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The Conference will take place at:

    Marriott Prague Hotel
    V Celnici 8
    Prague, 110 00
    Czech Republic
    Tel:  (+420 2) 2288 8888
    Fax:  (+420 2) 2288 8889


Prague-Ruzyne Airport is located 17km from the city centre. It is one of
the most modern airports in Europe and was designed for almost 5 million
passengers per year. There are large parking areas in front of the
airport hall, with hundreds of parking places.

Passengers are handled in three terminals in Prague. Regular flights of
all airlines arrive at, and depart from, terminal - North, where most
charter companies also direct their flights. Smaller airplanes, and some
special flights are handled in nearby terminals - South and South2.


If you travel to the Czech Republic, do not forget to arrange all
necessary formalities. If you are a citizen of a country that does not
have a visa- free relationship with the Czech Republic, you must have a
valid visa to enter the Czech Republic. Each passenger is responsible
for the validity of his/her visa and travel documents.

Passport valid for at least nine months from issue date of visa required
by all except: 

Nationals of Germany who can enter with a valid national ID card.

Required by all except the following: 

(a) Nationals of the UK and Slovak Republic for up to 180 days and 
    nationals of other EU countries for stays of up to 90 days (including 
    nationals of French Overseas Territories for stays of between 30 and 
    90 days);

(b) Nationals of EU countries (except UK, see above) and Andorra, 
    Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, Hong Kong (SAR), 
    Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Korea (Rep), Latvia, Liechtenstein, 
    Lithuania, Macau (SAR), Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, 
    Norway, Poland, San Marino, Slovenia, Switzerland, Uruguay, USA and 
    Vatican City for up to 90 days;

(c) Nationals of Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania and Singapore for up to 30 

(d) Transit passengers continuing their journey within 24 hours and not 
    leaving the airport, providing holding onward tickets and relevant 
    travel documentation.  Transit visas are, however, always required 
    for nationals of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Congo (Dem Rep), Eritrea, 
    Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka 
    and Syrian Arab Republic.

Note: (a) Any traveler not requiring a visa may be asked at the border 
          to prove they are carrying a minimum of 20 per day. 
      (b) Travelers with visas must register with the police within 
          three working days of arrival.

Types of visa and cost: 
Single-entry, Multiple-entry, Single-transit and Double-transit.

Prices vary according to the nationality of the applicant and according
to currency rates. All types of visa cost 29 for Australian nationals;
for Canadian 37 (single-entry and single-entry transit) and 74
(multiple-entry); and for all others in the table above 17
(single-entry and single-entry transit) and 62 (multiple-entry). There
are no visa fees for nationals of Afghanistan, Albania, Cyprus, Ecuador,
Japan, Pakistan, Seychelles and South Africa, or for children under 15
years of age.

Single- and Multiple-entry: six months from date of issue for a visit of
a specified period not exceeding 90 days. Transit: six months from date
of issue for a visit of a specified period not exceeding five days.

Application to: 
Consulate (or Consular section at the Embassy). Please note that some
nationals must apply in person for a visa. Check with the Embassy for
further details.

Application requirements:

(a) One application form (original not photocopy).
(b) One recent passport-size photo per application form.
(c) Passport valid for at least nine months from date of issue of visa, 
    with at least one blank page and a photocopy of the data page.
(d) Visa fee (payable in cash, by banker's draft or by postal order 
(e) Proof of sufficient funds (eg recent bank statement or letter from 
    host or sponsor).
(f) Postal applications should be accompanied by a self-addressed 
    envelope pre-paid for special delivery. 

Business: (a)-(f), and 
          (g) Letter from employer or invitation letter from company in 
              the Czech Republic

Note: Immigration officials may require proof of sufficient funds to be 
      presented at the border/airport.

Working days required: 

Seven if application is made in person; 14 if application is made by


There are several possibilities to reach the airport - car, bus, taxi or

The way to terminal-North from the city centre is well marked and you
will not have any problem. You can park your car in front of the
terminal in pay-for parking areas, with sufficient capacity. If you
decide to leave your car in a parking area during the time you travel,
parking places for long-term parking are available. If you wish to stop
your car next to the departure hall for a very short time period,
necessary for example for the loading or unloading of baggage, you may
use a specially marked striped area, where parking is free of charge.
Parking time is carefully monitored by the security service of the Czech
Airports Authority, and if you leave your car for a longer time-period,
it may be towed away.


Every hour: 100 CZK a day (1 EUR is app 30 CZK)

Prague's public transport system offers you the cheapest way to get from
the airport to the city centre and vice versa. Bus no. 119 operates
between the underground (subway) station Dejvicka and terminal-North of
Prague-Ruzyne Airport (Stop-Nove letisti). The 119 runs every 20 - 40
minutes between the hours of 4:00 and 24:00. This trip should take about
30-40 minutes including waiting-time.

From 8 July 2002, a low-floor bus no. 100 will take you from "Zlicin"
underground terminus to Ruzyne Airport (and back), just in 13 minutes.
The bus is adapted to carry additional baggage. On working days, in the
morning and afternoon the bus operates in 15 minute intervals, otherwise
the interval is 30 minutes.

Before you get on a bus, you have to buy a 12-crown ticket, available
from vending machines or newsagents.

Any taxi will drive you to the airport from the city centre. In the
opposite direction, there are taxis marked "Airport" on their roofs. The
price consists of a 25-crown boarding fee and the charge should be 17
crowns/km. You should not pay more than 500 crowns for the entire trip.

You may also use a shuttle service between the airport and the city
centre. Minibuses will stop downtown at Namisti republiky, at the CSA
City Travel Centre, very near to the Renaissance and Marriot hotels. VW
transporter minibuses are for 6 passengers. Price for a single trip is
90 crowns per passenger.


Please see:

When the world wants to talk, it speaks Unicode

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