davis
3481TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsDumontDUrvilleDumont d’Urville Dumont D’Urville
3482TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsMawson= Mawson
3483TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsMcMurdo= McMurdo
3484TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsPalmer= Palmer
3485TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsRothera= Rothera
3486TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsSyowa= Syowa
3487TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsTroll= Troll
3488TimezonesAntarcticaCities and RegionsVostokVostok Antarktika/Wostok
3489TimezonesOceaniaApiageneric-longApia Time Apiaski čas
3490TimezonesOceaniaApiastandard-longApia Standard Time Apiaski standardny čas
3491TimezonesOceaniaApiadaylight-longApia Daylight Time Apiaski lětni čas
3492TimezonesOceaniaChamorrostandard-longChamorro Standard Time chamorroski čas
3493TimezonesOceaniaChristmasstandard-longChristmas Island Time čas Hodowneje kupy
3494TimezonesOceaniaCocosstandard-longCocos Islands Time čas Kokosowych kupow
3495TimezonesOceaniaCookgeneric-longCook Islands Time čas Cookowych kupow
3496TimezonesOceaniaCookstandard-longCook Islands Standard Time standardny čas Cookowych kupow
3497TimezonesOceaniaCookdaylight-longCook Islands Half Summer Time lětni čas Cookowych kupow
3498TimezonesOceaniaFijigeneric-longFiji Time fidźiski čas
3499TimezonesOceaniaFijistandard-longFiji Standard Time fidźiski standardny čas
3500TimezonesOceaniaFijidaylight-longFiji Summer Time fidźiski lětni čas
3501TimezonesOceaniaFrench_Southernstandard-longFrench Southern & Antarctic Time čas Francoskeho južneho a antarktiskeho teritorija
3502TimezonesOceaniaGambierstandard-longGambier Time gambierski čas
3503TimezonesOceaniaGilbert_Islandsstandard-longGilbert Islands Time čas Gilbertowych kupow
3504TimezonesOceaniaIndian_Oceanstandard-longIndian Ocean Time indiskooceanski čas
3505TimezonesOceaniaKosraestandard-longKosrae Time kosraeski čas
3506TimezonesOceaniaLine_Islandsstandard-longLine Islands Time čas Linijowych kupow
3507TimezonesOceaniaMarquesasstandard-longMarquesas Time marquesaski čas
3508TimezonesOceaniaMarshall_Islandsstandard-longMarshall Islands Time čas Marshallowych kupow
3509TimezonesOceaniaNaurustandard-longNauru Time nauruski čas
3510TimezonesOceaniaNew_Caledoniageneric-longNew Caledonia Time nowokaledonski čas
3511TimezonesOceaniaNew_Caledoniastandard-longNew Caledonia Standard Time nowokaledonski standardny čas
3512TimezonesOceaniaNew_Caledoniadaylight-longNew Caledonia Summer Time nowokaledonski lětni čas
3513TimezonesOceaniaNiuestandard-longNiue Time niueski čas
3514TimezonesOceaniaPalaustandard-longPalau Time palauski čas
3515TimezonesOceaniaPapua_New_Guineastandard-longPapua New Guinea Time papua-nowoginejski čas
3516TimezonesOceaniaPhoenix_Islandsstandard-longPhoenix Islands Time čas Phoenixowych kupow
3517TimezonesOceaniaPitcairnstandard-longPitcairn Time čas Pitcairnowych kupow
3518TimezonesOceaniaPonapestandard-longPonape Time ponapeski čas
3519TimezonesOceaniaSamoageneric-longSamoa Time samoaski čas
3520TimezonesOceaniaSamoastandard-longSamoa Standard Time samoaski standardny čas
3521TimezonesOceaniaSamoadaylight-longSamoa Daylight Time samoaski lětni čas
3522TimezonesOceaniaSolomonstandard-longSolomon Islands Time čas Salomonskich kupow
3523TimezonesOceaniaSouth_Georgiastandard-longSouth Georgia Time južnogeorgiski čas
3524TimezonesOceaniaTahitistandard-longTahiti Time tahitiski čas
3525TimezonesOceaniaTokelaustandard-longTokelau Time tokelauski čas
3526TimezonesOceaniaTongageneric-longTonga Time tongaski čas
3527TimezonesOceaniaTongastandard-longTonga Standard Time tongaski standardny čas
3528TimezonesOceaniaTongadaylight-longTonga Summer Time tongaski lětni čas
3529TimezonesOceaniaTrukstandard-longChuuk Time chuukski čas
3530TimezonesOceaniaTuvalustandard-longTuvalu Time tuvaluski čas
3531TimezonesOceaniaVanuatugeneric-longVanuatu Time vanuatuski čas
3532TimezonesOceaniaVanuatustandard-longVanuatu Standard Time vanuatuski standardny čas
3533TimezonesOceaniaVanuatudaylight-longVanuatu Summer Time vanuatuski lětni čas
3534TimezonesOceaniaWakestandard-longWake Island Time čas kupy Wake
3535TimezonesOceaniaWallisstandard-longWallis & Futuna Time čas kupow Wallis a Futuna
3536TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsApia= Apia
3537TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsBougainville= Bougainville
3538TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsChagos= Chagos
3539TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsChristmasChristmas Hodowna kupa
3540TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsCocos= Cocos
3541TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsEfate= Efate
3542TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsEnderbury= Enderbury
3543TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsFakaofo= Fakaofo
3544TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsFijiFiji Fidźi
3545TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsFunafuti= Funafuti
3546TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsGambier= Gambier
3547TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsGuadalcanal= Guadalcanal
3548TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsGuam= Guam
3549TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsJohnston= Johnston
3550TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKerguelen= Kerguelen
3551TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKiritimati= Kiritimati
3552TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKosrae= Kosrae
3553TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsKwajalein= Kwajalein
3554TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsMajuro= Majuro
3555TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsMarquesas= Marquesas
3556TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsMidway= Midway
3557TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsNauru= Nauru
3558TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsNiue= Niue
3559TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsNoumea= Noumea
3560TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPago_Pago= Pago Pago
3561TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPalau= Palau
3562TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPitcairn= Pitcairn
3563TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPonape= Pohnpei
3564TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsPort_Moresby= Port Moresby
3565TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsRarotonga= Rarotonga
3566TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsSaipan= Saipan
3567TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsSouth_GeorgiaSouth Georgia Južna Georgiska
3568TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTahiti= Tahiti
3569TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTarawa= Tarawa
3570TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTongatapu= Tongatapu
3571TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsTruk= Chuuk
3572TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsWake= Wake
3573TimezonesOceaniaCities and RegionsWallis= Wallis
3574TimezonesUnknown RegionCities and RegionsUnknownUnknown City njeznate
3575TimezonesOverridesEurope/Dublindaylight-longIrish Standard Time Irski lětni čas
3576TimezonesOverridesEurope/Londondaylight-longBritish Summer Time Britiski lětni čas
3577NumbersSymbolsTime Symbols Time Separator= :
3578NumbersSymbolsTime Symbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)Time Separator= ٫
3579NumbersSymbolsTime Symbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)Time Separator= ٫
3580NumbersSymbolsSymbols decimal. ,
3581NumbersSymbolsSymbols group, .
3582NumbersSymbolsSymbols plusSign= +
3583NumbersSymbolsSymbols minusSign= -
3584NumbersSymbolsSymbols percentSign= %
3585NumbersSymbolsSymbols perMille=
3586NumbersSymbolsSymbols exponential= E
3587NumbersSymbolsSymbols superscriptingExponent× ·
3588NumbersSymbolsSymbols infinity=
3589NumbersSymbolsSymbols nan= NaN
3590NumbersSymbolsSymbols list= ;
3591NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)decimal= ٫
3592NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)group= ٬
3593NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)plusSign= ‏+
3594NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)minusSign= ‏-
3595NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)percentSign= ٪
3596NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)perMille= ؉
3597NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)exponential= اس
3598NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)superscriptingExponent= ×
3599NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)infinity=
3600NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)nan= NaN
3601NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Arabic-Indic Digits (arab)list= ؛
3602NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)decimal= ٫
3603NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)group= ٬
3604NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)plusSign= ‎+‎
3605NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)minusSign= ‎-‎
3606NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)percentSign= ٪
3607NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)perMille= ؉
3608NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)exponential= ×۱۰^
3609NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)superscriptingExponent= ×
3610NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)infinity=
3611NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)nan= NaN
3612NumbersSymbolsSymbols using Extended Arabic-Indic Digits (arabext)list= ؛
3613NumbersSymbolsGrouping ControlMinimum Grouping Digits= 1
3614NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-decimal= #,##0.###
3615NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-currency¤#,##0.00 #,##0.00 ¤
3616NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-percent#,##0% #,##0 %
3617NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns standard-scientific= #E0
3618NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsStandard Patterns accounting-currency¤#,##0.00;(¤#,##0.00) #,##0.00 ¤
3619NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsCurrency Unit Patterns currencies-one= {0} {1}
3620NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsCurrency Unit Patterns currencies-two= {0} {1}
3621NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsCurrency Unit Patterns currencies-few= {0} {1}
3622NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsCurrency Unit Patterns currencies-other= {0} {1}
3623NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsMiscellaneous Patterns atLeast= {0}+
3624NumbersNumber Formatting PatternsMiscellaneous Patterns range= {0}–{1}
3625NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 4-digits-long-one0 thousand 0 tysac
3626NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 4-digits-long-two0 thousand 0 tysac
3627NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 4-digits-long-few0 thousand 0 tysac
3628NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 4-digits-long-other0 thousand 0 tysac
3629NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 5-digits-long-one00 thousand 00 tysac
3630NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 5-digits-long-two00 thousand 00 tysac
3631NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 5-digits-long-few00 thousand 00 tysac
3632NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 5-digits-long-other00 thousand 00 tysac
3633NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 6-digits-long-one000 thousand 000 tysac
3634NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 6-digits-long-two000 thousand 000 tysac
3635NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 6-digits-long-few000 thousand 000 tysac
3636NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 6-digits-long-other000 thousand 000 tysac
3637NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 7-digits-long-one0 million 0 milion
3638NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 7-digits-long-two0 million 0 milionaj
3639NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 7-digits-long-few0 million 0 miliony
3640NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 7-digits-long-other0 million 0 milionow
3641NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 8-digits-long-one00 million 00 milionow
3642NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 8-digits-long-two00 million 00 milionow
3643NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 8-digits-long-few00 million 00 milionow
3644NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 8-digits-long-other00 million 00 milionow
3645NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 9-digits-long-one000 million 000 milionow
3646NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 9-digits-long-two000 million 000 milionow
3647NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 9-digits-long-few000 million 000 milionow
3648NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 9-digits-long-other000 million 000 milionow
3649NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 10-digits-long-one0 billion 0 miliarda
3650NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 10-digits-long-two0 billion 0 miliardźe
3651NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 10-digits-long-few0 billion 0 miliardy
3652NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 10-digits-long-other0 billion 0 miliardow
3653NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 11-digits-long-one00 billion 00 miliardow
3654NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 11-digits-long-two00 billion 00 miliardow
3655NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 11-digits-long-few00 billion 00 miliardow
3656NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 11-digits-long-other00 billion 00 miliardow
3657NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 12-digits-long-one000 billion 000 miliardow
3658NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 12-digits-long-two000 billion 000 miliardow
3659NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 12-digits-long-few000 billion 000 miliardow
3660NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 12-digits-long-other000 billion 000 miliardow
3661NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 13-digits-long-one0 trillion 0 bilion
3662NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 13-digits-long-two0 trillion 0 bilionaj
3663NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 13-digits-long-few0 trillion 0 biliony
3664NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 13-digits-long-other0 trillion 0 bilionow
3665NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 14-digits-long-one00 trillion 00 bilionow
3666NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 14-digits-long-two00 trillion 00 bilionow
3667NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 14-digits-long-few00 trillion 00 bilionow
3668NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 14-digits-long-other00 trillion 00 bilionow
3669NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 15-digits-long-one000 trillion 000 bilionow
3670NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 15-digits-long-two000 trillion 000 bilionow
3671NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 15-digits-long-few000 trillion 000 bilionow
3672NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingLong Formats 15-digits-long-other000 trillion 000 bilionow
3673NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 4-digits-short-one0K 0 tys'.'
3674NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 4-digits-short-two0K 0 tys'.'
3675NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 4-digits-short-few0K 0 tys'.'
3676NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 4-digits-short-other0K 0 tys'.'
3677NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 5-digits-short-one00K 00 tys'.'
3678NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 5-digits-short-two00K 00 tys'.'
3679NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 5-digits-short-few00K 00 tys'.'
3680NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 5-digits-short-other00K 00 tys'.'
3681NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 6-digits-short-one000K 000 tys'.'
3682NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 6-digits-short-two000K 000 tys'.'
3683NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 6-digits-short-few000K 000 tys'.'
3684NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 6-digits-short-other000K 000 tys'.'
3685NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 7-digits-short-one0M 0 mio'.'
3686NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 7-digits-short-two0M 0 mio'.'
3687NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 7-digits-short-few0M 0 mio'.'
3688NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 7-digits-short-other0M 0 mio'.'
3689NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 8-digits-short-one00M 00 mio'.'
3690NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 8-digits-short-two00M 00 mio'.'
3691NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 8-digits-short-few00M 00 mio'.'
3692NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 8-digits-short-other00M 00 mio'.'
3693NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 9-digits-short-one000M 000 mio'.'
3694NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 9-digits-short-two000M 000 mio'.'
3695NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 9-digits-short-few000M 000 mio'.'
3696NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 9-digits-short-other000M 000 mio'.'
3697NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 10-digits-short-one0B 0 mrd'.'
3698NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 10-digits-short-two0B 0 mrd'.'
3699NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 10-digits-short-few0B 0 mrd'.'
3700NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 10-digits-short-other0B 0 mrd'.'
3701NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 11-digits-short-one00B 00 mrd'.'
3702NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 11-digits-short-two00B 00 mrd'.'
3703NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 11-digits-short-few00B 00 mrd'.'
3704NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 11-digits-short-other00B 00 mrd'.'
3705NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 12-digits-short-one000B 000 mrd'.'
3706NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 12-digits-short-two000B 000 mrd'.'
3707NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 12-digits-short-few000B 000 mrd'.'
3708NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 12-digits-short-other000B 000 mrd'.'
3709NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 13-digits-short-one0T 0 bil'.'
3710NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 13-digits-short-two0T 0 bil'.'
3711NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 13-digits-short-few0T 0 bil'.'
3712NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 13-digits-short-other0T 0 bil'.'
3713NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 14-digits-short-one00T 00 bil'.'
3714NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 14-digits-short-two00T 00 bil'.'
3715NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 14-digits-short-few00T 00 bil'.'
3716NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 14-digits-short-other00T 00 bil'.'
3717NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 15-digits-short-one000T 000 bil'.'
3718NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 15-digits-short-two000T 000 bil'.'
3719NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 15-digits-short-few000T 000 bil'.'
3720NumbersCompact Decimal FormattingShort Formats 15-digits-short-other000T 000 bil'.'
3721CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-nameBermudan Dollar bermudaski dolar
3722CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-name-oneBermudan dollar bermudaski dolar
3723CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-name-twoBermudan dollars bermudaskej dolaraj
3724CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-name-fewBermudan dollars bermudaske dolary
3725CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-name-otherBermudan dollars bermudaskich dolarow
3726CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-symbol= BMD
3727CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: BermudaBMD-symbol-narrow= $
3728CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-nameCanadian Dollar kanadiski dolar
3729CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-name-oneCanadian dollar kanadiski dolar
3730CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-name-twoCanadian dollars kanadiskej dolaraj
3731CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-name-fewCanadian dollars kanadiske dolary
3732CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-name-otherCanadian dollars kanadiskich dolarow
3733CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-symbol= CA$
3734CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: CanadaCAD-symbol-narrow= $
3735CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-nameUS Dollar ameriski dolar
3736CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-name-oneUS dollar ameriski dolar
3737CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-name-twoUS dollars ameriskej dolaraj
3738CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-name-fewUS dollars ameriske dolary
3739CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-name-otherUS dollars ameriskich dolarow
3740CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-symbol= $
3741CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United StatesUSD-symbol-narrow= $
3742CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USN (fund)USN-nameUS Dollar (Next day) USN
3743CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USN (fund)USN-symbol= USN
3744CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USS (fund)USS-nameUS Dollar (Same day) USS
3745CurrenciesNorth America (C)Northern America: United States: USS (fund)USS-symbol= USS
3746CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-nameBelize Dollar belizeski dolar
3747CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-name-oneBelize dollar belizeski dolar
3748CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-name-twoBelize dollars belizeskej dolaraj
3749CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-name-fewBelize dollars belizeske dolary
3750CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-name-otherBelize dollars belizeskich dolarow
3751CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-symbol= BZD
3752CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: BelizeBZD-symbol-narrow= $
3753CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-nameCosta Rican Colón kosta-rikaski colón
3754CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-name-oneCosta Rican colón kosta-rikaski colón
3755CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-name-twoCosta Rican colóns kosta-rikaskej colónaj
3756CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-name-fewCosta Rican colóns kosta-rikaske colóny
3757CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-name-otherCosta Rican colóns kosta-rikaskich colónow
3758CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-symbol= CRC
3759CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Costa RicaCRC-symbol-narrow=
3760CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-nameGuatemalan Quetzal guatemalski quetzal
3761CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-name-oneGuatemalan quetzal guatemalski quetzal
3762CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-name-twoGuatemalan quetzals guatemalskej quetzalej
3763CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-name-fewGuatemalan quetzals guatemalske quetzale
3764CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-name-otherGuatemalan quetzals guatemalskich quetzalow
3765CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-symbol= GTQ
3766CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: GuatemalaGTQ-symbol-narrow= Q
3767CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-nameHonduran Lempira honduraska lempira
3768CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-name-oneHonduran lempira honduraska lempira
3769CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-name-twoHonduran lempiras honduraskej lempirje
3770CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-name-fewHonduran lempiras honduraske lempiry
3771CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-name-otherHonduran lempiras honduraskich lempirow
3772CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-symbol= HNL
3773CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: HondurasHNL-symbol-narrow= L
3774CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-nameMexican Peso mexiski peso
3775CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-name-oneMexican peso mexiski peso
3776CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-name-twoMexican pesos mexiskej pesaj
3777CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-name-fewMexican pesos mexiske pesa
3778CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-name-otherMexican pesos mexiskich pesow
3779CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-symbol= MX$
3780CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: MexicoMXN-symbol-narrow= $
3781CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXP (old)MXP-nameMexican Silver Peso (1861–1992) MXP
3782CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXP (old)MXP-symbol= MXP
3783CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXV (fund)MXV-nameMexican Investment Unit MXV
3784CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Mexico: MXV (fund)MXV-symbol= MXV
3785CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-nameNicaraguan Córdoba nikaraguaski cordoba
3786CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-name-oneNicaraguan córdoba nikaraguaski cordoba
3787CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-name-twoNicaraguan córdobas nikaraguaskej cordobaj
3788CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-name-fewNicaraguan córdobas nikaraguaske cordoby
3789CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-name-otherNicaraguan córdobas nikaraguaskich cordobow
3790CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-symbol= NIO
3791CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: NicaraguaNIO-symbol-narrow= C$
3792CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Nicaragua: NIC (old)NIC-nameNicaraguan Córdoba (1988–1991) NIC
3793CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: Nicaragua: NIC (old)NIC-symbol= NIC
3794CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: PanamaPAB-namePanamanian Balboa panamaski balboa
3795CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: PanamaPAB-name-onePanamanian balboa panamaski balboa
3796CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: PanamaPAB-name-twoPanamanian balboas panamaskej balbowaj
3797CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: PanamaPAB-name-fewPanamanian balboas panamaske balbowy
3798CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: PanamaPAB-name-otherPanamanian balboas panamaskich balbowow
3799CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: PanamaPAB-symbol= PAB
3800CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: El Salvador: SVC (old)SVC-nameSalvadoran Colón el salvadorski colón
3801CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: El Salvador: SVC (old)SVC-name-oneSalvadoran colón el salvadorski colón
3802CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: El Salvador: SVC (old)SVC-name-twoSalvadoran colones el salvadorskej colónaj
3803CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: El Salvador: SVC (old)SVC-name-fewSalvadoran colones el salvadorske colóny
3804CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: El Salvador: SVC (old)SVC-name-otherSalvadoran colones el salvadorskich colónow
3805CurrenciesNorth America (C)Central America: El Salvador: SVC (old)SVC-symbol= SVC
3806CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: ArubaAWG-nameAruban Florin aruba-florin
3807CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: ArubaAWG-name-oneAruban florin aruba-florin
3808CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: ArubaAWG-name-twoAruban florin aruba-florinaj
3809CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: ArubaAWG-name-fewAruban florin aruba-floriny
3810CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: ArubaAWG-name-otherAruban florin aruba-florinow
3811CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: ArubaAWG-symbol= AWG
3812CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-nameBarbadian Dollar barbadoski dolar
3813CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-name-oneBarbadian dollar barbadoski dolar
3814CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-name-twoBarbadian dollars barbadoskej dolaraj
3815CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-name-fewBarbadian dollars barbadoske dolary
3816CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-name-otherBarbadian dollars barbadoskich dolarow
3817CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-symbol= BBD
3818CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BarbadosBBD-symbol-narrow= $
3819CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-nameBahamian Dollar bahamaski dolar
3820CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-name-oneBahamian dollar bahamaski dolar
3821CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-name-twoBahamian dollars bahamaskej dolaraj
3822CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-name-fewBahamian dollars bahamaske dolary
3823CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-name-otherBahamian dollars bahamaskich dolarow
3824CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-symbol= BSD
3825CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: BahamasBSD-symbol-narrow= $
3826CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-nameCuban Convertible Peso kubaski konwertibelny peso
3827CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-nameCuban Peso kubaski peso
3828CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-name-oneCuban convertible peso kubaski konwertibelny peso
3829CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-name-twoCuban convertible pesos kubaskej konwertibelnej pesaj
3830CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-name-fewCuban convertible pesos kubaske konwertibelne pesa
3831CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-name-otherCuban convertible pesos kubaskich konwertibelnych pesow
3832CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-name-oneCuban peso kubaski peso
3833CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-name-twoCuban pesos kubaskej pesaj
3834CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-name-fewCuban pesos kubaske pesa
3835CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-name-otherCuban pesos kubaskich pesow
3836CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-symbol= CUC
3837CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-symbol= CUP
3838CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUC-symbol-narrow= $
3839CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CubaCUP-symbol-narrow= $
3840CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CuraçaoANG-nameNetherlands Antillean Guilder nižozemsko-antilski gulden
3841CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CuraçaoANG-name-oneNetherlands Antillean guilder nižozemsko-antilski gulden
3842CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CuraçaoANG-name-twoNetherlands Antillean guilders nižozemsko-antilskej guldenaj
3843CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CuraçaoANG-name-fewNetherlands Antillean guilders nižozemsko-antilske guldeny
3844CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CuraçaoANG-name-otherNetherlands Antillean guilders nižozemsko-antilskich guldenow
3845CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: CuraçaoANG-symbol= ANG
3846CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-nameDominican Peso dominikanski peso
3847CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-name-oneDominican peso dominikanski peso
3848CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-name-twoDominican pesos dominikanskej pesaj
3849CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-name-fewDominican pesos dominikanske pesa
3850CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-name-otherDominican pesos dominikanskich pesow
3851CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-symbol= DOP
3852CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Dominican RepublicDOP-symbol-narrow= $
3853CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: HaitiHTG-nameHaitian Gourde haitiska gourda
3854CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: HaitiHTG-name-oneHaitian gourde haitiska gourda
3855CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: HaitiHTG-name-twoHaitian gourdes haitiskej gourdźe
3856CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: HaitiHTG-name-fewHaitian gourdes haitiske gourdy
3857CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: HaitiHTG-name-otherHaitian gourdes haitiskich gourdow
3858CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: HaitiHTG-symbol= HTG
3859CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-nameJamaican Dollar jamaiski dolar
3860CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-name-oneJamaican dollar jamaiski dolar
3861CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-name-twoJamaican dollars jamaiskej dolaraj
3862CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-name-fewJamaican dollars jamaiske dolary
3863CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-name-otherJamaican dollars jamaiskich dolarow
3864CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-symbol= JMD
3865CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: JamaicaJMD-symbol-narrow= $
3866CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-nameCayman Islands Dollar kajmanski dolar
3867CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-name-oneCayman Islands dollar kajmanski dolar
3868CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-name-twoCayman Islands dollars kajmanskej dolaraj
3869CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-name-fewCayman Islands dollars kajmanske dolary
3870CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-name-otherCayman Islands dollars kajmanskich dolarow
3871CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-symbol= KYD
3872CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Cayman IslandsKYD-symbol-narrow= $
3873CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-nameEast Caribbean Dollar wuchodnokaribiski dolar
3874CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-name-oneEast Caribbean dollar wuchodnokaribiski dolar
3875CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-name-twoEast Caribbean dollars wuchodnokaribiskej dolaraj
3876CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-name-fewEast Caribbean dollars wuchodnokaribiske dolary
3877CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-name-otherEast Caribbean dollars wuchodnokaribiskich dolarow
3878CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-symbol= EC$
3879CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: St. LuciaXCD-symbol-narrow= $
3880CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-nameTrinidad & Tobago Dollar trinidad-tobagoski dolar
3881CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-name-oneTrinidad & Tobago dollar trinidad-tobagoski dolar
3882CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-name-twoTrinidad & Tobago dollars trinidad-tobagoskej dolaraj
3883CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-name-fewTrinidad & Tobago dollars trinidad-tobagoske dolary
3884CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-name-otherTrinidad & Tobago dollars trinidad-tobagoskich dolarow
3885CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-symbol= TTD
3886CurrenciesNorth America (C)Caribbean: Trinidad & TobagoTTD-symbol-narrow= $
3887CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-nameArgentine Peso argentinski peso
3888CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-name-oneArgentine peso argentinski peso
3889CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-name-twoArgentine pesos argentinskej pesaj
3890CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-name-fewArgentine pesos argentinske pesa
3891CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-name-otherArgentine pesos argentinskich pesow
3892CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-symbol= ARS
3893CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ArgentinaARS-symbol-narrow= $
3894CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARA (old)ARA-nameArgentine Austral argentinski austral
3895CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARA (old)ARA-name-oneArgentine austral argentinski austral
3896CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARA (old)ARA-name-twoArgentine australs argentinskej australej
3897CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARA (old)ARA-name-fewArgentine australs argentinske australe
3898CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARA (old)ARA-name-otherArgentine australs argentinskich australow
3899CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARA (old)ARA-symbol= ARA
3900CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARL (old)ARL-nameArgentine Peso Ley (1970–1983) ARL
3901CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARL (old)ARL-symbol= ARL
3902CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARM (old)ARM-nameArgentine Peso (1881–1970) ARM
3903CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARM (old)ARM-symbol= ARM
3904CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARP (old)ARP-nameArgentine Peso (1983–1985) argentinski peso (1983–1985)
3905CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARP (old)ARP-name-oneArgentine peso (1983–1985) argentinski peso (1983–1985)
3906CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARP (old)ARP-name-twoArgentine pesos (1983–1985) argentinskej pesaj (1983–1985)
3907CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARP (old)ARP-name-fewArgentine pesos (1983–1985) argentinske pesa (1983–1985)
3908CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARP (old)ARP-name-otherArgentine pesos (1983–1985) argentinskich pesow (1983–1985)
3909CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Argentina: ARP (old)ARP-symbol= ARP
3910CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-nameBolivian Boliviano boliwiski boliviano
3911CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-name-oneBolivian boliviano boliwiski boliviano
3912CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-name-twoBolivian bolivianos boliwiskej bolivianaj
3913CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-name-fewBolivian bolivianos boliwiske boliviany
3914CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-name-otherBolivian bolivianos boliwiskich bolivianow
3915CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-symbol= BOB
3916CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BoliviaBOB-symbol-narrow= Bs
3917CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOL (old)BOL-nameBolivian Boliviano (1863–1963) BOL
3918CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOL (old)BOL-symbol= BOL
3919CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOP (old)BOP-nameBolivian Peso boliwiski peso
3920CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOP (old)BOP-name-oneBolivian peso boliwiski peso
3921CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOP (old)BOP-name-twoBolivian pesos boliwiskej pesaj
3922CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOP (old)BOP-name-fewBolivian pesos boliwiske pesa
3923CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOP (old)BOP-name-otherBolivian pesos boliwiskich pesow
3924CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOP (old)BOP-symbol= BOP
3925CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOV (old)BOV-nameBolivian Mvdol boliwiski mvdol
3926CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOV (old)BOV-name-oneBolivian mvdol boliwiski mvdol
3927CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOV (old)BOV-name-twoBolivian mvdols boliwiskej mvdolej
3928CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOV (old)BOV-name-fewBolivian mvdols boliwiske mvdole
3929CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOV (old)BOV-name-otherBolivian mvdols boliwiskich mvdolow
3930CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Bolivia: BOV (old)BOV-symbol= BOV
3931CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-nameBrazilian Real brazilski real
3932CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-name-oneBrazilian real brazilski real
3933CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-name-twoBrazilian reals brazilskej realej
3934CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-name-fewBrazilian reals brazilske reale
3935CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-name-otherBrazilian reals brazilskich realow
3936CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-symbol= R$
3937CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: BrazilBRL-symbol-narrow= R$
3938CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRB (old)BRB-nameBrazilian New Cruzeiro (1967–1986) brazilski nowy cruzeiro (1967–1986)
3939CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRB (old)BRB-name-oneBrazilian new cruzeiro (1967–1986) brazilski nowy cruzeiro (1967–1986)
3940CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRB (old)BRB-name-twoBrazilian new cruzeiros (1967–1986) brazilskej nowej cruzeiraj (1967–1986)
3941CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRB (old)BRB-name-fewBrazilian new cruzeiros (1967–1986) brazilske nowe cruzeiry (1967–1986)
3942CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRB (old)BRB-name-otherBrazilian new cruzeiros (1967–1986) brazilskich nowych cruzeirow (1967–1986)
3943CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRB (old)BRB-symbol= BRB
3944CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRC (old)BRC-nameBrazilian Cruzado (1986–1989) brazilski cruzado (1986–1989)
3945CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRC (old)BRC-name-oneBrazilian cruzado (1986–1989) brazilski cruzado (1986–1989)
3946CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRC (old)BRC-name-twoBrazilian cruzados (1986–1989) brazilskej cruzadaj (1986–1989)
3947CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRC (old)BRC-name-fewBrazilian cruzados (1986–1989) brazilske cruzady (1986–1989)
3948CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRC (old)BRC-name-otherBrazilian cruzados (1986–1989) brazilskich cruzadow (1986–1989)
3949CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRC (old)BRC-symbol= BRC
3950CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRE (old)BRE-nameBrazilian Cruzeiro (1990–1993) brazilski cruzeiro (1990–1993)
3951CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRE (old)BRE-name-oneBrazilian cruzeiro (1990–1993) brazilski cruzeiro (1990–1993)
3952CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRE (old)BRE-name-twoBrazilian cruzeiros (1990–1993) brazilskej cruzeiraj (1990–1993)
3953CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRE (old)BRE-name-fewBrazilian cruzeiros (1990–1993) brazilske cruzeiry (1990–1993)
3954CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRE (old)BRE-name-otherBrazilian cruzeiros (1990–1993) brazilskich cruzeirow (1990–1993)
3955CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRE (old)BRE-symbol= BRE
3956CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRN (old)BRN-nameBrazilian New Cruzado (1989–1990) brazilski nowy cruzado (1989–1990)
3957CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRN (old)BRN-name-oneBrazilian new cruzado (1989–1990) brazilski nowy cruzado (1989–1990)
3958CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRN (old)BRN-name-twoBrazilian new cruzados (1989–1990) brazilskej nowej cruzadaj (1989–1990)
3959CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRN (old)BRN-name-fewBrazilian new cruzados (1989–1990) brazilske nowe cruzady
3960CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRN (old)BRN-name-otherBrazilian new cruzados (1989–1990) brazilskich nowych cruzadow
3961CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRN (old)BRN-symbol= BRN
3962CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRR (old)BRR-nameBrazilian Cruzeiro (1993–1994) brazilski cruzeiro (1993–1994)
3963CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRR (old)BRR-name-oneBrazilian cruzeiro (1993–1994) brazilski cruzeiro (1993–1994)
3964CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRR (old)BRR-name-twoBrazilian cruzeiros (1993–1994) brazilskej cruzeiraj (1993–1994)
3965CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRR (old)BRR-name-fewBrazilian cruzeiros (1993–1994) brazilske cruzeiry (1993–1994)
3966CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRR (old)BRR-name-otherBrazilian cruzeiros (1993–1994) brazilskich cruzeirow (1993–1994)
3967CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRR (old)BRR-symbol= BRR
3968CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRZ (old)BRZ-nameBrazilian Cruzeiro (1942–1967) BRZ
3969CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Brazil: BRZ (old)BRZ-symbol= BRZ
3970CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ChileCLP-nameChilean Peso chilski peso
3971CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ChileCLP-name-oneChilean peso chilski peso
3972CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ChileCLP-name-twoChilean pesos chilskej pesaj
3973CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ChileCLP-name-fewChilean pesos chilske pesa
3974CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ChileCLP-name-otherChilean pesos chilskich pesow
3975CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ChileCLP-symbol= CLP
3976CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ChileCLP-symbol-narrow= $
3977CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLE (old)CLE-nameChilean Escudo CLE
3978CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLE (old)CLE-symbol= CLE
3979CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLF (fund)CLF-nameChilean Unit of Account (UF) CLF
3980CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Chile: CLF (fund)CLF-symbol= CLF
3981CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ColombiaCOP-nameColombian Peso kolumbiski peso
3982CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ColombiaCOP-name-oneColombian peso kolumbiski peso
3983CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ColombiaCOP-name-twoColombian pesos kolumbiskej pesaj
3984CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ColombiaCOP-name-fewColombian pesos kolumbiske pesa
3985CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ColombiaCOP-name-otherColombian pesos kolumbiskich pesow
3986CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ColombiaCOP-symbol= COP
3987CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ColombiaCOP-symbol-narrow= $
3988CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Colombia: COU (fund)COU-nameColombian Real Value Unit COU
3989CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Colombia: COU (fund)COU-symbol= COU
3990CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECS (old)ECS-nameEcuadorian Sucre ECS
3991CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECS (old)ECS-symbol= ECS
3992CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECV (fund)ECV-nameEcuadorian Unit of Constant Value ECV
3993CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Ecuador: ECV (fund)ECV-symbol= ECV
3994CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Falkland IslandsFKP-nameFalkland Islands Pound falklandski punt
3995CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Falkland IslandsFKP-name-oneFalkland Islands pound falklandski punt
3996CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Falkland IslandsFKP-name-twoFalkland Islands pounds falklandskej puntaj
3997CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Falkland IslandsFKP-name-fewFalkland Islands pounds falklandske punty
3998CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Falkland IslandsFKP-name-otherFalkland Islands pounds falklandskich puntow
3999CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Falkland IslandsFKP-symbol= FKP
4000CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Falkland IslandsFKP-symbol-narrow= £
4001CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: GuyanaGYD-nameGuyanaese Dollar guyanski dolar
4002CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: GuyanaGYD-name-oneGuyanaese dollar guyanski dolar
4003CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: GuyanaGYD-name-twoGuyanaese dollars guyanskej dolaraj
4004CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: GuyanaGYD-name-fewGuyanaese dollars guyanske dolary
4005CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: GuyanaGYD-name-otherGuyanaese dollars guyanskich dolarow
4006CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: GuyanaGYD-symbol= GYD
4007CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: GuyanaGYD-symbol-narrow= $
4008CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: PeruPEN-namePeruvian Nuevo Sol peruski nowy sol
4009CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: PeruPEN-name-onePeruvian nuevo sol peruski nowy sol
4010CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: PeruPEN-name-twoPeruvian nuevos soles peruskej nowej solej
4011CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: PeruPEN-name-fewPeruvian nuevos soles peruske nowe sole
4012CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: PeruPEN-name-otherPeruvian nuevos soles peruskich nowych solow
4013CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: PeruPEN-symbol= PEN
4014CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PEI (old)PEI-namePeruvian Inti PEI
4015CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PEI (old)PEI-symbol= PEI
4016CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PES (old)PES-namePeruvian Sol (1863–1965) PES
4017CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Peru: PES (old)PES-symbol= PES
4018CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ParaguayPYG-nameParaguayan Guarani paraguayski guarani
4019CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ParaguayPYG-name-oneParaguayan guarani paraguayski guarani
4020CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ParaguayPYG-name-twoParaguayan guaranis paraguayskej guaranijej
4021CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ParaguayPYG-name-fewParaguayan guaranis paraguayske guaranije
4022CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ParaguayPYG-name-otherParaguayan guaranis paraguayskich guaranijow
4023CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ParaguayPYG-symbol= PYG
4024CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: ParaguayPYG-symbol-narrow=
4025CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: SurinameSRD-nameSurinamese Dollar surinamski dolar
4026CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: SurinameSRD-name-oneSurinamese dollar surinamski dolar
4027CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: SurinameSRD-name-twoSurinamese dollars surinamskej dolaraj
4028CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: SurinameSRD-name-fewSurinamese dollars surinamske dolary
4029CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: SurinameSRD-name-otherSurinamese dollars surinamskich dolarow
4030CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: SurinameSRD-symbol= SRD
4031CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: SurinameSRD-symbol-narrow= $
4032CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Suriname: SRG (old)SRG-nameSurinamese Guilder SRG
4033CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Suriname: SRG (old)SRG-symbol= SRG
4034CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: UruguayUYU-nameUruguayan Peso uruguayski peso
4035CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: UruguayUYU-name-oneUruguayan peso uruguayski peso
4036CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: UruguayUYU-name-twoUruguayan pesos uruguayskej pesaj
4037CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: UruguayUYU-name-fewUruguayan pesos uruguayske pesa
4038CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: UruguayUYU-name-otherUruguayan pesos uruguayskich pesow
4039CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: UruguayUYU-symbol= UYU
4040CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: UruguayUYU-symbol-narrow= $
4041CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYI (fund)UYI-nameUruguayan Peso (Indexed Units) UYI
4042CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYI (fund)UYI-symbol= UYI
4043CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYP (old)UYP-nameUruguayan Peso (1975–1993) UYP
4044CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Uruguay: UYP (old)UYP-symbol= UYP
4045CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: VenezuelaVEF-nameVenezuelan Bolívar venezuelski bolívar
4046CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: VenezuelaVEF-name-oneVenezuelan bolívar venezuelski bolívar
4047CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: VenezuelaVEF-name-twoVenezuelan bolívars venezuelskej bolívaraj
4048CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: VenezuelaVEF-name-fewVenezuelan bolívars venezuelske bolívary
4049CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: VenezuelaVEF-name-otherVenezuelan bolívars venezuelskich bolívarow
4050CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: VenezuelaVEF-symbol= VEF
4051CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: VenezuelaVEF-symbol-narrow= Bs
4052CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Venezuela: VEB (old)VEB-nameVenezuelan Bolívar (1871–2008) VEB
4053CurrenciesSouth America (C)South America: Venezuela: VEB (old)VEB-symbol= VEB
4054CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European UnionEUR-nameEuro euro
4055CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European UnionEUR-name-one= euro
4056CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European UnionEUR-name-twoeuros euraj
4057CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European UnionEUR-name-feweuros eura
4058CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European UnionEUR-name-othereuros eurow
4059CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European UnionEUR-symbol=
4060CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European UnionEUR-symbol-narrow=
4061CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European Union: XEU (fund)XEU-nameEuropean Currency Unit XEU
4062CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeEurope: European Union: XEU (fund)XEU-symbol= XEU
4063CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: DenmarkDKK-nameDanish Krone danska króna
4064CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: DenmarkDKK-name-oneDanish krone danska króna
4065CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: DenmarkDKK-name-twoDanish kroner danskej krónje
4066CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: DenmarkDKK-name-fewDanish kroner danske króny
4067CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: DenmarkDKK-name-otherDanish kroner danskich krónow
4068CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: DenmarkDKK-symbol= DKK
4069CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: DenmarkDKK-symbol-narrow= kr
4070CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Estonia: EEK (old)EEK-nameEstonian Kroon EEK
4071CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Estonia: EEK (old)EEK-symbol= EEK
4072CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Finland: FIM (old)FIM-nameFinnish Markka FIM
4073CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Finland: FIM (old)FIM-symbol= FIM
4074CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: United KingdomGBP-nameBritish Pound britiski punt
4075CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: United KingdomGBP-name-oneBritish pound britiski punt
4076CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: United KingdomGBP-name-twoBritish pounds britiskej puntaj
4077CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: United KingdomGBP-name-fewBritish pounds britiske punty
4078CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: United KingdomGBP-name-otherBritish pounds britiskich puntow
4079CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: United KingdomGBP-symbol= £
4080CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: United KingdomGBP-symbol-narrow= £
4081CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Ireland: IEP (old)IEP-nameIrish Pound IEP
4082CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Ireland: IEP (old)IEP-symbol= IEP
4083CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: IcelandISK-nameIcelandic Króna islandska króna
4084CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: IcelandISK-name-oneIcelandic króna islandska króna
4085CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: IcelandISK-name-twoIcelandic krónur islandskej krónje
4086CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: IcelandISK-name-fewIcelandic krónur islandske króny
4087CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: IcelandISK-name-otherIcelandic krónur islandskich krónow
4088CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: IcelandISK-symbol= ISK
4089CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: IcelandISK-symbol-narrow= kr
4090CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Lithuania: LTL (old)LTL-nameLithuanian Litas litawski litas
4091CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Lithuania: LTL (old)LTL-name-oneLithuanian litas litawski litas
4092CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Lithuania: LTL (old)LTL-name-twoLithuanian litai litawskej litasaj
4093CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Lithuania: LTL (old)LTL-name-fewLithuanian litai litawske litasy
4094CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Lithuania: LTL (old)LTL-name-otherLithuanian litai litawskich litasow
4095CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Lithuania: LTL (old)LTL-symbol= LTL
4096CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Lithuania: LTL (old)LTL-symbol-narrow= Lt
4097CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Lithuania: LTT (old)LTT-nameLithuanian Talonas LTT
4098CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Lithuania: LTT (old)LTT-symbol= LTT
4099CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVL (old)LVL-nameLatvian Lats letiski lat
4100CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVL (old)LVL-name-oneLatvian lats letiski lat
4101CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVL (old)LVL-name-twoLatvian lati letiskej lataj
4102CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVL (old)LVL-name-fewLatvian lati letiske laty
4103CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVL (old)LVL-name-otherLatvian lati letiskich latow
4104CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVL (old)LVL-symbol= LVL
4105CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVL (old)LVL-symbol-narrow= Ls
4106CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVR (old)LVR-nameLatvian Ruble LVR
4107CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: Latvia: LVR (old)LVR-symbol= LVR
4108CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: NorwayNOK-nameNorwegian Krone norwegska króna
4109CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: NorwayNOK-name-oneNorwegian krone norwegska króna
4110CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: NorwayNOK-name-twoNorwegian kroner norwegskej krónje
4111CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: NorwayNOK-name-fewNorwegian kroner norwegske króny
4112CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: NorwayNOK-name-otherNorwegian kroner norwegskich krónow
4113CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: NorwayNOK-symbol= NOK
4114CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: NorwayNOK-symbol-narrow= kr
4115CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: SwedenSEK-nameSwedish Krona šwedska króna
4116CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: SwedenSEK-name-oneSwedish krona šwedska króna
4117CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: SwedenSEK-name-twoSwedish kronor šwedskej krónje
4118CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: SwedenSEK-name-fewSwedish kronor šwedske króny
4119CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: SwedenSEK-name-otherSwedish kronor šwedskich krónow
4120CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: SwedenSEK-symbol= SEK
4121CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeNorthern Europe: SwedenSEK-symbol-narrow= kr
4122CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Austria: ATS (old)ATS-nameAustrian Schilling awstriski šiling
4123CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Austria: ATS (old)ATS-name-oneAustrian schilling awstriski šiling
4124CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Austria: ATS (old)ATS-name-twoAustrian schillings awstriskej šilingaj
4125CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Austria: ATS (old)ATS-name-fewAustrian schillings awstriske šilingi
4126CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Austria: ATS (old)ATS-name-otherAustrian schillings awstriskich šilingow
4127CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Austria: ATS (old)ATS-symbol= ATS
4128CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEC (old)BEC-nameBelgian Franc (convertible) belgiski frank (konwertibelny)
4129CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEC (old)BEC-name-oneBelgian franc (convertible) belgiski frank (konwertibelny)
4130CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEC (old)BEC-name-twoBelgian francs (convertible) belgiskej frankaj (konwertibelnej)
4131CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEC (old)BEC-name-fewBelgian francs (convertible) belgiske franki (konwertibelne)
4132CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEC (old)BEC-name-otherBelgian francs (convertible) belgiskich frankow (konwertibelnych)
4133CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEC (old)BEC-symbol= BEC
4134CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEF (old)BEF-nameBelgian Franc belgiski frank
4135CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEF (old)BEF-name-oneBelgian franc belgiski frank
4136CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEF (old)BEF-name-twoBelgian francs belgiskej frankaj
4137CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEF (old)BEF-name-fewBelgian francs belgiske franki
4138CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEF (old)BEF-name-otherBelgian francs belgiskich frankow
4139CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEF (old)BEF-symbol= BEF
4140CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEL (old)BEL-nameBelgian Franc (financial) belgiski finančny frank
4141CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEL (old)BEL-name-oneBelgian franc (financial) belgiski finančny frank
4142CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEL (old)BEL-name-twoBelgian francs (financial) belgiskej finančnej frankaj
4143CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEL (old)BEL-name-fewBelgian francs (financial) belgiske finančne franki
4144CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEL (old)BEL-name-otherBelgian francs (financial) belgiskich finančnych frankow
4145CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Belgium: BEL (old)BEL-symbol= BEL
4146CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: SwitzerlandCHF-nameSwiss Franc šwicarski frank
4147CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: SwitzerlandCHF-name-oneSwiss franc šwicarski frank
4148CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: SwitzerlandCHF-name-twoSwiss francs šwicarskej frankaj
4149CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: SwitzerlandCHF-name-fewSwiss francs šwicarske franki
4150CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: SwitzerlandCHF-name-otherSwiss francs šwicarskich frankow
4151CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: SwitzerlandCHF-symbol= CHF
4152CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHE (fund)CHE-nameWIR Euro CHE
4153CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHE (fund)CHE-symbol= CHE
4154CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHW (fund)CHW-nameWIR Franc CHW
4155CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Switzerland: CHW (fund)CHW-symbol= CHW
4156CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DDM (old)DDM-nameEast German Mark DDM
4157CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DDM (old)DDM-symbol= DDM
4158CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DEM (old)DEM-nameGerman Mark DEM
4159CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Germany: DEM (old)DEM-symbol= DEM
4160CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: France: FRF (old)FRF-nameFrench Franc FRF
4161CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: France: FRF (old)FRF-symbol= FRF
4162CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUC (old)LUC-nameLuxembourgian Convertible Franc LUC
4163CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUC (old)LUC-symbol= LUC
4164CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUF (old)LUF-nameLuxembourgian Franc LUF
4165CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUF (old)LUF-symbol= LUF
4166CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUL (old)LUL-nameLuxembourg Financial Franc LUL
4167CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Luxembourg: LUL (old)LUL-symbol= LUL
4168CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Monaco: MCF (old)MCF-nameMonegasque Franc MCF
4169CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Monaco: MCF (old)MCF-symbol= MCF
4170CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Netherlands: NLG (old)NLG-nameDutch Guilder NLG
4171CurrenciesNorthern/Western EuropeWestern Europe: Netherlands: NLG (old)NLG-symbol= NLG
4172CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BulgariaBGN-nameBulgarian Lev bołharski lew
4173CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BulgariaBGN-name-oneBulgarian lev bołharski lew
4174CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BulgariaBGN-name-twoBulgarian leva bołharskej lewaj
4175CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BulgariaBGN-name-fewBulgarian leva bołharske lewy
4176CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BulgariaBGN-name-otherBulgarian leva bołharskich lewow
4177CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BulgariaBGN-symbol= BGN
4178CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGL (old)BGL-nameBulgarian Hard Lev bołharski lew (1962–1999)
4179CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGL (old)BGL-name-oneBulgarian hard lev bołharski lew (1962–1999)
4180CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGL (old)BGL-name-twoBulgarian hard leva bołharskej lewaj (1962–1999)
4181CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGL (old)BGL-name-fewBulgarian hard leva bołharske lewy (1962–1999)
4182CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGL (old)BGL-name-otherBulgarian hard leva bołharskich lewow (1962–1999)
4183CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGL (old)BGL-symbol= BGL
4184CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGM (old)BGM-nameBulgarian Socialist Lev BGM
4185CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGM (old)BGM-symbol= BGM
4186CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGO (old)BGO-nameBulgarian Lev (1879–1952) BGO
4187CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Bulgaria: BGO (old)BGO-symbol= BGO
4188CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BelarusBYR-nameBelarusian Ruble běłoruski rubl
4189CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BelarusBYR-name-oneBelarusian ruble běłoruski rubl
4190CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BelarusBYR-name-twoBelarusian rubles běłoruskej rublej
4191CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BelarusBYR-name-fewBelarusian rubles běłoruske ruble
4192CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BelarusBYR-name-otherBelarusian rubles běłoruskich rublow
4193CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BelarusBYR-symbol= BYR
4194CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: BelarusBYR-symbol-narrow= р.
4195CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Belarus: BYB (old)BYB-nameBelarusian New Ruble (1994–1999) běłoruski rubl (1994–1999)
4196CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Belarus: BYB (old)BYB-name-oneBelarusian new ruble (1994–1999) běłoruski rubl (1994–1999)
4197CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Belarus: BYB (old)BYB-name-twoBelarusian new rubles (1994–1999) běłoruskej rublej (1994–1999)
4198CurrenciesSouthern/Eastern EuropeEastern Europe: Belarus: BYB (o