Persian letters Kaf and Heh with Yeh above

From: Vladimir Ivanov (
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 03:53:57 EDT

Persian letter Kaf 06A9 (entered from Persian keyboard in Word 2000 or Word XP under Windows 2000 or Whistler Beta 2 Build 2462) seems to be handled like a delimiter. If you try to select the whole word KETA:B (see Attachment, Line 1) by double clicking, only last three letters could be checked. It may also be the reason for incorrect dictionary sorting of such words.
In Windows 2000 there was no built in method to enter Heh with Yeh above 06C0 in Persian texts. Now, thanks to Whistler, you can do that by pressing Shift+G. Unfortunately:
1) It substituted the method for entering diacritic Sukun 0652, so that you can no longer enter it from Persian keyboard. It is a minor inconvenience because Sukun is used in Persian rather rarely to eliminate ambiguity and it can be entered with a self-made shortcut key.
2) Times New Roman font has no such symbol. Entering Heh with Yeh above 06C0 automatically switches the font to Tahoma. So, if you don't pay any attention, the rest of your text will be in Tahoma (see Lines 2 and 3).
3) Heh with Yeh above 06C0 is not linked to the preceding letter (see Line 3).

Thank you, Vladimir Ivanov,

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