RE: Call for contributions to new 1,000 Language Online Archive

From: John Hudson (
Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 18:23:19 EDT

At 12:46 2001-05-22 +0200, Marco Cimarosti wrote:

>People who don't believe in creation myths, or believe in a different one,
>won't find it very appealing to contribute their time and knowledge to
>persuade the posterity that we all were followers of the same religion(s).
>I agree with people who commented that a more secular text, such as the
>Universal Declaration of Human Rights, would have been a better choice.

The trouble with a corpus based on the UDHR is that posterity will be
convinced that 'Whereas', or its equivalent, was the most important and
frequent word in every culture at the beginning of the third millennium. :)

John Hudson

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