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The Unicode Consortium

as a Member of Other Organizations

Relationships with other organizations are at the level of the Unicode Consortium, not at the level of Technical Committees. This section is included for the guidance of member representatives.

Appointment of Representatives

The Officers of the Unicode Consortium determine who shall represent the Consortium at meetings of other organizations. The appointment may be of an indefinite term at the pleasure of the Officers, or may be for a specific meeting only.

The Officers may require that a representative be only an observer and abstain on all votes.

Head of Delegation

Where more than one representative of the Consortium is attending a meeting, the Officers will appoint a Head of Delegation.

Obligations of Representatives

The Head of Delegation or representative of the Consortium must submit a report on the meeting for distribution to the Officers of the Consortium and to the UTC.

Obligations of Individuals

An individual who wishes to represent the Unicode Consortium at a particular meeting must request the Officers to sanction this representation in advance of meeting.

If this sanction is not requested, the Officers may disclaim responsibility for the individual’s actions.