Re: UTF-8 on this list

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 05:52:40 EDT

Mike Ayers wrote:
> Also, I've never seen the issue raised.

Well, some months ago, Michael Everson complained about receiving
UTF-8 (that his software was not able to properly decode), and there
were a bunch of replies to highlight that this list should be among the
first ones where UTF-8 are to be used.
That said, I would consider politeness too, and this stresses to the
least common denominator, ASCII (and *not* iso-8859-1 ;-)).

Now, I am using (a clone of) Netscape, and I can choose the default
encoding for any mailbox; and it appears that my settings for the Unicode
mailbox is utf-8, instead of the default of iso-8859-1: this shows that
I see here more message using utf-8 rather than Latin-1!

> Is it considered wrong to send Unicode messages (instead
> of using U+xxxx notation),

I never received any complaint when I did that (often to allow proper
use of the French oe U+0153, or to display Cyrillic or Greek inline with
Latin languages).

> or do few people have the proper setup (or are we
> just being considerate to those who don't)?

Just a sidepoint here: in my multinational context, we are looking after
solutions to handle at the same time Cyrillic and French. And it appears
that the e-mailing tools now are not ready to send plain text utf-8
(this particularly applies to the web-mail tools); on the other side, using
HTML gives nice results, even with very old e-mail clients (because the
HTML text ends as a attached file, which is displayed under the default
browser when activated).


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