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PRI 456: Registration of additional sequences in the Adobe-Japan1 collection


A submission for the “Registration of additional sequences in the Adobe-Japan1 collection” has been received by the IVD Registrar. This submission is currently under review according to the procedures of UTS#37, Ideographic Variation Database, with an expected close date of 2022-08-26.

At the end of the review period, the submission has been incorporated into the 2022-09-13 version of the IVD as a single additional registered IVSes for the Adobe-Japan1 collection.

This page remains available for archival purposes.

Review Instructions

Reviewers are encouraged to comment on any aspect of the submissions, but more particularly on:

  • whether the glyphic subset corresponding to a proposed sequence is indeed a glyphic subset of the base character for the sequence
  • whether the proposed sequences are congruent with the scope of their collection, or whether a new collection may be more appropriate

All comments should be sent via the reporting form and will be forwarded to the submitter. The content of the submission may be adjusted during the review period to account for the comments received.

Submission Details

The content of this section has been provided by the submitter.


  • Name and address of registrant: Adobe, 345 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA
  • Name and email address of representative: Masataka Hattori (mhattori@adobe.com)
  • URL of the web site describing the collection: https://github.com/adobe-type-tools/Adobe-Japan1/
  • Registered identifier for the collection: Adobe-Japan1
  • Pattern for the sequence identifiers: CID\+[0-9]+

The Adobe-Japan1 Character Collection

The Adobe-Japan1 Character Collection is widely used as the basis for the glyph complement of fonts for the Japanese market. Successive versions of the collection are identified by appending a Supplement number, such as Adobe-Japan1-7 (the most current supplement).

Adobe-Japan1-7 enumerates 23,060 glyphs, specifically CIDs 0 through 23059, and contains nearly 15,000 kanji (aka ideographs). The actual number of kanji is 14,664, and correspond to the following CIDs and CID ranges: 656, 1125–7477, 7633–7886, 7961–8004, 8266–8267, 8284, 8285, 8359–8717, 13320–15443, 16779–20316, and 21071–23057.

The Adobe-Japan1-7 character collection is defined in The Adobe-Japan1-7 Character Collection.

Adobe-Japan1 IVD Collection & Assignments

The purpose of the registered Adobe-Japan1 IVD collection is to support in Unicode plain text the distinctions which are made by the Adobe-Japan1 character collection.

This submission covers a single kanji of Adobe-Japan1-7 that maps from an Extension H code point. Extension H is pending publication by the Unicode Consortium (in Unicode Version 15.0) and ISO (in ISO/IEC 10646 6th Edition, Amendment 1).

Click here to view the proposed additions to the Adobe-Japan1 IVD Collection. This file contains only one line (excluding the header lines).

Adobe-Japan1 CIDs are represented as decimal integers.

Representative Glyph Charts

The representative glyph for the submitted sequence is available in PDF format, which shows the sequence indexed by its base character. The complete charts (44KB) shows the submitted sequence.

Updates & Comments Received

This page may be updated from time to time to inform reviewers of updates and some of the comments received.