Re: Font linking (was Single Unicode Font)

From: Yung-Fong Tang (
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 13:35:56 EDT

you can also learn some trick about font linking by looking at our open source
mozilla code. We have solution for Linux, Windows and Mac.

"Carl W. Brown" wrote:

> Chris,
> I think we both agree that all applications should adopt Unicode display &
> printing services rather than code pages ones.
> There I think we part ways. mlang is a application based solution because
> of the way that it is intended to be used. I think that scanning buffers
> and fonts for characters matches is an awkward and time consuming process.
> I simpler method would be to deal with the problem at a system level. It
> would be much easier if Windows would link the fonts at the OS level. It
> could even assign font names to sets of linked fonts. As part of setting
> users could build this links fonts. Then the process would be somewhat
> automatic. There would be no special programming involved.
> The responsibility however would shift. It would be the user's
> responsibility to link the fonts properly and that if they did not do so
> that some characters may not render properly.
> I think that a wizard could do a good job of setting up these fonts. Like
> IE you would specify your default fonts for each script. Then starting with
> a system font you would specify the font ordering. New fonts link grouping
> would be based on the master setup. You could specify what your new fonts
> and grouping were and the rest would be based on the defaults.
> Carl
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> >Facilities like mlang need to be a part of the system
> MLANG is part of Windows for Windows 98 and above, it is not in bare
> NT4.
> >and easier to use.
> look at the IMLangFontLink and IMLangCodePages Interfaces.
> Alternatively you can host mshtml.dll in your application to do string
> rendering with built-in font linking:

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