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There are solutions to your problems, but if we understood the
problems better, we might be able to suggest better solutions. Give
us some more detail about what you want (the specific target
encoding, for example), and what your purpose is. Also, how much data
are we talking about, and how often do you need to run these

>I have Oracle 8.0.6 as backend. I store Japanese Korean and English in
>UTF-8 format.
>My questions are :
> 1. How I get hexadecimal value of data ( Do we have any function
>for that ?) .

Oracle can translate internal UTF-8 to a variety of external
encodings. If your preferred variant is not supported directly, we
can point you to Perl scripts that will do what you want. Translating
UTF-8 to any of the Unicode data formats, or any of those formats to
any other, is easy.

> 2. Can I force the data to be stored in hexadecimal format ?

Do you mean as strings using just [0-9A-F]? Sure. Why would you want
that? The data conversion is much faster than the disk read, so you
would be using extra space without gaining any speed.

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