RE: Tags and the Private Use Area

From: Curtis Clark (
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 11:06:35 EDT

At 03:09 AM 5/3/01, Marco Cimarosti wrote:

>The PUA is (or might be) used for, e.g.: [...]

I have been following this thread with some amusement, and I have noticed
that one use of the PUA has been overlooked: the Microsoft Symbol Font
area. In Windows systems, this gives access to a literally limitless range
of dingbats, artworks, and other "non-script" uses, 256 glyphs at a time.
Many programs written for Windows (e.g. Powerpoint) look to "symbol fonts"
for things such as bullets. The beauty of this area is its *lack* of
semantics and repeatability and any other constraint except that it exists
and is available.

The alternative of course would be to put these glyphs in the U+0021 -
U+00FF range.

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