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Date: Thu May 24 2001 - 11:34:47 EDT


I have worked with many terminal emulator systems that use mono-spaced
fonts. The first place you start having problems is with script fonts like
Arabic. With Indic languages you often have to reorder characters before
rendering. I don't think a complete Unicode mono-space font is practical.


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>>I don't see the practicality of having many pan-unicode fonts to
various faces and typographic styles. If I had a choice, my one pan-unicode
font would be probably be Courier-like.<<

I would agree - just the creation of a good array of fonts would be
astronomically time consuming!
Modules of a font, on the other hand, might be a way
   - For example, if you wanted Courier, you could request
       Latin, Cyrillic, Kanji, etc modules
       and add more as the need/desire presented itself.

Also, for a pan-unicode font, I would like to see
   - Monospaced font - like Courier
   - Proportional font - both a serif and non-serif like Arial & Times, for

Also, if I may ask a novice question -
   Would these fonts be accessed by codes like currently in the Windows
   - for example, <alt> nnnn to get me special characters outside of my
     and what do Macintosh users do? There's just so many
<shift><apple><option> combos
     (not to mention finger dexterity!)

Bob Pesavento

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