Re: [OT] Call for contributions to new 1,000 Language Online Arch ive

From: Dean A. Snyder (
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 11:11:13 EDT

on 5/23/01 9:31 AM, Marco Cimarosti at wrote:

> But wouldst thou say that these
> <
> ype=vocab&version=1&scale=six> really are the 100 most common words in thy
> language? :-)

The goal was not what is "most common" (in which case words like "igloo" or
"N'Sync" or "Unicode" would be more appropriate for different people). The
goal is precisely what Peter Constable said, a list of words which is
"common across all cultures and would not be likely to be expressed using
borrowings ... or compounds".

So the real question is, "Does the list meet THOSE criteria?". The answer is
probably not so facile.


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