Re: Support for UTF-8 in ISO-2022/6429 terminals

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 16:00:23 EDT

> DM> Now, we added UTF-8 support to the ANSI task following the
> DM> ISO-IR 196 specification.
I assume we're talking about some kind X-based terminal emulator?

> DM> Does anyone know of any examples of host computers or operating
> DM> systems that actually use UTF-8 on an ISO 6429 implementation?
> Currently, the main application that can make good use of a UTF-8
> terminal is the ``lynx'' text-mode web browser. It will automatically
> convert web pages from a variety of encodings into whatever the
> terminal's encoding is, including UTF-8.
Another is C-Kermit, which is not exactly a terminal emulator. It makes
various kinds of terminal connections (Telnet, serial, Rlogin) but the
emulation is provided by (e.g.) the Xterm through which you view it.

C-Kermit can convert any of many dozens of proprietary and standard 8-bit
and multibyte host character sets (ISO 8859, ISO 646, JIS, KOI, HP, DG,
various code pages, etc) to UTF-8 (or vice versa), and thus provide a UTF-8
data stream into your emulator even when the host does not have UTF-8.

It also can convert the character set of text files as part of the
file-transfer process.

- Frank

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