Re: Characters used in programming languages (was: Re: Word, Asian characters, ...)

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 12:51:20 EDT

> #1. Commonly used symbols *must* be directly available on virtually all
> #Latin-script keyboards, not just by typing convoluted dead-key or
> #Alt-sequences.
> #
> We need more shift and shift lock keys so that more than ASCII
> can be done from a keyboard.

Well, OTOH I highly dislike when a programming language does depend
on a specific keyboard when it comes to it (and yes, I did some APL
programming, and I did not like the input of characters, particularly
since invariably the implementations I used were QWERTY-specific,
and my keys are AZERTY engraved ;-))

> Typing /U#### is also not acceptable.

Agreed. I believe this is exactly Doug's point, BTW.

> My program editor already uses Ctrl-Shift, Alt-Shift and Ctrl-Alt to get
> more key combinations on all the other keys but using two shift keys is
> awkward for anything used frequently.

Please forget about Ctrl+Alt: this is "reserved" to the national combinations,
so this is (should be, really) *FORBIDDEN* to apps. And I *WANT* to get a
"œ" when I type Ctrl+Alt+O, whatever are your ideas on this subject (and
I highly respect them).

> We need Unicode keyboards.

Based on QWERTY, of course...


Antoine, ROTFL

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