Re: Unicode&Chinese

From: Pierpaolo BERNARDI (
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 16:29:28 EDT

On Tue, 8 May 2001, Dr. Christoph Kleine wrote:

> Does anybody know whether there is a way to use Chinese Unicode
> fonts with an imput method based on Pinyin in the environment of Windows
> ME/Word 2000? Unfortunately, Microsoft's Global IME does not offer a
> tool for Pinyin input.

Just to be sure: are you interested only in traditional characters?

As far as I know, the simplified kit includes (only) a pinyin input
method. The traditional kit includes (only) a ChangJie input method.

The pinyin IM works very well for me with ME/Word 2000.

If you are interested in traditional characters, however, I don't know the
answer to your question. Sorry.


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