Re: [OT] bits and bytes

Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 17:16:44 EDT

>Morse code uses a one-bit scheme, if you will, or a small number of codes
>(short/long sound and some 3 or 4 standard lengths of pauses) depending on
>you look at it.

Well, either you say that Morse code has a character set of three
characters: SPACE, DOT, DASH, meaning a two-bit encoding is required, or
you say that it has two characters: SPACE and BEEP, with the understanding
that two consective BEEPS are temporally continguous -- and that would
require a one-bit encoding.

But I'm not really thinking of Morse code as characters in the sense we
generally use here. Rather, I think it is (in the terms of UTR#17) either a
Transfer Encoding Syntax, or a Character Encoding Form where the code units
are tones of a more or less constant frequency and of a fixed (one-bit
perspecitive) or tripartite (two-bit perspective) duration.

- Peter

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