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Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 04:21:27 EDT

The PinYin IME with Windows 2000 allows you to input traditional caharacters.

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  Since this is my first message to the Unicode List, I hope the following question is neither too basic nor too specific.
  Does anybody know whether there is a way to use Chinese Unicode fonts with an imput method based on Pinyin in the environment of Windows ME/Word 2000? Unfortunately, Microsoft's Global IME does not offer a tool for Pinyin input. Recently I have downloaded the FangSong Unicode font from the Twinbridge homepage, hoping that this font would work with the Twinbridge input methods. However, when I typed as usual in Word 2000 with Twinbridge 4.0 switched on and chose the FangSong unicode font, the Chinese characters would appear in the choice list, but they wouldn't appear in the document. Is my Twinbridge version too old?
  I would appreciate any suggestion how to use Chinese Unicode fonts in Word documents without having to learn Zhuyin or Changjie first.
  Christoph Kleine

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