RE: Word, Asian characters, and Arial Unicode

From: David J. Perry (
Date: Sun May 06 2001 - 22:11:54 EDT

In classical studies, characters with the shape of U+3008/09, 300A-300F,
3016/17, and 301A/1B are sometimes used to mark various kinds of editorial
uncertainty or conjecture in a text. The first and last pairs in my list
are the most common by far (I know 3008/09 has another version somewhere in
the math block). The guillemets (U+00AB/BB) and the greater than/less than
signs do not have the appropriate shapes. Since these are already in
Unicode, it would seem best to use them rather than proposing them for
inclusion in another range.

The problem I had, BTW, turns out to be related to a table. My font and the
CJK punctuation work fine in a regular paragraph. In a table (which is
where I was trying to insert the characters) Word insists on Arial, even if
the table cell marker is formatted in my own font. However, I can insert
the characters outside the cell, then copy and paste them into the cell.
This is weird.


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