RE: IDS question

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 19:30:07 EDT

Mike Ayers said:

> All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

All play and no work makes /|/|ike a dull boy. ;-)

> > And to the real message. look at the SC2/WG2 site there
> > should be a draft for Extension B,
> I checked there, but in my few minutes of poking around was unable
> to locate code charts. I'll keep trying, but a pointer would be nice...

The SC2 document registry is at:

Unfortunately, the entry for the FDIS of 10646-2, SC2 N3506, is locked, so
you cannot get at that document. The entry for the FCD of 10646-2, SC2 N3442,
is still open, but is effectively useless for referencing Extension B --
the characters were rearranged slightly between the FCD and the FDIS.

I don't see the FDIS document actively available from the WG2 area.
The FDIS is WG2 N2309, and there is no link for it from the WG2 document
register, since that is a SC2 ballot.

So thanks, Keld, but unless you have it squirrelled away in some non-obvious
location in the WG2 area, Vertical Extension B is not accessible on the
SC2/WG2 site.

James Kass said:

> On Monday, I downloaded a partial CJK Ext B chart at:
> ...but I'm not convinced that this chart has the characters
> in the correct positions. Many of the characters weren't
> included on that chart due to lack of a complete font set.

That was the formerly accessible chart on the Unicode website.
Public links to it were removed when Unicode 3.1 was rolled out and
the preliminary page for Unicode 3.1 was retired. The relevant
glyphmeisters are working hard to get a revised chart up with
final fonts.

In the meantime, if you do access the U31-20000.pdf version, the
characters in it are, I believe, in the correct locations, matching
the FDIS for 10646-2. But don't everyone rush out to grab it at
once -- it's a 20 megabyte pdf file, and as James noted, it has many
holes in it, where the previously used set of fonts had gaps in
coverage. Unless you have an immediate, pressing need that cannot
be put off, you might be better off waiting for the official
U20000.pdf to come online.


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